ScHoolboy Q Says There Are No More Gangster Rappers

TDE's ScHoolboy Q also says he is a gangster rapper.

ScHoolboy Q recently discussed his status as a gangster rapper. 

"I'm not one of them rappers that's scared to put a title on their name," ScHoolboy Q said during an interview with MTV. "Conscious rappers never like to be called conscious rappers and a lyrical rapper never like to be a party rapper. I'm a gangster rapper, that's who I am. I happen to make fun records at the same time, that's what I do. I joke, I bag on niggas, my personality is like that, but I am a gangster rapper and that's what I'm gonna bring to the table."

During the interview, Q also said that gangster rappers are nowhere to be found today.

"There's no more gangster rappers," Q said. "It's just trap music now. So I wanna get that old feeling back that I do naturally. I'm not necessarily trying to bring gangster rap back. I'm just trying to let you know it's still here and I'm a part of it. I feel like I'm the only one out of the coast that's doing this gangster rap shit the way that it used to be niggas used to put detail in their music, not just going to the club and turning up."

Q said that he is going to bring that style in his upcoming album, Oxymoron.

"I'm just telling my story and what I grew up around and what I seen and what I did and I wanna put that in the light instead of everybody just smiling," ScHoolboy said. "Like Eminem said, 'Whatever happened to wildin' out and being violent?/Whatever happened to catchin a good-ol' fashioned passionate ass-whoopin' and getting your shoes coat and your hat tooken?'

"I'm one of them niggas," Q continued. "Whatever happened to that? I don't want niggas to get beat up or no shit like that, but at the end of the day, that is a part of life and I like that type of music. That's what pushed West Coast music to where it was at like when Dre, Snoop and all them...Dogg Pound. That's what they was doin' and that's what they was talking about and that's what I was raised off of."

In September, ScHoolboy Q discussed how gang history will be included in his album.

"I've never said this in an interview," ScHoolboy Q said in an interview with Life+Times. "This album is about me taking care of my daughter and Crip history from 1969 to present." 

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  • Anonymous

    Drake is a Canadian drug lord.


    This nigga knows the only real gangster left is gucci mane. Gucci is the pioneer of trap and the saviour of gangster rap. Gucci is everything that a real nigga should be. Gucci husstled from the streets sold dope on a high lvl killed niggas robbed niggas spent that time in jail. Gucci made it to the top now he sitting on millions thats a real nigga. GENERAL GUCCI IS THE GENERAL OF ALL REAL NIGGAS AND THE ONLY GANGSTER IN RAP LEFT.

  • Anonymous

    Look at your own crew, nigga. Jay Rock pops off.

  • mike

    uncle murda maino troy ave

  • sik

    gibbs , game and nipsey gangster raps finest

  • @@

    the game is one of the realest , nipsey one of the realest . q eating of kendricks shine

    • Anonymous

      LOL game one of the realest? a fake blood who had a butterfly tat on his cheek? a tongue ring and who went on a reality show and admitted to being a male stripper? PUHLEAZE!! not to mention all the fronting he does on instrgram straight lies stealing other peoples pictures passing them off as his. thats the opposite of realest

  • dflow

    Nipsey and Game been holdin the west down for years ! q talk to much

  • Stro

    Q, apparently, is unfamiliar with Nipsey Hussle and Freddie Gibbs... Which is a little bothersome considering that they're both far better than he is...

  • Anonymous

    these new cats think selling a bit of weed and pills makes them a gangster

  • dentaldamboy

    "name one blood that walked around in lime green moon boots or leggings with a leopard skin pattern. I'd love to see a link so I can laugh in your retarded face @ dentaldumbass" Lil Wayne is a blood. And I am a blood too. I walked in my green boots and the boss is okay with that. He even started to wear jeggings himself.

  • LOL @ ALL OF U

    Yall some stupid ass niggas, saying they aint gangster cuz of the shit they wear? SO I guess Cam'ron aint a real nigga cuz he wore all pink? Yall just some internet hiphop elitists so wtf do u know about gangster lmaooo Q a real ass nigga and sure this is kinda slap to the face to Gibbs and Jay Rock but Q still that nigga so get over it?

