Kanye West Says Jesus Christ, His Dad & Steve Jobs Are His Role Models

Kanye West speaks on relationship with Kim Kardashian, says she picked him up from his lowest moments.

In addition to premiering his “Bound 2” music video on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” yesterday (November 18), Kanye West also sat down with Ellen to discuss his daughter North West, fiancée Kim Kardashian, and the men he looks up to as role models.

On a number of occasions, the Chicago rapper has compared himself to the late Steve Jobs and during his interview he explained that the reason why he makes that particular comparison so often is because the entrepreneur and inventor represents his dream and is also one of his idols. Kanye also named his father and Jesus Christ as two of his other idols.

“I think a misconception that people have about the way I create is that it’s an I, I, I thing,” said Ye while speaking on the production behind his Yeezus tour. “And the reason why I created Donda, which is a content experience and product company, was to create a think tank with other amazing artists and let us bounce ideas and no one has reign. It’s just the best idea wins…We all talk about it and come up with the best ideas together. We collect our thoughts and the reason why I think that I can have an opinion [in] another field like film or fashion is because my plan is not to become the best fashion designer or the best filmmaker. It’s just to take a perspective that I have off the energy that we’ve created online, in the streets, through street culture, through clothing, through vibes, swag…and then apply that to create the new Disney. And then I get a lot of backlash for comparing myself to Steve Jobs, but that’s my dream and that’s one of my idols. Like Jesus Christ, my dad, and Steve Jobs, and stuff are like my idols. And I want to be like that one day.”

Kanye also spoke on fiancée Kim Kardashian, who also stars in his “Bound 2” music video. He says the reality star and entrepreneur was able to bring him up from his lowest moments and says Kardashian isn’t someone he has to worry about as far as money is concerned.

“She’s a person that when I was at my lowest moments I could get on the phone with her and she would make me feel like I was here for a reason and I was—I had something to say,” he said. “And just support me through that. And also, I mean it’s incredible to have a woman like that that you know is not using you for money. I just have to word it like that because you know once you become like a multi-millionaire there’s a certain type of woman out there that they go for that and they’ll put on like the whole act and everything. But to have someone that’s—that has their own shit it’s—and her personality is so calming.”

Kanye’s comments on Donda becoming the “new Disney” and the mention of Steve Jobs as his idol comes only a matter of days after the G.O.O.D. Music emcee referred to himself as a combination of Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Ralph Lauren, Howard Hughes, and David Stern during an interview with Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9.

“I know you’re not supposed to say—compare yourself to other people,” said Kanye. “That’s the only way I can describe it. Like when I first [took] my record deal, I was like ‘It’s sort of like A Tribe Called Quest meets Jay-Z.’ And they’re like ‘What is that? What do you mean by—?’ So, now when I say where I’m at in my life and what I want to do I’m like it’s sort of like Ralph Lauren meets Howard Hughes meets David Stern meets Walt Disney meets Steve Jobs meets Kanye West.”

Video from Kanye’s interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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  • fan


  • me

    If Jesus is his role model then why is he so demonic. I'm just saying.

  • Yeezus Christ

    Steve Jobs? Really? Jobs was a computer scientist, Kanye is a rapper. Jobs started Apple with Steve Wozniak, Kanye started GOOD Music with 2 Chainz. Jobs peers include Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Kanyes peers include Weezy and Diddy. I can see how Kanye has emulated the life and works of Steve Jobs...

    • Yeezus Christ

      Oh, I didn't see anyone else on that label selling any records so I figured 2 Chainz must be like 2nd in command over there. Record companies sell records, right?

    • Anonymous

      LOL he aint start GOOD with 2 Chainz fuck is you talking about i think it should also be mentioned that Jobs co-founded Pixar

  • Anonymous

    In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Yeezus. KANYE WEST 2016!

  • Anonymous

    Much Kudos to the guys he big ups but why do they all have to be rich white guys? Art, Science, Math even early capitalism stems from great men of color and white men together. I aint worshippin no white jesus man. For a black man to do that just puzzles me.

    • Shaman

      a race didn't create science or math.. these are two of life's outlets that have existed before recorded history. Man specified and labeled these subjects, but they have always been. When you watch a flower grow, that's science.. when you see anything in repetition.. that's math. this is just an example. but yes a black man was most likely the first to specify these subjects. Africa was the first country to harbor humans so of course a black man created the prototype for these ideologies.

    • Yeezus Christ

      For anybody to worship some two-bit hustler who died thousands of years ago in the middle of the desert because somebody hundred of years later wrote a book about his life just puzzles me.

    • wdwd

      cum is white even out a nigga and u gon slurp it all up just like ur mom, ur sister and ur imaginary girl, and ur real fleshlight, all did.

  • Catherine Kauffman

    til I saw the draft four $7383, I didn't believe ...that...my neighbour truley making money in their spare time on there computar.. there mums best friend haz done this for under twentey months and resently paid the depts on there house and purchased a great new Subaru Impreza. find more info... www.Fb39.Com Since then his musical tastes have been questionable and his skills have declined. Yeezus further proved this downward trend. By the way, this video is FUCKING AWFUL.

  • zime

    now kanye says he's doing his best to become like jesus!!!heheheh what a joke!better he take care of his stripper rather than he compare him self with jesus.

    • Yeezus Christ

      Mary Magdalene was a whore also. Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone, my son.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye is Jesus reincarnated. If you were familiar with the FACTS at all you'd already know this instead of the bullshit the media is trying to feed you. PAY ATTENTION OPEN YOUR EYES

  • Anonymous

    What's with all the Kayne West articles?

  • Anonymous

    how can jesus be his role model, i though he is jesus

  • Anonymous

    why is he dressing like a homeless person? do you think he pays extra for those jeans that look like you got run over by a truck in them?

    • Yeezus Christ

      Its called designer bro. You have to be a design genius like Kanye to get it. And me. I get it.

    • Anonymous

      hottest bitch on the planet? LOL did you see them recent pics of her ass? theres a million bitches just as hot that didnt get dicked down on camera by ray j

    • Anonymous

      You pay extra for that bitch at home you got that looks like she got run over by a truck? Yeezus is banging hottest bitch on the planet, how you make fun of his jeans?

    • wd

      my nugg. learn what the fuck a ralph lauren is. bitch

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