Kanye West Says He's Mentally Like Walt Disney

Kanye West comfortable with backlash, gives credit to Mase and Tyler, The Creator for being clear and concise artists.

Chicago rapper Kanye West was one of a handful or artists to show up at the Odd Future Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival earlier in the month, and during a recent interview with Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9, the G.O.O.D. Music emcee expressed his admiration for one of the Los Angeles-based crew’s members.

When asked about Tyler, The Creator, Kanye commended the Odd Future lyricist for being able to get his point across “clearly” and “concisely.” He also gave props to Harlem rapper-turned-pastor Mase who he feels boasts a similar trait.

“When he has an idea it just—exactly what’s in his head comes out,” said ‘Ye. “He can say it really clearly, concisely. It’s one of the reasons why I used to love Mase as—or I still love Mase as a rapper. Because he got to the point. I always thought he’d make an amazing pastor. He got to the point so quick and sometimes I’m talking and I’m thinking out loud and I’m not getting to the point as quick and I like how that man can just get his point across and how he has that skill set. He knows what he wants to do and that’s the reason why the universe responds to him like that. He just threw a carnival in L.A. where 10,000 people came out.”

In a handful of interviews, Kanye has compared his mindset when crafting his tour and other ventures to that of a three-year-old. And during this week’s radio interview, the rapper went on to break down that comparison as he spoke on incorporating a man dressed as Jesus into his tour performances and not allowing society to dictate his choices.

“That’s what I wanted to do. It’s just simple as that,” said the rapper. “Like so many people in culture and society let society dictate what it is. And you know people are so afraid of the idea of backlash and this and that. But for me, I have this opportunity and I think responsibility now to like live in the backlash. To show you you can do what you want in this world. You are limitless. Like can’t nobody stop you. Like perceptions and opinions do not matter. They’re not stronger than what you want to do for yourself. So, that’s why I just go and just do exactly what I feel.”

Before comparing himself to the likes of Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and a handful of other entrepreneurs, the Windy City wordsmith revealed that it’s nearly impossible to not compare himself to someone else.

“It’s not a matter of topping Glow In The Dark,” he said. “Of course I like production. I’m mentally like Walt Disney. And I know you’re not supposed to say—compare yourself to other people. That’s the only way I can describe it. Like when I first [took] my record deal, I was like ‘It’s sort of like A Tribe Called Quest meets Jay-Z.’ And they’re like ‘What is that? What do you mean by—?’ So, now when I say where I’m at in my life and what I want to do I’m like it’s sort of like Ralph Lauren meets Howard Hughes meets David Stern meets Walt Disney meets Steve Jobs meets Kanye West.”

In his interview with Philly’s Morning Show, Kanye also addressed the use of the Confederate flag on his tour merchandise, criticism from President Barack Obama, and more.

Despite a number of setbacks, primarily due to damaged tour gear, Kanye West’s Yeezus tour resumed over the weekend in Philadelphia and is currently scheduled to make stops in Brooklyn, Washington D.C., and Manhattan this week.

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  • Dollface

    Fuck me, this is the kind of headline that makes my ass burst out laughing. Mentally like Walt Disney? Fuck outta here, Ye. I won't lie, I like the fact you're crazy, though. Gives me something to look forward to whenever I see your name in the headlines.

  • wtf

    Kanye West, u got fuckin werid and I dont mean in a good way

  • Anonymous

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  • ARO

    This niggas says hes a Christian? .... lmaoo I doubt Jesus approves of what this mentally delusional niggas doin.

  • Anonymous

    this guy sounds ignorant as shit

  • Anonymous

    he is just a frozen head

  • Anonymous

    this dude is delusional, he didn't change the world lol

  • PodcastOne

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  • Industry Advocate

    I just think 'Ye should stick to making music! However he wants to make his music is up to him, and i's been genius, but his interviews and thought process is ridiculous! I'm a fan of the music, but i'm starting to hate the man!

  • biggo

    LMAO mentally like Walt Disney, this nigga is a cartoon character

  • drizzy!

    "He just threw a carnival in L.A. where 10,000 people came out" Ma$e was organizing the gay pride parade this year?

  • Anonymous

    so kanye hates jews?

  • Anonymous

    Only the realest niccas in rap premier their new music videos on Ellen. All hail King Kanye

  • Anonymous

    I dont think he's crazy, i just think he's trying to do something thats never been done...now what that is im not sure lol but ppl dismiss you as crazy alot when they dont understand what direction your really going in

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is seriously off his rocker.

  • Martha Choy

    until I saw the paycheck saying $8793, I accept ...that...my sister was like they say realy bringing in money parttime from there computar.. there neighbor has been doing this 4 less than twenty one months and resently cleard the dept on there house and purchased a gorgeous Cadillac. Visit Website... www.Fb39.com not by pretenious self-posturing and relentless running of the mouth camparing himself to others who actually made an impact with their accomplishments.

  • Anonymous

    Its dope how society has taken away from our "dopeness", for lack of a better term. Someone says "i'm dope", everyone sees it as "full of yourself" because you are supposed to wait for someone else to tell you youre dope.How silly is that? Just for the record, I am the illest motherfucker you never heard of.

    • Anonymous

      Why not? You are who you say you are. At the end of the day its for the consumer to decide if they like your offering more than the next guys, but that doesnt stop you from thinking or proclaiming that you are dope.

    • Anonymous

      nothin wrong with thinking you dope but when you're a nigga who makes songs and ugly clothes you shouldnt really be comparing yourself to people like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney

    • HUH

      Wrong. You're a dumb ass anonymous nigga with a superiority complex and an ego that's been stroked harder than Wilt Chamberlain's dick.

  • Kanye Breast

    This nigga got his head so far up his ass, it could come out of his groin. You notice that the geniuses of the past & present never bragged and boasted about their earlier works? That's because they let their talents and hard work do the talking FOR THEM, and above all else, they remained HUMBLE.

  • Chris Etrata

    You mean mentally insane? His ego is blowing out of proportion. I don't think MJ ever made statements like this.

  • RC

    You know at least with Michael Jackson you knew he had a big ego but at least he always backed it up with some serious talent and artistry, not by pretenious self-posturing and relentless running of the mouth camparing himself to others who actually made an impact with their accomplishments.

  • Kim Kardashian

    I think what he meant to say was that he's mentally retarded. Walt Disney was a genius, Kanye is nothing but a ranting buffoon.

  • Anonymous

    quite possibly the most full of himself artist of our time!

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