Hopsin Says Trinidad James Is "The Most Garbage" Rapper Ever

Hopsin says "Trinidad James is the most garbage piece of rapper that has ever existed on the face of the Earth."

Hopsin, who is readying the November 26 release of his upcoming album Knock Madness, recently spoke about Trinidad James' comments regarding New York Rap during an interview with xxlmag.com. The Funk Volume emcee and co-founder also spoke about Trinidad James' status in Rap and his skill level as he sees it.

"Trinidad James is the most garbage piece of rapper that has ever existed on the face of the Earth," Hopsin said in an interview with xxlmag.com. "His opinion is like a newborn baby saying it’s the king of the world as far as fighting and it would whoop Bruce Lee’s ass. Like, c’mon now. What do you know about anything?"

This was regarding James' quote that the South runs New York musically, a comment he made earlier this week. 

Hopsin, who hails from Panorama City, California, also addressed Atlanta, Georgia's status in Hip Hop during the interview. 

"Atlanta might be making moves and all that," Hop said. "There may be rappers who come out of there, but that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean that they are dope. If you break down the real formula, a lot of the dudes coming out there ain’t even really dope. They just got beats that bang. It’s the same shit that’s repetitive. That’s what the industry likes and that’s what being signed. It doesn’t mean its fucking dope. Go bar and bar. Put somebody a capella. Play one of their a capellas. Look at their lyrics. It ain’t changing nobody’s life. They ain’t doing nothing. They are not impressing anybody. It’s just the beats." 

Hopsin further clarified his stance regarding Trinidad James in the interview, noting his opinion of James' emcee skills. 

"I heard people say that he even knows he’s wack," Hopsin said. "If he knows he’s wack, why would you take his opinion seriously? It’s a joke if he knows he’s that wack and he’s not trying to get better and just runs with [it]. If he’s satisfied with being wack, [then] his opinion isn’t that valid. He ain’t ripping shit and saying that. If he was killing the game, and if he was dope all around, I’d be like, 'OK, maybe he’s right.' He has not one bar that is even impressive at all. Catchiness and dope are two different things. I could say, 'Pooping in the studio! Pooping in the studio!' That could be catchy and somewhat dope, but that doesn’t mean it’s dope. That’s why I hate wack rappers so much." 

Hopsin has been critical of other rappers this year. This was particularly highlighted in the release of "Hop Is Back," a selection that included disses towards Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. During an October interview with HipHopDX, Hopsin clarified his stance on West. 

“I’m a Kanye West fan,” Hop said. “I like Kanye West. I like a lot of his old stuff so, you know, it’s not [like I’m not a fan]. But he’s on some bullshit now. He’s on some straight up [bullshit]. I’m not the only one that thinks this but it’s not even about what other people think. I just know what the fuck I think. Yeah, he’s on some bullshit.”

During the interview, published soon after the release of "Hop Is Back," the FV rapper also clarified his stance regarding Kendrick Lamar and his "Control" verse.

“I’m glad Kendrick did that,” Hopsin said of the "Control" verse. “I hope it made other rappers [feel] like, ‘Oh shit, we gotta step our game up.’ That’s good. I’m glad that he fucking did that. That’s a great move. I don’t hate Kendrick Lamar. I’ve got nothing against him. I listen to his stuff from time to time. He’s not a guy that I’m trying to go to war with. I’m not saying that I’m fearing it like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to go to war.’ He’s a West Coast artist. He’s doing his shit. I’m not hating on him. But, it’s the Rap game. He knows it and says the same. It’s the Rap game. Rappers are gonna be fucking rappers." 

Hopsin was also recently critical of Lord Jamar's comments regarding White people and homosexuality within Hip Hop

“Some stupid rapper dude was on and I saw an interview," Hopsin said during an interview with Hard Knock TV. I don’t know how I came across it, but he was talking about like Macklemore and pushing the [gauge] and being white and telling white people to stay in their lane. And, you know, I’m just about humans being equal. Everybody is equal. That shouldn’t even be brought up. That’s racist. Like that’s so foul. That’s equivalent to a white guy going, ‘Why are you in this fucking bathroom? You’re fucking black. Don’t ever [over]step your boundaries.’ When you hear somebody talk like that it gives you chills. Like, ‘Woah, is this mothafucka serious right now?’ It’s 2013 and somebody’s really talking like this right now…Whoever that dude was, whatever the fuck he was talking, anybody can do whatever the fuck they want to do. If Macklemore wants to push for gay rights, why can’t he?”

