Necro Sides With Lord Jamar's Stance On Macklemore

Kool G Rap disagrees with Lord Jamar's comments on white rappers in Hip Hop, says the genre is universal.

While some in Hip Hop may have found themselves coming to the defense of Seattle emcee Macklemore following comments Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar made in regards to Macklemore’s push for equal rights, one artist in particular says he understands Jamar’s stance on that particular topic.

Joined by Kool G Rap, Necro expressed his thoughts on Lord Jamar’s comments about white rappers and Macklemore’s alleged agenda during an interview with Vlad TV. Although Necro says he doesn’t agree with the Brand Nubian emcee’s comments on white artists in Hip Hop, he revealed that he understands Jamar’s Macklemore comments.

“The way G Rap feels kinda trumps anybody who says that comment,” said Necro. “You know what I’m saying? Coming from G kinda trumps it. But to give my opinion…First I’ll pay homage. I was a big Brand Nubian fan. Coming up as a kid I supported them…I’m a street dude. So, basically nobody’s gonna tell me, nobody has ever been able to tell me what I could and can’t do. There’s never been a time where I did a show and somebody stepped to me…I think if he’s gonna speak on Macklemore and Macklemore with all that fag shit and making love with gays and all that, I can understand that because I ain’t really with that. I’m not saying I’m on some anti-gay shit and all that…From a street perspective nobody in the fuckin hood is cool with some faggot shit. Dudes kissing each other and all that. That shit is wack.”

Kool G Rap also offered his take on Jamar’s comments, which were made over two months ago, and expressed his belief that Hip Hop is a universal culture that isn’t biased against anyone of a different race, religion, etc.

“I mean, I don’t agree with that,” said Kool G Rap. “If that’s Lord Jamar’s views that’s his views, but since the beginning of Hip Hop you never seen any indication of that, you know what I’m saying? Amongst some of the legendary dudes that started it. They never really put that out there or imposed that in any kind of way. Even when you go back to like pioneers of Hip Hop in general, rap in general, you see Run DMC doing stuff with Beastie Boys right in the beginning. And you got the producer like Rick Rubin. You know what I’m saying? And so on and so on. Throughout the years it never been like any type of segregation with any race, culture, or anything when it came to Hip Hop. Hip Hop was always looked at as a universal thing and everybody was always invited into it. It’s a culture. The culture don’t have a face. It don’t have a race to it. It don’t have a color. It don’t have a particular religion or anything like that. And this is why people all around the world is part of that Hip Hop culture.”

Following comments Lord Jamar made in regards to white rappers being guests in Hip Hop, the New York rapper garnered responses from Hopsin, Yelawolf, comedian Lil Duval, and a handful of others. Since the release of his now controversial interview with Vlad TV, Lord Jamar has offered his opinion on a variety of topics including Gucci Mane’s alleged lean addiction, Kanye West’s Yeezus tour merchandise (specifically the Confederate flag t-shirt), and more.

Kool G Rap and Necro’s interview with Vlad TV comes just one day after the release of the duo’s Once Upon A Crime album. Released on November 19, the LP serves as a follow-up to 2012’s The Pre-Kill Volume 2.

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  • Jackpot

    Everyone here needs to chill out and listen to some Chingy. That will take your mind off all the discrimination and hatred. I recommend Jackpot, the best hip hop album of all time, with classics such as Right Thurr, Holidae In and One Call Away. And be prepared for Chingy's major comeback in 2014! #FullDekk

  • loyola

    who does like gays..... fuck them and fuck everyone who reads this.

  • Anonymous

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is the last straw for me. no longer visiting this site

  • Anonymous

    Nobody ever stepped to you Necro because nobody was at your shows.

  • Who The Fuck Is Necro?


    • Wandy

      Gil slept with dudes as did many other rappers. This is so funny to me. Jamar played a BOTTOM on Oz and here he is. What is he actually protesting? Is it the fact that he is so irrelevant that the only way to garner any attention is to attack an established rapper? Oh, but they all do that. Sure. This is the IGNORANCE we have to put up with with our own people. And Kool G Rap sounds just as EQUALLY stupid, if not more, for trying to make an intelligent comment and just fukking it up. Old a*s*s rappers with absolutely no other talent duking it out with kids. Shameful and embarrassing. HipHop died long ago. It's just that sad sorry Negroes have no one wanting to deal with their ignorant behavior.

    • Anonymous

      Spoken Word and Jazz Poetry is not the same as emceeing. They are the forerunners, but not the same. That's like calling The Clash the best ska band.

  • Anonymous

    Necro sucks. Always has.

  • Lionel

    Hip Hop is at a critical juncture. Commercially speaking, I don't see how any art form can survive by relying on a policy that openly discriminates. Haven't we seen that sort of thing play out before, like during the civil rights era? Discrimination doesn't work, doesn't sell, and is no longer a viable method of operation. That alone could spell doom for Hip Hop, specifically as it relates to EDM's re-emergence. People like Lord Jamar and Necro have fooled themselves into thinking they have some sort of moral authority to dictate what is and isn't acceptable in Hip Hop. And yet, neither of them is on any record chart right now. Many say a gay rapper doesn't stand a chance. Nevertheless, if Bounce is any indication, then an influx of gay rap artists entering the mainstream may be just around the corner. I remember once upon a time being shocked that gays were taking over Bounce. And now, they've become the face of Bounce. Now who in New Orleans massive rap scene saw that coming? Let the people decide what's hot and who they want to listen to. I'm tired of these washed up old rappers assuming they speak for everyone each time they open their pie holes.

  • Anonymous

    shit, nature will run its course and people will have certain differentiating opinions about authenticity but shit is supposed to blow up sellout, come back and remain intact.

