TDE Calls Kendrick Lamar's "GQ" "Men Of The Year Story" Disrespectful

Top Dawg Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith says the "GQ" story on Kendrick Lamar put his company and him "in a negative light."

Top Dawg Entertainment’s Chief Executive Officer Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith says that GQ’s “Man Of The Year” story on Kendrick Lamar, which crowned the Compton, California artist “The Next King Of Rap,” included elements that were “disrespectful” and put TDE and him “in a negative light.”

“This week, Kendrick Lamar was named one of GQ's 2013 Men Of The Year, an honor that should have been celebrated as a milestone in his career and for the company,” Tiffith says in a statement. “Instead, the story, written by Steve Marsh, put myself and my company in a negative light. Marsh's story was more focused on what most people would see as drama or bs. To say he was ‘surprised at our discipline’ is completely disrespectful. Instead of putting emphasis on the good that TDE has done for West Coast music, and for Hip Hop as a whole, he spoke on what most people would consider what’s wrong with Hip Hop music. Furthermore, Kendrick deserved to be accurately documented. The racial overtones, immediately reminded everyone of a time in Hip Hop that was destroyed by violence, resulting in the loss of two of our biggest stars. We would expect more from a publication with the stature and reputation that GQ has. As a result of this misrepresentation, I pulled Kendrick from his performance at GQ's annual ‘Man Of The Year’ party Tuesday, November 12th.”

Marsh’s story starts with representatives of both Top Dawg and Interscope being unable to find Kendrick Lamar. The GQ story then details the death of Chad Keaton, the rapper’s friend. The story also refers to Kendrick Lamar as “nerdy” and includes the following passage: “Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith, basically TDE's Suge Knight, asked if I had had a fun day. I said that I had and that I was surprised by their discipline. ‘You guys seem so calm,’ I said. ‘Well,’ Tiffith told me, ‘we're going to have to call it a night with you, because we about to get uncalm. You understand.’”

Another section of the article includes a story that Marsh says is not substantiated. "The gossip from Diddy's Ciroc Amaretto Launch Party/VMA Afterparty sounded like it fell out of a massive tear in the mid-'90s West Coast-East Coast time wave," the story says. "Bloggers breathlessly recounted a surreal scene at Dream: booths packed with hip-hop illuminati—Jay, Bey—mouths agape as a wasted Diddy, incensed by the 'King of New York' boast, attempted to pour a drink (Ciroc Amaretto, presumably) over Kendrick's head, only to be thwarted by Jay Z acolyte J. Cole, who was kicked out in the ensuing chaos. Naturally Kendrick himself refused to corroborate any of this. 'It was all love at that party,' he told me on the private jet.'"

In his press release, Tiffith says that TDE was launched with positive objectives.

“In 2004, I founded Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) with the goal of providing a home for West Coast artists and a platform for these artists to express themselves freely and to give their music to the world,” Tiffith says. “From our beginning in 2005 with Jay Rock, to developing Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, and Ab-Soul, to most recently singing Isaiah Rashad and SZA.  We, as TDE, have always prided ourselves in doing everything with heart, honor, and respect.

“While we think it's a tremendous honor to be named as one of the Men Of The Year, these lazy comparisons and offensive suggestions are something we won't tolerate,” Tiffith adds elsewhere in the statement. “Our reputation, work ethic, and product is something that we guard with our lives.”

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  • Delores Johannsen

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  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne doesnt worry about things like this thats why he is the best rapper alive

  • sxxx9

  • ETK

    We live in a European (white) dominated world. The mainstream culture is white culture. If a person of color wants to do well within this system, 9 out of ten 10 times they are forced to adhere to the culture of white people. (wearing European suits, low cut hair, etc...) White people (or any other race for that matter) are not forced to adhere to any aspect of black culture but yet so many do. I mean white people buy the most black music. You see white kids calling each other "nigga". Go on facebook you will see white college kids with "3hunna" in their name ( 3hunna is a reference to the Black Disciple Street gang). Go to the average college party and all you will hear is black music. I mean look at Justin beiber and Miley Cyrus. Here you have two extremely wealthy white people that are coping negative black stereotypes (for what reason i don't know). I have seen this all my life. I went to a predominantly white high school in Northern Virginia and all those rich white kids thought the "hood" was the coolest thing. They would even try to copy the style of dress and slang