Hopsin is prepping the unveiling of his upcoming Knock Madness album, set to be released via Funk Volume this month.

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  • Terry Dow Jr.

    Hopsin Will destroy Trinidad James and anybody that's down with him!!!!

  • Tasty Pete

    If you "break down the formula", Hopsin is a fucking idiot.

  • KayDot

    WTF is a Hopsin?if you want me to take you serious take those lame ass contacts out,fake ass super lupe rapper!The Struggle rappers always have the most to say,nobody asked you shit,take yo ass back to panorama city & put them on the map.

  • ola

    i think Hopsin needs to leave the commenting to other rappers, cos no matter how many long words or use of syllables he execute..he's still corny as fuck.. 2nd if James admits he's whack..but people bump his shit and pay for his records, why the fuck you gonna knock his hustle..more power to him...but he a damn fool for the NY comments. Back to Hopsin...dude is as corny as Macklemore eto me.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I'll be honest, I never heard one song from this nigga. But from the interviews of his that I've read, he always tells it like it is. He says what a lot of niggas don't have the balls to say, and he doesn't say it in a malicious way. It's just a relief to hear a motherfucker in the rap game actually telling the truth about something.

  • George

    i just want hopsin to go the fuck away. he raps are like political campaign ads, throwing dirt on the other guy. saying everyone else sucks doesn't make you nice my man, no matter how many suburban preteens you have riding your sack.

  • Anonymous

    "Hopsin Says Trinidad James Is "The Most Garbage" Rapper Ever".....takes 1 to know 1! where the hell tony yayo?


    I Agree!!!!!!100%%%%%%%%

  • allen eatter

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  • chucks meat shop 666

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  • Grittie

    Why is he even conversation?

  • COCA


  • WS XV3 Gang, E'z up!

    Funny thing is, all ya'll is garbage rappers nowadays. Bunch of fruitcake so called rappers running around in the game looking gay as fuck.

  • John-Boy

    I smiled when he mentioned hearing rappers on acapella. Want to know just how bad your favorite rapper really is? Take away the beat and listen to just them. You will be shocked at how horrible a lot of these dudes really are.

  • Golf Wang

    Tyler ended Hopsin's career!!!

  • Garbage Cuisine

    Hopsin to James: "Hello, Garbage" James to Hopsin: What up, Garbage??"

  • Anonymous

    He makes no sense... "there might be rappers coming out of there....but that doesn't mean theyre dope".. Atlanta is full of thousands of rappers. If youre getting attention then PEOPLE think youre "dope". Its his opinion and while i respect that i dont respect this dude constantly trashing artist like he is this god mc. Lyrically he may be better than James but thats about it..

    • Anonymous

      @anonymous 2 you'll have to excuse anonymous 1. his reading comprehension skills haven't been the same since he used to secretly ingest asbestos as a baby.

    • Anonymous

      to the ignorant nigga posting hatred about Hopsin...let me tell u something u dumb shit...French Montana is from Bronx u fuckin cunt

    • Anonymous

      Cheef keef GARBAGE french montana barley has anything out last I knew but then again I'm not with hollywood rap unless it's got Dr. Dre or eminem on it anything else is shit as far as I'm concerned T.I. was good till his new album dropped now he's on that whack shit. Dre and eminem are about the only ones that sign rappers that actually make GOOD MUSIC techno,dirty south shit is over rated and has bullshit for lyrics.

    • Anonymous

      minus Gucci Mane becuz he is from ATL

    • Anonymous

      "Hopsin makes a lot of sense, youre just dumb" So what the fuck makes a rapper good? What the fuck makes them "dope" as Hopsin says. Don't give me that lyricism bull shit because there have been plenty non atl rappers that weren't great lyricist but are having good careers thus far...Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, Kid Cudi, French Montana, the list goes on..but I guess nobody thinks theyre dope? yet they sell more than hopsin. I dont think any of these rappers are good at rapping but they have a following that cares enough to support their music. Name one rapper that nobody has said sucks? Hell I've heard people on here say Kdot is overrated. People act like you gotta be this great lyricist to be worthy of attention..there are a lot of other things that contribute to a successful song..Dickhead

    • Anonymous

      hopsin sucks.

    • Anonymous

      Hopsin makes a lot of sense, you're just dumb. There's a lot of rappers from Atlanta and not all of them are good. Getting attention doesn't make them good either. Hopsin's just saying something we've all been saying about Trinidad James since he became famous. The nigga sucks, period.

