Maino Threatens Trinidad James; Trinidad James Responds

Maino threatens Trinidad James after James says that Atlanta runs New York Rap.

Maino sent several Tweets to Trinidad James today (November 13), soon after Trinidad James performed at the Converse Rubber Tracks show in New York City and said that the South runs New York City musically and that rappers in the area might as well claim the city of Atlanta as their hometown.

“I remember when New York ran this shit, dog,” the Atlanta rapper said during his New York performance. “When Dipset was fuckin turned the fuck up. Oh my God. I gotta wear my bandana on tilt like Juelz. What the fuck happened, dog? What happened? I remember when New York rap was the shit. And us in the South, us bammas, we was like ‘what the fuck’ and we just did our own thing. But now we run y’all musically. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. That’s crazy, my nigga. That’s crazy. I’m not trying to start nothing, but if you want to do something we can do something cause I don’t give a fuck. I looked up to New York music. And now every nigga that’s really poppin’ out of New York, you might as well tell they from Atlanta. ‘He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta.’ I’m just putting it out there. Y’all got more bloggers—y’all got niggas interviewing more popular than niggas that’s rapping.”

Today, Maino responded to Trinidad James via twitter.

After Maino's tweets, Trinidad James responded.

Trinidad James also posted the following on his Instagram page today.

"Maino wanna shoot me for saying the truth then shoot on. I ain't backtracking shit. Ny consumers are a disgrace to their own culture. I don't ever have to make it on the radio ever. Fuck the radio. I'll die a real nigga. I speak the truth....and the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE....#CrazyDeacon#BlackBatman...coming soon. You gonna wanna hear this. Ima die with a Trini Flag in the Air... "WHEN I DIE BURY ME IN A CARNIVAL"!!!

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  • Ahzu

    Lets not forget about the changing of the guards. Music is categorized by era and what is accepted by the mainstream media. New York, London and Paris are some of the world's fashion capitals. Well, Hip Hop/Rap music will also have it's capitals. I don't like none of Trannyfag Lames' music because of one song he put out. "Gold all in my chain" which had a deeper meaning than you all understand. I think we should all pay attention to rappers that just come out over night without any real history in the national circuit. He had no right to go to NY and talk the Bull jive just to try to hype up the crowd. Very childish move.

  • Maino's Mirror

    BTW...Chicago's Hip-Hop scene is way better than NY's right now...NY is in the shitter....Pro Era and Troy Ave are the new hope. Fuck Action Bronson...I heard Ghostface Killah a long time ago.

  • Maino's Mirror

    Maino is still using the same tactic that got him in the industry...thugging. He can't rely on his lyrics for sure, so he just relies on his tough guy image. He's earned that image, but it's nothing to listen to.

  • Anonymous

    Reading Maino's vocab is painful.

  • Ny'er

    Str8 up NY BK fella right here...Trini speaking facts in terms of the industry,but we still have some dope ass emcees yall never heard of. I blame the industry,radio and us ourselves since we dont support alot of our artists. But I dont take this music shit personal,cmon now. Thing is though we were always known for giving listeners something they can learn from,some type of jewels they can take away from a verse or a song or album but nowadays that shit aint aint poppin like back then..and the youth is too stupid and dumbed down to want to hear anything that they can learn from. So its a double edged sword @ the end of the day. Far as Maino goes however,I mean he hasn't done much musically in some time now and never was anything to talk about so his opinion is irrelevant at this point real talk.


    As y'all walk through the valley of denial and acceptance of NY being stagnant, James is speaking what EVERYONE has been thinking about NY rap for a long time. I'm glad he spoke up, I'm glad NY niggas are in an uproar. Now how about they channel that misplaced emotion into making some great NEW YORK RECORDS.

  • Anonymous

    Maino may be the more authentic street soldier, but why is he airing this out on Twitter? Man up and handle your business in private. Fact is he doesn't want to go back to the pen.

  • 7 Cities SLymm

    Jay-Z Nas over

  • Dave Thomas

    Seriously? What a little bitch.

