Maino Criticizes New York Rappers Following Trinidad James Comments

Maino says Trinidad James isn't at fault for his comments on New York rap, hopes the rapper is "straightened out."

After expressing his disapproval with comments Atlanta rapper Trinidad James made at the Converse Rubber Tracks show in regards to New York rap, Brooklyn rapper Maino has now turned his criticism to those in his hometown.

During an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Maino referred to those in New York as disorganized and unsupportive of one another. He also went on to state that James’ wasn’t at fault for his comments since there’s no unity among New Yorkers.

“It’s just us, man. Honestly man, it ain’t even his fault,” said Maino. “It’s us though. You know what I mean? We so disorganized and we so [untapped] with each other and we don’t support each other [or] nothing. This is what happens. And I’ve said this before. What’s stopping anybody else from saying whatever they saying? People ain’t got no respect for our city cause we ain’t got no respect for each other. This is what happens. Let people in our house they eat off our table. They eat in our crib then they style on us when they get to a good place. This what happens. You come to our city and talk like that. Come on, man. Nobody [would have went] from New York to L.A. talking like that. Nobody do that. But this what happens in our city when we chose disorganizing. We don’t got unity amongst each other. It ain’t even his fault.”

In the interview, Maino again explained the difference between James’ comments on the South running New York and Kendrick Lamar’s “king of New York” mention on “Control.” While speaking with last week, the Brooklyn emcee stated, “What hurts me is New Yorkers, they don’t understand. Kendrick said something. Kendrick was rapping, man, and there was a million responses that came right after. That was some Rap shit. You don’t see the difference?”

In addition to speaking briefly on Kendrick, Maino revealed that he has no plans on harming James, but does hope the Atlanta emcee is “straightened out.”

“It’s all love, but what I’m saying is like he basing his opinion on how he really felt,” said Maino. “Kendrick was rapping He was on some creative jawn. Homie is basing his opinion on how he feel. How he really, really feel. But what I’m saying is what made you feel free to come to New York and say that. Then say, ‘I ain’t trying to start nothing, but if you want something it’s whatever.’ Like these type of talks—I don’t understand this type of talk…Ain’t nobody saying somebody gonna shoot him or do nothing to him, I’m just saying he need to get put down at a dentist and straightened out. That’s it.”

James quickly drew both criticism and praise from many following comments he made early last week while at a show in New York City in regards to Hip Hop and the South running New York rap.

“I remember when New York rap was the shit,” said the Def Jam signee. “And us in the South, us bammas, we was like ‘what the fuck’ and we just did our own thing. But now we run y’all musically. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. That’s crazy, my nigga. That’s crazy. I’m not trying to start nothing, but if you want to do something we can do something cause I don’t give a fuck. I looked up to New York music. And now every nigga that’s really poppin’ out of New York, you might as well tell they from Atlanta. ‘He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta.’ I’m just putting it out there.”

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  • SoulSistaWoo

    This younger generation is a disgrace and it's reflected in some of these post... What Yall skinny jeans, Two earrings wearin, baby hair on a man, murse carrying, punked off by the Gay community niggas don't understand is Maino is talking about Man to Man respect... Everything Trinidad James said was true and I think it came from a good place... It's just that he 1) has a problem expressing himself and 2) these guys don't know when to stop being ie. Rick Ross and when William Leonard Roberts II kicks in... and the moment Trinadad James said ATL Run NY and if you don't like what Um sayin we can do something... THAT RIGHT THERE was Nicholas Williams (a man) Telling the BLACK men in New York "Yall my bitches and us ATL niggas run yall and I don't give a fuck what yall think.. Leap Nigga!" That is what Nicholas Williams Said and that is what Jermaine Coleman (a man; stage name Maino) heard some man say on his front porch in Brooklyn.

  • yungnatty

    The days of coastal dominance are over. Hiphop will become about the individual. Where he is from is gonna really be in reference to his accent.

  • victory cigar

    top 5 musicians dead or alive -->

  • 614grind

    All this shit proves is that New York is still the Mecca. If it was so dead then how come a no talent embarrassment like Trinidad James could break the internet by simply dissing NY? Young dummies are so easily led.

  • ThatDude

    Fat face dude is garbage!

