Macklemore & Ryan Lewis To Go On Hiatus

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are slated to go on hiatus after January's Grammy Awards.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who went platinum with their album The Heist this year, are slated to go on a hiatus. The duo's manager, Zach Quillen, said that Mack and Lewis are going to "take some time off" following the Grammy Awards in 2014.

“Yeah, we’re gonna disappear for a little while,” Quillen said in an interview with “This album cycle is coming to a close. We'll, I imagine, go to the Grammys in January this year and afterwards, kind of call it quits for a bit and take some time off."

The year was a significant one for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. After releasing their album The Heist in 2012, the duo gained notoriety in 2013 with singles "Thrift Shop," "Can't Hold Us," "Same Love" and "White Walls." The album also surpassed the million copy milestone in sales this year.

Quillen said the duo will begin work on a new album in 2014, but added that they are "in no rush." 

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been in various award shows this year, including MTV's Video Music Awards, where the duo performed and won awards, including "Best Hip Hop Video." The duo also participated in the first-ever YouTube Awards this year. Mack & Lewis are nominated for the upcoming AMAs, as well. 

In 2012, Macklemore spoke with HipHopDX about his career and legacy before releasing The Heist.

“I want to be remembered as somebody that put honesty first, that put vulnerability first, that said things he was scared to say, that I was scared to say," Macklemore said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "And somebody that really put on for the Northwest and put on for Seattle. I think that the music is much bigger than myself, and it comes from a place bigger than myself. And I don’t ever want to take credit for that. That is a force beyond me. I think I’m a part of something that is greater. And I want to use that to the best of my ability to write honest, personal and sincere music that has an impact on people." 

After The Heist's release, Ryan Lewis spoke with HipHopDX about the project and the process of its creation.

"What was cool about The Heist was that it was a unique process for a lot of reasons," he said. "We spent three years on it. That in and of itself is unusual, particularly for the Hip Hop genre because people are just cranking out records. We spent a long time on all those songs. It was a record that had so much collaboration involved from the amount of features that were doing hooks and the vocals on there to the variety of instruments...I think spending that much time on a record enabled me to pursue a wide variety of ideas."

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  • Jusss Sayin

    ^ how is it a "lie" ?? Just wondering .. sounds like a pretty informed and intelligent opinion that actually doesn't seem too far off base No matter what anyone says -- this so called "distribution deal" came with a heavy team and capital -- GUARANTEED .. props to them for stitching this "Heist" together at exactly the right moment taking advantage of a lot of broader trends this so called "Hiatus" is the start of a new Heist .. a slow, even more manufactured process to break Macklemore away from Same Love and back into the Hip Hop conversation -- Ryan Lewis will do some solo production -- probably jump into more EDM / Pop .. while Macklemore will start putting out some super Lyrical Spiritual guest verses with some Black rappers over some Trap/808 type production (Meek Mill, Schoolboy Q, etc.) .. Macklemore will also probably start singing / doing more hooks because he literally can't contain how jealous he is of Yelawolf, Drake and Eminem and their ability to switch styles, while magically staying Hip Hop .. Of course Macklemore is going to bring out Dead Prez and also start doing some Freestyles over old Hip Hop beats .. think Wu, Living Legends, etc .. They say "no Mixtapes" because it's a strategic call to take whatever trend is on the verge of over saturation and take the "contrarian" view on it .. it can then warrant a blog post on XXL just saying "Macklemore won't drop a mix tape" because that strategy is played out and "not independent" thing to do .. even though there will be effectively a mix tape dropping -- just distributed differently .. using social media in a smart way .. PREDICTABLE ISH from a manufactured "artist"

  • Repost Because Truth is Important

    Because he's a manufactured Atmosphere rip-off "standing for" consumerism, while literally Product Placement'ing every aspect of his name and "art" .. It's not ironic or funny .. He shits on the same Underground that made him, jacks logos intentionally (YES it was .. watch Thrift Shop video) .. He has the worst Live show swagger and presence I have ever seen The "haters" HAVE done their research .. the Underground music is where I literally jaw dropped shocked at how much of a Atmosphere jacking was actually happening .. It's only fitting the album is called The Heist .. straight up stole the essence of what being open and honest means and now put those pure concepts into a manufactured tactic that other artists have already started to replicate .. Let's not even get into the BS agendas they jump on .. it's literally the equivalent of a company putting out a coupon using a Trending Topic # on Twitter .. That's what Same Love is all about .. literally .. I believe in equality and rights for all humans because that's how I was raised and I strive to be a good, honest person .. I don't need an ex-Junkie to be pushing that thinking on me .. stick to the ART and the MUSIC So yeah .. the Music and everything about these dudes is wack when you piece this HEIST together ..