  • d

    Trinidad is right. NY rappers want to run to twitter to say they're still relevant . How about getting back to rapping and actually prove it.


    Some people say i am the Savior of hip hop ---> BUY MY NEW ALBUM IN STORES NOW !


    Fuck these lames ...Support real hip hop ---> BUY MY NEW ALBUM IN STORES NOW !

  • The Nu Troll

    Cee-Lo & Rick Ross presents Rape Gang 1. Mollys and Champagne 2. She didn't even know it (remix) 3. Against her will 4. We got set up ft. Tupac 5. It won't hurt ft. Mack Maine 6. Just like Daddy ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne 7. Can't get no pussy 8. Gonna take it by force 9. It's mines 10. X and Sex 11. Fuck sumthin 12. Bout that rape life Bonus Tracks 13. Roopie Rap 14. Liquid Love (GHB anthem) This shit will go platinum!!! lol!!! Supported by pervs and lames who get no pussy everywhere.

  • imho

    its not like T.J was lying.. even my boys rap over trap beats now. and that snot the issue bc trap beats are fire but its how you rap on em.. they rap like theyre from the south now too. i say it all the time why dont u rap like ur from NY no more and they say its 'swag rap' no its wack rap and its fading out. and once that trend fades theyll bb to ny rap or w.e else is hot. sad shit. but JT just said facts and nothing less than facts.

  • RiQ

    Had 2 comment wen i saw"2 pussys in a slap fight" lmao exactly!!! Like whu and whu lol...Ny yall fault 4letting bros come n knock ova ya bldgs and wat not....SOUTH!

  • Sonny Gillespie

    Well damn. Sonned by Trinidad James. I mean he right, Maino could have did all that OFF Twitter if it was that serious.

  • Anonymous

    Two pussies in a slap fight, another shit story

  • blu moon

    Not every rapper is a MC

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Trini is right, thats what most NY rappers will tell you too. South is ruling, but blame the consumer or the programmers. Internet is runnig hip hop right now, it became a culure "hot today, gone tomorrow" Its not Trini's fault he's just sayin. Ironicly Dip Set started that South sounding beats in a cookie jar. Now almost every NY rapper has those beats. Same as that emo shit, when there is a market people will sell.

  • hk

    maino? i can't even name a song by him. he is the perfect deffinition of a nobody

  • Anon

    I'ma keep it 100, I ain't like maino's music that much. But, he a real street nigga. This Trinidad james dude had one hot song though and think he the shit. That's how most of these atlanta cats are though, they get 5 minutes and think they own fame. Boy will be as irrelavent as soulja boy in a month.

  • chillthrillz

    to all mt brothers with knowledge of self ,,,dont fall for the bait,,,,dont make a wack nigga seem more important than he really is,,,,,,

  • chillthrillz

    damn!!!!,,,why the son always wanna fight the pops,,,,,the majority of blacks in america are in the south first off,,,,,new york has and will be to diverse,,,for stupid niggas to understand,,,,hiphop gave a lot of other regions a voice to be heard,,,and this is all you got to say,,,,,,how can atlanta run ny rap,,,,one borough alone has more people than atlanta,,,,the jews run the entertaiment game,,,and stupid nigga happy go lucky niggas,,,,fall for the divide and conquer bait,,,, trinidad james is a tool,,,,to spark the dumbest fool,,,to think any fucking city rules,,,,,

  • Sety Machete

    "Ny consumers are a disgrace to their own culture." WOW!!!! And that comming from Trinidad James??? smh now you know we have entered a new era of fuckery.... but, as much as it pains dudes to hear that.. TJ is right



    • ahzu

      Hip Hop is not based on money and fame. Its skill and art. I dont see Classic Rock changing up their style and moving to ATL for better music opportunities. South music is ok, but really, I dont want my daughters to listen to that crap.

