Lord Jamar Hopes Gucci Mane Overcomes His Battle With Lean

Lord Jamar denounces the use of lean, speaks on the late Pimp C while addressing Gucci Mane's Twitter rant.

New York emcee Lord Jamar recently spoke on the dangers of lean, a drink made using prescription-strength cough syrup, during an interview with Vlad TV as he addressed fellow rapper Gucci Mane’s recent Twitter rant.

Lord Jamar referenced the late Chad “Pimp C” Butler as he commented on Gucci reportedly being under the influence of lean during his Twitter rant, which targeted Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Young Jeezy, Waka Flocka Flame, and a handful of other artists.

“I heard that he might have been bugging out on some lean," said Lord Jamar. " And that lean took one of my good friends, Pimp C, you know what I mean? Rest in peace to the homie Pimp C. So, I don’t even really like fucking with lean or you know what I mean? I’m not an advocate of lean. It took my good friend, ya understand?”

The Brand Nubian lyricist later revealed that there had to be “an underlying reason” for Gucci’s rant and expressed his hope that the Atlanta rapper is able to get through his battle with lean.

“If somebody has a drug problem or a mental issue or something like that, you kinda gotta—you gotta look at the circumstances surrounding something again,” said the rapper. “You know what I mean? It’s like people don’t just say some shit for no reason. There’s always gonna be an underlying reason and it might not just be one thing. It might be a combination of things that adds to why somebody might bug out and all that type of shit. And say whatever the fuck they say. So, again, from what I understand he might be having a battle with the lean and all of that. And if he is, I hope he get through that battle. But as far as what he said, I mean, from what I understand it was a lot of absurd shit that didn’t even really make sense.”

Lord Jamar, who has made headlines recently due to his comments on white rappers and homosexuality, concluded his comments on Gucci by speaking on forgiveness.

In September of this year, Gucci Mane admitted to being addicted to lean as he sent out a series of messages via Twitter.

“I'm addicted to lean & that shit ain't no joke. I can barely remember all the things I've done & said. However there's no excuse,” said Gucci in a tweet sent in September.

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  • blake mccauley

    lean aint even that bad.. trippin fo no reason


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  • white man

    Lord Jamar in sporlight again. Hes a matador, a real 5-percenter with a big heart. Peace to lord jamar.

  • Anonymous

    The grandpa of rap, BORING

  • coldhvnds

    i'd rather hear news on a new Brand Nubian album than all this shit yall been posting lately. i love the dudes music, but stop giving that angry nigga any shine.


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  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • Violator

    I just googled stuff, turns out Jamar got reasons to be concerned, especially about white washing hiphop and black culture, and then excluding black people. Google Afro-Argentine - it's happened before. 150 years ago, 30% of Argentina was black, and they contributed heavily to Argentine culture (tango, etc). Today, less than 1% is black. What happened to them? They got wiped out by Euro Argentinians, but kept the cultural stuff. This is what Lord Jamar is concerned about, I just hope history don't repeat itself in USA

    • Anonymous

      Shit I hope history does repeat itself. Get all these lazy nigs on welfare the fuck outta here. I love rap but I could switch to country if it ment no more lazy, stupid, ignorant nigs around.

    • Anonymous

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    • Violator

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  • Real Talk 1000

    Who is Lord Jamar and why is there an article about him everyday like I'm supposed to care? Tomorrow's articles: "Lord Jamar Goes Shopping For Slice Bread at Walmart" "Lord Jamar says he is a bigger legend than JayZ" "Lord Jamar calls out Drake in new interview; says Canadians can't be black"

    • radi

      if you dont know who lord jamar is then that means you dont know who brand nubian and this leaves me with the conclusion that you don't know much about rap and this website will only make your knowledge on rap history worst lol

  • Jaks

    Haters say Jamar's irrelevant but them dudes not that intelligent, keep ya mouth closed DUMMIES! Hahaha

  • Rakeem

    Hip Hop has its roots in knowledge of self and pan africanism. Just cause you white boys like hip hop now, does not mean that this sentiment is going to change. X Clan, Ice Cube, Afrika Bambata, Lakim Shabazz (who emenim shouted out on rap god), Rakim, Public Enemy... all had knowledge of self and taught the truth about the black man and the european. Everything goes in cycles so please believe this will come back. Some of yall have no idea what hip hop really is. White rappers like 3rd Base, accepted the culture and added on. Even emenim has respect for the founders and how hip hop is a black man's music. The fans are just retarded and have no idea of the history.