  • Anonymous

    A 55 year old fat white Jew with a Sylvester The Cat lisp who thinks he's in the mafia? Guess there's faggotry all over hip hop.

    • Bomb

      I was at a show once where Necro was playing. This big dude was out in the lobby talkin about he's gonna step to necro and beat his ass and all that soon as he get's to the merch booth. Soon as Necro came out dude dipped. lmao

    • Anonymous

      Yo. I believe the average guy on this site is an absolute pussy. But I also believe that same average guy wouldn't have a problem dealing with Necro. Anyone who puts that much effort into looking hard has something to hide.

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    • Big Bad 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

      LOL, no doubt. I can't stand Necro. Dude is a clown ass puto.

  • Word Is Bond

    I'm always appalled when people who are discriminated against take the time to go out of their way to discriminate against others. Listen, Hip Hop is gonna have a mainstream gay rapper and probably sooner rather than later. And the fact of the matter is there are enough open-minded rap fans willing to give that kind of an artist a chance. This notion that Hip Hop has a closed door policy against gays is an outdated one, and whether or not many of you approve or not, a successful gay rap artist has the potential to come down the pike at absolutely any time now.

    • Big Bad 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

      There already is many fags in the rap industry now. The rap industry is basically being overrun by fags. Just look at the way your wack ass favorite rappers of today are dressed. Dressed like a bunch of fags! Since when is it dope for a grown man to wear skinny jeans!? If you think about it, hip-hop culture really doesn't exist like it used to. It's really just a joke now, whether you like to hear it or not.

  • Anonymous

    Rap is universal, but most rap fans don't pay attention to guys like G Rap..they listen to what the radio is putting out there which is hardly recognisable

  • hip hoppin

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  • Beatriz Fleming

    til I saw the paycheck which said $9122, I accept that my friends brother was like actualie earning money in there spare time on there computar.. there sisters roommate had bean doing this less than 22 months and just took care of the mortgage on there villa and got themselves a BMW. read the article.., Why are you shitting on peoples brand in the media when the disagreement you had was personal?!?!? I think Kanye is officially a sellout esp with those confederate flag jackets and bringing a white jesus on stage. Nigga you lost. fuck off.

  • LOS

    CHANCES of there already being gay rappers in the underground are pretty likely. What I want to know is if one came out, what would happen? Not a scrub neither, a real talented lyrical MC. What he be crucified or survive? What can be possibly hear from a homosexual MC?

    • Anonymous

      i dont think he would be crucified. mainstream rappers wouldnt accept it or work with them but they would probably go plat off teh gays

  • Doubl Negative

    Whites are too sensitive. Any Black person who's not an Eminem fan gets labeled racist, yet every white Eminem/Macelmore I know hates rap ie Black rappers. Brothers deep into hip-hop can run off a list white dudes they bump, even if that list jettisons Em/Mack, see Jamal's earlier comment. Likewise, there are many Black rappers who I detest more than Eminem. As for gays, Invinsible is one of my favourite rappers, but she doesn't have a gay agenda like Mackelmore. Gays in hip-hop is like a WWF vegetarian working in an abattoir.

    • Anonymous

      Double Negative and BruthaDee, everything y'all say are lies.

    • Doubl Negative

      @GoReadABook, I've got no problem with white rap fans, just Eminem and Mack's fans who detest and loath this music, but make exception for those artists because they share the same ethnicity. You're kidding yourself if you're telling me you've never met any of these individuals. I stated above I, like many Black rap fans listen to white hip-hop, just not ones who getting all of the mainstream attention. It would hypocritical for me to chastise white B-Boys, as I listen to a wide range of white music, from country to metal to classical. That fact that most people with a predilection for those types of music are white has never deterred from enjoying them. Music should be a regaling experience and I get as much pleasure listening to KT Tunstall, Cannibal Corpse or Liszt as I do from Mobb Deep, Al Green, Art Blakey or King Tubby's. I've never felt an obligation to listen to certain types of music due to racial solidarity, the way a lot of whites do. It may be an anomaly to have such a diverse, eclectic taste in music, but all of these artists represent a shade of my personality. My tangent referring to gays in hip-hop was just responding to this article's two topics. I stand my stance on gays though. There are certain topics in hip-hop, no matter how expedient or naffarious, that wouldn't be conducive in other types of music like they do in rap music. Subsequently, men rapping about sucking dicks wouldn't work in hip-hop. You have to appreciate there are certain tropes and parameters in all artforms - a PG-13 highschool rom-com that featured a masked villain with a chainsaw chopping people up would be too incongruous, and it's the same with gays in hip-hop. Gay hip-hop will always be oxymoronic.

    • Anonymous

      Word. I've heard many white people say things like "I don't like rap, but I like eminem". That's why we don't want them in hiphop because white people are the majority and they will only support white people just because they're white and eventually steal the genre like they did with rock and all other forms of music.

    • GoReadABook

      What are you even talking about? Halfway through you decide to refute homosexuality in hiphop, but start by refuting white hiphop fans? Who is this addressed to? JAMAR, not Jamal, is being a twitter whore. He's the Shyne of the second half of 2013. I'm white, and The Last Emperor is my favorite rapper. And I definitely don't tell every black person that doesn't think Eminem is dope that they are racist haha. At least make a cohesive point man c'mon

    • Anonymous

      every white eminem fan you know hates rap? LOL okay

  • A Person

    I honestly, don't give a fuck if an artist is gay or not, this shouldn't even be a big deal, shit happens, whatever, I mean, I listen to music if it is dope, not if I agree with what the artist says (i.e. many of my favorite hip hop artists). If someone starts rapping disproportionally about being gay, that just means they are a wack gimmick rapper. If they bring it up subtly in a rhyme while addressing a larger issue, there is potential to be dope. I mean, yea, I don't necessarily support gays, but I don't hate them either, it is what it is, nothing I can do about it. As long as the artist is skilled, it shouldn't matter (and Macklemore is a gimmick rapper who isn't all that skilled so...)