  • Kanye West 2016

    So predictable. Their whole album bites Kanye's last LP "Yeezus" and now they have to wait on 'hiatus' for his next one to drop. smh. STOP BITING KANYE!

    • Kanye West 2016

      Dunno what world you live in.

    • Jahorse

      You must just be trolling with a comment like that... I can't believe anybody in their right mind could listen to The Heist and then Yeezus and say any of the songs sound similar in any way, or even have similar themes. Not only that, but the album came out 8 months before Yeezus.

  • jasonnns

  • Stellar

    Did any of you haters see that video of Macklemore bringing out M1 from Dead Prez at MSG?? I know its gotta hurt to see him on stage with Macklemore!

    • Anonymous

      the sad part is the opposite could be said for basketball, but nobody cares, nobody watches or stops watching basketball because of race, and if they do they're racist. Anyone who wants to do anything should be able to do it. Hiphop will continue to evolve even if the "golden-day-hip-hop-fans" don't want to accept that fact. Gotta appreciate what you do and just not care about what you don't, I'm white, never listened to macklemore, I love tupac, I love biggie, I love eminem, I love aesop rock, it really doesn't matter to me, the race, just how the music feels. Macklemore seems too poppy for me so I don't like it, simple as that.

    • rakeem

      They colloborated on a zion I album a few years ago, so it is not that strange

    • ^^^^

      You're wrong, racist.

    • Crip4Life

      whites are being used to REPLACE black acts because they want to SELL MORE & destroy the black culture (as usual). It's called SUBVERSION (look it up). You are extremely ignorant if you think macklemore "made it" before being put on...nobody has even HEARD of him before he got mainstream exposure (and even now, a lot of black fans don't even give a shit about him)

  • Anonymous

    That's a bad move on their part. Now they'll forever be remembered as the Gay Rights rappers. They needed to come out with a few more hits after Same Love to erase that image.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    If these guys win Best Rap Album over Kendrick... I will shoot someone.

  • jasonnns

  • Nick T

    Macklemore makes hip-hop for people who don't like hip-hop. I can't tell you how many people have told me this is the only exception to their hatred towards the entire hip-hop genre, because Macklemore's music is so "meaningful". Since when do people take the meaning behind songs into serious consideration when determining if they enjoy the music or not? And these are the same people who listen to The Beatles sing about LSD, Warrant sing about Cherry Pie, and AC/DC sing about having big testicles. SOOOOOOO MEANINGFUL!!!!!!!!!! It's nothing I haven't heard before, and Macklemore's ridiculous popularity is pretty disgusting to me. Thrift Shop is a fun song, but it certainly gets old when it's practically drilled through your ears and implanted into your brain.

  • Anonymous

    to bad they such great butt bodies ;) just kidding they straight.

  • d-nucks

    I ain't mad at them...this is what you are SUSPOSED TO DO..versus all these cats that oversaturate and overexpose themsleves. whats the point of making money if you don't take time out to enjoy it....

  • barrydavillain

    I don't know him.

  • Lets be realistic

    I don't think people fully understand Macklemore's background prior to The Heist blowing up. The guy had songs and collabs on the Cunninlynguist album's. He actually has some credibility. I'm not a fan on Thrift Shop or The Heist for one but I cannot fathom why anyone could actually hate this guy. He has worked his way up and blown up all by himself on his own independent that needs to be saluted. Not only that but to have the balls and guts to release a song like 'same love' is commendable in a genre that is way behind the times in regards to gay rights.

  • Anonymous

    Not a Macklemore fan but he has a couple good songs and he can freestyle well. I don't understand why he gets so much hate. He's actually better then a lot of mainstream rappers out there now.

  • A Person

    Macklemore is a preachy and mediocre pop rapper at best, and just plain useless at worst. If you want a true hip hop artist (as opposed to a pop artist that raps), look to the underground, these cats are lyrical as hell and make some of the best music out right now.

  • Anonymous

    So the gay guys are breaking up so they can see other people. Sounds like they both need space. rap music needed some gay music just to piss off the homophobic Blacks.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this cock sucking fag

  • ARO

    Cool, These gay ass disgrace to rap music faggots are taking a break, I hope it's a never ending one.

  • Anonymous

    They made 4 good songs but the rest of their work is trash.

