Kanye West Blasts Bruno Mars & Corporations

Kanye West says Rick Rubin advised him to leave this year's MTV Video Music Awards after he performed.

Between performing records from his catalog of studio albums at the Yeezus tour stop in Brooklyn this week, Chicago rapper Kanye West also took it upon himself to share what he referred to as a “stream of consciousness” with fans.

During Kanye’s latest rant, which was recorded by Real Talk NY, the G.O.O.D. Music emcee referenced singer Bruno Mars, Oprah Winfrey, and major corporations.

While speaking on Bruno, Ye recalled a phone call he received from Rick Rubin encouraging him to leave this year’s MTV Video Music Awards after he performed. He then commented on Bruno winning a majority of the awards and stated that recognition in the streets trumps any award an artist can receive from a network.

“When I went to the MTV Awards, Rick Rubin hit me, he said ‘Are you performing at the MTV Awards,’” said Kanye. “I said ‘Yeah.’ He said ‘Look man, just do your mothafuckin song and leave. Just do your song and leave. Just do your song and leave.’ Cause sure enough I’m sitting down trying, I’m trying to enjoy mothafuckas performing and shit…And then they start giving out awards and shit. And Bruno Mars win all the mothafuckin awards and shit. You know, I was just thinking about what Rick Rubin told me cause I don’t give a fuck about no TV show. But what I care about is if you an artist and you work hard as fuck and the streets say that you deserve that shit then can’t no mothafuckin networks try to gas everybody up. So, they can sell some [product] with the prettiest mothafucka out.”

Kanye later touched on a sit-down he had with talk show host turned business mogul, Oprah Winfrey, who informed him that others are “scared of” him, to which he says he responded “they should be.”

“And I sit down with Oprah and she say, ‘They scared of you, Ye. They scared of you, Ye,’” said the rapper. “She didn’t say I wasn’t the most talented. She just said ‘You gotta learn how to fail.’ I said ‘Oprah, it’s a new day.’

“These major corporations they wanna control you,” he added. “And they take us as musicians…to hold that mothafuckin product up and that’s what they show you. But fuck that. Fuck that that’s old school. Fuck that. Fuck that that’s old school. And Oprah said ‘They scared of you Ye.’ Well, of course they should be…That’s why I’m turning up. That’s why I’m turned up. Cause I want my turn. These guys got fed off it and I want my turn.”

Following the launch of Kanye’s Yeezus tour last month, the multi-city tour has garnered the spotlight on a number of occasions. Ye received criticism for the appearance of a man dressed as Jesus during his tour performances, and also the tour’s merchandise, which included a t-shirt with the image of a Confederate flag on it.

In addition to criticism over those two tour elements, Kanye was also forced to reschedule a handful of tour dates due to damaged equipment.

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  • yankee

    I don't actually like rap and never, ever do watch the Kardashians, but watching the above video, I realized for the first time that West is so talented. That's God given talent, he has. But no way he's better than Bruno Mars. Sorry, Kanye West!! Mars is a very talented musician that has a bit more style, all around. Bruno Mars won because he deserves the awards. Period.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like kanye is a little salty to me

  • Anonymous

    Drake - albums: 3, albums sold: 5 million, classics: 1 Kendrick - albums: 1, albums sold: 1 million, classics 0

    • Anonymous

      Don't feed the troll. No one honestly believes Drake is in the same artistic league as Kendrick Lamar.

    • Anonymous

      Not defending Kendrick or anything, but you're forgetting about Section80, and well, GKMC getting tremendous amounts of praise from its release till' now. And Drake has no fucking classics would you shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    I bet his baby don't cry as much.

  • imho

    this guy had no issues winning 100 awards for the same reasons when he was hot but now its the next mans turn n he wants to act like a bitch (again) on that note..the streets? LOL yeah i never heard 1 person streets to the burbs talk good about yeezus..everyone thinks its ranting bitching hot garbage. i think hes just gay.