  • LOS

    I am not against gays but what in the motherfuck can be possibly hear from a gay rapper? If its mainstream then who gives a shit because the majority of them are probably on some queer shit anyway. If a new MC comes out in the underground and is one of the sickest we have ever heard and happens to be gay, how would be possibly know? Either he has to come out of the closet or rap about some real gay shit in which most underground people can not relate to even accept it. so point is if there is ever a gay rapper, he will only be accepting in the mainstream...... anyone want to add to that?

    • Anonymous

      I do agree that chances are, you'd probably never know if some one were gay or not. Look at someone like Prodigy. Incredibly talented emcee, good chance he's at least partially gay. But we'll probably never know for sure. I do disagree that they would be accepted by only mainstream. You gotta think, there is only one mainstream, but countless undergrounds. Pretty much everyone into Drake also likes Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. However Pharohe Monch, Tech N9ne, or even Necro. They are all underground but have limited cross over. Pharohe Monch is lyrical, conscious, Tech N9ne is horror-core, and Necro is white bigot rap. I would say an openly gay rapper would have more underground appeal than mainstream. An example would be Mickey Avalon. Who gets absolutely zero respect in Mainstream and most underground circles. But he still has his fanbase.

  • royal

    yo g rap is a legend so i say this with all due respect...lets do the math here...he is coming out with an album with necro........ummmm....he is at that stage in his career when he is clamoring to stay relevant..that aside why would he agree with jamar when he is currently involved in a project with a white dude? its in his best interest to not ruffle any feathers..who listens to necro outside of suburban white dudes??...while i feel music in itself has no color we all have to understand hip hop is us...african americans or more so people of african decent created this art form and this culture...kool here being of jamaican origins i had to clarify.

    • Leon

      Kool G Rap will always be relevant in hip hop no matter what, he has probably inspired more rappers than anyone. the necro X Kool G album will be underground anyway nothing to do with relevancy just real hip hop for real hip hop heads. oh G Rap disagreed with Lord Jamar by the way, he said hip hop was for all people. you know hip hop has spread its all around the world now, people need to cut that shit

  • Anonymous

    Im white I dont like Macklemore I dont like Necro I dont like Eminem I dont like MMG or YMCMB fuck the stereotype fuck Lord Jamal oh and co-sign gay ppl are wack

  • tibby trillz

    why even bring up the gay shit when theres really safe, non controversial ways to hate on macklemore. his music is just aweful and he makes will smith sound like gravediggaz.

  • Wisdom

    I had typed up a long comment with citations breaking apart Necro's argument. But apparently HipHopDX doesn't like commentors more literate and focused then their own 'journalists'. Therefore, I'll compress my older argument into the shorter one. Necro does not speak for Hip-Hop. Necro does not speak for white rappers. Necro does not speak for straight rappers. Necro does not speak for anyone but his own narrow-minded views. On his Facebook there is a backlash of angry fans, complete with Necro's half-literate responses. Necro is no different than White Supremists claiming that blacks are 'unnatural' and the old ways are best. Yet Necro claims that race and sexual identity are not comparable. Then how about this. What about all the Muslims persecuted and hated against? What about Anti-Semitics? Both forms of hatred are defended against as 'culture', similar to Necro's argument. He can paint it however he wants, but he is a sad, insecure, and hateful man. No wonder his success has been so limited.

    • Wisdom

      Oh golly thanks mister. I am in no place to call someone hateful with lyrics such as "Strip ya self nude first so you don't get blood on ya new shirt/ And cut the fuckin' corpse up like a butcher to meat kid/ And put the pieces inside trash bags/ So she'll be reeking like a fags ass" sad and hateful. What could I have possibly been thinking? I guess I should open my ears and listen just a little harder. P.S. HipHopDX's journalism sucks and you know it. The best thing about the site is the that their quick to release new singles, but every article is of extremely poor quality. I stand by to my advice to their consumption of bleach, but my hanging comment was probably a tad rash.

    • hip hoppin

      "Got drink some bleach and hang yourselves you fake ass excuses for journalists." There's your other comment, you're in no place to call anyone hateful or sad when you portray yourself this way on the internet, especially when you most likely wouldn't do it in person. Then to name this post 'Wisdom' is just laughable. Probably the type that thinks he knows it all, you got 2 ears and 1 mouth, should maybe listen more and talk less, then come back with some real 'Wisdom'.

