"Rock The Bells Is Not Dead," Guerilla Union Says

Guerilla Union's Chang Weisberg discusses Rock The Bells' 2013 cancellations and 2014 plans.

Guerilla Union's Chang Weisberg recently addressed the future of the annual Rock The Bells festival and the cancellations of two out of this year's four dates. 

"Ultimately, we just didn’t sell enough tickets,” Weisberg said in a video released by Rock The Bells organizers Guerilla Union. "There’s not any one singular reason why the show didn’t happen outside of us not selling the amount of tickets that we needed to pull off the show." 

Weisberg also addressed the impact that competing concerts had on Rock The Bells' ticket sales.

"There were a lot of great shows that were out touring in our same time period," Weisberg said in the video. "That could be a factor. The fact that Jay Z was on sale, the fact that Kanye [West] was on sale, the fact that Drake was on sale, there were just a lot of great Hip Hop shows, and I wish all of them well. I think competition increases the market, and I’m happy that all these acts can be touring, and ultimately, maybe, that was one of the issues." 

Despite the cancellations of 2013's East Coast tour dates, Weisberg said that Rock The Bells is poised for an eleventh annual tour run.

"The fact of the matter is Rock the Bells is not dead," Weisberg said. "I think Rock the Bells has grown to be more than just East Coast '90s era Hip Hop. We're always trying to diversify." 

This year's Rock The Bells, which appeared in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, featured Wu-Tang Clan, Black Hippy, Bone-thugs-n-harmony, J. Cole and virual performances of Ol' Dirty Bastard and Eazy-E

Rock The Bells' recent video can be viewed below.

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  • Yaamp

    lol this brings me joy. I am so happy these greedy faggots had to cancel the rest of the tour. Ive been going to paid dues and rock thew bells since 08. That time the tickets were only 30-40 max. Vip was like 80. Now regular tickets are 100+? and 2 days? fuck that. And they have it at a wack ass dirty place like devore? lol thats what they get. Hopefully theyll take it back to the roots and secure the Orange show again.

  • Sety Machete

    RTB's the past few years have been a great experience... i have been to a few and the line ups were solid... it wasn't a surprise once i heard the cancellation out in NJ. some acts had no business there... j.cole??? Riff Raff?? Wale???? there wanting to "diversify" is pretty much killing their venue.

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • Anonymous


  • xx009


  • xx009


  • EASY

    I would have went, but by the end of the summer I was burned out on festivals. Also the venue sucked. I liked Randall's Island a lot. The worst year was somewhere in Long Island where you couldn't even buy a beer. I also miss the Paid Dues Stage. Where you caught dope underground acts. I'd like it better if they did it more like Riot Fest in Chicago. Three days like 5 stages with huge artists headlining each night. That's a mostly punk rock festival, but it's a better format.

  • brock1

    rtb sucked because they added a bunch of people nobody wanted to see... they let certain media/radio get involved with them and they killed it... of course u not gonna sell the tickets with the acts you had.. fuck the hologram shit and bring the better acts.. and although i can dig wu nas and waht not there are other groups out there that can use the pub.

  • Catherine Kauffman

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  • the God

    same artists every single year. on top of that, put a summer show in october? fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    this guy looks like the rock

  • RGeezy

    Rock the Bells is the best Hip-Hop festival going. Glad to here it's not going anywhere.

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