Lord Jamar Explains Stance On Homosexuality

Lord Jamar says his comments on homosexuality is not about "sexual rights and the rights of others to love each other."

In September, Lord Jamar made controversial statements, claiming that artists such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are pushing a "gay agenda" that does not belong in Hip Hop.

In a recent interview on Vlad TV, the Brand Nubian emcee explained his stance more fully. "At the end of the day, it's not about being against homosexuality or being against white people," said Jamar. "It's about being against the power that be, trying to make the unnatural, natural. And the natural, unnatural. If you really think about it, every facet of life, they are trying to make the unnatural, natural. From the food we eat, to the air we breathe, to the type of sexual relationships we have."

Jamar continued, "Let's just take the emotion out of this real quick. I just want to follow this hypothetical thing to its natural conclusion. Let's say, hypothetically, tomorrow, we all turn gay. Everybody is now gay. Man is with man; woman is with woman. How do we, as a species, reproduce ourselves? Man on man can't make a child... so how do we reproduce ourselves? I'll tell you how: unnaturally. We'd have to do it through test tubes and things of that nature."

Ultimately, Lord Jamar stated that his stance has nothing to do with the rights of one person to love another. "We have to look past what seems, on face value, to be an issue, as far as sexual rights and the rights of others to love each other," he said. "That's not what it's about. That's not what it's about. At the end of the day, this goes right up there with birth control, condoms, and sending people to jail, and murder, drugs, and all the other things and tools that have been used to try to control the population."

Watch the interview below:

Lord Jamar's original statements about Macklemore also included an assertion that white rappers are "guests" in Hip Hop, a statement that elicited responses from both Necro and Kool G Rap.

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  • louis farakahn

    5%er fuck off lord jarabu can kiss 5% of my ass. u fuckin clown this nigga the leader of GFI gays for israel explain 5% of that niggabitch

  • Damian

    I'm both against people being gay, as people being black. I don't really know where I stand on this.

  • antihero82

    Being gay is not a choice. The only choice you can make is to stay in the closet and live a fake live. Good option? No, it won't work. If Jamar thinks its a choice..then he's probably been struggling with gay feelings, decided to stay in the closet and thinks he chose to be straight. Wrong. You're gay.

    • David

      Homosexuality is a chemical imbalance in the brain, not unlike bipolarity. Quite easily fixed if activists and narrow minded fuck heads like yourself would only realise that it's as far from natural as any other disease. I could go on forever about the estrogenic products being pumped into our bodies to stimulate abnormalities like homosexuality but a brainless shit head like you wouldn't give real factual evidence the time of day. I don't always agree with Jamar, but I admire him for having the stones to address an issue like this when dickless sheep like yourself merely follow the masses in fear of facing forced individuality.

  • dave

    Sounds like the insecure ramblings of a down-low brother to me....

    • Young Guwop

      Your fruity ass probably downlow yourself and want Lord Jamar to be that way. Take that gay shit somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    The reality is most of the functional people in society don't care about who's gay or not, there are other more important things wrong with the world that need solutions and revised laws. But when it's practically marketed like a commercial product that "needs" to be consumed by the people, you're going to have people say it's enough. The marriage bill was so partners could access health coverage, estates, tax formations, and the likes of, not for opportunists looking for attention. I don't need to know that Jason Collins is gay or who Ellen's partner is, grab rebounds and do your job, f*ck I care what you like in the bedroom. If you can't understand what I just said, you have a serious problem and need reprogramming.

  • ilexx

    I don't care how crazy the media has made Lord Jamar look recently but best believe everything he said in the article and video above is some REAL shit. The whole fucking homosexual agenda is just another form of population control. I am absolutely glad that somebody is taking the charge to speak out on this shit because honestly what people don't see is that opinions like Lord Jamar's are now the minority opinion, it takes more balls to speak out against homosexuality than to just accept what other mothafuckers are telling you is right. Anybody who is sensitive over his statements right now is either in denial or they just need to fucking grow a pair and think for themselves.

    • Dave Thomas

      You are clearly an ignorant bigot who doesn't deserve the tasty treats at Wendy's. For shame.

