Nas Executive Produces "Shake The Dust" Documentary, Trailer Released

Nas is the executive producer of breakdance-themed documentary "Shake the Dust." The trailer is released.

Nas teamed up with documentarian Adam Sjoberg and producer David Jacobson for Shake The Dust, a film that shows how breakdancing is being used around the world for social change. 

Beyond being executive producer, Nas is also slated to provide original music for the film, as per

"What these kids are doing around the world reminds me why I fell in love with Hip Hop and how important it is as a creative and constructive outlet," Nas said in a statement.

In the statement, Nas also addressed his reasons for joining the film as an executive producer.

"After hearing Adam's vision for this project and hearing the stories, I was incredibly excited to help bring the film to global audiences who need to hear this surprising message of empowerment," Nas said.

Nas was a co-producer on Tyson, the 2008 documentary about boxer Mike Tyson.

Nas has also acted in films, notably as Sincere in 1998's Belly

The trailer for Shake The Dust can be viewed below.

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  • See why

    nas fans are the worse people to be around with because they never elevates or see the sense in the real world... Sorry to say.

  • xx009

  • Anonymous

    Belly was the worst movie ever made lol

    • Eyes and Teeth

      Worst movie ever?! Not even remotely close. I loved Belly. Yeah, the storyline got a little corny near the end, but the Cinematography was killer. The Soundtrack went super hard as well. Shit, Hype Williams even paid homage to Gummo in that bitch! To call it the worst movie ever is preposterous. I can EASILY name 100 way worse movies.

  • micheal myersss

  • Grandnoir

    Seems powerful!!!! Something with substance.the black on black crime movie gansta this gangsta that bla bla bla is boring. Time to grow up. hiphop is all about knowlege and elevation

  • Tracy Putnam

    my neighbor's mother makes $80 hourly on the computer. She has been laid off for eight months but last month her check was $15893 just working on the computer for a few hours. imp source WWW.Fb39.COM I have Lupe's first 2 albums to go back to if this is a disappointment. Lets wait and see before making any assumptions off what Lupe is saying.

  • TaZzZ

    Looks amazing, that trailer gave me chills...



    • Jackie

      I agree. Nas is the greatest, Eminem just disses everyone and talks about his daughter and his tough upbringing, Jay Z just says how much money he has and how he is the greatest with mediocre lyrics, Biggie only had 2 albums, Kanye is just there and the rest follow up.

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