  • Anonymous

    who's maino a 43 year old rapper with no skillz and album sales

  • moresickaMC

    Maino. Youre a clown, think u so hard, youre insecure lil punk

  • Chippy Chip

    Maino is a no-talent. Shut the fuck up. (I'm an internet gangster. But for rulz)

  • Anonymous

    Beast Coast rappers shit all over Maino, and they could probably give two shits about a terrible rapper talking shit about NY. Why is this dude criticizing other NY rappers when he didn't release a diss song? Why does this fool care what a gimmick rapper is saying about NY? It's because he's on the same level as Trinidad James, this fuck didn't say anything about Kendrick because he knew his response would suck. He can easily go toe to toe with Trinidad James because they suck equally. Trinidad James' debut album is going to sell like shit, he's going to sell like French or 2 Chainz, maybe worse. The 2 milli deal was a waste. Labels really need to chill out on signing these wack rappers for obscene amounts of money: Future doesn't sell, Chief Keef doesn't sell, Trinidad won't sell...

  • Beenie Man

    It's crazy how the crown is back in California now! West West, Y'all!

    • JBo2gie

      ...I grew up on rap, from the Run DMC era. (83 and on.....) People don't understand, this shit evolves. One year it was about NY, then LA(Cali), then Texas (H-Town), Louisiana, ATL and so on and so on. This is the first time I have seen since the early days before the "Shiny Suit Rapper" that Emcees and lyricists from all over the US, UK, Japan, are representing, and a lot of these motherfuckers are LIVE. Some of these guys are garbage, One hit wonders, Ring tone rappers, but the majority that I hear and give ear play are LIVE....Some of this shit is for the children, what grown mother fucker do you know on some rappers nutz from what car they drive or how much weed they lie about smoking etc...its for the youngsters. Keep in mind, some of these artist are not in this to be great or even be good.....they want the money and weed and clout, fuck them, the real always rises to the the great poet KRS-1 says..."a dope emcee is a dope emcee."

  • Mario aka Soulful Mind

    My thing is this, Most of the labels are in New York and La but Hip Hop sounds more southern than anything..keyboard beats and country doubletime or slow flows.Thats not Trinidad James fault. Also the fact cats aint steppin to these dj's , radio and labels about the way they have destroyed Hip hop confuses me.Also the fans decide whose hot. Fans always preferred mostly club music in every era ..from funk disco on up til today....even mobb deeps biggest shh was shh u could bump in the club...nickas got to realize in new york every region has came with some type of sound besides just sampled beats but new mustard, shawty redd, and alotof these producers use original sounds New York never relly came with a new flavor that was fresh n original n awhile only top producer i can think of over there that dont sample is swizz beats....need more hot young fly new york cats that can create fly soundscapes with no records or samples.....and still make shh fly...cuz these new fresh original soundin beats w bangin 808 basses w energy is what these kids want to hear..Maino should know what his biggest hit aint going for new york sound ...they want dope sound...every man is different regardless of where he comes from and shouldnt sound like noone else i dont give a damn where he is from...keep it dope new n fly

    • Anonymous

      Agree with you 100%, the reason new york aint running the game like it used to is because the sampled hip hop sound has given way to the lex luger style of hip hop. All NY needs is a new sound that will take over the radio and the clubs

  • Anonymous

    Raekwon is almost as fucking dumb as Maino nowadays

  • Anonymous

    Maino look like Mr.Potato Head on steroids.

  • gonzo

    its like this dude never heard of beast coast

  • Anonymous

    Tracklist for Kendrick Lamar's new album 1. N.E.R.D. 2. Drake Runs NY (featuring Drake) 3. Sluggish Sales (featuring Pusha T) 4. Flapping Ears 5. Gunfire Scares Me 6. I Sound Like A Girl (featuring Pink) 7. Macklemore Outsold Me (featuring Macklemore) 8. 7 Months 9. Not In Control 10. Eating Cupcakes in Compton 11. Tiffith's Puppet 12. Where Did My Hype Go? (Featuring DMX, Jeezy, Ludacris, & 50 Cent) Bonus Tracks Next Stop Koch Answering Machine Skit (apology to papoose) Elevator Music 2014 12.