    • Anonymous

      excuse me, an irrational, paranoid, homophobic, conspiracy theroist

    • Anonymous

      Unless you (and jamar) have evidence that the "gay agenda" is a form of population control, and that this population control will take place at the level of the scenario he gives, then understand that you will come off as being a irrational, paranoid, conspiracy theorist


    REAL TALK from jamar..faggots getting mad as fuck hahaha...but its the fuckin truth. even animals in the safari dont fuck the same sex, its unnatural and only a dumbfuck/disturbed asshole would disagree.. A message to all faggots out there: You wouldnt even fuckin exist if your father didnt fuck that WOMAN who is your mother. fuck gays, fuckin disrespectful shameful scum

    • SNOOPGOGG187

      i hate faggot RETARDS ever since my DUMBFUCK uncle made me suck his dick! BILLIONS of times. he kept playing elton john music and dressed me up in camo and said i was in the the super gay army.

    • SNOOPGOGG197

      to the 2 faggots who replied to me, you fuckin DUMBFUCKS, you two pussies keep bringing up the animals issues, well use your head, how many animals are there in the word? BILLIONS all because male-female breeding, yet you two RETARDS saying ''actually scientists say its proven that animals do...'' what a bunch of pathetic cunts.you probly got bullied at school, got small dicks, and have no hope of getting a chick so you stick with your super gay army. again, fuck homos, and you two elton john cunts

    • Dave Thomas

      Scientists have observed several different species of animals have homosexual sex*. Maybe you should go out and read a book or learn how to capitalize as opposed to being an ignorant retard. *For the record Wendy's only uses the finest ingredients in our meals. Regardless of gender or sexual preference.

    • Baffler

      ACTUALLY they've observed gay animals in the wild. None of the other animals that belong to their groups seem to have a problem with it. The only scum is pieces of shit like you who judge people based on who they're attracted to. It doesn't hurt you if a dude loves a dude or a woman loves a woman. One of my female friends is marrying another woman soon and do you know who it's hurting? Nobody. You wouldn't exist if your father didn't fuck your mother and your if your aunt had balls, she'd be your uncle. There are enough people having kids in the world that it doesn't matter if some people are attracted to the same sex.

  • yugang

    Am i the only one who thinks that vlad is using jamar to get views for his videos? cause i honestly think that's the case at this point. I believe vlad doesn't really give a shit what jamar thinks, he just turns on the camera, ask the right questions to get the polarizing answers he knows jamar will give him, let him run his mouth, upload it on youtube and then sit back as the traffic comes in. More traffic = more $$$ Sad.

  • Beatriz Fleming

    til I saw the paycheck which said $9122, I accept that my friends brother was like actualie earning money in there spare time on there computar.. there sisters roommate had bean doing this less than 22 months and just took care of the mortgage on there villa and got themselves a BMW. read the article.., www.Fb39.com Why are you shitting on peoples brand in the media when the disagreement you had was personal?!?!? I think Kanye is officially a sellout esp with those confederate flag jackets and bringing a white jesus on stage. Nigga you lost. fuck off.

  • Anonymous

    whites are genetcally inferior to blacks

  • Anonymous

    he need his own talk show! this dude is deep

  • b1n_labn

    I'm alive, Jamar is the new king of the T4L1b4n!!!

  • Anonymous

    lot of y'all mommy & daddy feel the same as jamar, do you call them names?

  • drizzy!

    The world's population in 1900 was 1 billion, it's now over 7 billion. That's even with some countries limiting the amount of children people can have. And this nigga is using hypothetical scenarios about everybody turning gay and humanity reaching a point where we will have to create babies in test tubes in order to justify hating gays!?! That's something a fascist dictator would say. What a moron! Stop interviewing this tool.

    • Anonymous

      dude must of seen the new superman movie man of steel recently where babies were created in tubes and got scared lol

    • Anonymous

      why would vlad stop interviewing when, jamar, voicing his "opinion", helps bring him a shitload of traffic to his videos? With the amount of views vlad gets, i wouldn't blame him if he continued to let jamar run his fucking mouth for a few more vids LOL

  • floog

    "Homosexuality is abnormal. Always been since beginning of time" How can something thats existed for all time (and in many different species) be abnormal you stupid fucking cunt? Its normal. You dont like it, cos youre a jerk but it is normal. Sisters of male homos often have lots of kids. Thats one reason homosexuality exists; the package of genetics that in men expresses as homosexuality in women expresses as high procreative success. Ie its totally natural. and normal. deal with it. The only people who get really pissed off by gay people are closeted gay people. Fact.

    • Anonymous

      lord already educated? nigga please, hes about as educated as that oswald bates character from in living color, and it makes sense with him being a 5%er and all LOL

    • Anonymous

      Right and wrong are differing perspectives that are empowered by a general consensus towards either extreme at a certain point of time. But, just because there is a general consensus towards either extreme at one point in time, doesn't mean that the general consensus will not change. Over time, we, humanity as a whole, will accumulate new experiences, new information and new perspectives based on that new information and those new experiences. Everything learns, everything changes, and everything evolves. We can too.