  • Lucia Dixon

    before I looked at the receipt ov $9951, I didnt believe that my friends brother woz like they say really bringing home money in their spare time from there computar.. there friends cousin started doing this for only about twentey months and just now paid for the morgage on their apartment and got themselves a Mercedes-Benz S-class. read more... www.Fb39.com When he said he shed a tear for Jay-Z I scheme he was just be sarcastic. This guy has way more substance than most of the so called rappers out there today

  • 4realz

    Kanye is all fucked up. He stay talking about these corporations want to control us and all this other stuff, but who the fuck partnered up with Nike to sell sneakers at hidden raffles and then dont say anything to dudes selling your kicks for crazy prices. GTFOH.....nigga collabs with Louis Vutton,APC and many more wanting to sell hoodies, sweats, and shoes for crazy prices. Man get out of here.....money dont change people it just enhances who the already are smh. Im a fan of the music but thats where it stops.

  • Really?

    If Kanye was around when Michael Jackson was at his prime...he's be dogging MJ and whining about how he deserves awards more than Michael. Dude is a fuckin idiot bottom line...Yeezy is the fakest muthafucka out, he acts all tough and hard but he is the most insecure whinebag artist we've seen in a long long time. Dude should respect Bruno Mars for being a successful artist without all the gimmicks that are usually required to earn a top spot in the industry nowadays. Mars just makes dope music, and I doubt Kanye puts in anymore hard work than Bruno Mars does

  • Anonymous

    Memo to Kanye "cry baby" West... Don't be mad cause Bruno Mars isn't an insecure maniac. People like his music. It's safe. Your music is stale, plus you try to hard to be controversial. Fall back and stop talking.

  • nuc

    not a fan of Bruno, but with as many singles as he had this last year, and the amount of time he musta been out on the road doing pressand shows,,,, WHO THE HELL IS YE TO SAY BRUNO DIDN'T WORK HIS ASS OFF?

  • youremynephewtho

    this right here is the definition of hating... Kanye claims so much but it kills him to see another nigga shine! Bruno Mars is probably the most soulful & creative artist of this new generation. He deserves those accolades. His Album was fuckin sick. Kanye is just mad that he barely went Gold while Bruno Mars' Album went Platinum in the US AND all over Europe!

    • Anonymous

      Bruno Mars had so many singles and videos. Kanye had none when he released Yeesuz. FOH with that Kanye catalog trumps anything Bruno Mars can do.

  • James

    Kane must be crazyyyyyy um dude you play no fuckin instruments most all your songs are fuckin samples of someone elses shhh nicka please bruno mars is wayyyyyyyyy more talented than you eat some humble pie lil nicka

  • R.Pgh

    dude gets fucking weirder every time he talks.

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • Lord Jamar

    You know i respect Kanye. I mean he is GOD and there have never been a musical genius like kanye. I mean even the beatles, the stones, u2, michael jackson etc they are all wack compared to Kanye.

  • Anonymous

    It street recognition trumps Music hardware, why the rass are you always crying when you don't win and interrupting people accepting their awards? Biggest cry baby in music for sure

  • Taze


  • FAlllingDown

    Funny how this nigga always trying to diss white girls and singers when he looked shook as fuck, altering his voice and shit when he was sitting next to 50 back when they did that Rolling Stone edition.

  • FAlllingDown

    Dude should seek therapy.



  • antihero82

    Rick Rubin was right. Just perform. Just make music. No need to further embarrass yourself. Love the music, but Kanye seems like a pompeus, cocky, narcisstic overall terrible human piece of shit.

    • imho

      @anon2- dont know kayne? sure we dont go 2 eat w dude but when ur rant and bitch and complain and try as hard as he does to be controversial for no reason at all people get to know you over the years.. im sure being prissy, stuckup, cocky, gay and a ranting whining bitch is something even his close friends would sya is true.

    • antihero82

      I know what Rick Rubin meant.. And why does it matter that how he is as a person? Because he is a rolemodel and I get sick and tired of his antics and attitude. The guy should learn to be humble and think before he speaks.

