Method Man Defends Chris Brown's Alleged Involvement In Fight

Method Man says Chris Brown is treated unfairly.

Method Man recently discussed the media's portrayal of artists and Chris Brown's alleged fight with a person who interrupted a photograph Brown was taking with a fan. 

"If you were in that same situation, how would you have handled it?" Method Man says in an interview with XXL. "Maybe you wouldn’t have handled it in the same way Chris did, but you would have been just as angry. Don’t fuckin’ act like he’s some kind of animal and shit. That’s human nature. He got angry. He just took it a little bit further. But I know, I’m going off topic and shit. You just gotta understand, I’ve been doing this shit for a long time, and in the past few years, I’ve seen this change with the media, and it’s ugly as hell. I don’t believe in kissing an artist’s ass. I believe in going right for the story, but when you’re trying to make a fuckin’ story? How tacky is that? How tactless? And that’s what it feels like now.

"If he was a regular dude, and dude photobombed him like that, jumped up in his photo, it’s like, 'What are you doing, mothafucker?' Method Man says. "'I’m taking a picture here.' I woulda whooped his ass, too. But based off the fact that it’s Chris Brown, they’re making a big deal about it. I feel bad for the dude. And the bloggers, all these other sideline people with their opinions aren’t making it any better.

Chris Brown was reportedly involved in a fight with a person in October. The singer was reportedly approached by two women who wanted to take a picture with him in front of the W Hotel in Washington, D.C., according to law enforcement, as per Two men reportedly attempted to get into the photo, but Brown allegedly used a gay slur before allegedly throwing a punch at the alleged victim, as per Conflicting reports have surfaced regarding who threw the first punch in the altercation. 

Chris Brown was jailed and released in October due to the altercation in question. The felony assault charge he was facing stemming from an alleged assault in Washington, D.C. was reduced to a misdemeanor from a felony, according to

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  • anonymous

    If you're known to have a temper people will fuck with you to make you mad, especially if you're Chris Brown's size.

  • Anonymous

    meth look like chris browns father

  • Come On

    THANK YOU!!! Mr.MEF I've been saying this for years now's generation are bunch of followers and android programmed by the media to like what they like and hate what they hate, Nobody can think for themselves they buy whats considered cool and hate whats not as popular you see I'm not one of the ppl I could give a fuck about whats cool or popular I like what I like period i"m my own individual.Haters hated on him for a mistake he made 5 years ago and won't let it go and act as is they are so perfect. He is treated unfairly because that's what the media wants and the followers fools abide by it. It also doesn't help in white america when it's a black man that's successful and does anything wrong they jump all over them until they drive into the ground and try to make them see a lot worse than they are. Props Method Man I 100% co-sign with you.

    • Anonymous

      hahah, white america, successful black men. Yeah theres a huge agenda to discredit well all of black music and entertainment. Come the fuck on, you still complaining about 400 years of some shit, STFU. Blacks have it better in this society than most whites. Thats a fucking fact.

  • xx009

  • abi

    what! method man needs to shut TFU. Brown didnt start no fight. Brown is innocent until proven otherwise.. he is no better than the bloggers giving his useless opinion. KMT!

  • sxxx4

  • Anonymous flow

  • Anonymous

    If Chris Brown were a "regular dude" he would've served jail time for beating Rihanna. Instead, he's not a "regular dude", and pays for elite lawyers and lives a life of luxury. If he'd like to trade in his career for a job at McDonalds I'm sure they'd make that happen. Until then he should realize he operates at a different standard.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Chris brown and with all due respect fuck Meth's opinion that Brown is treated unfairly in the media. That nigga Brown got away with so much bullshit it makes me nauseous thinking about it.

    • Anonymous

      naw he fucked up his probation conditions so many times, throwin bottles in the club, throwing chairs into windows at goodmorning america, getting in fights with frank ocean at the studio...etc, etc

    • abi

      thats why girls should never trow the first punch as rihanna did, some niggas get angry! leave the guy alone he has more than paid the price.

