Action Bronson Responds To Trinidad James' Comments About New York

Action Bronson weighs in on the Trinidad James controversy via Twitter.

Trinidad James made headlines yesterday (November 12) when he got on stage in New York City and claimed that Atlanta runs New York Rap.

New York rapper Maino quickly responded today (November 13) with threats towards James.

Now, another New York emcee has responded.

Action Bronson took to Twitter, first making rather vague tweets without referencing the Trinidad James incident:

Bronson then reference Maino, making it clear he was addressing Trinidad James:

During the concert, Trinidad James said, “I remember when New York ran this shit, dog. When Dipset was fuckin turned the fuck up. Oh my God. I gotta wear my bandana on tilt like Juelz. What the fuck happened, dog? What happened? I remember when New York rap was the shit. And us in the South, us bammas, we was like ‘what the fuck’ and we just did our own thing. But now we run y’all musically. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. That’s crazy, my nigga. That’s crazy. I’m not trying to start nothing, but if you want to do something we can do something cause I don’t give a fuck. I looked up to New York music. And now every nigga that’s really poppin’ out of New York, you might as well tell they from Atlanta. ‘He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta.’ I’m just putting it out there. Y’all got more bloggers—y’all got niggas interviewing more popular than niggas that’s rapping.”

Action Bronson was, in fact, one the artists Trinidad James referenced as artists who "keep it real in NY and get no support" when he clarified his statements via Twitter.

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  • Damien

    NY is a funny place though. I live here and I make beats, I stick to vinyl samples, I keep it NY. Anyway, I tried to work with some local cats, this puerto rican kid I was messing with asked me to make him a chopped & screwed beat, I was like "Wtf lol?" After that I couldn't even fuck with him anymore, it became very clear that homey doesn't know shit about hip hop and he just wants to imitate wack rappers. It is hard to make real NY rap, the bar is way higher (no pun intended), it takes some real skill. Its easier to just make up words and rap to a slow ass beat rapping about nothing in particular, its like comparing deep poetry to some Dr. Seuss shit, you can write an entire song on a piece of napkin while eating at Subway. The problem is NY is money oriented and ever since these down south rappers started making money doing songs with little or no effort it made every wanna' be mc try his hand at rap, "oh I can do that" mentality, its hard to duplicate what real rappers do but these down south cats lowered the bar so low literally ANY clown can do it (and they do.) Both rappers and producers. Any moron can make a dirty south beat, you don't even need to dig for anything, just use stock samples and get Fruity Loops for free off of PirateBay. Download some VST's, these fools use the keyboard with two index fingers stacking sound on top of sound on top of sound, its not a jingle lol, its just sounds. Slow ass track with the fast trademark hi-hats to make it seem like its a normal beat. You down south rappers killed hip hop, its just pop stars now dressed up like they're confused babbling about Versace 200x in a song smh. People used to say rap was just stupid music, music for dummies who didn't know any better... Now it really is just that... I can't even defend rap anymore, wtf can I possibly say with morons like Soulja Boy running around? The name says it all, then you got an idiot who calls himself Plies because he spelled his own name wrong which was supposed to be PLIERS, plie is a dance move for ballerinas and you're supposed to be G lol! Shit is so fucked up its just retarded. Action Bronson is dope and sounds nothing like GFK, fuck you if you're from NY saying that shit, you're the reason why we can't get anywhere. The two of them did a track together, they sound nothing alike, their styles are completely different, you're just looking for some tiny detail to cling to so you can write Action off like he's fake, why? Because you're a man with feminine tendencies envious about anyone else getting praise while you can't rap for shit and wouldn't know real hip hop if it punched you in the throat.

  • Anonymous

    Be happy about his yellow stained teeth with roast beef stuck in them?

  • DJ Magic Dragon

    Action Bronson vs Ghostface Killah mixtape -->

  • ME

    Very few of the Rappers who rep the city of Atlanta don't even live in the city of Atlanta, they all live in the burbs.. I live downtown on the Boulevard and them boyz is really scared to come in the city with the real Grady Babies..

  • Anonymous


  • smitty

    Everyone has known this since the early 2000's. When Outkast hit big with Aquemini and Jay-Z emerged with the Hard Knock life sample, quality rap peaked. Outkast and Jay-Z were the only two groups holding rap together after Big and Pac were murdered. Nas was in the wilderness in this period, and Cash Money and No-Limit had built up enough steam to start to gain ground and legitimize dance rap, which is what the majority of popular southern music really is. It filled a market in hip hop. You can't really dance to Hard knock life. You can't really dance to Return of the G. Granted, those albums have up tempo songs, but quality rap wasn't producing club dance music. Some of Swizz's stuff was club friendly, but it wasn't as good as 3-6 music or anything that came from the south in the 2000's: mindless, dance music. This ebb and flow always happens in music. 20's music is upbeat, 30's and 40's music is slower and more sophisticated, 50's music is upbeat, 60's music is upbeat and sophisticated, 70's music is upbeat and disco comes. 80's music is upbeat. 90's music is slower and more sophisticated. 2000 is upbeat. However, I don't see popular music ever becoming sophisticated because the media arm of the industry is too strong now, because they have to be. Music is even more commercialized than it has ever been, so the powers that be use it for one purpose: sell stuff. Music has no purpose than to be a mindless comodity, which suits the southern style of banality.