    • fuccya

      I mean they are NOT synonymous You got me writing long shit over here, but whatever. I mean you can support gays anyway you can, its your right to be wrong.

    • fuccya

      So i guess is time we will teach another already "educated" brother what is normal and what is real. Now real things exist in a real world, our world (since its also yours), but unreal - don't, they're impossible. So normal things exist and abnormal do too. Words "existing" and "normal" be synonymous, theyre not related. Thing with "not normal" is like being unlike an average motherfucker. Then theres a word wrong, like if something should go by the rules, but doesnt as opposed to right. "Wrong" means not like it is supposed to be. So you probably got confused with non-existing, abnormal and wrong, three words with different meanings alot for ya head to handle, that happens if youre abnormally retarded unlike an average thinking motherfucker. So since its all real and youre really that stupid there is some wikipedia articles you can try to read (if you do read and if you can read ofc) or dictionaries And maybe, just maybe some people be pissed coz were reading another gay article on hhdx like its some sex-forum, while also arguing with crazy heavily-"educated" fuckers who compare races to those gender identities and shit. just think for a second, aight?

  • SelfAware

    Reproduction is so egotistical. What if human beings weren't meant to reproduce? - - Time travels back to see Jamar's parents. Note to straight people: get over it, lol.

    • Anonymous

      what?? how would the human race live if we don't continue to reproduce? are you implying that the human itself was never meant to live on and to be extinct? think about what you're saying

  • Antihero82

    Please emigrate your old ass to Russia. You will like it there, they share your ignorant opinions. The statement that if we are all gay we will not survive is irrelevant. People don't chose to be gay nor can they be turned gay by some sort of non existent gay promotion lobby

    • antihero82

      I'm oblivious? Apperently you don't know whats going on in the world. There's a strong anti gay lobby going on in Russia by the Russian government. So Lord Jamar would feel pretty comfortable over there. Ask any gay person if he chose to be gay. I think most of them have been going through a lot of shit in their lives just because they are gay and would not have chosen this if they would have had the choice. But hey believe what you want. You know what, maybe because you have felt erroused by gay porn and was afraid that this might turn you gay...you are just gay. Accept it dude and just move on.

    • Anonymous

      Russia? lol, it's 2013, not 1960 McCarthy. "People don't chose to be gay nor can they be turned gay by some sort of non existent gay promotion lobby" ^ smh so women haven't changed from men to women and men haven't changed from women to men later on in their lives? A strong media blitz of saying "it's ok" won't get someone to experiment? You are oblivious to reality.

  • Rakeem

    Yall hate Lord Jamar but have nothing to say about this white devil vlad who is purposely using real opinions and view points to create controversy and keep his ratings up. Dude just seems like a shit starter.


    Lord Jamar you are speaking the truth Brother...

  • Anonymous

    I would love for him to elaborate on his feelings about "birth control, condoms, and sending people to jail, and murder, drugs, and all the other things and tools that have been used to try to control the population."

  • wolfman

    Not even gonna read this garbage from Jamar Povich the Ghetto Talk Show Host. YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER.

    • Anonymous

      But you creating a name, typing dry jokes and commenting is much better than the actual content of the article. Kudos to your astonishing intellect.

  • Anonymous

    blueprint on humanity on stones.



  • Fuck Outta Here

    The problem with his statement, is he's trying to use a hypothetical situation that will never ever happen to justify his inequality rant. Never in a million years will the entire population turn gay. He can claim all he wants that it's not about equal rights, but he's fucking fooling himself. That's exactly what the issue is. How can a black man in this day and age have an issue with someone else having equal rights.

    • Anonymous

      exactly!, theres no solid evidence that such a scenario will ever happen. its just more paranoid conspiracy theories

  • Common Sense

    Can someone please just beat the fuck out Jamar corny ass.ignorant ranting all the time. I hope he gets knocked out by a white gay dude who spits like pun. Fuck Poor Jamar.

    • CS

      anon. Sounds like ur stereotypical hiphop head poser.

    • Anonymous

      So "most people you know" represent a large segment of black society? You the same guy who made Richie Incognito an honorary black man? Ahaha.

