Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip "The Abstract And The Dragon" Release Date, Cover Art & Mixtape Stream

UPDATE #2: Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip drop the stream for their "The Abstract And The Dragon" mixtape.

Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip announced the release of their forthcoming The Abstract And The Dragon mixtape today (November 21).

The collaborative project is due December 12.

Busta Rhymes, formerly of Leaders Of The New School, and Q-Tip, a member of A Tribe Called Quest, have collaborated extensively throughout their careers, including the 1991 A Tribe Called Quest song “Scenario.”

On the song, Busta Rhymes references a dragon in his lyrics, which is likely where his "The Dragon" moniker comes from.

Q-Tip, who has produced material for Busta Rhymes throughout his solo recording career, has referred to himself as “The Abstract Poet” throughout his career.

A Tribe Called Quest opened for Kanye West on the "Yeezus Tour" yesterday (November 20) and was joined by Busta Rhymes during its performance of “Scenario.”

Busta Rhymes also features Q-Tip, Lil Wayne and Kanye West on his song "Thank You." The song's video is expected to be released soon.

The Abstract And The Dragon cover art is as follows.

(November 21)

UPDATE: Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes have released new cover art for their The Abstract and The Dragon album.

(December 4)

UPDATE #2: Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip drop the stream for their The Abstract And The Dragon mixtape.

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  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    This is quite possibly the laziest constructed mixtape I have ever heard. This mixtape is a damn shame and totally misleading when considering some where expecting at least a lot more new material.

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  • Anonymous

    iwant busta to do one of these with dmx

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  • Tennille Goble

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  • poppa large

    people, who cares about the improved album cover, 2 wayne features etc. THIS MIXTAPE SUCKS and is a joke. Busta and tip are 2 of the most connected and respected hip hop dudes and they have $$ and they give us this crap? 95% old songs most fans of them already have and 4 new songs that are sub par on the production tip. the have the means to get nice new beats. but this. ha ha ha ha ha. try better boys. were not stupid.

    • BigNoct2

      I was sooooo hyped Bitches...First of all, I didn't know it was going to be old music and recycled beats...Secondly, honestly, it just SUCKS...WEven WITHOUT Lil Wayne...

  • sean_kK

    Busta Rhymes and Q Tip are maaad old probably 47 years or something. Nobody likes them. The are old school now we have Drake who brought back emotion in the game just like 2Pac and we have Rick Ross who brough back lyrics and flows just like Biggie. Drake is the new 2pac Rick Ross is the new Biggie

  • facts

    Serial Killers & this shoulda been albums

  • Anonymous

    This really hurst q tip doing songs with wack ass lil wayne

  • Dub$ean

    is no one going to comment on how this is LITERALLY a collection of old busta/tribe songs with two or three new joints sprinkled in? this is the corniest shit since...well, the shit i took this morning

  • So Icy Boi!

    Busta Rhymes used to be a shit rapper but he really improved since he works with Bridman and YMCMB. we gave this nigga a new style. listen to this new mixtape "The Abstract And The Dragon" and you know Busta is a new rapper now, he is dope now... YMCMB in the blood.... jazyz beats, abstract rhymes, perfect flow, old school sound. better than his pop rock songs from the 90s right? DJ Khaled produced this album, no wonder it has a classic New York sound. much respect to the new Busta. swag

  • Mitch

    That second album cover is much better.

  • ofay watcher

    thought this was going to be full of new shit. most of this shit is old

  • Anonymous

    yo the video is out already

  • Anonymous

    that first cover was stupid, glad it got changed. im not gonna listen regardless tho

  • wergerjkg

    the 2nd cover is an ill fucking throwback but the fact that it says YMCMB makes me want to kill myself and 2 Wayne features is 2 too many.. How they gunna have a Dilla tribute, put on Red, Leaders of the New School and all them then have Wayne on the next track? GAY

  • Anonymous

    mixtape? wheres the full album?

