Eminem Wins "Global Icon" Award At 2013 MTV EMA Music Awards

Eminem also wins in the Hip Hop category at the 2013 MTV EMA Music Awards.

Eminem won the “Global Icon” award for his lifetime achievement at the 2013 MTV EMA Music Awards today (November 10), according to heavy.com. The Detroit rapper was also crowned the winner of Hip Hop category. His victories at the twentieth-annual European awards ceremony come one week after being named artist of the year at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards.

Last week, Eminem also released The Marshall Mathers LP 2, landed his first #1 song on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart and placed four songs in the Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart as a lead artist.

The latter feat hasn’t been accomplished since The Beatles did it in 1964. In April of that year, the British quartet had six songs in the Top 20 for two consecutive weeks.

Other winners at the 2013 MTV EMA Music Awards, which took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, included Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who won in the New category. Beyonce and Bruno Mars won awards for best live act and best song, respectively. 

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  • derashi

    the god of rap eminme

  • Brandon

    Any guy who actually thinks tupac is a better RAPPER than Em is nuts. Period, wth u talking about. Man

  • Eminem

    Eminem deserves his award and he is the best!

  • chillthrillz

    eminem is nice,,,,for a white boy,,,,,good for him,,,,,winning awards and the project aint been out a whole week just about,thats good thats good,,,,,,,white people support their own,,,,, hey black people lets do the same,,,it aint hard,,, i still have his first slim shady,,,he was a funny white boy with the bars,,,,but he aint been funny since,,,im glad white kids have someone to look up to,,,,cant hate,,,,his struggle aint ours cause if it was,, then all black artist would be as successful as him,,,because white cats know about that struggle and can relate to us,,,YOU THINK!

    • Emily

      So what if tupac wouldn't be friends with Em no one gives a shit, but don't sit there going at him if they didn't even know eachother you're just butthurt

    • 2pacForever

      The fact that you think eminem is better than tupac shows how naive you are. Pac wouldnt have been friends with eminem dumbass, TUPAC HATED DR DRE, TUPAC CALLED OUT DRE ON BEING GAY(YES, DRE HAD A BOYFRIEND NAMED BRUCE IN THE DEATHROW DAYS) AND THATS WHY DRE LEFT HIS OWN RECORD LABEL BECAUSE HE WAS INTIMIDATED BY TUPAC... Tupac would have a field day dissing eminem.... Eminem is a clown rapper, lol i bet he loved that ass in his face at that award show lol eminem and dre probably gay togeathr

  • Anonymous

    wait he came out 2 months ago with berserk and wins award while drake and kendrick been doing it for the past yr now. ok, i get it.

  • Anonymous

    "no one in the real world knows who j cole is" That's a very good thing.

  • Anonymous

    "He does more in a few months than other artists do in a year" That's what he wants you to believe. In reality, he's lazy and unmotivated... So says Time Magazine.

  • jasonnns


  • micheal myersss


  • well deserved

    Y'all where expecting someone else to win? Nigga please. Em accomplished a lot and y'all know that. Y'all just blinded with hatred for the nigga/wigger..lol. The only thing jay got ahead of Em is more albums. What about sales? (And don't bring no white boy BS, tupac is black and sold nearly as much as Em did with barely 6-7 albums). 14 Grammies All time highest EMA winner Oscar All time highest VMA (for rappers) Billboard awards Artist of the decade Mehn...the accolades are too much. Well Deserved. #STANDING OVATION

    • 2pacForever

      99% of eminems fanbase are little stupid kids like you. Eminem is in the same category as lady gaga, lil wanye, and justin bieber.. All a bunch of gay ass trends. If pac hadnt died there would be no eminem because tupac would have smashed his ass. Pac hated dre andd hed definately hate this white boy

    • Anonymous

      Do ur research @first annoy. Lose Yourself won an oscar.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, he does. He won an Oscar for Lose Yourself, which was on 8 Mile.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem doesn't have an Oscar.

    • Tracy Putnam

      my neighbor's mother makes $80 hourly on the computer. She has been laid off for eight months but last month her check was $15893 just working on the computer for a few hours. imp source WWW.Fb39.COM I have Lupe's first 2 albums too go back to if this is a disappointment. Lets wait and see before making any assumptions off what Lupe is saying.