  • LeviticusW

    This is a fucking joke right? Action STOLE HIS ENTIRE STYLE FROM GHOSTFACE. Are you kidding me!? I won't listen to Action for the same reason I don't buy fake designer clothes or watch cable porn or fucking fake Nikes, cause they ain't worth shit!!! Why would I listen to Action if I can get the real shit (Ghostface)?

    • Anonymous

      Ghostface himself said "ACTION IS DOPE" hes not trying to sound like ghost he just kinnda does. Im 32 and felt that way then saw him live and was like 'Whoa" this dude spit hard.

    • Anonymous

      fuck rae and ghost. rae doing songs with bieber and drake and ghost is doing vh1 couples reality shows. at least bronson is bringing some raps

    • SmeezeF

      I'm with LeviticusW on this one. I've seen AB in concert and he puts on a good show, I was entertained. He walked around rappin in the crowed and everyting dope shit. However, dude whole style is GhostFace. The biggest difference is subject matter. And for that reason I can't really take him to serious. I can't take Ghost serious either for allowing this shit to go down. Do you remember what Rae said before Biters came on on the purple tape. He said he didn't want anyone sounding like anyone from his crew but yet we have AB. LOL And Hopsin sounds like Em so I can't get into him too much either. But of course this is all my opinion and way of thinking.

    • Anonymous

      grandpa is that you?

    • LeviticusW

      Action is that you!? *YAWN

    • Anonymous

      lol a 37 year old dude cryig online about bronson soundin like ghostface if you listen to a whole project he really dont sound that much like him but when you first hear him he does

    • LeviticusW

      REALLY!? Similar voice? His voice is EXACTLY the same! It's horrible how "similar" his lyrical style is compared to Ghost! I'll be honest, I'm 37 and have been around the block a couple times. So to tell me that his Action is not consciously trying to emulate Ghost is ridiculous. I don't mind his [Action Bronson's] music but again when you copy the best it get's old! P.S. Here is a direct quote from Action. "Yeah, I mean at the end of the day, its all good because Ghostface Killah is one of the best rappers alive, so if I sound similar to the best rapper alive then that is fine. To me there is no comparison; he is a legend and I am a newcomer. If I would try and emulate with anyone it would be Kool G Rap, he is the person I look up to the most. I am not upset but at the end of the day I am my own person and no one can take that away from me." I get what he's saying but to me he's irrelevant and has brought nothing to the table. As Prince would say, "He bores me."

    • hh

      Leviticus if you actually listened to Bronson's range of music, you would not be saying any of this... you must realise that if someone that has a voice slightly similar to another mc, even though his style as well as the way he actually writes is completely different, doesn't make him a rip off. He is a very intelligent lyricist, even ghostface has said they are completely different, and the majority of rap legends are a fan of his, as can be seen by the wide range of people he's worked, dj premier even plays a lot a bronson on his radio station. You are just a fool who has written someone off and made judgement with little knowledge if what your are actually saying.

  • imho

    and just for the record. jayz album was ass but he went outside the box and experminented with music its just to bad his verses wernt up 2 par with the concept. eminems album outside 5-6 songs were just straight corny and wck but atleast he flashed his old ability let you know he still has it drake had to much singing shit for me personally. alot of corny stuff as well..and macklemore just isnt my style.. so i didnt buy any album but ill give them props on their status in the game bec they care about their craft...(maybe less jayz then the rest, jay just simply dont give a fuck no more)

  • imho

    agree with stop blaming the consumer below.. these artists put out SHIT music n expect ppl to buy it. jayz album was trash only reason it sold is bec his name. last NY artist i bought was Raekwons OB4CL2. since then i bought kendricks album and i bought tech n9nes recent LP. im not gonna go drop money on ur album just bc ur from my city. only 'NY' rapper hot is french montana and ill be dammmmned if you think im gonna buy his album. start puttin out quality music n itll be bought. just check kendrick/drake/macklemore/EM/jayz- if you have even a 10th of shit to say youll sell bec the market is so weak so when someone like kendrick comes with a classic it goes plat.

  • Stop Blaming Consumers

    Stop blaming NY consumers and step them bars up! Nobody's gonna buy shit music just to rep their city.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    I like this cat Bronson, he still keeps it NY. Just to name one out of a few. Nothing new under the sun....One is talented and has a good ear for beats.....the others just follow and copy. It has always been like that. Only other talented MF's can change that But again....not every rapper is a MC

  • NYCBXBreakBeatProducerForLife.