  • Wisdom

    Look at all this. Necro can't even handle the backlash from his own fans on his Facebook. He does not speak for Hip-Hop Culture, white rappers, white people, or anyone at all besides his own narrow minded views. This is what limits him as a rapper. This is what keeps him from ever really getting paid. Like Lord Jamar he denies being on some anti-gay shit and all that but then follows it up with insecure homophobic remarks. The guy can't even type a complete sentence and apparently has a broken caps-lock key and then has the audacity to expect people to take his opinions seriously. This is not a lyricist. This is not an artist. This is a hateful bigoted man. No different from Southern racists or Anti-Semitics justifying their hate through 'culture'. See below for humor. --- Addrok Garvey: "U lost me on that homophobic shit man. I dug Ur shit cause u sicker but macklamore would out rhyme necro. U lost me there brother." NECRO OFFICIAL PAGE: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Celeste M. Garcia: "lol he doesnt want fags in hip hop." NECRO OFFICIAL PAGE: "DOES ANYBODY????? BESIDES FAGS" Bronson Ellustrate: "West Wow. Just when I thought you couldn't get anymore idiotic. You really stepped up your retard game on this one, ace." NECRO OFFICIAL PAGE: "THANK YOU" Katie Lalley: "Too think I had you sign my arm, and my friends ass when you were just starting out. Shame on you for even thinking about bashing white skin/gays/polka dots whatever. Go Em, Yelawolf, and Macklemore. Idgaf." NECRO OFFICIAL PAGE: "IM NOT BASHING GAYS - I JUST DONT THINK MEN KISSING EACH OTHER IN HIPHOP VIDEOS IS COOL - IM NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT IS WACK?????? I GET DISSED ALL DAY BY PEOPLE BUT MACKLEMORE CANT GET DISSED? CUZ HE IS PUSHING A GAY AGENDA - SUCK MY DICK KATIE" NECRO OFFICIAL PAGE: "SKIN COLOR AND MEN KISSING EACH OTHER ARE 2 DIFFERENT THINGS - GAYNESS HAS NEVER BEEN A PART OF HIPHOP CULTURE - UNTIL MISTER CEE BROUGHT IT INTO THE CULTURE HAHAHAHAHA" Jacob Messer "Huh. Didn't know evolution in people wasn't allowed. And no, if anything, the press should never put you on again." NECRO OFFICIAL PAGE: "THANKS FOR THE LOVE - MORE GAY HATE"

  • wolfman

    Damn, Lord Jamar is taking notes from the DX trolls. Just say some dumb ignorant rant in an interview, and get responses from rappers/people even more ignorant than him. The thought of Necro as the spokesperson for white rappers...I'm gonna tie the rope around my neck now. What Jamar is saying doesn't even make sense. He's a fool. Talking about this shit like it's a valid issue.. pfff.

  • Compton, U.S.A., made an Angel on Angel Dust

    Like Necro's opinion actually matters. Shout out to Kool G Rap tho

  • dentaldamboy

    Who gives a shit what Necro thinks, no album puttin out mediocre ass dude. Own up to it, don't beat around the bush: you hate gay people. Kool G Rap is dropping gems though. Everyone wants to claim hip-hop is a "blacks only" culture, but you're forgetting dudes like Rick Rubin or THE FUCKING BEASTIE BOYS? Fuckouttahere with that. It's music, it doesn't belong to anyone.

  • youngkelzct

    Just Some Guy left the biggest comment I have ever seen on this page

  • YouSerious?

    Necro: "I'm not anti-gay, but fuck those faggots." Just own up to it, shit

  • getoverit

    who the fuck cares. Why is this even newsworthy or an article? Because time I checked i don't think it fucking matters. Respect the culture, respect the individuals, but leave the racist bullshit out of it. I dont care white or black or spanish or what, if you make music, then to each his own. I hope Lord Jamars view isnt shared with many, because its lacking cultural progression and the ability to accept change. Its basically yesteryears generation continually hating one another. Old whites hate blacks, old blacks hate white so on and so fourth. Its 2013 motherfuckers, color has nothing to do with my choice in music, friends or anything. I hope others out there feel the same way that the sooner this stops becoming news on hip hop sites the sooner we can all just enjoy the music and life.

  • PATHH88

    Black people, what colour is your dandruff ? White people, what colour is your dandruff ? Most of you on here talking sh1t- your opinions- and not talking scientific facts... Homosexuality is not a choice, the race you are born into is not a choice, THIS IS FACT. Anything after that is based on what you are taught by those around you, Jamar is part of a cult called the Nation Of Gods & Earthss (5%) who believe in a whole load of bs, just as Christians, Muslims etc do. Brainwashed people do not know any better and should be ridiculed for their so called "truths", cos it is anything but truth.

    • Art-illery

      LMAO! Dude said that the NGE was a damn CULT! you can thank the NGE for Rakim Allah, The Wu Tang Clan, Nas, AZ, and the 5 Pillars of Hip Hop later...

    • Anonymous

      there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that supports the claim that homosexuality is not a choice... there is no gay gene... however it is simply science that you dont have a choice on skin color.. ppl who compare these two facts are emotional manipulators.. period.

    • benben178

      STFU man. Respect all beliefs damn. I respect athiest and I'm Christian. I respect Muslims, Jews, Taoist, Hinduist, and Panthiest. All people should respect another persons believe no matter what. Not all of us see eye to eye and we gotta see that. Athiest try to hard to push their believes on other people and down peoples believes. I can't lie other religions do it to but stop doing that.

  • moresickaMC

    I think this a good debate You have to question the agenda of artists like macklemore whose songs are being promoted. They (white power structure) and trying to take hiphop and and turn it into a tool for their agendas. Lord Jamar has opened eyes for better or worse.

    • MyNameisNotMyName

      Generally, straight white people want only straight white people to have power. So why the fuck would they push for a "gay agenda"? I can see people questioning Macklemore because Gay Marriage isn't some kind of radical issue that he supported....he was going to get tons of positive press for supporting it no matter what because nearly half the country is already fine with it... But who cares if a dude made a song like that? YOU know its not real hip-hop, I know its not real hip-hop...its pop music.