  • Fish

    Aside from the multitude of gangster rappers that ARE still representing that culture (I'm not gonna start listing them since I'm sure plenty of people are gonna do that anyway), I'm just surprised that he would make such a bold statement that is really a slap in the face to his crew-mate Jay Rock.

  • Rob

    THis interview should have never gotten out. Q made himself sound stupid and look desperate for attention. Game brought back this west coast gangsta shit and everybody from nipsey, yg, his crew black hippy and others are making gangster rap. Just drop OXYMORON first Q, then talk yo shit.

    • Anonymous

      "his family still to this day live in the heart of compton " DAMN WHAT KINDA REAL NIGGAS HAS MILLIONS AND LEAVES HIS FAMILY IN THE HOOD? LOLOL stealing that picture of the white kids bottles and watches is not a rumor. it was proven true. nigga lies about the prince of saudi arabia sending him shit like cmon nigga why you gotta lie

    • fuccya

      Takes a hoe to fuck with anybody if the price is right. And i could give a fuck bout Game, those were just known facts, and that "fan made on instagram" shit IS the definition of the excuse. And its lame.

    • g unot

      since when is signing to cash money for 10mil a bad thing ? another jealous dummy. and whats wrong with posting a pic of him and tupac that a fan made on instagram . any lame excuse to hate i guess

    • fuccya

      Yea, the realest things Game did was signing to cash money and posting a fake photo with Tupac.

    • jb

      do your research on why game had the butterfly tatt u dummy. he 1 of the realest rappers around . his family still to this day live in the heart of compton . no rappers dare to fuck with him. and all that other bullshit is just rumours from jealous cunts like yourself

    • Anonymous

      Game LOL please. a fake blood who had a butterfly tat on his face and a tongue ring who went on a realty show called change of heart and told the world he was a male stripper!! the kind of dude who steals white boys instagram pictures to front like the prince of saudi arabia is sending him bottles and watches in dubai LMAO Game is faker than Ross at this point

  • Young Lou

    JAY ROCK, NIPSEY, GLASSES MALONE, YG...has anyone ever thought "SCHOOLBOY Q & gangsta rapper" as real besides himself?

  • Young Lou

    This dude is so weird. WTF is he talking about? JAY ROCK is the hardest rapper in his clique and he been spitting that gangsta/storytelling ish. SCHOOLBOY Q needs to quit getting in front of the mics for interviews and try to turn his music into something more listenable & worthwhile.

  • jb

    The Game is a gangster rapper , Q just be lookin for attention. Gangster rappin only get you so far you have to be versatile to get the money these days. the only niggas selling big numbers are jayz drake em wayne kendrick. if you gonna stick to gangster rap dont expect to last long , and dont expect radio play

  • lol

    yeah cuz collard greens has me scared for my life.

  • Carol Ayala

    just before I saw the bank draft which had said $8400, I didnt believe that my brothers friend woz like actualy bringing in money in their spare time at there computar.. there friend brother has done this less than fourteen months and by now paid for the depts on there home and bourt a great Chevrolet. published here... www.Fb39.Com Hopsin=Uncle rufus from boondocks. Sellout uncle toms like hopsin are even worse than racist whites. Look in hopsin eyes tell me he aint a devil the soul of a white devil trapped in a black body.

  • these niggas

    to be honest i thought gangsters move incognito,,on the low,,,most gangsters are dead or in jail,,, if you tell gangster rap stories then thats different,,,,,but i dont see no gangster in this dude ,,,i thought he was a black hippie,,,wtf!!!!! another rapper identity crisis,,,,,, nobody can be you but you,,,,,lol,,,,,

    • fuccya

      A crew of tough and cruel OGs named Black Hippy who got King of NY from westcoast among them too, lol

    • Fish

      Black Hippy = the name of the crew, not this man's personne. ScHoolboy Q was/is a member of the Hoover Crips (or Hoover Criminals as they tend to be known now because of a long war they have had with the East Coast Crips leading to them not wanting to be known as Crips) and his gangster status has never been questioned. Until now. Well done fuck boy.

