A rapper/drug dealer who was allegedly the inspiration behind Alien, the lead character in the Harmony Korine-directed film, Spring Breakers was arrested last week on drug charges. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Russell “Dangeruss” Curry was arrested last Friday (November 8) after authorities received a tip about a location where individuals were selling drugs “with a great deal of frequency.”

In a news release sent out following the arrest, authorities involved in the investigation alluded to the portrayal of Dangeruss’ in Spring Breakers and went on to refer to the film as “an exaggeration.”

“The arrest of Curry is another example that the fantasy portrayed by the movie is an exaggeration as Curry is just another low level drug dealer,” police said in a news release. “Curry is not a role model that anyone should be looking up to.”

Actor James Franco, who plays the role of Alien in Spring Breakers, spent time with Dangeruss while filming in Tampa Bay, Florida, and was also pictured with the rapper during filming.

News of Dangeruss’ arrest comes months after fellow rapper RiFF RaFF, who says he too was the inspiration behind Franco’s character in Spring Breakers, revealed that he was suing those behind the film for an amount between eight and 10 million dollars.

“I haven’t been compensated for the Spring Breakers…We’re seeking eight to 10 million right now…There’s a lump sum that’s made per movie,” said the rapper. “You know, James Franco’s cool. He drop four, five movies a year. He has the money. It’s not about him. You know what I mean? I just need my money.”

Dangeruss is currently being held at Pinellas County Jail on $20,150 bail following his arrest on charges of marijuana sale and possession.

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