  • kennyken

    either cover is fine with me I'm just interested in the music



  • janetrlail

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  • 519


  • thetruthhurts

    To anyone who tries to argue this, the point stands with the release of the new ASAP MOB track. 90's is coming back baby! Fuck all that other whack shit!! TRap is out of here in 2014, it's back to the roots mfkas!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xda8NvdEfA#t=33

    • tetsuo shima

      hmm that a$ap track had no substance compared to Tip and Buss. Even the Meth part was kinda meh.

    • Big Bad Barrio 18, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

      You wish. Rap music will continue to get worse. You can mark this post on your calendar.

  • thetruthhurts

    To the ignorant commenters who don't know what hip hop is, shut the fuck up PLEASE. I'm so tired of reading comments from dumbass fools who don't know their hip hop history, and try to act like certain artists are played out. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Thank God not all young people from this newer generation are so stupid. It's only the select few who choose to comment on blogs like this, and act like they know what's going on when they probably can't even name Busta Rhyme's first album. So, this comment is to you idiots. If you knew anything, you'd see that all the moves artists like Kendrick, J Cole, Wale, etc are making is paying tribute to classic hip hop, but in a new way. Why do you think J Cole threw TLC on a track? It's because that sound ISN'T played out dumbasses. There are a LOT of sounds in hip hop that aren't played out, and they will come back. If you didn't notice, hip hop is going back to that classic sound where lyrical ability matters. Don't believe me? Go check every big track in the last two weeks, hell, since Kendrick's Control verse, and tell me rappers aren't trying to kill their verses every track now. You had that Ludacris single, the Busta/Q-Tip single, that new J Cole single, even Meek Mill came with some shit on that Hip Hop track off his mixtape, Kendrick stays killing verses, and the list goes on. It's all about how good you are at rapping now, and classic hip hop based on dope beats and lyrical ability is coming back. It's at the point where if you can't rap well, you just get outshined by the person on the track who can. It's just hard to tell if you read comments on this site, and you don't really know what's going on in the industry. I'm just tired of reading comments from young people who don't know hip hop speaking as if they are some authority, when they don't even understand the entire industry and the moves that are being made. I've got to find a new site. People here are too ignorant. You can literally have the dopest track of the year, and you'll have nothing but bullshit comments talking about how whack or gay it is. That's HiphopDX.

    • Anonymous

      youngsta: thetruthhurts should change his name to mybutthurts. mad because young niggas are ruling the game while your old ass rappers are going into retirement homes. ill give you props for saying kendrick and j cole are killing it but you forgot to mention drake. he was one of the first young rappers to bring back lyricism and emotion since probably tupac, and he has one of the best careers in hip hop ever and he's only 27. no one else got that. I'm 27 and i find you ignorant as fuck if it werent for dudes like Bus a Bus and Q tip the cats you just named might not even be relevant today learn your history fool

    • Hoodgrown

      Yea you can't take seriously the shit that's said on HipHopDx's board. Half of these dudes post as other artists (ie: JaRule) and ride an artists dick all day or make gay ass comments trying to be funny I guess. You could picture them laughing as they type this shit like they're humorous or some shit. Makes you wonder what hood breeds these little weirdos.

    • Anonymous

      @thetruthhurts good point! however, U shouldnt base the state of hiphop on some shitty comments left by these teenage dumbasses on this site. its simple, form your own opinions and jam to what you like. @youngsta young niggas wouldnt be shit out here these days without the oldschool veterans who paved the way for them. you're actually exposing how ignorant you are by saying that.

    • youngsta

      thetruthhurts should change his name to mybutthurts. mad because young niggas are ruling the game while your old ass rappers are going into retirement homes. ill give you props for saying kendrick and j cole are killing it but you forgot to mention drake. he was one of the first young rappers to bring back lyricism and emotion since probably tupac, and he has one of the best careers in hip hop ever and he's only 27. no one else got that.

    • Anonymous

      cosign. Old School Hip-Hop fans are in the minority here. Most people here couldn't even tell you who the Geto Boys are, or have never heard of Kool G Rap & DJ Polo. If it doesn't have a dubstep beat then they will call it trash here.