    • shaynxb

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  • Anonymous

    Kendrick got every rapper feeling brave now lol. This is hilarious

  • Anonymous

    NYC rap is dead and even Maino sounds Dirty South. Oh and fuck wackass maino and trinidad james

  • Anonymous

    both these dudes music sucks... props to james for not backin down tho

  • Anonymous

    wtf is this dude talking about, new york has always fucking KILLED the rap scene and is still doing it to this day. 90% of the good underground rappers are from new york at the moment. And then you have the more popular ones ASAP mob, flatbush zombies, pro era, raider klan, El-P, mothafuckin exquire

  • Boosie

    Haaaaa.... TJ just said some real shit. Name one NY rapper that was not out in the 90s that puttin up major numbers in the last year. The only one that could be said is probably ASAP Rocky and he sounds like he from Houston. NY rappers will never get better if they do not accept what ever formula they been coming up with aka "anytime somebody disses NY I make a wack ass diss track over the same beat" or "I am try to stick with the essence of NY hip by rapping over garbage beats that sound like they are from the 90s" then yall never going to get back to the top. Take your medecine like the west coast did and come up with a new plan because NY rap is currently ranked behind southern and west coast rap.

    • So Dumb

      Even with his "Decline" he still went gold with his last album. He may not have sold 10 million, but who has sold 10 million lately? Gold is pretty good nowadays.

    • So Dumb

      I hate the argument that 50 cent is declining. Nas, Jay, and A$AP all put out commercially successful albums in the last year like you said so you basically made my argument for me. The problem with your argument is Nispey, odd future, and most of black hippy besides kendrick don't sell commercially. You can compare the sales of Nipsey to a guy like Action bronson, TDE to ASAP (As one of both of their crews was really successful- Kendrick and Rocky), and Snoop and Dre to Nas and Jay. Btw I'm from cali but they basically equal

    • Boosie

      And its "So Dumb" to name 50 bc he has been on the decline since his first album. Only 2 artist you guys have is Jay and Nas which I specifically stated are irrelevant to any argument because they have been in the game so long. When people were saying the west was dead Snoop and Dre were still putting out albums. But they aren't new artist that can carry you into the future, like now the west has all of black hippy, nipsey hussle, and like them or not odd future

    • boosie

      I said the in last year last time fifty did major numbers was like 2008

    • So Dumb

      50 cents success came in the 2000's.

    • true

      "Not out in the 90's" Your name is perfect for you

    • So Dumb

      Nas and 50 have put out cd's that have sold huge amounts since the 90's.... both NY emcees..

  • Anonymous

    They talking shit to eachother now..but watch they gon kiss and make up soon

  • jayanderson06

    That one tweet James sent to Maino was all he needed to do. And it OWNED HIM. What James said was true though. NY cant get mad

  • Anonymous

    Maino just got owned by a Trinidad James..whatever that is, f a cebook @ newtracksdaily

  • TYBO2020


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So Maino has offically joined the New York Tea Bag Party!!!

  • 1KBMP

    NOT. Nobody is running shit except the people that give any of these rappers a contract. None the less, would you have ever imagined seeing a NY rapper saying 'HANNHAAANNNHHHH' on entire tracks? Just sayin'.

  • 1KBMP

    If Trinidad James and Maino of all the people in rap start a East Coast/ Down South beef....

  • LUX


    • WhoDat

      Niggaz forgot that NY monopolized the game for years until Biggie co-signed Outkast and Jay co-signed UGK. We been had style homie, it just wasn't accepted by ya'll. We waited it out, now it's our turn. Don't blame the South because we are all over NY's radio, blame your Carpetbagging as "NY" execs who now reside where...???? The SOUTH!!!

    • Anonymous

      Y'all don't run shit! Y'all lookin' like the NY Football Giants right now...



    • Anonymous

      I tell that to every new yorker I meet, they always talk about it and I tell them "Fuck New York if you like that shit go back, dont nobody want you or your goofy ass accent around here anyway" Aint never met one new yorker who wasnt an egomaniac, not one.

    • justin

      Bet you won't say that shit to a new yorkers face though. fuck outta here anyone who listens to real shit knows ny still runs it. you may not admit it but you know it.

  • TonyG

    TJ is just trying to promote his new album!