    • Anonymous

      By dope he means a skilled rapper. Not a hit maker.

  • LUH2H8

    man Trinidad James got bars my dude. He's like an old rock star. There lyrics are sometimes questionable but they still can rip that shit when the music comes on. He was cursed by blowing up to quickly on not having enough substance to back it up so people want to take their shots now but his shit will continue to improve and he already has the world watching, doesn't he?

  • Anonymous

    > Trinidad James is trying to back track his way out of this and cop a plea. He said " if anybody wants a problem then bring it" Until Maino spoke up, now he wants to say he was talking about the fans not the rappers. Lol. He wants to pretend to act crazy but now he sobered up all of the sudden. Lol

  • Anonymous

    What does this guy know about anything? he didn't know who Lord Jamar is. Trinidad James never said he runs NY, he said the south. This guy is a bigger joke, if you listen to what james says, he knows his shit despite not being the best rapper.

    • Fish

      I have to agree. James is fuckin awful, but what he said about New York not supporting New York sounding artists and biting off the south is true. If Jay-Z was a new artists today, he would only be movinf 30-40000 units of any release.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody knows who Lord Jamar is because he did the worst in the entire Brand Nubian group. Puba & Sadat were the stars bro. Hopsin would lyrically murder most of your favorite rappers nowadays.

  • nope

    The most garbage rappers are: Memphis Bleek Macklemore Bow Wow Soulja Boy

  • Prick James

    All Gold Everything shits on anything Lil B and Chief Keef have ever done, so I reject that deposit.

    • KayDot

      cathedral!T.james just spit game moreso than rap,I can accept that over lil b!is the goal to be the dopest & brokest?Hopsin ain't have an NY show to rant at!

  • Anonymous

    I mean... he's not lying tho.

  • Anonymous

    starting to really like this Hopsin kid...

  • Anonymous

    This gimmick wear contacts...and wants to be takin' seriously...

  • aria

    nigga still talking shit about people

    • Anonymous

      You mean speaking the truth about this new shit they call rap there's nothing good in rap right now except eminem and kdot everyone else is on that bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    He must not have heard Joe Budden Rap

  • Anonymous

    Folks...Who Is The Nigg? I mean really...Who Is This? Is this what we have come to? Smmh...Who Is This? Hip Hop is dead, I MEAN REALLY!!! Folks... Just LOOK At This man, then look at the Nigg hes speaking about (Trini)....r.i.p HIP HOP ITS OVA!!!

    • r1cka1me1da

      your on a Hip-Hop website, Hopsin is the definition of Hip-Hop...he spits ill verses and makes his own beats and directs his own videos...people call eminem one of the greatest ever, thats who Hopsin idolized and got all his influence from, Hopsin sounds like eminem in his prime..calling it garbage because he wears contacts (something a legend like Method Man did in the past) is retarded, leave Hip-Hop if your gonna judge a nigga before even listenin to his rhymes

    • Dora

      its shit music stupid...you're logic is why music is fucked

    • Diego

      i usually dont comment but your comment was extremely ridiculous. you sound upset. its just music... its for everyone not just you

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • Sambo Lives

    These clowns are getting bolder by the seconds. We can look at this mark and see his female traits. Hopsin picked a few battles he knows he can win. Also, his opponents are drowning in bad publicity. Have this fruit ever engaged a real nicca? Did I miss his insight on the Gucci twitter rant? Did he bless us with his opinion about Wu and The Rza comments? Did I miss his Gayme vs 40 Glocc newscast? Is there a link on his opinion about 50 and his legal issue? This feminine sweetheart wants attention like most females.



  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for Cash Money, I can confirm that a documentary starring Birdman will be released in January 2014. It details the life & career of Brian "Baby" Williams and how he influenced other legendary rappers such as Rakim, Kool G. Rap, and Big Daddy Kane. Birdman, myself, and Ronald "Slim" Williams executive produced the film; I also directed it & wrote the screenplay. YMCMB - we run the game by the clit.

    • Dollface

      As an accountant for own my goddamn self, y'all clowns are a fucking disease on the comments section. Fuck outta here.

    • dentaldamboy

      It won't flop. Birdman invested 20 million dollars into this film, so it's estimated to do 50 times the movie's budget, so ha! Plus, there's a scene where Birdman is shown chilling @ the pizzeria that Rakim used to work at and showed him how to rap.

