U-God Recalls Wu-Tang Clan's Early Street Memories

U-God says he and Method Man were like Batman and Robin in the streets. He also says he convinced Raekwon to rap and leave the strictly street life behind.

Wu-Tang Clan's U-God recently spoke about the group's early years. 

"I was really holding down Meth[od Man]," U-God said during an interview with wutangclan.com. "Me and him were more Batman and Robin in the streets. We were doing our thing because we had both gotten kicked out of our houses so we had to stand up like men and do what we had to do." 

U-God was then asked about "really living that life." 

"Yeah," U-God said. "All these people talking about trapping…Y’all late. I been out here getting caught with burners, having the feds on us, all that. But we were doing that because we had to. Once we got in the [Rap] game we stuck to that. We were trying to be like these clowns that wait till they’re rapping to start getting caught with burners. It’s backwards. I didn’t come into this game to go to jail. I came in this game to make a living." 

U-God Details Influence On Raekwon

During the interview, U-God also spoke about convincing fellow Wu member Raekwon to keep rapping. 

"You can ask Raekwon," U-God said. "He stopped rhyming and was going straight street. I came to Rae one day and told him not to ever put down is pen and pad. I don’t give a fuck if you're in jail. Always rhyme. That’s what we were good at. Rae will tell you that till this day. 'U-God is the one that got me back rhyming.' I always used to tell all of them that we were going to make it up out the ghetto." 

Wu-Tang Clan is celebrating 20 years since the release of its debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. The album, released in 1993, featured "Method Man," "Bring Da Ruckus," "C.R.E.A.M." and "Tearz." 

U-God released Keynote Speaker earlier this year.

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