    NYCBXBreakBeatProducerForLife. If people in New York City were offended by Trinidad's rant, then support NYC HipHop culture! I did not fully blame Trinidad for his rants. If people were to do their homework and check the facts, he is absolutely right. New York City does not support its Rappers. We do not support our culture. Just ask Japans HipHop culture. I bet I lost a few of you on that Japan statement. With that said, it's not entirely our fault. The forces in power control mainstream media, radio and visual manipulation. The powers that be are the ones that manipulated the South sound to be the supreme sound. It's all about control, and it always will be. NYC people should stand together and support our in home Rappers, producers, musicians etc. Do not buy, listen, or support the down south sound. People should demand that radio stations play music with New York City relevance. We know that will never happen because radio stations and corporations have their own agenda. Demand your radio stations to play New York City artist. If your demands are not met, go after their sponsors. Trust me, once you hit them in the pocket our New York City rappers will start to come to light once again. We have a roster of talented lyricist in New York City that will demolish 99% of its competition, worldwide. That is why we started this!!! Without NYC HipHop there is no HipHop. NYCBXBreakBeatProducerForLife.

    • Anonymous

      How about just supporting music that's actually good, and not what they tell you it's supposed to be hot. There's good hiphop in the south that don't get half the shine the ones we know get.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    At Least Action standing up for his city!

  • Anonymous

    The south and T-Pain killed hip hop for sure, It's like a fucking virus. Imagine hip hop without the south and no auto-tune.

  • shadyari

    Get him Action rrrrrrrr :)

  • Anonymous

    Bronson is pussy say it to the man mafucka

  • B

    True Story. People say "oh Ny is always in their feelings or hating or butt-hurt ect." when its really just NY'ers don't take shit from people period! NY'ers have tough skin and you have to be growing up in a city like NY. Real NY'ers are not soft like everyone else nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    new york in general are just more real they speak their mind and aren't scared to speak out. but because everyone else is so fake and soft and to scared to keep it real and speak up they say new york is mad and hating. really think about what i just said and look at new york artists who are more self made and about competition aggressive content and southern rappers who are all bff's and everythings great lets party and dance in the club

  • Anonymous

    the south killed hip hop

    • JRich

      Thanks for that quick lesson professor. I'll immediately tell everyone to come here and listen to your awesome tales of hip-hop

    • Anonymous

      the south is killing hip hop... i've heard that a lot. nothing again you, homeboy that's above me in the comments, but the south didn't kill hip hop. first, u have to define what hip hop is. if you think it's that shit they play on the radio/tv that the south is definitely dominant in right, that's not hip hop. it's barely rap music! it's like a hybrid of rap, EDM, techno, & a whole lot of lies...that ain't hip hop. really all mainstream music is nowadays is a long ass advertisement of brands, products, & endorsements....hip-hop as a culture would NEVER take part in that. hip hop & rap are not the same. rap is a byproduct of hip hop that means Rhythm And Poetry (R-A-P). hip hip is a way of life meant to bring about peace, unity, love, fun-having, & communication among the ghetto dwellers in an open & honest dialogue (knowledge), b/c news outlets weren't talking about what was going on in the ghetto. i'm an NY dude, bronx born & raised, and live in the south (ATL), got love for both places & many others, but to see folks get caught up in what's killing hip hop is crazy to me b/c this shit isn't even hip hop that y'all talkin about! mainstream (c)rap music sucks ass-bone. if you don't know what i'm talkin about, listen to 'hip hop vs rap' by krs-one (youtube it). that should clear some things up.

  • Anonymous

    Trinidad James needs to listen to the rapper KA

  • 2 cents aint shit

    thanks for taking the time to comment Bronson. very insightful

  • Anonymous

    New Yorkers butt hurt but you cant argue with anything he said, New York rap aint produced a profitable star in god knows how long.

    • Anonymous

      Name the best Cali or Down South rappers right now and I guarantee there are 2x more artist from NY that are better.

    • donnell

      NY rap is active. Cali rap is what's on top. Ever heard of Kendrick Lamar? Dirty South rap is considered garbage in California and I think in New York too.

    • Anonymous

      New "NY Rappers" aint repping because that NY shit/Cali shit/etc aint turing profits. You think CEOS n label bosses give a damn about what 'coast' the artists reps. Its all about who is profitable. The more ratchet/stupider artist = in the news more = more listens Sales dont mean shit. Any moron can get on a hot beat n repeat a hook probly 2 or 3 words and its a hit. The fans are morons and can't listen to a full 16 bar anymore its not rap its trap blah blah oh you hating blah blah. Yeah Im fucked up right but you get the point. Fans are to blame too

    • cpg718

      Thats why Hip Hop sucks now, look at the sales the top guys now are selling 2 million records per album, THATS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL WHEN NY WAS IN CHARGE DUDES WERE SELLING 5 TIMES PLATINUM, HIP HOP IS DEAD AND THE SOUTH KILLED IT!

  • Anonymous

    Dude is young so Dipset is all he has in his memory but he is right though Dipset is a bad example. Dipset made very noise on the West Coast so they ain't ran shit. I miss New York rap from the 90s when New York and L.A. were running the game.

  • fuck hipsters

    clown ass nicca trinidad james goes to williamsburg the most hipster part of NY to run his mouth about New York rappers knowing there wasnt a real nigga for miles to check his ass

  • riv216

    Youngin' spoke the truth though. come check out my new music video "The Good Die Young 2K13" in 720/1080p HD here:

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