    • Anonymous

      i may sound like a kanye stan right now but i'd say this about anyone in this situation 1: you really dont know shit about him, only what the media tells you. 2: even if he wants to act a certain way why do people have to judge and get bothered by it. he makes damn good music, some of the best ever call him a genius so you cant really argue that. he's a hellofa prick, but why does it matter to people? he's not knocking at your doors. pathetic world we live in

    • Anonymous

      rick ruben was referring to the fact that MTV will be handing out awards to people who dont deserve it and it will piss Ye off

  • anonymous

    he may be a weird nigga...or maybe doing business with some of these corporations....but he says the truth.....not because hes a nute means hes not saying whats real....michael jackson works for years with these corporations...and when hes no longer needed he died...oh no ....sorry....he got killed

  • Wizz

    LMAO! Who the hell is scared of Kanye? The least he can do is run towards you,stop while being 10 meters away from you,give you a mean look, turn around and leave. Smh....but he is "hard". Sure Kanye,sure

  • Michelle

    You're just jealous of Bruno coz he has both critical and commercial success and already a Super Bowl headliner even if he just started 3 years or so ago!!! And he has all this without resorting to creating controversies like you... He stays professional and works his ass off... So unlike you!!!

    • T.K.

      @The Real TC ...Bruno's second album got better critical reviews than his first one, so I don't know where you got that from. When compared with JT's albums, for example, they both got similar scores on metacritic or whatever (obviously they do different styles of music, but all their albums were deemed as 'favorable'). And the VMA award that Bruno Mars got was his first ever one, so I don't understand why he's praising Miley Cyrus and criticising Bruno...? The funny thing is that Bruno's actually a massive Kanye fan!(he actually defended him in an interview not long ago)

    • The Real TC

      Actually, Bruno hasn't been that much of a critical success. His first album received average reviews and the second one got a lot of poor reviews, so that shouldn't be a factor. Also, if you want to talk about critics? Most of them have been on Kanye's dick for awhile now (a little too much, actually) I still consider myself a Kanye fan for the sake of nostalgia and I'd hardly say that he's a great role model for being indipendant and anti-business, but besides maybe the wording he used here, he's got a valid point.

  • Kim Kardashian

    Bring home that bacon we Kardashians love cash money!!

  • Fuck ye

    I can't wait for the day when someone knocks his ass out!

  • Sar B-child

    Didnt know Burno won shyt at the MTV awards!? F.U. Miley!!!

  • Sweaty Shemale

    lol what a dumb faggot

  • Anonymous

    This is what underground hip-hop artists/fans have been complaining about for a while now. But it takes someone who is in business with corporations to get these mainstream fans to understand whats going on.

  • d-nucks

    somebody needs to do a parody of his rants.....jay pharoah were you at?

  • 3chainz

    There is many reasons why 2 Chainz is better than your favorite rapper. First off 2 Chainz is known to be the greatest codeine cowboy to ever walk the earth. Secondly he has SO MANY quotables. Not to mention that he has the equivalent of a Rakim flow for a trap rapper. LASTLY, he has had hits on hits, from Dufflebag Boy to Feds Watching. 2 Chainz has proven to be more consistent than your favorite rapper. 2 Chainz has the punchline status of more swagger lil wayne. Lastly, he has chains, you dont. How does it feel 2 Chainz shits on your favorite rapper? How do you feel 2 Chainz is GOAT status.


    Fuck these corporations, they destroyed hip hop culture.

    • Anonymous

      yes those corporations, and 2013 Kanye too.

    • bewitness

      Oh you mean the same corporations that he does business with daily, the same corporations that he worked with to come out with the Air Yeezys , that same corporations that he goes around and tries to convince that he knows how to design clothes....Oh ok those corporations.

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaSNK0pm4eY

  • BigNoct2

    Raise your hand if you miss pre-808's and Heartbreaks/ Soul Samples Kanye...

  • Kanye West 2016

    Look like a fat booty Celine Dion Sex is on fire, I'm the King of Leon-a Lewis Beyond the truest, hey, teacher, teacher Tell me how do you respond to students? And refresh the page and restart the memory? Respark the soul and rebuild the energy? We stopped the ignorance, we killed the enemies Sorry for the night demons still visit me The plan was to drink until the pain over But what's worse, the pain or the hangover? Fresh air, rollin' down the window Too many Urkels on your team, that's why your wins low Don't make me pull the toys out, huh Don't make me pull the toys And fire up the engines, huh And then they make noise

    • Evanator

      Can we get much higher? So highhhhh. Oh oh oh oooo oh oh oh. At the mall there was a seance Just kids, no parents Then the sky filled with herons I saw the devil, in a Chrysler LeBaron And the hell, it wouldn't spare us And the fires did declare us But after that, took pills, kissed an heiress And woke up back in Paris

  • bobosolo

    Kanye kardashian needs too be neutered

  • SampsonSimpson

    Kanye West is a supreme being. Y'all better be scared of the GOD.