    • Don Dutch

      That shit gonna flop harder than rich gang, dont een respond you lil bitch

    • Ja Rule Army [dentaldamboy is my son]

      That's its you're gonna get whipped by this belt

    • dentaldamgirl

      Wrong again dentalbitch! You don't write a screenplay for a documentary, fucknut. But then again what more to expect from a YMCMB groupie who swallows Weezy's nuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin has no problem bashing ppl...he got the lyrical advantage

  • Anonymous

    Seriously someone teach him how to facial scrub on that mound of shit he calls a nose. It's 4 different shades of brown in that pic.

    • Anonymous

      Haha what a dumb bastard, thinking common sense hygiene is "fashion advice". What a dumb piece of shit. don't worry I've heard this faggy shock rapper's music, and it sucks ass.

    • Anonymous

      Don't give other men fashion advice bro. Listen to the music instead dumbass

  • What

    For the first time hopsin is right Trinidad James is trash and West is making BS music right now he fell out, he is wrong on being Gay no one should be gay it back wards

  • steez

    I didn't even read this article. But fuck whatever Hopsin has to say. I've seen one video of his and all he does is put colored contacts in and try to be Tyler the Creator. Trinidad James may be a trash rapper, but at least he is entertaining. I'm not sure why this website has such terribly uninteresting stories. If I want to hear about Rappers Twitter beefing, I'd get a Twitter. Also...can we all move on from Kendrick's Control verse??? Why are people still reacting to that? Can you guys at HHDX find some interesting things to write about?

    • geez

      can I smash my head seems like fun

    • Jake C

      "I didn't read any of this, but here's what I think about this." You are the worst kind of faggot.

    • Andres Tardio

      @steez do me a favor and smash your head against a brick wall for about an hour until you black the fuck out. that's what I wanted to do when I read what the fuck you just wrote. fucking dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      Except Hopsin's been doing it longer than Tyler...so who's trying to be who? Trinidad James is interesting? Boy...sit the fuck down.

  • 614grind

    It won't be long before we read an article about Hopsin getting smacked.

  • tommy

    sick of these rappers and people on about lyrics, alot of people don't wanna be bored with dictionary lyrics, making out like just cuz it's bounce music n shit it ain't good, there's more to a good song than big words and so called lyrics. For me half the time it's boring as shit, long words with nothing to it.

    • Anonymous

      @Tardio Drake makes man law violation music and is a corny ass dude but he does have some clever lines and that was my way dumbing down my point to tommy who has a narrow minded idea of what lyricism is.

    • Andres Tardio

      @Anon drake and all those other talented rappers you just mentioned should NOT be mentioned in the same sentence, homie.

    • Anonymous

      You are one of those narrow minded listeners that think you have to use big words to be lyrical. That would mean Drake, Redman, Ludacris, Scarface, Bun B or even Biggie or Pac shouldn't be considered lyrical when they are.

    • 614grind

      Lyrics ain't all about big words, it's about original thoughts that connect with the listener. It's about saying something that is quotable. Scarface is one of the dopest lyricist in Hip Hop history and didn't do a bunch of fancy lyrical acrobatics.

  • geewiz

    Hopsin is LAME and makes no sense.. 1) Hopsin isn't as big as he thinks. HHDX & Hopsin are gasin Hopsin. 2) James isn't some groundbreaking artist, true and I think his time will be up soon less he makes another hit but more people know trinidad james than his ass. While the beat was good, I think his song was more of a hit because of the video and his lyrics ("Pop a molly. I'm sweatin"). 3) Lyricism doesn't equal better. If so... Cannibus, Black Thought, etc would be on Lil Wayne level. 4)This is the entertainment business..which means your job is to entertain so if people find trinidad entertaining than hell be successful. Yeah you right..who cares what Trinidad James thinks? Follow up question...Who gives a fuck what Hopsin Thinks? Wait, better question...Who is Hopsin?

  • Anonymous

    move more records than james then talk other than that you like perez Hilton famous for talking shit

    • you know what..

      i actually agree with the repliers but,, yall some hiphhop snobs and shit..nobody give a fuck about your opinion.... stop trying to challenge another mans opinion..... you probally the same guys that hyped up marshal mather 14 15 years ago and wanna front like hes wack now

    • Anonymous

      Hopsin's also moved more units than Trinidad. Know about what it is you speak of. Dumb fuck.

    • Anonymous

      Wack theory that because you sell more records you deserve more respect. MC Hammer sold more than Ice Cube back in the day. If Cube said something about Hammer back then, would you say "Cube, shut up until you sell more than Hammer?" No, you wouldn't.