    • Anonymous

      LOL dude thinks everyone in europe listens to house music

    • Anonymous

      No sir in Europe they like house music by Armin van buuren and David Guetta. Only a small part of the people like hiphop i mean underground hiphop. Those people listening to jayz, wayne, kanye are hipsters and not real fans they also listen to other shit.


    The history of music has always been about dramatic evolution. Someone coming along and breaking the mold and steering each genre in an entirely new direction that forever changes it for the better. The day the Beatles dropped Sgt Peppers on Rock and created and began a new era. The day Nirvana dropped Nevermind on the world, and effectively ended the glamour rock era with a single song. Well hip hop, guess what, that day is here. And I will always remember the day this album dropped as the sea change. Sure, Cudi is out there, Lupe and Talib are sending a positive message, and ab soul, danny brown, kendric, hopsin and others are rowing in this direction. But this album is just on another level. Moving . . .thoughtful . . .honest. . . creative. As a person who has struggled with my own vices, a dad with kids, a man who wants to be a better person - this albumn reduced me to tears . . . a first for hip hop. The closest thing to this I can remember is the day that Nirvana dropped smells like teen spirit. I remember watching that video, and just thinking wow. I have never seen anything like this, its new, refreshing and incredible. For those of you who may be to young to remember, I would just tell you to pull up the Cherry Pie Video from Poison (#1 on the charts the day before Nirvana's album released) and compare it to Smells like teen spirit. And then pull up Two Chainz "birthday song" and compare it to Mac's "same love" or "Thrift shop." Its a new day in hip hop, and its future is brighter thanks to Macklemore!!


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    • wdasd

      by the way fuck affirmative action not one of those ivy league women deserved that placement LOL that's word is bond

    • wdasd

      nah he's right. black women either be trash or they be overcompensating and acting too high and mighty. it's real. the last 12 women i have dated were all black and from different walks of life. broke. ivy league. and everything in between.

    • black

      You have probably never dated or slept with a black women, dweeb!

  • 666

  • 666

  • Anonymous

    Whats this old school nigga talkin bout. His clothes like overalls. Buy some fitting shirts and stop looking like a cotton planter.

    • Anonymous

      we hating cause he went on a magazine cover with no shirt on and his disgusting titties hanging out. no one wants to see that good music or not

    • Ricky Rozay

      Damn niggas on here catching feelings and shit. It's only music, granted Rozay stupid to do shit like that but y'all niggas actin like he out there killin kids and shit. It's music dumbasses not life. What about niggas talkin bout how they gonna kill other Niggas families. Niggas just hate on Ross cuz they sheep and its popular to hate on Ross. Niggas always hate on the biggest artist but love to hop on the dick of the next big savior. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      at least hes wearing a shirt!! did you see that rick ross source mag cover?

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore sold more than Kendrick so he is better.

    • benben178

      Nas beat Jay-Z in a beef, and he doesn't get as many sales as Jay. Lil Wayne gets more sales than a lot of rappers and he's not better than most of them. Sales dont say anything bout your talent. Macklamore goes after a larger audience than Kendrick Lamar. That's why he has more sales.

  • Fuck GQ

    That's what you get when a fashion magazine writes an article on music

  • Diane Clark

    before I saw the draft for $8252, I did not believe brother could realie bringing in money in there spare time on-line.. there best friend had bean doing this for under nineteen months and recently paid for the depts on there villa and bought themselves a Car. go to my site... With any amount of success comes things like this. If Kendrick was his own man he would have still done the show, and told Kiffith to chill.

  • chillthrillz

    and this is what happens when you,,,let the culture,get navigated, and invaded,,,by outsiders,,,,,

    • Danimal Harris Son!