  • Anonymous

    He's being an ego maniacal douche bag again. In other groundbreaking headline news, the sun came up this morning.

  • Jackpot

    Kanye is a sucker ass nigga. He thinks he's the best, shit, he's not even the best from the Midwest. That goes to that nigga Chingy. Jackpot is the best hip hop album of all time and is better than anything Kanye ever made. Chingy got classics for days. 2014 is Chingy's year! #FullDekk

  • Anonymous

    He is starting to sound like Michael Moore

  • Anonymous

    Kanye liked lil Wayne's song "lolli pop" a little to much... Cause all his new songs are so much like that song

  • Anonymous

    Bruno mars sucks ass

  • Anonymous

    wow this dude is really feelin himself too much ! unbelievable ! he really thinks he got credit in the streets while his last album is pure electro pop trash music. he totally lost his mind and his ego took him some places nobody would be able to take him back epic fail bitch ass faggot cryin ass mothafucka

  • Gaingreen79

    Basically if you aren't in Kanye camp be prepared to be hated on if things don't go his way. What i find really funny is he only beefs with ppl who wont smack the ish out of him. Im talking real rappers could you imagine talkin ish to a real OG wtf. He would get tossed he only argues with women and dudes not interested in fighting lol. #@uck around and get you jaw broken again.

    • Anonymous

      Doubt he's getting tossed by anyone. I've come across him a couple times in Manhattan and dude always has security with him.

  • justincase

    yeezus says what he wants and y'all niggas still suckin yo mama's titties. how dat titty milk taste bet its mmm-mmm goodddd

  • KanGay West

    KanGay is the whitest black dude in the industry.No one in the hood buys his shit.He surrounds himself w/people who are racist from across the pond even JayZ distants himself,We as black people need to find a better role model,KanGay set us back 60 years,"What a jackass"-Barack Obama

  • Anonymous

    The comments prove that 90% of DX's community has the reading comprehension of a 2nd grader.

  • Rick Rubin

    Is Kanye performing at the MTV awards?

    • Kanye West

      Sure enough Im sitting down trying, Im trying to enjoy mothafuckas performing and shitAnd then they start giving out awards and shit. And Bruno Mars win all the mothafuckin awards and shit. You know, I was just thinking about what ya told me cause I dont give a fuck about no TV show. But what I care about is if you an artist and you work hard as fuck and the streets say that you deserve that shit then cant no mothafuckin networks try to gas everybody up. So, they can sell some product with the prettiest mothafucka out.

    • Rick Rubin

      Look man, just do your mothafuckin song and leave. Just do your song and leave. Just do your song and leave.

  • yeezus

    yeezus says what he wants and y'all niggas still suckin yo mama's titties. how dat titty milk taste bet its mmm-mmm good

  • Anonymous

    Poor journalism from hip hop dx again

  • Anonymous

    he talks like fasion will save the world

  • Anonymous

    Man this dude is a crybaby, just make music and shut the fuck up

  • tibby trillz

    rick rubin told you to leave because there was 99 percent chance you would pull some "hey everybody look at me!" shit like you did with taylor swift. she sucks, beyonce sucks, bruno mars sucks, you suck.

  • Anonymous

    Sore Loser or Just a Loser?

  • Anonymous

    he aint gonna release an album for a long time

  • Steve

    I really Wish i could sit down and have a one on one convo with this dude. I love his music (for the most part Yezzus was very average if not kinda shitty) but honestly man u did a song called classic about nikes and it was a promo. There corperate sponsors all over this dudes tour. He lets motorola use blackskin head for their moto x commerical. Like fuck off Kanye you dont practice what you preach. makes me so mad stop worrying about that shit and just get back in the studio and put your efforts there.