  • Barbara J. Reynolds

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  • Skinny jean fag

    Rap aint about lyrics anymore these guys need to go away

  • Anonymous

    Stop hating talking about old ass rappers, these artist are still relevant because there music is still being sort after.. The rolling Stone are in their 60's ...

  • Azar

    The first one is by Busta's man in the ghetto. The second by Q-Tip's man who actually went to school for graphic design. Done. Mystery solved.

  • Latanya Fields

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  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Thank goodness. The first cover with the "Rorschach" looking guy just didn't cut it.

  • Maryann Thomas

    uptil I saw the bank draft saying $5731, I have faith that...my... mother in law was realy earning money part time at there labtop.. there friend brother has been doing this for less than 14 months and as of now repaid the loans on their villa and bought a new Buick. navigate to this web-site... www.Fb39.com I am an experienced designer who went to a top art college. So I know what i am talking about. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    More like "the faggot and the gorilla"

  • P-514

    UPDATE: Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes released the official artwork of the mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    You always get this sensitive over a question?

  • Anonymous

    Is this a mixtape or an album?

    • Anonymous

      It has been mentioned in either of the first two sentence that it's a MIXTAPE. But even if it were not there, how much is the chance to release an album with a cover showing Rorschach in front of a Dragon Age logo?

  • Anonymous

    old ass nigga never learn to quit rapping. Still thinking its 1992 but it isnt its 2013!

    • Mr. Boom Bap

      If you think youth equals skills you have a LOT to learn.

    • dtrain7

      Man there are so many corny young rappers it lets old dudes still shine..... Masta Ace 46, mainflow 40, Ill bil 41, I can several old cats that are still getting it in... Qtip and Busta still have crazy skills, I just hope they aren't making a pop record, I want a hip hop album from them.....

    • bootyluver

      Shut the fuck up, Bitch!

    • Pete Marriott

      Maybe if so many young rappers had some kind of soul or at least some sort of sense of rhythm, or had actual mic skills and could actually rhyme on beat while staying on topic and spit a lexicon beyond a limited vocabulary such as: At, Mat, Fat, Sat, Cat, Bat, Pat, and Rat then maybe so many of these old ass rappers wouldn't have to come back and lyrical punch all sorts of holes into these ultra wack young rappers who can't rap to save their own damn worthless lives shit. The fuck I know, I'm just a old ass record producer who only had two #1s and eight Top 10 singles on the college radio mix show charts since coming out of a 20 year retirement in 2012. http://youtu.be/FCCv-RlMlno

    • Anonymous

      Busta Rhymes is 41. Q-Tip is 43. Eminem is 41. Jay-Z is 43. Nas is 40. If Eminem, Jay-Z and Nas can stay relevant, then why can't Busta and Q-Tip. That song they recently released kicked ass.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    rofl bootleg thats the dragon age logo hahaha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    seriously? they steal a game wallpaper to make a hip hop mixtape cover?

  • Anonymous

    I just hope that Lord Jamar is on this!

  • Ryuken

    worst cover I ever seen...seriously. So fuckin stupid

  • Anonymous

    I can make a better cover in MS PAINT

  • Anonymous

    I have no doubts this will be a dope album. These two have never fallen off their whole careers. Always bringing the heat. This should be no different.

  • Anonymous

    Why is Rorschach on the cover?

  • Anonymous

    its like 5 year olds write your articles, "throughout his career called himself the abstract poet throughout his career"

  • BigNoct2

    Please, no Weezy...Please, no Weezy...Please, no Weezy...

  • ola


  • Jackpot

    Once Chingy makes his comeback next year, everyone will forget about these fools. Jackpot is the best album ever with classics such as Right Thurr, Holidae In and One Call Away. C'mon, you know you rocked to those songs when they were all over the radio. 2014 is Chingy's! #FullDekk

  • Dave Thomas

    Wow that cover art is awful. Lets just break as many copyright rules as we can. Definitely more Church's Chicken than a delicious Asiago Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's.

  • Anonymous

    Oh. My. God!! This just revived my faith in Busta, and it's ALWAYS great to hear from Q-Tip.

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