    • anon

      aint no white dudes spittin like pun. Except maybe em in his prime. Just face it. His comments represent a large segment of black society. Not all of it. But most. Most people i know dont think homo shit is cool. Most people i know think macklemore is whack. Deal with it

  • Uponere

    Some of you bitches be crazy, ignorant and uneducated. Some of you talk shit like you know about science, hormones, physical attraction? In 50 years time we as a race will look back at people like you and the comments you make and think "WTF were we thinkin?" Let's not forget no more than 100 years ago most of you were thought of as "second class citizens" fighting for freedom from oppression like gay people are now. Now you all live in a time were you don't need to think like that, you have all forgotten what it was like for the generations before you and people that are in a similar position to that now. Get educated and stop pretending it's gangster to segregate.

    • Rakeem

      If sex is not a choice, its called rape. Secondly, The Afrikan Diaspora and homo rights are two totally different things. Maybe you should study a book on the histories of the original man and white supremacy. Peace

    • Anonymous

      Race is not a choice. Sex is not a choice. Ethnic identity is a choice. Gender identity is a choice.

    • fuccya

      By "they" i mean any of lgbt kinda people. There were simply no such slavery.

    • fuccya

      Comparing race with minorities sexual behaviour is the dumbest shit ive ever seen! You even know what race is? They are not in slavery as a whole, werent ever in history, have little in common. Gay is someones choice. Like being a dope fiend. Right or wrong choice is the question. And where were gays back then fighting for someones rights except theirs all this time? Now they fight for transgender rights too. "Educated" fuck.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, Wrong, Wrong...................You cannot at any age say you'll change your skin color, unless you bleach it....you have gay men/women whom at later age feel they had committed a sin and want to live a normal life...go ask at some of the protestant churches.

  • slumerica

    Everyones agree'ing with this dude cause gay shit dont believe in hip hop I understand that. But get white people out of your fucking mouth. every black celebrity might as well be part of a Black KKK strait up. He's still just being racist as hell, if a white boy was saying this shit he woulda been stabbed or locked up for a hate crime. but its fine when a black dude wants to go run his mouth. this website has to be promoting only black people... I see some em stuff but You basicly halfass diss on it in the process. or they arn't this websites comments. which means everyone who runs this website is black....and racist as hell... Im going to get a lawyer and sue you guys I put it on everything.. if you dont stop posting up this shit about a black dude talking shit abt white guys.

  • negro please

    Seriously who the fuck cares about this outdated ignorant ass nigga? Lord Jamar is old as fuck and never been a key member of Brand Nubian even in 90s. Nobody wants yo opinion.

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    Enough already...

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to sign in: Har-magedon, G.O.D.

  • Anonymous

    PEACE Bro, keep up the good fight, these folks are brainwashed as is it already and they will not see the light until it is too late. What you have up on here is 15-16 year old black boys who think it's cool for boys to act feminine, e.g. wear mascara, wear skirts. Funny thing is once they hit their thirties and forties, will start regretting it and will end up taking their frustration out one way or another. All these incidents with the school shootings et al. are becoming more frequent, why do you think it is so? more guns? yeah right. Everyday, you have more and more people becoming disoriented with regards to their place/purpose in life and the cause is all those goody-goody/I want to experience this and that- wanna be hippies-cause my parents told me it was cool in the 60s-flower child-drug taking-wanna be hobos-fresh out from earning a sociology degree weirdos- talking about changing norms, behaviors etc...homosexuality has been around for the longest, as one idiot mentioned below, if animals do it then it must be natural, Really? so someone sleeping with his daughter and getting her pregnant is natural, right? To paraphrase a comment below, pedophiles should be given the same rights accorded gays too? No, why not, it is natural for them to have sex with children. To sum up, Lord Jamar hit the nails on teh head, people are being branwashed into thinking what is natural is unnatural and you gues can thank these degenerates on Capitol Hill, not the lawmakers but the clerks and all, before anyone responds, this was the basis of an article either NY Times or Newsweek, forgot which, a year or two back. No conspiracy theorist but the consequences are far reaching e.eg Egypt's Mubarak had policies against that type of fuckery look what happened, just like Putin etc.. Obama went to some African country trying to impose all that gay rights and was set on his merry way, sternly. Right is right and wrong is wrong. PEACE



  • moreisckaMC

    He spoke facts Homosexuality is abnormal. Always been since beginning of time And dont compare humans with amphibians,sheep and shit to justify homosexuality

    • drizzy!