      @ B Wiz, is that your real name? Nope, who's the coward now B otch? Truth is tha most relevant hip hoppers dressing like white skaters now, deny that and I'll call you the liar you are.

    • B WIZ


    • Anonymous

      your style? LOL most rappers are dressing in the white mans clothing from europe designed by homosexuals

    • chillthrillz

      didnt need yall in the beggining,,,yall came around,,,,cause yall know where its at,,,, why fuck with something thats not of value,,,dont even try it!!!!! YALL BEEN LOVED OUR STYLE!,,,,,YALL CANT HELP YOURSELVES!!,,,,,,,

    • Anonymous

      without the outsiders there would be no culture left. yall woulda went broke a long time ago

  • Fact

    Ja Rule should be the GQ Man of The Year. Ja Rule should be on the cover.

  • yerrr

    Good for him. I don't want to take this as deep as some have made it. I think this is a case of a dude who doesnt know much about hiip hop trying to make "connections" like he KNOWS what hes doing and instead was ignorant in dismising any negative image he might be painting. Which can show that GQ doesn't care much because they assigned someone who doesnt know much, but for all we know the dude acted like he knows hip hop and he got assigned for the interview. Doesn't take much to convience some rich white folks that you know hip hop lol

  • Anonymous

    "this is definitely a negative, and little comments like the ones he mentioned are slights and backhanded insults" You're lost in the woods, homie. This happens all the time to actors and athletes. Why should Kendrick be immune from what magazines typically do to sell more copies? With any amount of success comes things like this. If Kendrick was his own man he would have still done the show, and told Kiffith to chill.

  • Mr. Stansberry

    Retweet if you have a dog! Microphonixxx - The Imaginary Ladder: via @youtube— Microphonixxx (@zaid1) November 10, 2013

  • Anonymous

    What would you expect from a peckerwood publication, they don't care about the culture they just want to put a trendy negro on their cover to entertain their white readers who could probably care less about HipHop too. Bitch ass media always trying to exacerbate shit and blow shit out of proportion on some gossip shit.

    • Anonymous

      Running a successful magazine publication > Showing fake respect to a culture that doesn't respect itself anyway. GQ had an agenda, and if Kendrick or Top Dawg (lol) weren't aware or unable to read between the lines, then they should seriously choose another profession to be in.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Props for this man for standing tall. The fact is this is disrespectful and this man shows that there are still real men, real black men in fact left. Comparing these folks to Suge, 'Pac and all these buffoons at Death row makes no sense. Fuck drawing parallel, such as 'they are making great music', they are this, they are that and at the same time , trying to make them look 'unprofessional ' and 'ignorant'.

  • 666

  • Hell yeah

    Kendrick still can leave this fat fucker alone, what then? TDE will diss him and Top Fatty going to get his fame like Suge did? These sucker should stay back and earn money, not trying to steal the show for himself. Pulled MC out of shows? damn...

  • J

    The source and XXl got their info from the streets? Nah. If anything they were the first ones to wrongly influence the culture. Let me explain... Those magazines were NYC based writing about NYC artist to start off in the "golden era". That's an extreme bias. But the whole country read these magazines and took it as truth. I'm from Detroit, in our DETROIT magazines here locally, local artist get a lot of love. They make dope music but we pay attention cause the from the home team. I think that happened with NYC music back in the day. People are brainwashed into saying reasonable doubt is a great album. Shit cool, not his best work. Same thing with illmatic

    • ^

      LOL at BruthaDee making two Anonymous comments to spread his lies. Bitch.


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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      the little sign fruit above, bitch ass. Always commenting on shit you don't know.

    • ^

      Both BruthaDee and SMH are wrong.