  • Tracy Putnam

    my neighbor's mother makes $80 hourly on the computer. She has been laid off for eight months but last month her check was $15893 just working on the computer for a few hours. imp source WWW.Fb39.COM I have Lupe's first 2 albums to go back to if this is a disappointment. Lets wait and see before making any assumptions off what Lupe is saying.

  • Anonymous

    Dude is winning too much. I kno Jay Z's dreaming right now.

  • Anonymous

    time to award eminem for just breathin..... getting rediculous

  • Anonymous

    Artist of the year??? Is this a joke? Em was missing in action until about a month ago and other artist were all over for 75% of the year...BS I call it but it is a Youtube award so how legit can that be.

  • G.dot

    Great reply. First three releases and the d-12 albums he was awesome after that it was a downward spiral but he still offers just as much as any other rapper out there these days.

  • Daniel

    IMO I have never gotten the hype behind this guy. To me he has been overrated since he came out. He had a few songs that I actually could get behind but for the most part his catalogue is just miss to me. There is no way he should be winning awards for best rapper of the year. By no means am I hating on him because of his race but I do think he gets a pass because of it.

  • anonymous

    Whoever the fuck says hes overrated as an artist is a fuckin hater and doesnt know shit. em uses and has touched on every human emotion in his music. Hes made tons and tons of emotional popular hits and has 3 revolutionary classic albums under his belt. "men lie, women lie, numbers dont" - jay z. all them accolades dont just magically happen. where are all the other multi million global iconic selling white artists if the color is all he has as an advantage?.........yea..... none

    • Anonymous

      First post said "He's touched on all emotions" another Anon explains how he hasn't...The random Stan goes off because an obvious fact was pointed out LMAO

    • Just Saying

      It's criticizing not criticizung you're letting you're anger/love for Eminem get the better of you. Don't let them get you mad You're better than that you're Eminem's no1 fan !!

    • Anonymous

      ^@ this guy above me, You're criticizung him because he doesnt do what everyone else has done???? So your saying he should try to be like everyone else? He made his own version of love songs: KIM, LOVE YOU MORE, MOCKINGBIRD, HEADLIGHTS. .... stfu idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Really? Em has never mad a true love song like all of the other greats. His tone towards women is either they are an object or the are to be raped type crap. Pleeezzzeee with the "He's touch all sides of emotions crap"

  • slim

    Dude this nigga just stya winnin. global icon hoyl shit. jay z (and countless others) fuckin wishes in his wildest dreams he has the fanbase, sales, and accolades and dat ARIST OF THE DECADE plaque em got

    • Anonymous

      Mostly because Jay-Z has more businesses than Eminem.

    • Anonymous

      However Jay-Z has more money. So the tables turned..The whiteboy has more talent and the black dude has more money..Who knew HA HA

    • Anonymous

      jayz and countless others are doing just fine no need to cup eminem's balls to state your level of stanning Em is one of the greats but that slobbing you're doing is disgusting, cut it out

  • Anonymous

    Ah yes the internet, where everyone sucks and being deemed overrated is the most praise anyone can receive.

  • Miley Cyrus

    ""Look At Me I'm Smoking A Joint, Which Is Something That No Other Person In The History Of Everything Has Ever Done"



  • Anonymous

    No one denies eminem is one skilled mo fo' but this album sucks. Pitchfork gave it a 4.7... Ouch!

    • DUH

      @ IM ME If you learn how to construct you're sentences in clear English people might be able to understand you're irrelevant ramblings

    • Anonymous

      DX 8/10 XXL 8/10 RapReviews 8/10 Those are the most credible Hip Hop magazine and blog site. Ouch!!!!

    • lets play.

      9/10 Boston Globe. ..Ouch!

    • Anonymous

      100/100 Guardian....Ouch!!!

    • Fuck Drake

      Drake Til Infinity:, everything you say is a lie.

    • IM ME

      I only like things that other people like. Cuz then I know it's good and I don't have to waste my bran power thinking.