  • Anonymous

    You ain't no got damn gangsta rapper. Nigga has been fallin' off as of late ...

  • Nancy Smtih

    up to I saw the receipt which was of $7048, I didn't believe brothers friend woz like realy bringing home money parttime from there pretty old laptop.. there mums best friend haz done this 4 less than twenty months and by now repayed the mortgage on their place and got a brand new Mercedes-Benz S-class. This Site... www.Fb39.Com spoken like a true outsider, probably a lil white kid from the burbs he cant understand a rap song without someone breaking it down line by line for him with pretty pictures and videos LMAO

  • JRich

    Gangster rappers don't wear bucket hats and yell YACK YACK YACK in all of their songs.

  • TRE

    Gibbs would shit all over Q

  • Reece

    Q shut the fuck up and drop the album! How long does it take to clear samples!?

  • anon

    so theres no more gangsta rappers? wow thats like saying theres no more trolls on the internet. no point of me even naming names we know whos who.

  • Boy

    SOulja boy is a gangster rapper.

  • Anonymous

    No. Jay Rock is the gangster. You bought a couple skinny jeans for your wardrobe, now go squeeze your fat ass into that shit, faggot.

  • dentaldamboy

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! He's obviously forgetting that lil wayne is a gangster rapper.

  • jake

    Freddie Gibbs is a gangster rapper Schoolboy Q isn't hes gotta be clowning

  • nightwalker

    lol i like this dudes music but damn he aint a gangster "a real gangsta ass nigga dont have to flex nuts because real gangster ass niggas know they got them"-scarface a real gangster rapper

  • Anonymous

    everyones a wangsta now

  • Anonymous

    if he is a gangster...then jay rock is the godfather

  • Shuttaman

    Freddie Gibbs? I mean Q is my nigga, but he's looking for beef right there. Oh a Freddie Gibbs vs ScHoolboy Q beef!

  • Anonymous

    if you have to come out and say you're a "gangster rapper" you most definitely are NOT a ganster rapper. This dude is a fucking cornball and I see him talking shit in articles more than I hear dude's garbage ass music

  • Gucci The Roat

    Most so called gangsta rappers are fake: * nas never sold drugs or was in a gang * mobb deep never sold drugs or did robb people * 2pac never sold drugs or was in a gang * dr dre never was a gangbanger * ice cube was bullied at school and never was in a gang * game was a former stripper The only real gangsta rapper is in jail: Gucci Mane

    • maki

      lmao Gucci is a bitch nigga if you think he's the only real gangster rapper your retarded he got put in a mental institution probably for being a suicidal little bitch when he got out he got ice cream tattooed on his face he should of killed himself a long time ago you don't know shit about rap music go listen to some techno

    • Anonymous

      Being a Gangster and being a "Gangster Rapper" are too completely different things. I dont care if Gucci walks onto the BET awards stage and shoots Ice Cube in the head at point blank range, fact would still remain that he makes "Idiot Rap" that makes no sense. His lyrics arent gangster, there just retarded.

  • culls

    He's not even the most gangster in his crew. Jay Rock needs to play a Gibbs collab for Q.

  • Anonymous

    i would never call him a gangster rapper lol his to corny and makes funny music. the industry killed off all the real gangsters rappers 50 and gibbs are our only hope.

  • Tremayne Sergthafourtyfivekal Engram

    Cartoon Character Rappers is exactly what rappers are of today, and big respect to the real live Gangsta rappers that has been keepin 100 hunnad since the beginning. And to Js23, Freddie Gibbs is a Gangsta fo life, I know the homie and some of the people he roll with from Gary. Trill shit if u ask me!!

  • Anonymous

    Beanie Sigel and LOX need to get at this lame ass niggas.