    • Smh

      Well, if you feel so strongly about your hometown heroes then go listen to them! You're opinion means little to nothing in the big scheme of things.. I personally agree with Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith. These publications dont give a fuck about this culture.. only reason they made him "Man of the year" was because he has a buzz these days. Where do the usually highlight hiphop artist in there monthly subscription? Kanye, Jamar, etc. is right! These companies are Culture Vultures. And if you dont see this has been happening then you're lost!!.. thats my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, wrong, get the fuck outta here, first of all the Source was originally Boston based (point could be made for NY in the sense they were partly funded by KRS-ONE when they first started) , how the hell you think Ray B got to have so much influence in said mag? Your comment about Illmatic holds no weight, opinion or not, truth is truth. I could knock your home town hero/new day Elvis as a knoc-off of Masta Ace or Treach, fact is if he were black he would be under the radar. Where is the placement for your hero compared to a Lyte, a Puba, et al.? Yet people recognize he does have talent but no what he is made out to be. All this again is just another culture vulture move-fuck we are the world bullshit, this is music, it's universal- yadidyada. Save that shit for the birds. So take your ass back to Detroit with that bullshit.

  • moresickaMC

    Usual racist interviewer. Some of these white folk always trying to discredit hiphop. I see Jamar's and Benzino's point now. The MAN has always tried to destroy or control hiphop. I bet of they were interviewing Eminem or Macklemore they would be licking the said artists feet! Most White folk have never respected hiphop culture

    • Anonymous

      anonymous: synonym retarded, definition:less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age.

    • Anonymous

      Artists don't own or run the industry. Of course they're going to be controlled in certain ways, in other ways not. Stop crying.

    • Anonymous

      i c dat boy BruthaDee still kookin it

    • Anonymous

      He is not a "man" he is a boy and should be referred to as such. He is our bastard albino child that migrated out of Africa and mutated in the caves and Hills of North America. Why would you expect whites to respect HipHop culture when they have never respected any indigenous culture on the planet. They assassinated MLK to show their respect for African American culture They dropped a nuclear weapon on Japanes civilians to show respect for their culture They started the Opium Wars with the Chinese to show respect for their culture They started the Raj in India ro show respect for their culture They started Apartheid in Africa to show respect for African culture They virtually exterminated the Native Americans and the Tasmanians out of respect for their culture. They can't help it, they either dilute, damage or destroy every culture they come in contact with which is why they took Rock music that was originally about partying, love, and fun and turned it into Death Metal and Satanic Rock. Look at Eminem who brought cross-dressing into the culture and now Mackelmore bringing homosexual anthems into the culture. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO!!!!, Look at an Ancient Egypt before the invaders came in and look at her after, they take great pride in fucking up other peoples culture.

    • XXX

      Do u know most white people? Do u know most black people? No, u just talk out ur ass

  • Wu Tang

    Talk to the Genius take us the fuck outta here

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    First release classics and groupalbums and then talk!

  • Anonymous

    who cares. Kendrick is overrated and looks gay. He should start a Boyband.

  • T-Raw

    I think the Suge Knight comment was more because they're coming out of compton and not so much the fact that Top Dawg is black, but that's just my opinion I didn't read the GQ article so i could be wrong

    • Anonymous

      ive seen this comment before and that dont mean shit suge gets knocked out cold on the regular!! people with respect dont get dropped by nobodies in they own state

    • Dave

      ^If your not from our state... Suge Knight actually drives around by himself in a low rider. If you drive around long enough you will seem him around most hoods in So Cal. I dont know of any other famous person who goes around with that much respect!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      suge knight is not black just a light skin mothafucka tryin too hard to act like he's black

  • fuccya

    Well, fuck GQ then and fuck TDE too.

  • ok

    Kendrick should diss the whole tde crew for not respecting him.

  • A.H.

    Kendrick IS Top Dawg. They're mid-level at best without him until the rest of the crew starts dropping quality albums. Tiffith pulling Kendrick from the GQ show is bold but not necessarily wrong. If there was conflict between him and Kendrick in order to arrive at this, Tiffith might be overplaying his hand. Kendrick really holds the power here, so TDE needs to up their game and prove their worth to a talent like Kendrick. He has the rap game in a vice and could be even bigger given a better team. Hell, LeBron fled Cleveland and now is winning championships.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick didn't make cookie cutter music and went platinum. Only reason Macklemore sold is because of his gay rights stance and his poppy singles.