  • Anonymous

    hopsins nose has been brought to you by silly putty

  • Real shit

    Y'all should go hear Bun B talk o. This shit and stop being lames

  • Anonymous

    At least Hopsin says what everyone else with functioning ears think.

  • Anonymous

    So is Hopsin himself.

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin might technically be ale to rhyme words together but his content, presentation and overall vibe are the corniest thing I've seen in rap for a long time. I'd honestly rather listen to Trinidad James, TJ is retarded so he cant help what he is, Hopsin on the other hadn is a weirdo nerd by choice.

  • Anonymous

    The most evil thing is this nigga's nose in the pic on the front page. Does he ever clean it?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why is this white kid Hopsin wearing BlackFace? Trinidad James aint gots to be a great MC as long as he makes music for the clubs and the strip joints. Nobody is calling a weirdo like Hopsin wack because hes a wannabee Eminem clone with a corny style and corny raps that are not compatible with social activities. No other website even gives this clown a mention, HipHopDx is funded by Eminem so they spam this cornball like he is an actual factor while ignoring true Mcs that dont get the attention they deserve.

    • OTP

      LOL u say they ignore true mcs, but then say it don't matter that tj is wack cuz he is a club rapper. Wack= Not true MC So what the fuck u care if they show articles on Hopsin

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Looks like my random anonymous words on your computer screen caused an emotional response in you....got money, got friends, not a loser but got an opinion that will make you type in all-caps.

    • Anonymous



    preach HOP!

  • Letloosethetruth

    This big nose devil eyes creep hopsin got alotta nerve he is trash. I guess he gained a couple white fans by being a uncle tom

  • Anonymous

    Hop ain't lying, though.

  • Anonymous

    the true fact is, even if Trinidad james is the worst rapper alive...people are buying his shit! if the people aint buying his shit, then his wackiness speaks for itself, but obviously ppl don't care, which is sad.

    • Huh?

      Who's buying T James' shit? He ain't even dropped an album yet. You're a sad soul if you take James seriously, dude's a youtube rapper who got views cuz he looked like a moron and a joke turned into a catchy song that got him some shine. He epitomizes everything that is wrong with hiphop nowadays

  • nuc

    Hop really has alot to offer the Game. sure hope once Knock MADNESS drops he gets his look! Good on em for hopping in the news as much as he can the last few weeks, all exposure is good exposure before the album drops.

  • P

    Willie Lynch In Hip Hop Has Hit It's Peak......If Youre in postion to have lots of people listen to your music shut the fuck up with all the interviews and opinions and put that shit on a record. Most Rappers probably get more hits on interviews than listens on their songs...All Yall Sound like girls bickering over bullshit stop letting these radio host and interviewers gas u up

  • The-Devil

    I agree with Hopsin, why make stupid and shitty "artists" famous? Fuck em. Lil B, Chief Keef, Trinidad James, Lil wayne, all this new generation rap is ruining it. Its sad. Atleast Hopsin has lyrics, not shit like 'doh' etc.

  • Hopit

    Sorry Hop, but I have to disagree. Lil' B is the wackest rapper ever!

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin kills it on a skateboard too but you dont hear him rapping about it on every song like that poser Lil Wayne

  • imho

    i like hospin. i got to check out more of his shit he seems level headed and knows wtf hes doing/talking about. support.

  • Anonymous

    starting to like this guy. he aint scared to speak his mind and keep it real.

  • Anonymous

    he may be right. soulja boy got better songs than trinidad james.

    • Eroch

      Hahaha, Soulja Boy doesn't have 'better' anything. He's a joke, always has been, always will be. "Watt me crank it, watt me roll..." Dude doesn't even know how to pronounce "watch." Speaking of "watch," you gotta love Trinidad's amazingly sophisticated line, "Gold all in my watch; don't believe me just watch." Atlanta rap is amazingly intricate, deep, meaningful, and with superbly talented songwriters. No. Not really. Atlanta rap is trash. Simple beats for simple minds.

  • Chris L

    I'm not a fan of Hopsin's music, but I agree with him on the Lord Jamar stuff. As a Korean-American, I've dealt with racism from an early age, but I'm thankful for it cuz it shaped me as a human being. That being said, it kills me when black people are super racist. U of all people should know how awful it is to be discriminated against for ur color, so why perpetuate it? Wake up. Let's build instead of destroy. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    Knoc madness gonna be 1 of the best albums of 2013

  • Anonymous

    Wait... other people realize the dude is garbage?

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