Eminem & Ex-Wife Kim May Reunite

Eminem and his ex-wife Kim may get back together, according to Kim's mother.

Eminem’s on-again, off-again relationship with his ex-wife Kim may be on-again, according to contactmusic.com. Kim’s mother said that the couple, which has been married twice and have a 17-year-old daughter Hailie together, is closer than ever.

''We see him all the time,” Kim’s mother, Kathleen Sluck, said in an interview with The Sun on Sunday newspaper, as per contactmusic.com. “I think they might get back together. They get on better than ever.''

Eminem has discussed his relationship with both Kim and Hailie throughout his recording career. On his debut major label album, 1999’s The Slim Shady LP, the song “97’ Bonnie & Clyde” featured Eminem rapping about transporting the body of Kim to a lake while an infant Hailie joined him on the journey. Eminem’s next album, 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP, included the song “Kim,” a prequel to “97’ Bonnie & Clyde” that documented an enraged Eminem killing Kim after catching her cheating on him.

Hailie is featured on “My Dad’s Gone Crazy,” a song from Eminem’s 2002 album, The Eminem Show.

Kim also has a daughter named Whitney from another relationship, which the rapper has adopted, as per contactmusic.com.

Whitney’s grandmother, Marie Hartter, said that also said that she thinks Eminem and Kim will reunite.

''They've been in love since they were 14 or 15 and that's not going to stop any time soon,” Hartter said, according to contactmusic.com. “They will probably grow old together. As much as he says he hates her in his music, he loves her that much, too. They're an explosive couple. It's like throwing gas on a fire. I've always felt she was his one true love, and she has always felt the same way about him.''

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  • Anonymous

    This is how I know you can treat women like shit. He rapped about how bad she was in at least two or more albums. Now they may get back together. Whatever. I'm kinda done with his music. His earlier work I will always listen to. But this new shit ain't for most of us.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Marshall had stayed broke and never made it how crazy the two of them would be right now. They probably would still be on drugs & livin in Detroit, if they hadn't killed each other or themselves yet.

  • Anonymous

    i think that's just fine.

  • pathetic

    With the immense amount of fame this dude has hes only fucked this one crackhead chick on/off the whole 14 years I bet fuckin sad

  • Anonymous

    Have some self respect Eminem. Kim was seen leaving Ja Rule's house late last night limping and complaining about her back.

  • 12 Diciple

    Damn, rappers with all the money in the world always settle for lower grade women if not hoes Kanye settled for sex addict & attention seeking hoe Kim actually Eminem should do a record with Kanye an call it 'Kim 2' since they both in love with Kim's

  • Anonymous

    BORING! On his next album he will rap about his moms and his wife as one happy family!

  • Anonymous

    Well hopefully this means we get another "Kim" track at least... www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • Em's fan

    Sit down bitch if you move again I'll Beat the shit out of you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West / Kim Mathers 2016!

  • Marshall M

    You're going to write an article based off what my ex wife's mother said? get a fucking grip


    y give her ass a chance. once a cheater always a cheater.

  • Support Music

    Not that this has anything to do with the article, but it is like impossible nowadays to look at these comments and find somebody who just at least respects every artist for what they're doin or what they've don

  • Anonymous

    "first the day Rick Ross is um "og gangster" in any way is when MJ rises from the grave" 1. Rick Ross is a ganster in every way. I've seen him shoot out into the street. 2. MJ is still alive. He just choose to go into hiding and have a fake, who was about to die play him.

  • Anonymous

    "You hate Young Money, yet your boy Aubrey is signed to them. Make a choice. Also, OVO ain't even a real label, it's just a group of Drake's weed carriers." Well I happen to love young money AND OVO. It's a label that just opened up. They even released partynextdoor's mixtape. Drake doesn't sign weed carriers. His weedcarriers aren't singers.


    Not surprised. They have a lot of history together, not to mention they share children together. Hopefully they can make it work and move past all the drama they had in the past. Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear on instagram. Dropping real soon. IG: endlessambition_streetwear Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear

  • Anonymous


  • Champagne Papi Life

    Eminem is a selfish bitch nigga who doesn't care about hip-hop. He did Royce wrong back in the day, yet hung with wack niggas from Detroit who clearly suck compared to Royce. He was strung out on drugs--a weak, selfish thing to do. He has refused to collaborate with real Detroit niggas over the years, like Dilla and Elzhi, because they weren't down with making pop tracks or producing pop beats like Dre and Alex Da Kid. All Eminem cares about is money and himself. He's also has a long track record of being a sexist, homophobic, racist. He's also abusive and was a horrible husband. Meanwhile back in the mid to late 00's Drake would drive down to Detroit regularly to attend rap battles in the D. Drake currently supports local up and coming artists in his hometown and elsewhere. Drake supports battle rap. Donates time and money, visting children's hospitals. He and 40 craft original beats and music. They don't go to pop beat makers like Alex Da Kid. Drake also respects all people.