    • Anonymous

      Got the game in a vice? lol Macklemore sold more than he did. Guess that means he's got the game in a sleeper hold.

  • osagz

    When GQ is crowning rappers *sigh*. I like what Top Dawg said.

  • Anonymous

    This is funny. Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith is totally the next Suge Knight. Were gonna hear a story about him dangling Riff Raff off a balcony within months. Watch.

  • Ja Rule Army

    top 5 worst trolls 1. quote man 2. the Anally Pussified Anon Guy (Anonymous & :^) who says "Everything You Say Is BULLSHIT LIES" and "Haha Good Joke" 3. the drake troll 4. dentaldmboy 5. bruthadee

  • Kizman

    The streets use to tell us when an album was a classic like illmatic, OBFCL, Ready to Die, Get rich or Die trying. Now you have Hipsters and people who have only been listening to hip hop for 5 years and the so called Hip Hop Nerds, since it's the cool thing now, tell us what is a classic. Some of these people are Hipsters and Hip Hop Nerds and their insight of Hip Hop Culture is through concerts and Laptops from their safe Condos. And might never understand why people in Oakland love E-40, Gucci Mane in Altanta. And don't even have black friends that might give them a real understanding of black culture, so now we have less knowledgeable journalists who have the means and connections writing about Hip Hop. These good old days of the Source and XXL are gone when they got their information from the streets. Not from Hipsters who love East Coast rap and Jay Z, but can never understand a Devin the Dude and Scarface from the South!

  • Benzino Goon Squad

    You know what is disrespectful? Kendrick's existence is disrespectful to humanity. He should kill himself. #BGS2014

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    I'll tell you what's in a "Negative light" and "disrespectful" I ordered Kendrick's Section 80 CD from TDE website and this clown sent me a used scratched up copy, nicely decorated with finger prints. Thanks Dirt Dog

  • Anonymous

    fuck tde and fuck k dot royal fam phil ade flex kartel for the 2014 til forever

  • Nick T

    Gibbs and Big Krit > Kendrick Kendrick is so overrated. Hes ok, his Maad City album was dope, but hes not gonna save Hip Hop. Hip Hop doesnt need to be saved. There are still tons of great rappers all over the place, people just want to dwell on the wack ones.

  • keylonjackson

    Mayne Lolll ... kendrick killed his own team like a king Ab-soul knew this midget was stupid

  • Anonymous

    TDE records is in the spotlight and messing up. first, it was absoul saying he doesnt like kendrick lamar and black hippy on magazines, now this. if GQ is disrespectful, take that L on the low and move on to the next thing to benefit your label. at least, kendrick being on the cover gained him some fans, didnt it.


      The music media is pushing so hard for Kendrick to be the guy it's sad. Dude is nice but not the game changer he's made out to be. I assume that Dr. Dre stamp had alot to do with this fascination. Good kid was a great album but I doubt people will still revere it in two years. Let's be real, his appeal is already starting to fade.

    • ^

      first, ab soul says he doesn't like: kendrick and black hippy on magazines. ur comprehension skills is zero.

    • Anonymous

      your comprehension skills are lacking. Ab Soul never said he didnt like k. dot and black hippy. He said he didnt like them saying "Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy". That equates him, as well as Q and Rock to being back up singers. And take the L on the low? Are you crazy? do you have no pride in yourself? No man with any dignity would sacrifice self respect for a few fans. Fans can be taken from you but self respect cant. And if you dont show people they dont respect you then they wont.

  • Anonymous

    TDE records is in the spotlight and messing. first, it was absoul saying he doesnt like kendrick lamar and black hippy on magazines, now this. if GQ is disrespectful, take that L on the low and move the next thing to benefit your label. at least, kendrick being on the cover gained him some fans, didnt it.