    • real

      What did he get away with? He was charged and convicted of beating up rihanna he just didnt do jail time. I know niggas who beat up they baby moms and didnt go to jail but for a couple days and were put on papers just like Chris. It seems like people arent happy unless all star go to jail for what ever they do

    • Hm

      "with all due respect fuck Meth's opinion" ... hm. Great understanding of respect theb.

  • GoodAdvice

    Meth, just flow and tell. Dont try to be a hero for a wife beater. Imagine how tactless it would have been if that was you? a photobomb? big fucking deal, so some dude wanted to slide in a on apicture....doesnt deserved to be attacked. Would you, ticallion stallion, attack random ppl for wanting a photo with you?

    • real

      How is he being a hero. He is speaking the truth idiot. Let 2 dudes come and put their arm around you and see how you react. I bet you push them off and if they start talking shit, their would be some physicall shit taking place. And he didnt attack random people. Those 2 people were in his space which doesnt make them randon dummy.

    • yup

      Meth speaking the truth on this one here. Not that I condone beating on women but didn't the RiRi go back to him after the fact? I bet you they are still on each others speed dial.


    I have lost about %50 of my respect for the ticallion stallion. Ive supported his music and looked at him as a mentor and a role model for nearly 20 years now. I bought my first wu tang album, first hip hop album i ever bought, at age 13. Now Im reading about how my favorite rapper is 'sticking up' for a wife beater. What a shame, maybe method man needs some fucking valiums of k pins to get his mind str8, always bitter and pissed off and so fucking serious. Dude has the whole world in the palm of his hands and he still thinks he can act like shit and or stick up for pieces of shit? Chris brown is a fucking monkey.

    • realrecreal

      ^real talk

    • real

      1st he isnt a wife beater because he wasnt married. 2nd just because he made a mistake at 18 doesnt mean Meth cant support him on other shit. Get real everybody has someone in ther life he has done some foul shit but that doesnt mean everything they do is foul. And I dont think Meth cares that you lost respect for him. If you were being real the respect would still be there dumb nigga

  • Anonymous

    real fuckin talk meth. i was sayin this from time. chris shoulda handled it better, but that doesn't make what those cats did cool. it ain't.

  • Anonymous

    a "gay slur" cmon man, everyone uses gay slurs without thinking, including that show how much theyre tryna demonise him (too strong a word?)

  • Anonymous

    Chris Brown plz call me I need you on my next album - Method Man

    • Anonymous

      Wow, above, you must be the new Billy Crystal, NOT. Attempt at humor, like sandals, fell flat.

    • Chris Bown (sambo the brother!)

      Hey its me chris brown, i would love to be on your album meth! It would make me look so hard! I mean, beating women isnt considered that tough anymore, so like, if we could flow, and be flow-ers on a track that would be gangbusters! Oh btw, do you know any hoes with low self esteem that like to be hit and then fornicated?

    • Anonymous

      yeah, an older black man defending a younger black man is about a record deal? hein?

  • dentaldambou

    Studies have shown that Wu Tang fans are the least-educated and least-affluent of all hip hop fans.

  • Gabo

    Photo bombing's trepassing meant to be a practical joke but if the victim doesn't feel like joking - respect that. That he's Chris Brown, enemy of tmz - it gets turned into a national emergency!!!And keyboard warriors with phoney morals get antsy.

  • Anonymous

    Yo method you figure that want out all by yourself serious, Chris Brown is black and rich in a world where the white man don't like to see anything that is black have money, You think

  • imho

    wait chris brown hit guy bec he photobombed him? lmaoo seriously? thats a reason to fight someone? i mean sure i would of been like WTF are you doing fuck outta here but damn. method speaking on everything in the world except when hes dropping new music and album.

    • Anonymous

      nah, you're just stupid. he's saying that chris brown went to far, but anyone would be pissed. just like you said, you would be, "like WTF are you doing fuck outta here".

    • Anonymous

      and theres a possibility they might be like, "fuck you, bitch nigga" and you'd probably walk away like a bitch as he talks to the women who used to want to take a photo with you.

    • CO-SIGN 100%

      I got love for Meth & Wu, but some rappers need to mind their bizness! Kinda get the feeling Meth sticking his neck out for Chris, hoping to get a shout out for promo or something.

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