Rich Homie Quan Says He's Never Dissed Future

Rich Homie Quan says his perceived Future diss was blown out of proportion.

Rich Homie Quan says he has never dissed Future despite perception that his "A Nigga" selection was a diss against the singer.

"In that, where did I diss Future?" Quan says in an interview with MTV. "I never dissed him. I never disrespected him as a man. I never disrespected him as a man, but, you know, blogs will take stuff and blow it out of proportion...It's clarification. There's no beef."

On "A Nigga," Quan addresses Future comparisons. 

“I’m back like the future, nigga," Quan rhymes on the song. "Quan, you the future. Ooh. Who? / Tell 'em, don’t confuse me with Future, nigga / Pockets fat, retribution, nigga.” 

In August, Future addressed comparisons between the two artists.

“I started this," Future said to Sway in the Morning in August. "You use the same pattern. You can’t use the same pattern that Future uses. You can’t say, ‘Turn up.’ You gotta say another word. Make the world feel what you saying...You sound like Future. You can't just have the same rhyme patterns as Future. People gon’ put you in the Future category.

"He don't sound like me," Future added. "I haven't really heard nothin' but the song on the radio. I really don't get into other artists like that. But he doin' good. I wish him well." 

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  • @Musik_High IG

    Those Lyrics Are Wrong He Said, " Im Back Like The Future Nigga, Quan You Da Future(I Know It,I Know It) ,Don't Confuse Me WIth Future Nigga, Pockets Fat Resputia (From Norbit) Nigga! "

  • Anonymous


  • Beatriz Fleming

    til I saw the paycheck which said $9122, I accept that my friends brother was like actualie earning money in there spare time on there computar.. there sisters roommate had bean doing this less than 22 months and just took care of the mortgage on there villa and got themselves a BMW. read the article.., Why are you shitting on peoples brand in the media when the disagreement you had was personal?!?!? I think Kanye is officially a sellout esp with those confederate flag jackets and bringing a white jesus on stage. Nigga you lost. fuck off.

  • Anonymous

    I'm shocked to learn that Future is a rapper. I've never heard him rap once.

  • dentaldamboy

    My nigga with yg is dope as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    He did by releasing music because Future has no buzz at all. 50 is more relevant than him.

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