  • Anonymous

    when i die bury me in a carnival? what the fuck?

  • Anonymous

    That goofball was right on the money with everything he said like it or not. And Maino is a faggot for making violent threats on a computer, your either not gonna do shit or a dumb fuck who just posted his confession on a social network, either way I dont respect it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    NYC has been shitting on the rest of the country for YEARS and the shit is finally caught up to them! Did Cali cry when LL droped "Going Back to Cali?" No, I don't think so! Anybody remember Tim Dogg? NYC really held him down! lol! How 'bout a little more recently, i didnt hear the rest of America crying when Hov told us "Not only NYC, I'm hip hop savior..." , you never heard the rest of the county crying like bitches.

  • ol dirty

    The bottom line, Trinidad is correct about NY Consumers and Radio Stations not supporting the artist. I do agree lots of NY artist try too hard to sound like the south. Also, most of the NY cats like Papoose bore the shit out of us. I agree with those points. But, the future ass kicking is all in the voice and tone in which Trinidad spoke. He practically dared anyone to get offended and NY cant allow that. Hes gotta apologize a.s.a.p.

  • TonyG

    As a New Yorker who is directly from the era TJ is talking about--running hip hop, I think TJ is right-on with his statement. Personally, I think its beautiful that the south is doing their thing! A lot of former New Yorkers (live in the deep south), and have been influenced by southern culture anyway, just like we've influenced the world with New York hip-hop culture (including the south). Its a cyclical relationship. Man, even people in Africa are rapping now, who cares, its about the talent. In the Motown days most of the major musical talents came from outside of New York! Its about the talent. TJ suffers from sensory overload. He can't see that the birth-place of Hip-Hop is showing the south its acceptance of their talent/There are a lot of fire southern rappers-- All inspired by NY Hip-Hop culture, That's why NY will always run HIP-HOP!!!

  • SMH

    What part of the game is this??? Is this Trinidad James nigga trying to start a North/South beef?? Last I heard the Civil war was done and over with...Now this shit!!! Come on man we suppose to be better than this!?!? FYI not every nigga in the South shares this clowns sentiments!!!

  • HUH


  • 614grind

    TJ was talkin shit. He wasn't makin no statement for the greater good of NY Hip Hop, he was flexin. Talkin bout, "if y'all wanna do somethin, we can do somethin" so don't get tight when a real one wants to do something. He thought he was bad enough to stand on an NY stage and spew that grease, so ride it out.

  • Carlton

    New Yorkers arent very good at comprehending words properly.

  • Anonymous

    Maino is a big man. Who rants directly on twitter to another rapper starting beef if it isnt for attention? thats some hoe shit

  • ballin yomouth

    uhhh...ny rappers rapping like they from the south now soooooo........LOL!

  • Anonymous

    dont kno y maino so mad he actually speaking the truth

  • Anonymous

    This is getting ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

    Maino gonna get caught out there in the South if he keep it up! Hella niggas got love for Trinidad James and he better watch his mouth before ATL becomes a no-fly zone for his ass! FACT

    • Anonymous

      no one going to war with maino over trinidad james LMAO "hella niggas got love for Trinidad James" what a joke. james wasnt ever no street nicca he was a hypebeast hipster who worked at a shoe store or some shit.

    • mo

      relax homes its waaaaay to many NY dudes eating in ATL to make a statement like that.

  • Anonymous

    ATL Trinidad James can rap better than NYC Maino ANY & ALL DAY!!

  • gwap

    Where was he when Kdot said he was the king of NY and he run this shit coast to coast??? Maino is a fake ass wanna be. Any real street nigga could see that when he had that lil bull shit on tv trying to punk the white boy. Maino aint street, he a pussy sit down lame.

    • Anonymous

      i remember that MTV shit, it was too much when he started getting all crazy with that dude filmin his lil documentary

  • Anonymous

    HiS HuCkLeBeRrY?????

  • Anonymous

    All of these twitter thugs need to die slow.