  • moresickaMC

    I am against homosexuality too Just like I am against beastiality and pedophilia. Homsexuality is disgusting, unnatural and sick. Thats just my opinion. You dont like it cool We agree to disagree, thats the way the world is

  • Anonymous

    If white wouldnt buy hiphop records and go to shows there would be no thing such as hiphop. Hiphop is destroyed by arogant, money hungry rappers who think they are gods

  • fuccya

    Lol both macklemore and necro suck, nevermind the color, boy, his brother Ill Bill is a good example of a white rapper while Necros shit cant even be taken seriously. But if you wanna make white rappers look like shit, then yea, you askin them right people hahah

  • bruceriv

    Celph titled is BARELY cuban- he has to dye his beard black for fucks sake. On some photos he looks almost GINGER. I'm more tanned than he is and I dont have an ounce of hispanic/brown culture in me! Respect Necro as a businessman and producer but his rhymes are annoying/cant flow. He also guzzles a few sacs of jizz with a lisp like that

  • Matthew C

    This Website always tryna start some kind of media drama that isn't even there. HipHopDx your fucking up.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    The Kool G Rap coward wont say shit about Necro shitting on fags but he has something to say about Lord Jamar saying outsiders are guests in the House of HipHop so leave the gay shit out. Lets see how many whites attack Necro for basically saying HipHop isnt for everybody.

    • YouSerious?

      Necro's clearly got a certain mentality that's ignorant as fuck, and his opinion's worth a grain of salt. By the way...Kool G made his comment before Necro, so I don't get what the fuck you're saying.

    • Matthew C

      Kool G Rap will forever have more influence in HipHop than you ever will have in you life so shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    Whites voted for McCain because he was white not because he would make a good president, whites voted for Obama because he is half white and his mother was a white bitch. Whites voted for all presidents because they were white, whites didn't even allow Black people to vote untill the 60s and now the sick white reptilian faggit bitches will sit their with their pink sickly white skin and complain that you voted for a half white Democrat instead of a pink-skinned republican. That's your fuckin enemy, recognize him as your enemy and destroy him any way you can

    • Anonymous

      there's alot of white people who fought and died to free the slaves

    • Anonymous

      "sick white reptilian faggit bitches will sit their with their pink sickly white skin"

    • real

      You must be you and dumb. white people are not our enemy. A person tryn to hold you down is you enemy. And that person can be of any race. White people voted for Obama becasue they wanted a change it doesnt matter that his mother was white because they still consider him black. 3rd if Obama momma is a bitch doesnt that make you momma a bitch also!

  • Anonymous

    Don't allow white-skinned faggits to bamboozle you. Racism/White-Supremacy is a global construct where the people who classify themselves as white exploit, oppress, and exterminate those who they classify as non-white. Abnormal homosexuals try to manipulate you into believing that a person being racist/white-supremacist is the same thing as recognizing homosexual behavior as abnormal. If you have some abnormal psychological defect that makes you want to stick your penis in another mans rectum were he defecates feces then keep that sick shit in your bedroom and to yourself because non-whites are not afforded the ability to keep their skin color in their bedrooms. This sick shit was going to invade the culture as soon as Eminem was placed at the forefront, it was just a matter of time....when Chuck Berry pioneered Rock music he never imagined it would be hi-jacked by sick freaks like GG Allin who turned it into filth and sick degeneracy. You allowed outsides into your culture so know you have to accept their filth.

  • Anonymous

    Ron loves sucking cock at 3rd Ave Brooklyn video stores, no wonder he's so shook about gay dudes. Come on out, Ron, you're keeping your people's down you talentless shit-breathed fat fuck.

  • Prick James

    That "Heart Attack" track is ILL.

  • Nugs

    Most of you people, say 10 years ago would have agreed 100% with what Necro is saying on gays, but because you fucking sheep watch so much tv and listen to so much radio the propaganda has infected your brains and you see it as acceptable now because you want to be accepted into the in "crowd" and you dont want to be singled out saying anything different. This whole gay rights shit has been planned for years from queer eye for the straight guy or whatever the fuck it was called to a majority of shows having a gay character in them now. You fools seriously cant see what "they" have done to society? are you that blind? All of you straight people defending gays have been fooled and to those who understand what im saying can see it so easily, like we have been "enlightened" to the tricks "they" pull.

    • fuccya

      Well at least this nigga wrote a whole fucking poem im even afraid to start reading. What did you do?

    • Pegasus Flow

      Nugs and Homeofoab, two dumb muthafuckas talkin like they know something when they dont have a fuckin clue about reality. Need to slapped across the mouth like the little bitches they are.

    • Part 3

      Also if someone thinks homosexuality is a problem our society needs to worry about then theyre not as enlightened as they think. For anyone to think being accepting of gays is an issue must think we got a pretty great society going on that we can afford to worry about such issues. However anyone who thinks that has to oblivious to all the problems our society as a country and as a world in general have and also be oblivious to the problems we're going to face in the coming decades. There is a lot more important issues going on or on the verge of happening that we need to worry about and address and the acceptance of homosexuality is not one of those issues. Once we get the important start solved and figured out then you can complain about such small issues.

    • Just Some Dude Part 2

      And when you refer to "they" I assume you mean the ones with power/control and not the gay community. If so then I can argue you believe being gay is wrong because of their propaganda itself. Like I said every society needs an enemy then you can push off all of your societies problems on that enemy instead of taking ownage of it. Propaganda has been around for a long time, always used as the controlling power, part of that was religion. "They" are the ones who made blacks the enemy, "they" are the ones who made gays the enemy, "they" are the ones who decide who is the enemy and who isn't. As I said the enemy will always change over time, but whoever the next enemy is always by "them". You can say you see through all bullshit "they" come up with, but I disagree with that, its obvious with you're gay intolerance that you don't. "They" will make ANYONE the enemy just to distract you from "them" being the real enemy.