  • David

    Eminem's new album wasn't very good and he probably shouldn't get back together with Kim.

  • Anonymous

    What's with all of these damn Young Money stanboys trolling Eminem articles? They need a life.

    • A$AP Ferg

      @Champagne Papi Life: fuck Drake and his gay ass music and his faggot ass fans, dat nigga knows his only fans are bitch made homos and dumb broads. hahahaha fuckin clown

    • Anonymous

      You hate Young Money, yet your boy Aubrey is signed to them. Make a choice. Also, OVO ain't even a real label, it's just a group of Drake's weed carriers.

    • yee

      forreal bruh, aint no nigga be carin about YMCMB like that, yu kno what im sayin? dat shit is old, like the whole 'fuck wayne' shit, nobody care about dat shit no more

    • Champagne Papi Life

      I hate Young Money. OVO however is the best label in hip-hop, and Drake is best the rapper out today.

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Eminem is gay.

    • the Atlanta Pervert

      ^lol u the one payin attention to a niggas chin...homo

    • YMCMBoyyyyy

      His chin looks gay thats for sure lmao

    • ^lol

      shut up u faggot ass nigga, 2pac is dead, nigga got killed 17 fuckin ago - all this "if 2pac was still alive" bullshit is dumb as fuck THAT NIGGA IS DEAD and he died because of that stupid ass west coast east coast beef which also was trend that sold records - trending is a part of mainstream commercialized forms of entertainment, so go fuck yourself u no pussy gettin nigga!

    • 2pacForever

      ^^99% of eminems fanbase are little stupid kids like you. Eminem is in the same category as lady gaga, lil wanye, and justin bieber.. All a bunch of gay ass trends. If pac hadnt died there would be no eminem because tupac would have smashed his ass. Pac hated dre andd hed definately hate this white boy

    • This coming from someone named Champagne Papi

      You're gay.

    • Anonymous

      Your jealous, and gay. Stop trying to hide your feeling by posting those comments.

  • Da Realest

    Here are some of the the corniest Eminem punch lines: **** the world feed it beans, gased up if it thinks its stopin' me "lift the whole liquor counter up cause I'm raising the bar" Why would I buy you a gay ass teddy bear **** you're already bipolar Tryna give me the fingers kinda like giving a spider the web Im just gonna spin it and use it to my advantage I catch a fly in that **** you think you fly you just food "I guess that's why they call it window pane" "suck my d*** on the couch if u wanna cushion the blow" Like a "f*ck you" for Christmas, his gift is a curse" "quit playin' with the scissors and shit, and cut the crap" "You can get the dick, just call me the ballsac, I'm nuts" Making yourself like a song just because you like an Artist is retarded. Most of the songs are simply terrible. There is no way I can fuck with this album. Should have called it something else because it hurts to have this relating to the first album. This further proves that Jay is GOAT but half that MCHG was lyrically corny. Tom Ford...GTFO. Nas needs to make a comeback Eminem fell the fuck off.

  • Mack

    Stupid article. They MIGHT get back together? I MIGHT win the lottery. We'll see which happens first.

    • Clair

      My boyfriend might come over tonight if he gets off work before 10:30pm tonight. Cause when he is not working we are together all the time. Nothing in the world can keep us apart. Accept his job and the fact the I am lying!


      My car MIGHT turn into Optimus Prime tonight. I prey every night to God hoping it does. I'm feeling tonight MIGHT be that night it does. Yea.

  • Kizman

    MMLP 10/10 (Classic) SSLP 10/10 (Classic) Eminem Show 8/10 Infinite (8/10) Relapse (7/10) Recovery (6/10) Encore (4/10) MMLP2 = 6.5/10

  • Anonymous

    sticky fingaz killed eminem in remember me xzibit killed eminem on bitch please 2 kendrick killed eminem on love game 50 cent killed eminem on never enough obie killed eminem on drips

  • Anonymous

    the grandmother clearly heard that joint w/ him and rihanna

  • Ann

    Sorry I meant she doesn't have a son, she adopted her sister's son but Kim only has Whitney and Hailie.