  • Money First

    Twitter dog? Wow! Maino you had some street cred at least but using Twitter man? Get your relevancy another way homie...A real Chi-Town original letting you know you played yourself my G!!

  • One

    If you notice, these two can't sell an album if their life depended on it.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    NY rappers just ain't on the radio, because the radio went fag a long time ago, and became a perfect breeding ground for clowns like that. As far as I can see, NY is doing just fine. If anything, the South ruined Hip-Hop. Rap is now more negative and ignorant that ever before, thanks to the south. Hip-Hop was a positive, uplifting, lyrical, creative art when it was in in the hands of NY. Once all those ignorant Southern rappers got in the game, they had no integrity whatsoever, artistically or personally. They were ready to sell their people up the river. No disrespect to the real artists coming out of the South, 'cause there are some. But for this jester to come out his gross ass mouth was outta line. Some niggas are just gluttons for punishment. The thing is, he knows that crowds are soft nowadays, so he can talk all that shit. It's nothin' but clown ass niggas goin' to see him in the first place. He won't go to a real hip-hop event in NY and say that shit though. Niggas wouldn't even let that fly in Rochester. He'd get hit in the tooth with a beer bottle quick.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      In a sense, it is about North and South, because the culture has been divided by these two hip-hop idealogies. Down South, and I lived down South, people don't care about the hip-hop 'culture'. They didn't grow up in what would be called a hip-hop 'environment'. They don't feel close to the culture or feel the need to protect it, because they didn't see it grow in their neighborhoods. To them, making music is all about making money. Yes, there are desperate NY rappers trying to sound 'southern', and honestly, MAINO IS ONE OF THEM NIGGAS. But I understand Maino's position of feeling like he has to stand up for his hometown in the wake of Hip-Hop's constant erosion. Honestly, I'm not a fan of either of these fools. But if Maino went to New Orleans or Atlanta or wherever that nigga is from, and started talkin' shit about that city, then I would expect niggas down there to do the same thing. It's not so much what he said, but it never really is, it's about how someone says it, and he obviously had a 'I don't give a fuck what nobody think' attitude. So, now, we'll see if either one of these niggas can actually back up what they say. They'll both be gone and forgotten in 5 years any way.

    • Anonymous

      so how do you explain ny niggas trying to sounds like what is on the radio? they trying to be fags then?

    • Anonymous

      Its not about the north or the south for real, you are blinded and giving maino the attention he wants. TJames can say what he wants to say and so can maino. But its obvious maino is in it for the attention. why else take your shit to twitter for the world to see? internet beef is so gay and gets way too much attention. Its just 2 niggas beefing for nothing. thats how it always goes. Someone has an opinion and someone just feels the need to tell them their opinion is wrong in the hope of getting publicity.

    • Anonymous

      It's not about south or north dog. It's about what gets promoted. It's deeper than that.

  • One

    I didn't think gangsta rappers (well, what's actually left of them) took their feelings to Twitter. Up North rap doesn't run like it used to. It's because the South floods the industry with the bullshit songs that it covers up that good music the dudes from the North be doing. I blame "snap music" for this.



  • halo1

    as far as new york mainstream radio, yea all that south trap music style shit is all over new york radio. but so what. the radio isnt where you gonna find real hip hop anyway. so he can have the radio. fuck the radio and fuck top 40 and anybody who supports that shit!!!!

  • worthless nation

    unless you lost niggas wanna talk actuality and FACTS on how hip hop got this way, how NYC has been relegated to monkey see monkey do, or how 'the south' even rose to prominence in the music industry, fk your opinion & point of view! Nothing you have to say has worth! Nobody woke up and decided "hey the south is poppin I wanna be just like them" GTFOH! you have a hole in your brain if thats what you think! idiot! All you internet guys are parrots that repeat the headlines and opinions of others anyway so what difference does it make? These so called hip hop websites report this kinda bullshit faithfully, every day, and yall are the ones who buy into it, thats why its the way it is! trinidad james is speaking about a RESULT of an action, its not a FACT, its only fact if you buy into and make it a reality! listen to yall "he's right though" the mind fucked robots you are... you worthless fans are in total control, but these fluke artist running around TELL YOU what to think, dictate what to believe in, feel, like, dislike, wear, talk etc and you guys fall in line like zombies! Its easy for any rapper, city etc to be relevant in the industry when your more than willing to be a puppet! Thats no Accomplishment! bet he had NYPD on deck when he was talkin that shit or somewhere in midtown where its safe... I hope maino breaks his foot off in this niggas ass...

