The Godfathers (Kool G Rap & Necro) "One Upon A Crime" Cover Art, Tracklisting & Album Stream

Kool G Rap and Necro combine forces as The Godfathers. The duo has released its "Once Upon A Crime" album.

"Death Rap" originator Necro and veteran Queens emcee Kool G Rap, collectively known as The Godfathers, released their debut LP together, Once Upon A Crime, today (November 19).

The album is available in four different packages in prices ranging from $11.99 to $99.99, offering different merchandise for each respective price. Some of the merchandise includes T-Shirts, beanies, signed albums and the album's lyric book.

In October, The Godfathers released a video for the song “Heart Attack.”

In 2011, Necro and Kool G Rap released The Pre-Kill Volume 1. In 2012, they released the second volume.

The album will be released through RBC and Necro's Psycho+Logical-Records. It is available for stream on Soundcloud.

The Godfather’s Once Upon A Crime cover art, tracklisting and album stream are as follows.

1. “Teflon Dons”

2. “The City”

3. “High Tension”

4. “Punched Dead In The Face” (Skit)

5. “Black Medicine”

6. “Omerta”

7. “The Pain”

8. “Hustler”

9. “We’ll Kill You”

10. “Crook Catastrophe & The Gunblast Kid”

11. “Unsub”

12. “I Hate You (skit)”

13. “Gangsta”

14. “Trigga 4 Hire”

15. “American Sickos”

16. “Wolf Eyes”

17. “Heart Attack”

18. “Once Upon A Crime”

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  • Cara Tidwell

    before I looked at the check ov $4526, I have faith that my friend woz actualie erning money parttime on their apple laptop.. there best friend has been doing this 4 only about 14 months and resently repaid the mortgage on their place and bourt Ford. look at this website... Where do you think David Blaine gets his magical powers from? Lemme guess, Hogwarts or Princeton or some shit? WRONG! David Blane gets all his powers from Yeezus.

  • Anonymous

    KGR must need money...This is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel... why son, why? And look at those song titles!! 50-year-old broke-ass former great shook to rap even ONE verse about his real life since 1992. Sad.

  • Anonymous

    G rap fell of doing a album with corny necro.

  • Anonymous

    Nathaniel is a self-parody; there's not a single verse on this piece of shit that's better than cliche he stole from bad movies. What the fuck happened to dude anyway? He used to be intelligent, had all sorts of subject matter etc... It's like it you took the dude who made three albums with DJ Polo, lobotomized him and kick him in the nuts, hard, you might end up with someone as corny as G. Rap 2013. Impossible that ANYONE who ever listened to Nathaniel in his prime could tolerate this shit for a minute. CLIK OF RESPECT hah hah hah

    • Anonymous

      Why you calling complete strangers by their government name like it makes your opinion worth anything more then the other hecklers in the crowd??

  • Doug

    The Godfathers is the best Rap album of the last 10 years - don't believe me? Listen to the tracks above, that's it.

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree this is the best G Rap LP since 20 years, he spits some of the hottest verses of all time and outshines necro hard but necro still on point and the beats beang as fuck, G Rap one of the greatest and he raised the bar with that one.

    • Anonymous

      i guess u havent heard yeezus

    • Anonymous

      Listened to it in full and I still don't believe you, shit ain't even the best album this month FOH

  • OnlyHipHop

    Who wants to watch an off duty cop get their ass kicked & smile about it. check it out. No sympathy for them, they've committed too many wrongs all because they were to scared to go against their own. Weak Minded!

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