Chris Brown Ordered To 90-Day Anger Management Rehab

Chris Brown has been ordered to spend 90 days in a rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles.

Chris Brown has been ordered to spend 90 days in live-in anger management rehab, according to

Brown recently spent approximately two weeks in a Malibu, California rehabilitation facility. However, the singer-rapper was reportedly asked to leave the facility after throwing a rock at his mother's car when she visited him, as per

At Brown's most recent court appearance, the judge on the case agreed with the Probation Department's recommendation that Brown spend 90 days in live-in anger management rehabilitation. The rehab facility Brown enters must be approved by the Probation Department and it must be within Los Angeles County, according to

Brown, who released a new X Files project this week, is slated to undergo drug testing at the rehab facility. He is also to take all prescriptions recommended by the facility, according to

The judge has also requested a report on a recent Washington D.C. fight that Brown was allegedly involved in. An assault charge from that fight could result in a probation revocation. If it is found that Brown has violated probation, the singer-rapper could face time in prison. 

Brown will be allowed to exit the rehabilitation facility to attend court hearings. 

A video of Brown in court can be found below, via TMZ.

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  • Anonymous

  • Beatriz Fleming

    til I saw the paycheck which said $9121, I accept that my friends brother was like actualie earning money in there spare time on there computar.. there sisters roommate had bean doing this less than 22 months and just took care of the mortgage on there villa and got themselves a BMW. read the article.., Why are you shitting on peoples brand in the media when the disagreement you had was personal?!?!? I think Kanye is officially a sellout esp with those confederate flag jackets and bringing a white jesus on stage. Nigga you lost. fuck off.

  • lol

    he needs a daddy figure yo drake son this nigga!!!

  • Chris Etrata

    I'm amazed as to why the california rehab center gave up after he threw a rock. A different rehab center would revoke his prilveges, maybe extend his stay by at least a week.

  • Anonymous

    Dude will be spending the Holiday season in a Rehab facility.

  • Anonymous

    Lawyer is busy texting. lol

  • Anonymous

    He needs it, but let's be serious, this is hollywood and 90 days ain't gonna do shit!

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