  • Ben Preezy

    "We about to get uncalm." lol. Kendrick started all that drama after his control verse, but GQ is just perpetuating everything. I think TDE made the right call saying fuck them. That man of the year party should be krunk without the man of the year

  • genoO

    same niggas who smile and feel good when they hear someone tell them. "you speak very well for a Black person" they start off with the absolute lowest expectations of you and are amazed when you don't fit their preconceived stereotypes.

  • ARO

    Of course tha interview was gonna have a racial undertone, Its GQ magazine for fucks sake, tha majority of tha readers are girls n guys tht only care about mainstream pop culture. N we all know how main stream culture treats people who keep it real.... I.E. Kat Williams, Dave Chappel, Tupac.....

  • Anonymous

    Niggas don't read GQ, and GQ isn't in tune with hip-hop outside of Eminem and Jay-Z, so he should have known better than to break bread with them. I don't know why he's surprised.

  • drake55

    smh gq magazine, all black rappers ain't violent and gangsters

  • rene2812

    fucking racists, black people ain't all violents, FUCK a GQ

  • jasonnns

  • 666

  • 666

  • crazy chain saws

  • qfffe

    I still can't believe that they made a link between black rappers and violence...


    typo in the second to last paragraph. You wrote "singing isaiah rashad and SZA" it should have been signing isaiah rashad and SZA.

  • Anonymous

    smh that journalist should be fired

    • thechosenoneandtwo

      He was bias in the article. He let his opinion of hip hop influence his writing. A lot of journalists do that even though they tell you not to.

  • Fixit

    top dawg is an old gangster who cleaned up his money to build his label, he shouldn't be mad when someone talks about violence and gangs.

  • krusty

    white journalist who doesn't like hip hop and black music, nothing new

  • jturner

    good move, that shit was full of racism

  • pauliedee

    this journalist was an idiot, he thought all black rappers were gangstas.

  • yeah

    Sounds like the GQ article was bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    "Real hip-hop heads don't care about GQ anyways" I bet you framed the cover, nerd.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe his label will drop him. Thank god.

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha GQ gives KL a ton of free press, and his Tiffith wants to turn it into something negative? Magazines always put a spin on things to sell more copies. Was he born yesterday?

    • bob

      I mostly agree. I think the exposure was positive overall for mr. lamar besides the wack clothes he was in. Most people wouldn't have been aware of the article. TDE has hurt themselves and their artist by choosing not to honor their commitment to appear at the GQ event. IMHO it would've been more mature to express their displeasure with the article and do the event. GQ is bigger than one journalist. Now, they likely have burned a relationship that they could have built on.

    • and

      and? free press isn't always good press. and unlike the old saying, all press is NOT good press. this is definitely a negative, and little comments like the ones he mentioned are slights and backhanded insults that go over people's heads like yourself who think that free shit is always beneficial. there's no such thing as a free lunch.

  • biootchi

    someone had to do it, the magazine was very disrespectful for hip hop, that racism...

  • Anonymous

    There are "SOME" people in the dominant society, i.e. "some not all" white folks who are so out of touch with other cultures and ethnicities that all they have to go on is what is perpetuated on the news, in social circles and on tv. Negative portrayals of brothers who work hard to come out of poverty and crime with honor and dignity and no hand outs are often stereotyped along with "niggas not real black men" by "some" of these nerdy white/jewish people who are never forced to interact with other cultures at work or socially. Men of color cannot tolerate this ignorance anymore. #SALUTE

  • Anonymous

    I think Top Dawg is overreacting a bit. I don't think the author of that article intended any disrespect. Man people are too damned sensitive these days.

    • Anyu

      Whether he intended for it to be disrespectful or not is beside the point. The fact of the matter is the the article is very racist and offensive to hip hop enthusiast period. It is totally belittling to a culture that is generating billions of dollars in revenue. So you're telling me Top Dawg cant just be a successful businessman who happens to be black? He must basically be a "Suge Knight". Get the fuck out of here!

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    Errr....Kendrick called "nerdy" by a metrosexual magazine....ouch.....all u "real hip hop" heads are probably having heart attacks

  • Anonymous

    phuck GQ anyway, that magazine fell the fuck off a long time ago

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