    • Real Talk 1000

      Hip hop is about individual empowerment and expression of the individual. So in that sense those that have a mind for certain political or religious ideologies expressed themselves and these ideologies permeated the artist's music. Other artist's are apolitical or disinterested in largely expressing religion through their music. The point is hiphop does not have roots in any particular ideology (pan-africanism or otherwise). I would agree there was a pan-africanist, NOI, and 5% aspect of African American culture, and individuals expressed that culture through hip hop music. Therefore it is a subset. Nas is literally my favorite rapper of all time, so I understand the value of influence of this subset, I literally have every single Nas song. However to say anything more of it would be to be rewriting history. I could name a hundred artist before and after Nas, WuTang, Rakim, Killah Priest, etc that were just as great and rarely if ever expressed pan-africanist, NOI, or 5% ideology, and made good music and elevated the artform on any particular front from good radio friendly hits to conscious introspective tracks: Sugar Hill Gang, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Notorious BIG, the LOX, Big L, DMX, State Property, JayZ, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, TI, Joe Budden, J Cole.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody said a 5 percenter started hip hop. We elevated hip hop tho. I said that hip hop has its roots in knowledge of self and pan africanism. IE Afrika Bambaata. If it wasnt for us, Cipher, Word is Bond, Peace, Queen, and all the other lingo that people use today and have no idea what the shit means would have been used. You wouldnt have a Rakim, Lakim, Nas, Brand Nubian, Wu Tang, King Sun, Black Moon, KRS, and brothas like that if it wasnt't for the Gods. Be real G. Pardon the typos in the last build. Peace

    • Anonymous

      Nobody said a 5 percenter started hip hop. We elevated hip hop tho. I said that hip hop has its roots in knowledge of self and pan africanism. IE Afrika Bambaata. If it wasnt for us, Cipher, Word is Bond, Peace, Queen, and all the other lingo that people use today and have no idea what the shit means would have been used. You would have a Rakim, Lakim, Nas, Brand Nubian, Wu Tang, King Sun, Black Moon, KRS, and brothas like that if it wasnt't for the Gods. Be real G.

    • Real Talk 1000

      Hip hop didnt come from retarded ass 5 percenters, it came from party music, ya like most American music it originated from black people. Black people. It had some artists, especially in the 90's who were NOI or 5 percenters, but dont get it twisted, you all are trying to hijack it like its yours as much as the 'white devil' lol. Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ.

    • Anonymous

      Also, he created supreme mathemics and the supreme alphabets. The lessons/supreme wisdom were already here. The idea of the European being the devil had already been set in motion since 1934. Do your history son.

    • Anonymous

      The fact that you say he was a degenerate gambler lets me know you know nothing about the NGE. First off, the NOI doesnt believe in a mystery God, well at least at that time. If you dont know the knowledge degree in the 1-10's... what your saying is null and void. So ill leave you with this. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      the truth that you have chosen to believe because it suits your ego. Clarence 13x was a degenerate gambler who got kicked out of NOI. He didn't like the idea of submitting to a god, so he set himself up as a god. Then he created the idea of the white man as the devil. This appealed to disenfranchised young black youth. He then stole a bunch of ideas from the bible, egyptian occultism, numerology, symbolism etc. and made them his own. Most religions do the exact same thing. They set up their "god" or their idea of "righteous" and then create an enemy of "the other". Nothing new. Whose bias do you seek? - Socrates

  • Anonymous

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  • 2da9thpwr

    Most of what Jamar says is true. People hate to hear the truth. What he just said about the whole drug and mental issue is on point. I cant even hate.

  • JTy

    Lord Jamar will generally be respected to some degree by default but he has been making a lot of dumb fucking comments lately, obviously has social issues. KNOW WHAT I MEAN!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

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  • T_Rock22

    That's funny he says that, because macklemore has a very good song about lean addiction called the otherside. I wonder Jamars ever heard it.

  • Rob

    He does make a good point though... so many rappers being young with money are definitely in some kind of addiction.. i don't care if they claim they aren't or not, the reality is half the twitter rants and shit like that come from someone being high as fuck. And when the music stops and these people are at home alone waking up sick from withdrawl... the reality of what they are really all about keeps them headed right back to their doc.

  • Anonymous

    Alright, enough with Lord Jamar old lame ass. His last bit of relevancy came when people still used to call each other "punks" as a threat, as in "punks jump up to get beat down". Twitter should not have the power to raise the dead. Lord Jamar probly has his grandson tweet for him anyway.

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  • Anonymous

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  • dentaldamboy

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    hhdx is the biggest trolls in teh industry.



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