  • Krusher Kronkite

    It's a sad day in the culture to see a street cat getting all emotional about a young cat that kept it real. He's absolutely right, I happen to be from Jerz and live in the South and it's true, because Jerz and NY share the same radio stations and you really can't tell that you are in NY.

  • Anonymous

    The moment retard Maino-- now older than his IQ-- is back in prison for being such a dumb motherfucker is the moment NYC rap makes its comeback. That this fucking bum has ANY career in show business-- even security-- is an embarrassment to the culture.



  • Anonymous

    Two shitty rappers, 1 shitty beef, 0 people that give a fuck about this.

  • bswag

    Maino, got it called on yourself with this twitter thuggin. A)Knock some T.James teeth out, and only then u real as u tweet. or B) Maino = twitter vagina. Nothin else to say.

  • Ja Rule Army

    Of course he's going to get away with it on stage GO TO GOOGLE THIS SHIT IS IN WILLIAMSBURG BROOKLYN THATS THE JEW CAPITAL Try that shit in Brownsville or East NY

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand how Maino could take that as disrespect.. it's the truth.. Even if it was not the truth, let him voice his opinion.. maybe Maino is tryna extend his 15 minutes of fame that been over... No disrespect to Maino, I used to bumb him in '08

  • room2roam

    LoL. trini dem n1gg@s up top be extra sensitive. truth is its about time somebody said it. NY stay talking sh&t. they refuse to believe they're equal, or even worse, below other n1gg@s when it comes to rap & bball (as if the knicks haven't been horrible for like 50yrs now lol). truth is overall NY been wack for dam near a decade now. outside of jay & nas ny hip hop is basically dead. The truth hurts sometimes


    Maino wack, so is Trinidad James, but he speaks the truth, new NY artist is recycled lame lately.

  • West_Coast_G


  • Bizzalls

    MAINO!! You's the fuckin man, for that! Fuck this wack ass muthafuckin shit-stained wearin' underwear muthafuckin homo! James was scared. You could tell. Wack fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Maino is another defender of free speech!

  • Anonymous

    Maino got owned by a dude with horrible teeth and fake jewelry.

  • Anonymous

    Trinidad James not built for cats like Maino.... he gon be quiet as a mice now you watch.

  • roc

    it's about that time enough of this fake rappers ranting anyway lets get this money tho

  • gatkouth

    maino is the best is all the above all the past and present niggas

  • Anonymous

    cycles man... this sht goes in cycles

  • papi

    MAINO LAYS THE HAND OF GOD ON RAPPERS (NUFF SAID) backhand of god for real tho Troy Ave had a point on Breakfast Club when he said NY Rap needs to just be better and they'll get more love & radio play...but really Fuck Radio..NY gon'b ok

    • Rob

      18 years old doesn't matter... Nas was 20 when he recorded illmatic...

    • Anonymous

      id rather listen to a young cat with something to say than a 40 year old rapping about his stacks of money, his bentley and his hoes over and over

    • blkviper

      Co-Sign that ^^^ ... what in the hell does age have to do with it. how old do you think the greats were when they jumped on the scene? Yes Joey Badass is super nice and can make cats sit up and pay attention, he's going to have to be a little selfish for a little while and comeback for his boys, once he gets focused I think he can be the one.

    • TRE

      what does his age have to do with anything?? some of the best albums ever were written by 17 year olds

    • ^

      U want a 18 year old kid to bring ny rap back?

    • blkviper

      I have to agree that Ny rap will make a comeback but somebody gotta get Joey Badass going, to me he's the best coming out of the city, No one has his elevation lyrically and he's still a damn kid.