    • Just Some Guy

      But if those people are sheep now, they were sheep back then. So you can argue they only disagreed with it back then because it was the norm then. Society will always continue to evolve and change over time. A lot of the gay resistance has come from religious beliefs, which when it comes to rights and laws in this country, if your only reason is religion then your whole point is invalid due to separation of church and state. We do have some laws that seem to reflect beliefs of religions, but those laws are usually considered universal morals, which means no matter what you believe in, it is usually thought that act is immoral. Homosexuality has been around for a very long time and was acceptable in certain cultures, even during biblical days it was accepted in some cultures, its just back then they thought if it differently. Back then homosexuality and gay weren't even words yet, they had no words to describe it. It wasn't accepted in christian cultures because it was one way to distinguish themselves from other cultures that were known for having orgies. Though to be fair killing was also wasn't accepted in these cultures, but the Old Testament was full of it. Most christians will say they no longer believe in the old testament, but then turn around and quote Leviticus or Genesis when it helps their anti-gay argument. Though the scripture in leviticus also preaches against types of meat, sewing with two types of thread, and cutting certain parts of your hair and beard. These were all to distinguish themselves from the Canaanites, these beliefs are no longer believed in since Christianity has spread and you no longer have to distinguish yourself, but they still like to believe in the anti-gay part. Back then it was looked at as men just having sex with other men, nowadays its looked at as more than that, as being a loving relationship. More than anything whether you accept or deny gays is a culture thing. If most of the anti-gay people here grew up in a culture where being gay is looked down upon (which it is/was in most of the cultures you grew up in) then they will continue to believe in that. Some do rebel against their culture beliefs due to something they experience or realize later in life. It is the same with racism really, racist whites grew up in households/cultures where being racist was acceptable and was the norm. If anyone of any race grows up in a household that regularly preaches hate upon another race, that person is more than likely going to be racist. It is one of the reasons we still fight this issue, especially in the south. Now some people had experiences with blacks and eventually realized there was no difference between the two except the color of the skin and lose their racist views. People like to believe it is just the white race that was so hateful, they act to act like if you switched the spots of white and blacks that blacks wouldn't have been the same way. It is a cultural issue. No one is born hating gay people, they take on those beliefs due to what they grow up in. There are cases where people decide later in life to be racist or anti-gay, but that is usually due to experiences they've had in life. To say gay people aren't born gay is like saying straight people aren't born straight. I'm straight myself and I never once in my life made a decision on whether I liked males or females. It is just something that is natural, when i looked at females I got totally different feeling/reactions in my body than I did when I looked at males. It is never something I decided myself. And to touch on one more thing with homosexuality in the biblical days. It was not only preached about to distinguish from canaanites, but there were issues with population in those days. They thought their society needed more people, I mean people died at young ages due to insignificant medical care, so to fight that you needed more people to guarantee a thriving society. You can't accomplish that with homosexuality, so they promoted against it. In our society nowadays, too large is a problem more than too small of one. People will refer to Genesis, but biblical scholars have often called Genesis as a metaphor rather than being a literal. In every culture you need an origin, an event the culture started from, Genesis is that for Christianity. Scholars will often say that Adam/Eve is more of just a story telling you how society flourishes/survives, with is through heterosexual activities. Cultures/Societies that existed 1000 years before the bible had their own origins/gods, most of those stories are the same as the stories of genesis and the story of Jesus, just the characters haven't different names. In every culture there is someone who is different and usually those people who are different are looked at as being less than and being the enemy. At first it was a racial issue, blacks got the worst of it, but immigrants of all races got abused in those years. Chinese immigrants that came over in developing America and helped build the railroads for cheap pay were abused because they were looked at as taking the "white mans job", same thing when Mexicans came over around the same time, and when blacks became free it was looked at the same way. Usually these minorities would work for a very low pay and would work harder so they got jobs over low-middle class whites. Before all of that mess a lot of drugs like weed, cocaine, and opium (heroin) were legal and were actually sold as medical treatments. However originally they made these illegal as a new way of slavery. Chinese were stereotyped to using a lot of opium, so they made that illegal and locked them all up while not locking up the whites who used it. Same with mexicans/weed and blacks/cocaine. To get society behind this they of course used propaganda, one early advertisement against weed claimed a boy smoked weed then due to smoking it violent killed his mother with a frying pan. Lately we've came back to mexicans/latino's, but now instead of stealing the white man's jobs, its mexicans and other foreigners stealing "american jobs". People still want to ignorantly make out to be black vs white, when it isn't. If there is any type of war going on in our society is class warfare. Rich vs the poor, High class vs low class. Its why you see the middle class fading. It has been a war between classes for a long time actually, just it seemed it was racial. Before it was mostly looked at as minorities only being part of the low class along with what they called "white trash" sprinkled in. Now middle class whites are starting to fall into the low class as income stays stagnant but the cost of living rises. For awhile they only shutdown or got rid of places that employed low class people and they relied on the middle class to make their products while also buying their products, which made the rich even richer. Then the market continued to globalize and the rich no longer need the middle class for that. They can get their product made cheaper and still get people to buy it, its just now that includes foreigners buying the product along with Americans. So the plants they built to employ the middle class are now being shipped overseas which leaves those people with no legit living wages. When you have people with no legit means of living and their disconnected from the main line of economic means then they resort to things they didn't in the past. A lot of times they either start selling drugs or using, which obviously has been in a issue in low class America for awhile. Now instead of flourishing in just major city America it is reaching small town America cause that small town only had one source of income, the local plant that is now shut down. That plant would basically finance the whole town, the money people made from working there they spent on local businesses, but now they can't so now those local business can't make money either. People then get depressed and turn to drugs as relief or as their way of finance. This problem is starting to grow in rural America, in the mid-west especially. The drug of choice seems to be Meth for the whites in those areas. So it looked like a racial issue before because most of the victims were minorities, but thats only because that problem was delayed for white america, but its finally hitting now. You can blame it all on propaganda, but not everyone that believes in it is because they were sucked in by propaganda. No matter what issue it is and what side of the issue youre own, its a mixture of culture or propaganda. KKK and normal white racist are usually cultural, while the skinhead/Neo-Nazi's are more from propaganda for instance. But still in between those two things you have people who believe in that just for the simple reason that they believe its right. Some people who grew up in a racist culture rebel against those beliefs from interacting with that race and realizing they're the same. Same with people who support gays, they grew up in an anti-gay culture and when they came in more contact with them they realized they're just another human being who happens to like different things than they do. Its the same as hating people of different religions. There isn't only propaganda to support gays, but there is a lot of anti-gay propaganda. Gays are still labeled by some as an enemy of our society and every single society needs an enemy. Over time the enemy usually changes, especially when society starts to realize they're not the enemy at all.