    • Anonymous

      She didn't adopt her sister's son, she adopted her sister's daughter. You should work for a tabloid and get paid for spreading wrong info.

  • Ann

    It's false, Kim only has 1 daughter besides Kim. Stop spreading false rumors please. But even if she had 3 kids from different men, Em will always love her. It's an unconditional love.

    • Ugh

      Your both dumber than tabloids. She has two kids outside of Eminem a daughter and a Son, I've seen the pictures. She and Eminem adopted her sister's daughter Alaina. Alaina has a twin brother who is cripple. He was never adopted.

    • Emzy

      Yeah! she adopted her sister's daughter and son, Eminem was at the birthday of them a couple of months ago, and it's false, Kim doesn't have a son, that's a rumor that some anti kim haters created because they don't want her with Em. I saw Pitctures of Kim in 2010,2011 and I never saw her pregnant, plus Em wouldn't have included going in through changes or love the way you lie/stronger than i was, if he knew that she has a new family.

    • Clair

      Umm... no. she has 2 kids Hailey and Whitney both a in Eminem's custody but they do visit Kim. I think this report is false because Kim's family is not allowed to talk about him by law and neither can Kim so this is BS. but if somehow this is true which I doubt it. They will marry and divorce again but for 82 hours and how dumb would that make them. How many time do you have to get burned to stop playing with fire? But yea, I wish them the best.

    • ro

      Kim does have a son by another man. He's almost 3 years old. Blond little cutie!

  • LOL

    Em my nigga, but adopting his ex-daughter from another relationship is some sucka shit

    • Tom

      hey if you were a (self proclaimed) hopeless romantic and you have been having years of a rough relationship with the only woman you love, and all you had to get through was one daughter, hell, i'd adopt three kids from an ex-wife even if they were all from a different father

    • Crip4Life

      eminem only sold records to the little 15 year hoes and whiteboys. fuck em all. also, FUCK drake, FUCK 50 cent, FUCK lil wayne, FUCK soulja boy, FUCK the WHOLE mainstream and radio MUTHAFUCK em all. underground n old school until da real mainstream shit be back like da 80s-90s. westside, MOB, bay to LA!!!

  • Ben

    What a load of BS. Shes trailer trash. She has two kids with two other guys. No respect there. She only wants the money.

  • Emzy

    Yeah just very careful Em, teach her to respect you. But Let's wish them the best, go to church guys get a religion education about marriage. That will help you if you both are soul mates.

  • Anonymous

    Lol for 2 months then they will divorce again.

  • Anonymous

    nice lipliner kim.

  • hi

    Trolls. Trolls everywhere

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking sellout and a fraud. 1. Eminem says he doesn't want to be labeled as a pop star when 10 years later, he's working with pink and rihanna. 2. Eminem says he hates kim. How come he wants to be with her? Eminem is the biggest fraud in hiphop. And before you say "No, Rick Ross is.", he hid his past but never lied about being a gangster.

  • Gio

    Just sign the Prenup ....

  • Clair

    Its his business if this is true, which I do not think it is. I wish him well in all he does. However he calls himself an addict and I know for a fact addicts cannot go around the people they once did drugs with ex... his ex-wife which she admits to drug use with him before. Even if shes been clean and has been for years it will only be his downfall and I think he knows that. Only unless he is a fool or he went to the wrong rehab center or both.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think Eminem and Lil Wayne spend their time comparing themselves to each other, that's a female trait. So why ya'll doing it? For one the article is not about anybody in YMCMB so YMCMB stans are in violation by going to an article that ain't talking about your idols. Eminems stans aren't any better but at least I don't see ya'll in other articles as much I can assume those must be the young ones that just started fuckin with em because any day one Eminem fan is too old to be arguing with kids, that's just wrong.

    • Anonymous

      You just proved my point. I spoke about both Em and Wayne fans and it's people like you that make niggas not like YMCMB or Shady or whatever dick you'll jump on next.

    • YMCMBoyyyyy

      Hip hop's all about competition, quit being a whiny little faggot. Your just saying that because your hero Slim Gaydy is losing in hip hop to Young Money and other more talented new rappers like Drake and Big Sean.

  • YMCMBoyyyyy

    Fact: Eminem beats women. Weezy and Drake don't play that shit. Don't hate, just stating facts. If you like Eminem you support beating women and being gay.