  • paranood77

    haha I love rap music but here in Europe when we read your websites the first thing that comes to mind is : f*ck, poor rappers, their crowd is so fcking DUMB and full of homophobic nigg*rs. SAD sad sad. Macklemore is pop like Kanye or JayZ are. If the fact that hes white and that he sang about tolerance for same sex marriage is making you inconfortable, then you re prob a nigg.r

  • Anonymous

    yea go away and never come back

  • Truth

    This is exactly why Macklemore is super manufactured .. he has to explicitly say everything he wants people to think about him .. For most artists, Eminem for example, he doesn't announce things like a "hiatus" or he doesn't have to create bullshit marketing fluff around creating crossover music .. but Macklemore and his team THINK they understand how to play and leverage Social Media and the new Blog paradigm of music to manufacture the hype around M&RL "brand" .. but the reality is that there's no coming back from it .. you can go disappear for a year or whatever, but everything will move on .. and the manufactured agenda of "independent" "distribution deal" "honesty" "consumerism" is all exposed .. people are smarter than you give them credit for .. How is Macklemore a voice for Consumerism !??! When literally every part of his music and brand has been syndicated out to Product Placement ?!? BYE!

  • sheiet

    they are a cute couple :) perfect for mainstream. all they do is mainstream pop with some failing rap. they do shit music. horrible mainstream stuff

  • Catherine Kauffman

    til I saw the draft four $7383, I didn't believe neighbour truley making money in their spare time on there computar.. there mums best friend haz done this for under twentey months and resently paid the depts on there house and purchased a great new Subaru Impreza. find more info... www.Fb39.Com Since then his musical tastes have been questionable and his skills have declined. Yeezus further proved this downward trend. By the way, this video is FUCKING AWFUL.

  • Anonymous

    They needed time to figure out how to sell out after their last album bombed.

    • BP

      you niggas label everything a sellout. Macklemore didn't sell out, he came into the game like that. You either fuckin like him or you don't. but he's not a "sellout". Selling out involves losing the true sound you originally had for a couple bucks, The Heist is his only album and major work that he invested so far in his career it's the same shit with B.o.B. he came into the game doing pop rap. first album, right out the gate. his underground beats, half of them were pop. There's no 'selling out' bullshit involved, you either like his music or you don't.

    • chris

      they are pop rap. he is the old white people's safe rapper. macklemore couldn't even deny that. he's ok with it though, so who cares really except this guy. and you don't know his parents, but from his interviews, it's safe to say that they put him through college and then housed him while all he did was smoke weed all day. he coulda stayed with them forever if he wanted. i think its great he was motivated to make something more of himself.

    • Anonymous

      Mack's parents ain't rich and they didn't buy his albums. And, no. The make hip-hop music. Quit lying, dentalbitch.

    • Anonymous

      Macklemore's rich parents were buying 95% of the copies sold every week. They sold out by doing pop music.

    • Anonymous

      It sold platinum; that ain't bombing. And how did they sell out?

    • Anonymous

      It did bomb even though they sold out.

    • Anonymous

      Are you being sarcastic?

  • One

    He does look like he likes dick, though.

  • One

    Never a fan of his music but I'm glad they did well. I see nothing but hate from people on websites about his shit. Yea, I get it. Even I know he's not hip hop but no reason to shit on him for success. We got what we wanted; not to hear from him for at least 3 years.

  • Anonymous

    if your indie album is still selling 10k a week after a year on the charts i'd maybe fall for a while too.... enjoy some of that indie money while the pop fans keep buying your old shit

  • Fail Fail Fail

    Take some time off to travel the damn world! All those platinum plaques and no label to pay... Must be like living in heaven. Wait a minute... It is! Fail fail fail to all you fuckin haters and jigaboo wannabe ass niggas who talk about the same shit and never get paid! Seattle is NOT hood. WTF you want this white guy to talk about? Starbucks And Microsoft? These guys are paid for life real talk... off of... real talk.

  • Anonymous

    He's gonna wait until he finds some other social cause to exploit and then come back. His next album will have a single that stands up for the rights of fat people and everyone over 300 lbs will run out and support it. I respect that honestly, exploiting melodramatic people is a sure fire way to make money, the gay community will support anyone who stands up for them, even a mediocre white rapper. He played his hand well and I'm sure he'll find a way to do it again.

  • HATERS BALL 2013

    Welcome to the Haters Ball 2013 ya'll! MAY THE RACIST/HOMOPHOBIC COMMENTS COMMENCE!

  • Anonymous

    Quote man's celebrating this right now.

  • Doubl Negative

    Great news, now do every sane person a favour and make it permanent.

  • Anonymous

    fuck out of here with these weak white faggot rappers

  • FaggotMore

    Macklemore has a strong face, very faggoty facial features.

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