    • KingMathers

      so whatchu wanna do ? kill all the gay people ? homosexuality shouldnt be glorified by the media imo but man let them do what they want 2 do as long as they dont hurt nobody else live and let live

    • Anonymous

      ..whats the gay agenda? how do THEY affect you?



    • Homeofoab

      Agree 100% with you. I'll be the first person to tell you that I don't condone any of this gay propaganda bull crap that we've been forced to accept in the last few decades.

  • M0tim(Ri0t)

    Damn,people still on this white and black race bullshit?? When this thing gonna get over?There's no reasson to keep this stupid thing what fuck is wrong with Lord Jamar? I use to respect that guy,but way man,music and culture don't have collor,don't even have skin! And annother thing...Viva Necro!!!! Fuck the hatters

  • Fuck Outta Here

    I don't see how any race / gender that has had a history in this country of not getting equal rights, would want to deny equal rights to someone that is different from them in present time. Lord Jamar saying he doesn't want fags in hip hop is the same as some racist cunt in the 50's saying he doesn't want blacks drinking out of his water fountain.

    • Black

      I'm all for equal rights, but there is no comparison between 400+ years of oppression and two dudes wanting a marriage license.

    • Anonymous

      why should that matter unless you're out in the street cruisin for hot boys????

    • Anonymous

      Black people will always be looked upon as being black, and it's easy to identify a black person. Meanwhile you wont be able to pick out what a gay guy looks like on the street

    • The Correctness

      LOL @ you new age, skinny jean wearing dudes turning hip hop homo. Damn shame, go back to techno.

  • Anonymous

    aint nobody listening to that gay shit if that influencin you then you low key already. let macklemore do his thing he out there hustlin

  • Anonymous

    Youre a street dude necro? hahahahahahhaahahahahahahahaha hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      "Anonymous: The guy is sitting next to Kool G Rap and they just did an album together, you can't just do that dude. G rap isn't gonna do an album with some dude that is fake and lies about his roots and what he's gone through." - No. Course not. G Rap's gonna do a record with Hilary Duff's sister. Cuz he needs the money. You necro stans... smh

    • Anonymous

      You should see videos of him walking around new york, he acts like a fucking moron and is always starting bullshit. I don't know if that's "street" or not but i'd just call it annoying asshole

    • Anonymous

      The guy is sitting next to Kool G Rap and they just did an album together, you can't just do that dude. G rap isn't gonna do an album with some dude that is fake and lies about his roots and what he's gone through. Everything Necro said is true....he grew up in Glenwood Projects in Brooklyn and would absolutely fuck you up.

    • Anonymous

      im sure hes more 100x more street than you you heard what he said

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Necro...this guy is a fuckin' scum bag, and not in a cool or charming way, but in a repulsive, disgusting, loser-ish way. And stop doing punch-ins on every fuckin' bar just to fit your weak ass rhymes in there. Take a word out here and there and flow like a real MC. You been doin' the shit for 20 years, how are you still wack? This motherfucker takes himself so seriously. Why don't you fuckin' smile for once and show some human-ness. This clown been screwfacin' since '92. Go hug a baby, eat a ice cream cone, play baseball, go swimming, visit your grandmother, watch Weekend at Bernie's, pet a puppy, give someone a compliment. We get it, you're the toughest fuckin' guy in the world. We're over it. Move on. Sucker ass MC.

    • hmm

      I guess he continues this way because he is getting paid for doing so. Cant hate on him for making $$$ man. You may dislike his music and style but he has a lot of fans and is doing it independently, you gotta respect him for that at least. Id rather the gimmick he is pulling then some gimmick like wearing a fucking skirt or releasing a confederate flag on your clothing line when you're a black man. But see, i wouldnt and many others wouldnt go onto say Kanyes site and complain about that, but some dickheads would.

    • Anonymous

      "Go hug a baby, eat a ice cream cone, play baseball, go swimming, visit your grandmother, watch Weekend at Bernie's, pet a puppy, give someone a compliment. " cLASSic shit

  • Ten

    so degrading women and promoting violence in songs = it's all good, promoting gay rights = ruining Hip-Hop, crossing the line, needs to stop promoting that??...plain & simple, don't like what Macklemore's saying, don't fucking listen to him, just listen to shit you do like, end of story

  • Yep

    "Im on some anti-gay shit and all thatFrom a street perspective nobody in the fuckin hood is cool with some faggot shit. Dudes kissing each other and all that. That shit is wack. Way to contradict yourself.

  • Anonymous

    that fat white guy talks too much

  • Real Hip Hop

    Don't even know who Macklemore is? Never listen to the radio. Don't have MTV. Besides, teenage girls dictate who's popular on the radio anyways, going back to that one dude who ripped off songs from the black community; ELVIS.

  • Real Hip Hop

    Fags already have showtunes and musicals such as Les Mis to get down to.

  • WhiteRapperShow

    Necro definitely had a point, i can name 20 white rappers who can out RAP legends and rappers. Again, i dont feel the gay shit either but dont bring that into hiphop. Celph Titled Vinnie Paz 3rd Bass Aesop Rock Apathy Atmosphere Sean Strange Even Eminem Brother Ali Demigodz Necro Ill Bill

  • nuc

    Bigots will forever exist. Just look at the poorly articulated hate on this thread. Any Afro-American hating on Gay rights, needs to go back in History 70 Years.