    • 2pacForever

      ever heard of main stream rap music?? notice how the majority of them suck to people that actually know music? lol Eminem is CLEARLY untalented but he makes so much much money because all of his fans are retarded and brainwashed by the mainstream media...he doesnt give a fuk about his fans lol... all the fans are doing is supplying his pocket with cash that he always raps and yaps about... 2pac on the other hand he never changed he was hungry when he sold over 80 mill and still is...

    • Anonymous

      Because he can.

    • YMCMBoyyyyy

      Then why does Eminem rap about killing his gf, faggot?

    • Anonymous

      You're wrong again.

  • Anonymous

    who cares. em is fucking terrible.

  • Anonymous

    wow nigga, YMCMB must really know THEY FUCKING SUCK if they are hiring women like yourself to talk shit on Em. Fuck off lil lame.

  • Shady records aint nobody better than us


  • YMCMBoyyyyy

    Fuck Eminem, he's Kidz Bop Hip Hop. Support Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Sean and hip hop for adults.

  • YMCMBoyyyyy

    Eminem is still reeling from the fact that Weezy rapped 100 times better than he did on No Love. He was a nobody in 2007 which is why he tried to get on Cash Money but Dr. Dre threatened to kill him if he left Aftermath because Emienem is all Dre has left after D12 and 50 Cent flopped. Now Em's gonna flop lmao

  • YMCMBoyyyyy

    Eminem Net Worth: $140 Million and falling because MMLP II flopped. Lil Wayne Net Worth: $590 Million plus he'll inherit his daddy Birdbman's $170 so that's $780 million Lil Wayne will be worth. Lil Wayne has more hits singles, more number one albums than Eminem. Eminem is jealous he didn't make Tha Carter III. He's kicking himself for not thinking of the genius rhymes Weezy's came up with. Eminem sold 220 million records worldwide which pales in comparison to the 660 million Weezy's sold worldwide. Weezy also ain't an ugly ass white boi.

  • YMCMBoyyyyy

    Fuck this loser sucks at rapping and his gay looking chin.

  • YMCMBoyyyyy

    Fuck Eminem,m he's a poser. Did you know he wanted to be a country star originally until record execs pressured him to rap so they'd have a white poster boy? Too bad he sucks at country and at rap. Weezy's more true to hip hop and makes more honest music and knowsm ore about about music.

  • love

    love rules guys, in his new album he is still singing about her after so many years of being divorced. I wish them the best, pbut please Kim respect Marshall please. Be a good and loyal woman to him. He has proved you that he loves u for real. He even accepted her daughter from another relationship.

    • Doug

      What Love? Kim having a kid with another man? Kim a coke head? I hope he's there just to be cordial. He needs to find an on point woman. Kim is trash. Em needs a good woman. If he gets with her, that's moving backwards.

  • dr dre - detox

    if u ever gonna kill that kim bitch ill show u where frank ocean is.

  • Anonymous

    he must REALLY love her, considering he could get a dozen of hot dimes instantly.

  • Anonymous

    Ewww! Maybe this will be the fuel Slim's fire needs to go evil again. lol

  • RH

    let the man live his life. If they are both sober and more mature it could work out. I doubt it though... Long time casual Em fan and I think the new album is dope when you include the deluxe edition songs.

  • Eternal

    Been a fan of Eminem since I could remember, it's like his career was so beast that now he has to slowly destroy it. For what reason I don't know. Horrible last album, and if this article is true, horrible decision.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a FUCK please stop posting so much em bullshit he must be paying this site a ton of money

    • chris

      true. nobody does. i meant more that its a terrible idea. you listen to hip hop. analyze the feeling, don't take everything literally.

    • Soren Baker

      Fuck you, asshole. I gotta do my job or I get fired, I won't make money, can't pay rent, and have to be evicted AND have to sleep in a cardboard box while fighting with the rats for food. You want that on your conscience? No? Didn't think so. Now let me do my job. Bad enough I make 6 bucks an hour. This is only a side gig till my rap career blows up.

    • Anonymous

      " everyone just wants to scream at him not to do it." i dont think people really care that much

    • chris

      nah. he's just the biggest rap star in the game and i hate his new album. i couldn't listen to it. this is a story people would read, because it's such a bad idea. everyone just wants to scream at him not to do it. he probably will though with lines like "wish there was a better way for me to say it, but i swear on everything, id do anything for her on any day."

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