  • Anonymous

    614 Grind - If Jay Z or Eminem had said this, would sensitive Maino have lashed out? He's hatin on James because he's had more success with one single than Maino's had with two albums. For a fact NY hip hop has been a joke for many years anyway. West Coast hip hop dominates. Bye bye hater.

  • bswag

    Its all love now? Twitter gangsta.

  • Anonymous

    the real problem is that beef and battlin got clumped into one thing when they're two very different things. that was the crux of control and thats the precedent kendrick sent.

  • Anonymous

    but the sad part about all this is that this is another twitter/interview beef that should have just been a wax battle to begin w/. trinidad wouldn't respond, and then he'd be taking an l

  • Anonymous

    this is where he makes the most sense.

  • Gaingreen79

    Name the top five NY rappers on the radio excluding Jay Z Nas 50 Cent. Now name the top 5 Down south rappers on the radio. Isn't A$AP Rocky from NY but he raps like the south? We are talking MONEY here and Radio Airplay!!! Regardless if its good music or not. Who do you hear the most on the Radio?!?!?!? NY step your game up!! Only rappers yall talking about are rappers that been in the game 20 years. Where is the new blood at!! SkyZoo,Joey B,Bronson,Joel Ortiz that's all yall got??

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, he's a big mafia guy!!! On the one hand, it's a credit to New York state social services a motherfucking retard like Maino is able live on his own but to think that hip-hop "culture" also tolerates him is goddamn shameful. Knowledge Reigns Supreme?!?!?!? Someone do a chromosome check on Maino, I think he might the missing link.

  • Carlton

    Almost a week later and Maino has almost finally understood what Trinidad James says. Another week and his brain might finally understand it completely.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    It's just that the rappers in NY that actually matter wouldn't spend 5 seconds of their life actually entertaining this nigga's dumb ass opinions. You really think Nas, or Jay, or Raekwon or someone of some actual credence is gonna respond? These niggas are like 40, they put in their work and they don't give a fuck what this ignant ass nigga says. This is lightwork, for a private, like Maino. Anyone that actually knows anything about lyrics knows that NY is where the nastiest MCs have come from. The industry has changed, but the lyricism is still here. Rapping is still an art up here, not just a sleazy hustle. It's like Karate in Japan, everyone has at least a basic idea of how to perform the art up here and respects it. A 44 year old pizza shop owner got at least one ill verse in the chamber if a cipher goes down. It's not like that anywhere else.

    • Anonymous

      your comments sound silly and redundant, if you holding something down its for life. Back to the drawing board and resett the tone!

  • 614grind

    I love how people try to flip shit. This sambo nigga stood on a NY stage and lectured NY on Hip Hop, then dared somebody to do something. Maino, who lives by the code,proceeds to checks him. TJ gets scared and tells the whole world Maino wants to shoot him and niggas wanna say Maino is the lame???? SMH at that Bitch Nigga Logic

  • theE

    You rarely hear east coast music on new york radio unless its a Mister Cee at noon, I don't see why Maino is soo mad when Trinidad was right.

  • BK Nigga

    Maino is right, NY MC's don't support each other. all they good for is dissing each other when other coasts is on top of them, and i'm from NY speaking this. where's Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Diddy, Nas, Mobb Deep, The LOX, to support Maino's word? our city is shot and as long as rappers ain't networking and getting support they ain't gonna be shit anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Maino looks like a 245 pound Q-Tip

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maino, you hater.

  • NY Stay Losing

    And see, this is why your already nonexistant career is going down the toilet, Drain-O. First you was ready to beat down TJ, now you sharing his sentiments. I hope somebody slaps fire out your one hit wonder ass.

    • Anonymous

      This has been his sentiment from the jump, he is checking TJ because he is in no position to claiming ish. Maino will be around long after TJ OD's on Mollies and ish.

  • Martha Choy

    until I saw the paycheck saying $8793, I accept sister was like they say realy bringing in money parttime from there computar.. there neighbor has been doing this 4 less than twenty one months and resently cleard the dept on there house and purchased a gorgeous Cadillac. Visit Website... not by pretenious self-posturing and relentless running of the mouth camparing himself to others who actually made an impact with their accomplishments.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop has changed so much because of the new generation of fans people chose officer ricky over 50 cent and now people are choosing trinidad james over maino and hell rell smh but these the same people who are currently listening to justion bieber

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