Busta Rhymes Joins A Tribe Called Quest For "Scenario" Performance

A Tribe Called Quest was joined by Busta Rhymes as they opened for Kanye West on the "Yeezus Tour."

A Tribe Called Quest was joined by Busta Rhymes as they opened for Kanye West on the "Yeezus Tour" yesterday (November 20). 

Busta Rhymes joined the group to perform "Scenario," a selection that was featured on Tribe's 1991 album, The Low End Theory

In November 2011, Q-Tip spoke about the selection's significance. 

"'Scenario' for Busta [Rhymes] was like his step-out [moment]," Q-Tip said in an interview with MTV2. "That was my purpose [in putting him on the song] because I thought he was ill. I just wanted to set him up...one of the things that really set it up was the interplay between my rhymes and Busta's rhymes. So that introduced him a little bit."

Busta Rhymes also spoke about the track's impact in that same article.

"Tip was like, 'Yo, I'ma come right before you [with my verse] and I'ma set it up, so in my verse, I'ma write a part for you to say,'" Busta Rhymes said. "That's where the 'I heard you rushed and rushed and attacked' [line came from]...When that part came, the moment of truth wasn't too far after that."

A video of the performance can be viewed below via Real Talk NY.

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  • SkiZZLe

    That mic not working is a crime to humanity. Another reason why Barcalys is still steps behind MSG. I was at the Garden show & Busta sounded crystal clear.

  • CeceliaGMui

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  • Whorida

    I hope all of these cats who knew "Scenario" word for word were just there to see Tribe as they are real hip hop heads. If they were there to see Yeezus, they are fucked in the head.

    • SkiZZLe

      I got the tix off Ticketmaster & intended to flip them ... but when Tribe was announced i cancelled that shit, wouldn't miss that for the world !

  • Anonymous

    Soundman needs to be fired for Busta's mic glitch!!!! One of the most iconic/classic verses in HipHop History, and this man's mic don't work???

  • Anonymous


  • gary from indy

    Busta is the illest and he likes beast like these --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJAWHu10AzI

  • Stevadore

    Powerful Impact BOOOOOOMM!!

  • Beatriz Fleming

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