    • Anonymous

      So he shouldn't take their money and use it to get his word out? You people are idiots, he can take their money and use to for his own cause. Just because he does "BUSINESS" with corporations doesn't mean he lets them control his message.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. This motherfucker was saying he wants a major backing from a large corporation like nike in an interview a few weeks ago. Dude doesn't make sense. Contradicts himself every time he speaks.

  • Todd

    Bruno's a fag. Makes him bootylicious.

  • BP

    wow, that wasn't blasting Bruno Mars at all. maybe he just saw Bruno go to the podium more than other artists. it wasn't a full-on blast at all. HHDX(and other sites I bet) tryna get easy hits

  • Samwise G

    Complains about corporations selling the products of the prettiest person out while he is engaged to Kim Kardashian. Ye defines hypocrisy.


    Still loling from this comment about Bruno Mars being " " ....smh, fan boys everywhere

  • machine gun

    can't hear shit when he's performing live with a fucking disco ball on his face

  • Anonymous

    he actually made valid points here, but Kanye no one cares about your opinion.

  • D

    Bruno's SO MUCH more talented than Kanye its ridiculous!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^Shut up douche. Fat Joe has never been good, and Twista sucks now.

    • Anonymous

      Cyhi > Fat Joe > Twista > Kanye > Jin

    • Delens07

      When bruno can make a album like dark twisted fantasy, then he can be in the same sentence as Kanye

    • GET EM BOY

      go finger blast your pussy you faggot.....lolz

    • Anonymous

      go finger blast your pussy you faggot..... looooooooooooooooool

    • 614grind

      Bruno Mars is in another stratosphere of talent than Kanye. He can sing, song write, dance, and he plays like 5 instruments. Kanye raps and makes music by SAMPLING other people who can sing, write songs, and play instruments. Saying Kanye is more "talented" the Bruno Mars is like saying a guy who's great at NBA 2K14 is better than the real Lebron James.

    • LOL

      LOLL....yah. Bruno Mars "so much" more talented......Not at all you fucking R&B stan, go finger blast your pussy you faggot..... give me Bruno Mars catalog..... ill wait... Now give me Kanyes catalog.......LOOLLOLOLOLOL Not even in the same atmosphere...

    • Anonymous

      wat about mickey ninaj

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Cooooooontastic!! As if this witless fuck would be anywhere without corporation, including the dogshit ones he pimps for. Fuck Kanye and fuck Nike too, eat Vietnamese shit & die 'sneakerheads'

  • Anonymous

    This dude man, smh, If I knew a person like this in real life I'd have a felony by now

    • Anonymous

      ^^^Are you prepping for a college writing class? Nobody gives a fuck @first anonymous You would catch a felony on purpose, so you can get buttfucked in prison.

    • HHH, that's me

      Kanye is the polar opposite of confident. A confident person does not find space in his mindframe to be bothered about shit he seeminly deems "irrelevant", like the media. He explicitly says "who cares about the medias approval when you have the streets approval".... Well then motherfucker, if you don't care leave that shit unsaid. If you truly don't give a fuck about these award shows, why be so vocal about it? To me, it seems like you're really feelin some type of way about it. Kanye is a very insecure person (maybe the most insecure musician currently active) and constantly seeks a) an avenue for him to rant about opinions he time and time again contradict and b) validation from his fans. Not support. Not applause. Pure validation. That's why he always uses the stage as his own proverbial "shrink's couch". The audience is his shrink, he lets his insecurities out when he's on stage so that he can be calm and courteous when he's on Ellen or on Lowe. In between those episodes of emotional bipolarity he manages to shit out a MS Paint made video like Bound 2 and use Kims various make up appliances to create revolutionary "art" like the discoball over his face.

    • LOL @ first ANON

      LOL at the first ANON, he seems hella butt hurt. KANYE THE GOAT Ps. isnt that WENDYS busy??

    • Anonymous

      wtf is a double baconator? is that like 4 patties? is that a thing now?

    • Dave Thomas

      So you would assault someone because they are confident? That makes you come off as pretty stupid, son. Also you should learn to end your sentences with punctuation. Maybe you can ponder this over a Double Baconator at your closest Wendy's.

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