  • Anonymous

    He needs to sit his nerdy ass down before I run up on his fake ass. #wanksta

  • jurufromroundthatway

    I can tell alot of yall in the comment section are from the suburbs by the type of logic you use. "he wears rainbow bucket hats so he cant be a gangsta", I have met niggas who wear skinny jeans and colorful ass snap backs who will push your shit back in an instant over some petty shit lol. Go ahead and go into compton with the mentality bright colors/certain way of dressin = wont resort to aggression. and see how long you last.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I bet they wouldnt have talked that shit to Cam's face when he was wearing the pink furs and shit

    • Drake

      From one suburban nigga to another, just how would you know what life in Compton is like? I'm willing to guess you've watched it on your Tv screen on an episode of Gangland.

  • js23

    What about Freddie Gibbs? He is way better than Schoolboy Q.

    • Anonymous

      Gangsta Gibbs is the undisputed champion of Gangsta rap amongst new wave artists, but Jay Rock definitely comes second. Listen to "Follow Me Home" if you missed it, while it remains properly balanced it had some heavy hitters. Schoolboy Q was never considered a G-rapper in my book, I'm expecting "Oxymoron" to be the most mainstream-friendly LP of any Black Hippy member's major debut. Be real, probably dope production and straightforward creative direction going to save the album from being mediocre, Q doesn't have the mic presence, complexity or lyrics to be a stand out.

  • Detroit Block

    Styles P Beanie Sigel B.G C-Murder are gangster rappers few others but not much so many faking ass niggaz

  • jasonnns

  • Anonymous

    Why does this dude think he's a gangster? He's a short, fat, hairy, hipster. There's nothing "tough" about him...

  • Anonymous

    Rap music is way to pussy these days, that's why everyone went ape shit over Kendrick Lamar, he's a good rapper but he's the definition of the "Safe, non-threatening black kid" that doesnt offend anybody so that's why he's embraced. Same with Drake, Kanye, MAcklemore, etc etc...... They all have talent but each and every one of them comes off like the kid who got his lunch money took at the bus stop every morning. But that's not exclusive to rap tho, even the rock bands are pussy, use to be bands like Slipknot on the radio, now its a bunch of dudes who look like women, even further, dudes who look like women that would lose a fist fight to Avril Lavigne lol I hear Lord Jamar and people like him talking about the "Feminization of the black man" but really its bigger then race, a grown man of any color cant make it big in music these days unless he looks and acts like a straight up bitch. The females come off harder these days.

    • Anonymous

      Bravo, finally a few people up on here who see the truth-all that feminine b.s. needs to stop and people should not accept it as the 'new way of being', this is as old as the sun, a'int nothing new about it, it was not acceptable then, it shouldn't be now. Fuck all that blah, blah, political correctness bullshit, wrong is wrong.

    • Young Guwop

      Well said. The American man is being feminized on purpose and it's a bigger agenda behind it. K Dot is talented, but safe at the same time though. He's from the hood, but not a hood nigga.

    • Anonymous

      This is true. I say the same thing about people like kendrick. He's the kind of black dude that makes white people comfortable, that's why he's so popular with them. Jay Rock is in the same crew, and he won't have 1/4 the popularity Kendrick does, because they feel uncomfortable with dudes like that in this era

  • Drake

    I'm sorry, but who are you again? Last time I checked,gangster rappers don't wear rainbow colored bucket hats, not even during Gay Pride Month. You're about as gangster as a dead goldfish. Sorry to tell you, but that song "Collard Greens" was wack sauce bro. People say it's sick, oh it's sick all right; it made me want to guzzle an entire bottle of Pepto Bismol. Now shut your irrelevant ass up before I body you and your homie with the big ears (Kendrick). His ears are so big he could fly home on a windy day LOL.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO, there are no more Gangster rappers.....except me. WTF?

  • Anonymous

    Why is it most rappers talk in sentences that make no sense. "Its like what ever happened to violence i dont wanna see people beatup but thats what its like um you know how it be there aint no gangsta rappers left oh wait im a gangsta rapper you know its like um..........

    • Drake

      Because they never finished high school, let alone kindergarten. Insted of brushing up on thier grammar, they decided to trap for five minutes and get their shit beat in by the police and rival neighborhood gang members. Gangsters my ass, ha!

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