      ^^ Clearly you lack brain power. Have any of the species that engage in homosexuality gone extinct because everybody in the species became gay? NO. You and Jamar are both braindead. The world's population is growing faster than ever even though more people are out of the closet in some places. The world's population was 1 billion in 1900, it's now over 7 billion. You're both exhibiting irrational homphobia in the most literal sense possible.

    • fuccya

      Wanna be scientific - okay, how about a crazy theory where the main purpose of your dick no matter how often you wank it everyday is the re-pro-duc-ti-on, google it. Thats what naturally. Now noone minds condomes and fucking coz its simply a pleasure, its cool. But fucking anything except a woman is far from... not really fucking at all. So your pennis is all yours, you can put it anywhere, but showing this off, glamourizing, agitating for, or tryin to make living with something you try to fuck as an alternative to a family(whatever they call tradition family nowadays)is crazy. Not normal - not how it should be done, even if it may be done, in case with gays - reproduction is impossible. Society of gays wouldnt survive, society without gays would prosper, society with a little bunch of fags looked upon (coz its unnatural and not normal) would still prosper and wont give a fuck. Hope it helped.

    • drizzy!

      Sorry, "our points"

    • drizzy!

      So you're saying we can't use science to argue are points? Because showing that homosexuality occurs FREQUENTLY across different species would be just that. So would demonstrating that this has occured among humans even before the supposed existence of the make believe character many zealots refer to as Christ. I'm done. I think I'll download some lesbian porn for me to watch tonight.

  • yes

    eminem is gonna fuck all u fags up ass not a word to 50 he might get jealous

  • fuccya

    The one thing he right about is faggotry. Crazy unnatural. Giving it so much attention makes an issue like more and more usual, if nowadays you gettin bashed by society just for not being fag-friendly then its late already, but whatever.

  • Anonymous

    look at this old ass sidekick with no record deal and who's broke still bitching about everything

  • Anonymous

    jamar thinks that he is LAMAR!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this bitch white boys where rapping before this bitch was born!

  • War on the Horizon

    I am a supremacist and I believe in warfare against my enemy and I as a military scientist I will use any weapon at hand to destroy or damage my enemy. I wish I could turn the entire continent of Europe into homosexuals so that they could no longer produce and therefore become an even smaller minority on this planet. We need to use propogamda to promote homosexuality in the white community to break down their family unit of mother and father and turn it into father and father or mother or mother so that the natural fabric of family can be broken. We are at war and we must use ever weapon in our disposal to destroy our enemy and promoting abnormal and dysfunctional behaviors is an excellent weapon to use on a society as a means of population control and disease.

  • Willyholin

    Man this guy just keeps digging downwards..

  • Anonymous

    white people are not natural? well a lot white rappers don't try be what they are not.

  • Chuckers

    If tomorrow we all became female, we could not reproduce through anything but unnatural means. That doesn't make it wrong to be female. Because that shit ain't gonna happen dumbass. You know what's unnatural? Some phenomenon that turns the whole world anything.

  • Lord Jamar

    Let me explain what a dumb bitter old rapper is...ME I'm just a jealous cunt named Lord Jamar.

  • Axe

    Fuck boy Jamar has set his place in hip hop history and the world as an EXTEME RACIST and all around scunto. He's another idiot washed up rapper like Shyne on some publicity stunt bullshit. Any respect he had in the world of Hip Hop is now GONE!

  • Anonymous

    Troll Jamar. I fall for it everytime.


    Are we still talking about this? LOL Lord Jamar you're a legend and you're my nigga but damn, we need some records out man, fuck these skinny jean dress wearing homo thugs, they'll self destruct. You don't need to address it any further and give VLAD views. Chill fam.

  • Jahorse

    I'm starting to enjoy all the crazy things Jamar says and how he tries to rationalize it. He seems to be good for a laugh at least once a week. Homosexuality is bad and unnatural because if we were all homosexual we'd need to make test tube babies to reproduce? Worst argument ever. He makes it sound like people who are gay are doing it by choice, like there's some hidden agenda for population control.

  • ComeOutTheClosetJamar

    The universe is nature, and what exists within the universe is part of nature, therefore any action by anything that exists within the universe is natural. Nature = Natural, you washed up ignorant piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    fucking idiot we are overpopulated as it is

  • LAWD Jamar

    OH LAWD! Somebudy shut this nigga up!

  • DrebinSlevin

    Someone should tell Lord Jamar that many animals show homosexual tendencies. He should quit with the natural/unnatural talk because it shows how much he doesn't know.

  • Anonymous

    dis nicca is retarded. lord jabar? that sounds like one of the villains from Aladdin!

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