    • Anonymous

      pitchfork is known for being very hit or miss with their reviews. bunch of hipsters. to be fair though the reviews for this album ive seen from much more respectable magazines/websites have been better. pitchfork was the worst review i saw

    • Drake Til Infinity

      That 75/100 is still lower than Nothing Was The Same and most Drake releases. Even with some hater giving NWTS 20/100. Overall critics think Drake's catalog is better. Only Eminem fans resort to you should form your own opinion arguments. OBVIOUSLY you should...but at the same time.... Ready To Die, 36 Chambers etc. were all critically acclaimed albums for a reason. Just because you are using critics scores to highlight that broadly an artist is overrated doesn't mean you rely on critics scores to dictate what you think is classic. The two things aren't mutual exclusive Eminem stans. Em is a superb technical rapper, but as an artist dude is hella OVERRATED.

    • Anonymous

      ^I depended on my own judgement and it was overall a rather underwhelming/disappointing album ...However that is mainly because i expected more from Em . Don't be so fucking condescending next time dim wit

    • Anonymous

      You depend on other magazine and websites ratings? Instead of your own opinion?It does not hurt to think for yourself.Your brain won't turn on you or anything for having your own opinion,You know that right?

    • lolz

      6/10 NME ....Ouch!!

    • lol

      75/100 on metacritic. His second highest rated album ever... Ouch!

    • Chad 86

      100% correct ..

  • Agree

    Jay-Z always raps about the same things in his life and doesn't add a new substance. I think Kanye is even higher than Jay-Z nowadays. I dunno why Jay-Z has become lazy, maybe because of his new life as a dad.

  • Yasiin Bey

    If talking icons, I think Jay Z is way more deserving...Being White definitely helps, if he was black he wouldn't be as sensationalized. FACT

    • Connor

      ^ You sound like the little fucking bitch ----> 'Gay Z' how old are you ? dumb illiterate bastard P.S American Gangster, is a classic it's just suburban little (pop tarts) like you don't get it

    • ARO

      If anyone is overated its Gay Z he had one or two good albums tha rest were him rappin about all the cars he has and the gay clothing brands he rocks. Jay z's zionist worshiping ass FUCKIN SUCKS hop off his dick Mr.anonymous that thinks everyone is racist. Eminem>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jay Z Your tha pathetic moron bitch

    • Anonymous

      how was me saying no one knows j cole racist?

    • Anonymous

      And the only thing you took from the post above yours is that kendrick may not know who J Cole is. Typical small minded, knee jerk, racist's reaction Slow hand clap for you, well done, you should be proud of yourself you pathetic moron

    • Anonymous

      no one in the real world knows who j cole is. maybe not even kendrick

    • Connor

      @ WTF . You are the reason hateful and ignorant small minded racists shouldn't listen to rap music . Just in case you wasn't aware their are a few black rappers people may know of ... Nas,Kanye,2 Pac,Kendrick,J Cole,Biggie,50 Cent,etc it's 2013 not 1913 and you are still full of evil hate .. W.T.F grow up SON

    • Anonymous

      ^ Silly Cunt^

    • Wtf?

      On what basis exactly? Influence? Sales? Rapping ability? Get the fuck out of here. Jay Z's lazy ass hasn't rapped his ass off since RD. Hell Kanye is more of an icon than Jay Z. Jay Z just happens to be the default black rapper many people know.

  • Rick Ross

    I'll never be on his level huhhhh

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is a piece of shit. Actually any rapper post 1999 is a piece of shit. This new generation is filled with soft hearted fans hahahaha.. ohhhh man

  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    Thats not eminem, eminem was killed and this is a robot clone made by the illumanati.

  • Word!!!

    Lifetime achievement I understand, but artist of the year. C'mon Youtube, seriously? I call bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      it was voted by the public. and considering everyone has been talking about eminem recently, it's not surprising he won.

  • Anonymous

    Em stay winning. This page will now fill up with hate comments, which equal nothing. Carry on as you were

  • Anonymous

    The greatest Rapper in the world is white how that happen move niiggas back to the plantation your shhh belong to US

    • Anonymous

      @ 1st anonymous/troll what is the point of your life . I doubt anyone would care if you quietly offed yourself . In fact do the world a favor dumb peasant and off yourself

    • Anonymous

      grow your mind up boy, you immature as fuck gotdamn it's 2013 for fuck's sake

  • Trip

    Much deserved award. He really has accomplished alot, and has kept it real through the duration. About time he received an award like this

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