  • Anonymous

    If Necro says HipHop ain't gay then why is Eminem cross-dressing, mooning, and tea bagging with impunity while his brother Macklemore makes Gay anathems? We got a half-white president and whites say the KKK put their robes away. Hypocrite Necro wants HipHop to be universal but dosent want fags in it go figure.

  • Cadda

    '' Im not saying Im on some anti-gay shit and all that'' Yes you are.

    • Anonymous

      Fish, you don't like it, change the fuckin dial

    • Fish

      And what if he is? I'm on that same anti-gay shit in hip hop, as are the majority of people. It's just these views don't really get the same air-time as dickheads like macklemore because it doesn't fit the hipster 'let's all get along' agenda.

  • Anonymous

    Beastie Boys Mantronix Paul C 3rd Bass

  • rideonemjixxer

    Some comedian once said, "i dont hate on gays cause they arent a threat. be worried about the dudes with money. hate on them cause they are stealing the women." The only ones who go out of their way to hate gays are uncomfortable about their own sexuality. The successful dudes with money are the real threat. get money and girls. stop wasting time hating on two dudes making out. some peoples priorities are all fucked up.

    • Anonymous

      You are so emotionally invested in this fgt shit, you look like a fgt yourself fgt.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      the KKK and the Muslim extremists hurt other people. Two dudes fucking each other isn't hurting anyone except for your stupid ass, because you're a typical simple-minded selfish idiot that gets throws a fit when anything isn't exactly how YOU think it should be. I've never been affected by someone being gay, ever, and neither have you. You're just uncomfortable with anything that you're not used to, because you're dumb. People like you are the exact same people that were telling black people they couldn't come into their establishment, because they were uncomfortable with them being different. You're so ignorant, that you can't even recognize your own ignorance. You're like a dog barking at his reflection. You could have ended up gay if your circumstances were different, but you've either never thought of that, or you think you're so perfect that you could have never ended up gay...because gay people are some inferior subspecies that are different from you. You probably got so many dumb motherfuckers around you reinforcing your juvenile opinions that you'll never change. But while you're curled up in your ball, hiding from anything that doesnt look or act like you, the gay guy that you hate for no reason will be moving on with his life and not giving a fuck what you think. I'm as straight as they come, but I'd rather be an intelligent gay dude than a straight dumb ass like you.

    • Fuck

      ...and the KKK are secretly black. ...and people who hate muslim fundamentalism secretly want sharia law ...and people who hate paedophiles are uncomfortable with their own attraction to children. Do you see how ridiculous your fucking argument is?

  • Anonymous

    White media twisting words once again to promote their agenda. Lord Jamar never said rap music wasn't universal he said its a Black musical artform so outsiders should treat it as such and not inject faggotry into it. Poor rappers have to cater to white fans and white feelings so they can make a lot of money on tour.

  • nuff said

    I mean, I dont agree with that, said Kool G Rap. If thats Lord Jamars views thats his views, but since the beginning of Hip Hop you never seen any indication of that, you know what Im saying? Amongst some of the legendary dudes that started it. They never really put that out there or imposed that in any kind of way. Even when you go back to like pioneers of Hip Hop in general, rap in general, you see Run DMC doing stuff with Beastie Boys right in the beginning. And you got the producer like Rick Rubin. You know what Im saying? And so on and so on. Throughout the years it never been like any type of segregation with any race, culture, or anything when it came to Hip Hop. Hip Hop was always looked at as a universal thing and everybody was always invited into it. Its a culture. The culture dont have a face. It dont have a race to it. It dont have a color. It dont have a particular religion or anything like that. And this is why people all around the world is part of that Hip Hop culture.

  • Anonymous

    macklemore destroying hiphop


    the look on G Raps face is priceless when Necro is talking...body language is saying "please dont say anything negative Necro before our European Tour...oh God here it comes..."

  • Anonymous

    haha Lord Jamar is the realest.

  • Frosty

    Necro do the world a favor and shut the fuck up. You a tough guy? I'll smack the fat of ya face.

  • Anonymous

    G Rap speaking that truth him and Jamar could have a good debate probably.

  • Anonymous

    he also said he fucks with that song he made about drinking

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    This headline is totally meant to stir up contraversy. I can't respect that shit, and it's just a matter of time before someone on this website gets approached over that shit. Look man, if you can't maintain a website without having integrity then find another line of work. That shit is cheap and sleazy.

    • Anonymous

      @ DAVE this is the 25th post on the same bigotry over and over again. WE ARE TIRED OF IT... ENEMIES FROM WITHIN THE CULTURE

    • Anonymous

      ^^^youre a douche bag apologist. this is hip hop not gossip. take that shit to perez hilton . com

    • Dave Thomas

      So someone at a website based on page hits and made a title that enticed someone to click their link. Oh snap! So basically they did their job. You should commend them. Have a pretzel bun burger.

    • Dave Thomas

      Glad to see ignorance and prejudice is still alive in hip hop. No wonder you're poor. Go have a pretzel bun burger. Maybe you'll learn to love after that.

  • Anonymous

    let gay people do what they want. let everyone live they lives.

  • Anonymous

    NECRO is a closet homo. Only closet homos hate on gays that much, like seriously, if you're a dude comfortable with your sexuality you don't go around gay bashing.

    • Dave Thomas

      Actually according to studies this generally isn't true. Yeah it'd be nice in an 80's movie sense of irony but it is more or less wrong. He is just homophobic. Go out and enjoy a pretzel bun burger.

  • Anonymous


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