  • Busta Rhymes

    Trinidad shut the fuck up! You only had ONE fucking hit record so you don't have the rights to say that bitch! you haven't been in the rap game long enough to say anything like that you rotten teeth mutherfucker!

  • Anonymous

    maino spent 10 years in prison on drugs and kidnapping charges and is known for beating people up. one guy tried to rob him with a gun and maino took the gun off him and beat him. this lil kid better be careful not all rappers are fake.

  • blkviper

    Hey NY you gave us a gift! your youngens not investing their inheritance correctly, they are living off of daddies money and not making more. KRS One needs to hold another class or something.

  • dazeone

    Maino better be careful they got more Trinis and Carribean catsthen other cats in brooklyn...putting hip hop aside...he made cause Trinidad James is telling the truth and unless its Jada , Fab or Papose shut up you a D level artist with a Koch record deal

  • rahrahrah

    FDB...I forgot to add.

  • rahrahrah

    I was going to @maino, but this is all that lame wanted, more followers of his lame movement. Name a maino song....just as wack as trinidad James. Except James isn't selling death (violence, and drugs ) to our children. Maino doesn't rep NY, Maino reps, "when keeping it real goes wrong".

  • Anonymous

    I don't think james is around long enough to say that shit, but its not wrong. Maino is a real g, like the enforcer of NY hip hop.

    • blkviper

      I'm not saying no ones trying, I'm saying it's not good enough, radio love is a weak excuse, social media blows up when something is hot, not much hotness coming out of that city, there is just no denying it.

    • Anonymous

      "no one is putting out music that Reps NY or defends NY," YES THEY ARE IT JUST GETS NO LOVE OR AIRPLAY, TRINIDAD JAMES POINT BASICALLY

    • blkviper

      See that's the problem, no one is putting out music that Reps NY or defends NY, so you need a Cat who has no music out to make it physical. Maino could beat him to the ground many times over, it doesn't change the truth.

  • Nick Newman

    Man I've never seen so many lame rap beefs in my life!! All thanks to Twitter.

  • blkviper

    Where is the music?? Anybody? just more sensitive ass cats wanting to fight over words LOL! so snaggle toof said NY not on?well KDot said it better but it doesn't make it less true.

  • Damn Maino

    He's right, its the truth. As brutal as it sounds, maybe Trinidad shouldn't been that bold to say it in NY but nonetheless its on point. The radio, media, corporations, labels and promoters shine the light on music that is no connection to the CULTURE AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF HIP HOP FROM THE 5 BOROUGHS OF NEW YORK CITY.

  • theE

    He right , hell Trinidad James gets more radio play in new york then Maino and like 98% of rappers from new york

  • cpg718

    Maino PLEASE put an end to this country ass retard!

  • Trinidad Lames

    Trinidad Lame is a bitch nigga fa real. First, He gets deiised by joe budden and responds with "We can throw hands" cause he knows he cant out rap anybody. Now Maino gonna beat that skinny pussy nigga's ass for this

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • New Yawk

    If one of our own rappers from NY say that our city/the media doesn't support each other, they're correct, but let someone from the south share the same midset/ideaology, niggas in NY are quick to lynch his ass Mississippi style.

  • Anonymous

    gangsters dont tweet. Maino comin off almost as lame as Lord Jamal threatening to beat cats up on twitter for saying some shit he dont like LOLOL

    • Anonymous

      i know he official but its weak when these cats tweet like scorned women makin threats they never gonna go through with

    • spirit equality

      The general consensus is that Maino's street cred is official. If you're so gangster, go say that to Maino's face instead of posting about it anonymously. Good luck with that.

  • God

    Why can't us brothers just stop making fun of each others teeth? I'm SORRY I don't have dental insurance. I'm not the best at selling drugs and can't afford it. Get off my case tho, blood. 100

  • Anonymous

    Maino is a flip flopping ho! Trinidad JamesJ is basically piggy backing off what you said nigga! THE TRUTH HURTS!!!

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