Childish Gambino Says "Rappers Don't Want To Be Rappers"

Childish Gambino continues to say he doesn't consider himself a rapper.

Childish Gambino, who appeared on "Arsenio" recently, discussed his status as an emcee on the television program. According to Gambino, the rapper tag is a label he'd rather not place on himself. 

ldquo;I don’t consider myself a rapper," Gambino said during the "Arsenio" interview. "I don’t think I’m a rapper. I can rap, but I don’t think I’m a rapper. I want to do a bunch of stuff.”

Gambino said that other rappers feel similarly regarding the "rapper" title.

“Rappers don’t want to be rappers," he said. "They don't. It’s true. Every rapper I talk to says they want to do this or that. They're usually artists who want to do a bunch of stuff. I don’t think any rapper wants to be just a rapper.”

Aside from his work in music, Gambino has also been an actor, a television program writer and a comic. Gambino has acted in NBC's "Community." He's written for NBC's "30 Rock." Gambino also had a Comedy Central stand-up special. 

Gambino recently also mentioned that he does not wish to be labeled during an interview with New York radio station Power 105.1.

"I just don’t want to be labeled," Gambino said. "I also don’t want—I don’t like working for other people. Lena Dunham she works for her. She writes that show ['Girls']. That’s her thing. I don’t think there’s a lot of people in my position—They gave me a show. They wouldn’t give a rapper a show. They wouldn’t give A$AP a show. I don’t want to be a rapper. When Kanye talks about the glass ceiling being there of like, ‘I can’t do anything because they see me as a rapper.’ Like that’s my superpower.”

Childish Gambino is prepping the releases of his upcoming Rap album, because the internet. The project is set to hit stores December 10. 

More of Gambino's interview with Arsenio Hall can be viewed below.

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  • kalie

    Thanks for posting the interview. He also gave a great performance of "Shadows" while he was on Arsenio's show. Really looking forward to buying his new album next month.

  • devious

    this nigga has written for a major network acted on a major network and his stand up special for comedy central was funny as fuck and he manages make an album an go on tour this nigga is not just a rapper hes a entrepreneur if anything

  • MC Gui

    Fuck Arsenio that nigga's mad irrelevant

  • JUST

    I guess since hes doin actin, expect to hear... "I act but im not a actor"...

  • JUST


    • Anonymous

      co-sign, am tired of some of these new age rappers talking about how they want to do more than just be rappers when they haven't even perfected their art

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    When you think you're bigger then the music and the culture you're bound to fail... SMFH! Spoken like a true lame! These clowns are having an identity crisis and don't even know it!

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  • Anonymous

    So if he's a rapper does that mean he wants to be a rapper or doesn't he or is he a rapper who raps but doesn't want to be because he's a rapper who raps but if he doesnt want to be a rapper and is rapping then who raps the rapper with raps

  • Evd

    Holy shit ya'll are stupid mother fuckers. He's talking about how he doesn't want to be pigeonholed into being one thing. And that he doesn't want to be label as a rapper because rappers only rap where this isnt the case for him...


    Childish Gambino acts like a childish bitch ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    fuck a rapper i want true mcs

  • True2HipHop

    I don't like these garbage acts who come out the blue when labels say they need them to turn around & then say i'm not a rapper but I rap (WTF)? This is regarding Tranny James & CG. If you don't want to be just known as a rapper then get out the game. Plus we, fan's don't need to hear you're emo trash want to be raps anyway or someone like Tranny talking about molly & dressing like a girl. I hope Maino get at the lame. If you don't want to be known as a rapper then don't rap, step away from the mic & allow someone who actually gives a shit about the culture of MCing to get their shine. I know most people get in the game with other ambitions but if you won't respect the title that got you into the famous status you hold why have done it in the first place. It makes no sense.

  • sxxx4

  • Dr. Dre

    Dude sucks. Mickey mouse ass invader zim loving motha fucker

  • Wiggawitfiggas

    dude is a straight fag

  • Donald Glover: PLEASE READ!

    Good grief what an emo bitch! Look nigga, it's like this: if your ass is walking down the street, than you're a walker. If your ass is sleeping, you're a sleeper. If your ass is singing a rap song, than you're a rapper. This dude is acting like a 13 year old girl who shops at Hot Topic and somehow thinks she's different from the girl who shops at Hollister. Both of you are just little bitches buying clothes at the mall. Get over yourself. Bitch.

    • wds

      that's a straight fire ass analogy. but what about rappers who actually do shit outside of rap like jay-z or will smith. are they gay 13 year old goth wannabes as well or did they actually learn how to sacrifice a goat and some shit to do that shit for real?

    • Anonymous

      Ya, he's talking about rappers wanting to be designers and video directors instead of rappers. Like how a 13 year old girl wants to be a Goth instead of just a lame ass 13 year old girl, when really she's just a lame ass 13 year old girl. In my analogy, all rappers are the 13 year old girls who want to be goths but are, in reality, just a bunch of lame ass 13 year old girls. Get it?

    • Anonymous

      You have no clue, do you? He's talking about rappers in the technical aspect of rapping, not all this outside shit.

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for Cash Money, I can confirm that a documentary starring Birdman will be released in January 2014. It details the life & career of Brian "Baby" Williams and how he influenced other legendary rappers such as Rakim, Kool G. Rap, and Big Daddy Kane. Birdman, myself, and Ronald "Slim" Williams executive produced the film; I also directed it & wrote the screenplay. YMCMB - we run the game by the clit.

  • B. Rabbit

    He's right to a certain extent. A majority of rappers don't engage in battles or have no affinity for competition. There's so much comraderie amongst them that it's sickening. Rapper A puts out a diss record aimed at Rapper B, then Rapper B responds on twitter backpedaling any previous comments he made towards Rapper A. By the time you know it, both rappers have been battling on twitter, and then, a pic of them will appear on Instagram hugged up next to each other @ the bar sipping daquiris.

  • Anonee

    Look up in the sky nigga. See who's up in the sky nigga. It's Ja Rule nigga. And he about to poop on you nigga. #JaRulePoopsOnYallNiggas

  • rabbit mask devils 666

  • Anonymous

    I hope his next album is better and has more substance

  • RSX

    I've been working in the music industry for a minute, and one thing I've noticed is that a lot of the underling, "grindin" guys trying to make it...they live the rap life for real. It's all they know, and they're too uneducated to know to do anything else. I'm the outlier in my office with a college degree

  • Anonymous

    Rappers wanna be ballers, ballers wanna be rappers

  • Anonymous

    Chad will Chill bro rape with the black dildo on Youtube. Look that up tell me who do you see.

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