The Hip Hop Week In Review: Eminem, Lord Jamar & ScHoolboy Q Make Headlines

Eminem's album stream goes berzerk, Lord Jamar and Yelawolf trade verbal blows and ScHoolboy Q blasts XXL.

This week, Eminem, Lord Jamar and ScHoolboy Q made headlines.

The stream of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 garnered attention, as did Lord Jamar’s verbal sparring with Yelawolf. ScHoolboy Q also called out XXL for its cover featuring Black Hippy.

Eminem Streams The Marshall Mathers LP 2 On iTunes Radio

The stream of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 became available for stream November 1. The Detroit rapper announced the news via his Twitter account.

The album stream followed a steady release of information on the album, which included the release of the cover art in September and the different versions of the tracklist in October.

One of the collection’s bonus tracks, “Don’t Front,” features the Detroit emcee remaking Black Moon’s “I Got Cha Opin” from the Brooklyn crew’s debut album, Enta da Stage. Em’s version, “Don’t Front,” is the top track on HipHopDX’s Top 10 singles of the week and is also featured on the soundtrack of videogame Call Of Duty: Ghosts, which hit stores Tuesday (November 5), the same day as Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Lord Jamar Threatens Yelawolf; Yelawolf Responds

Lord Jamar threatened and insulted Yelawolf this week, calling him an "inbred." The Brand Nubian emcee also directed an insult towards a portion of Yelawolf supporters, saying some are "redneck fans." 

After insulting Yelawolf, Lord Jamar, who recently said White people are guests in Hip Hop, also listed White rappers he has no problem with.

Lord Jamar made his comments on Twitter Thursday (November 7). 

Lord Jamar also posted an update on Twitter regarding Yelawolf Monday (November 4), following the initial report.

On Wednesday (November 6), Jamar clarified his stance on the matter.

Following the Twitter posts, Yelawolf posted on Facebook, saying that he was threatened by Lord Jamar and that he is available for a confrontation while he is on tour.


The comments followed Yelawolf's statements during a interview where he was asked about recent Lord Jamar remarks regarding White people in Rap and homosexuality in Hip Hop.

"In one instance he's right," Yelawolf said in an interview with "From his perspective, I could see where he...I can agree with him on one side of it. I think he's right. White artists are definitely a guest when it comes to the culture of Black America's musical arts, whether it be Hip Hop, Blues or even Rock & Roll if you wanna look at it that deep. You've gotta go back a long way to feel that way though.

"On the flip side, yeah, we're guests, if you look at the roots of everything, but that's like saying here's a house that we built as a people," Yelawolf said. "We built this house, Black people. And then a few generations ago, it's been rented out. It's been renovated. It's been changed. Black people, White people, Asian people, people all over the world has been to this house, lived in it, used it, abused it, fixed it up. It is now a different home. It doesn't matter who laid the first brick. Now you have to just embrace the fact that this house is better now that different ideas have come in to put a different window in there, a different roof on it to change this, to change that, to make it more livable. It's all about perspective. That's my perspective. I feel like, as a White rapper, the house that I've been a guest in hadn't been no fuckin' good time sleepover. I haven't exactly had the fuckin' red carpet laid out for me. I had to fight for my spot. But, it is what it is.”

ScHoolboy Q Calls XXL Black Hippy Cover Disrespectful

ScHoolboy Q says that he was not pleased with the cover of XXL’s October/November issue. A photo of Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock includes the language “Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy” on the XXL cover.

“That’s so disrespectful, so disrespectful,” ScHoolboy Q says during an interview with MTV.  “We didn’t go into that shoot saying, ‘This is Kendrick with Black Hippy photo shoot for the cover.’ We went in there and said, ‘This is a Black Hippy shoot,’ so we expect a Black Hippy shoot.”

Nonetheless, ScHoolboy Q says that Kendrick Lamar is the most accomplished member of the quartet.

“At the end of the day and I always say this, too, Kendrick, he’s way ahead of us,” ScHoolboy Q says. “He’s a platinum artist. I haven’t dropped my album yet. [Jay] Rock’s working on his major-label album. Ab-Soul’s working on his major-label album. We still haven’t dropped our major-label albums, so honestly, at the same time, at the end of the day, I mean he is fucking Kendrick Lamar. Even though we’re not signed to Kendrick, but he has that impact.”

In the same interview, Jay Rock says that he wasn’t offended by the way Black Hippy was described on the XXL cover.

“I don’t never take that too offensive,” Jay Rock says, “because at the end of the day, whether it’s just Kendrick’s name… or if it was ‘ScHoolboy Q and Black Hippy,’ or ‘Ab-Soul Black Hippy,’ it’s us, still, because we’re all in this shit together.”

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Last month, Ab-Soul tweeted that if publications continue printing "Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy," the Carson, California rapper will remove himself from the group.

During the MTV interview, ScHoolboy Q also says that part of being in a crew is being asked about the other members of your group.

Big Sean, he gets in interviews, they’re gonna always ask him about Kanye,” ScHoolboy Q says. “J. Cole, they’re always gonna ask him about Jay Z. Slaughterhouse, they’re gonna always ask about Eminem…You just gotta fight your way up the ladder. Kanye, he stands alone now. I know they probably used to ask him all type of Jay Z questions…Now he’s put that work in, and he stands on his own, and he’s one of the biggest artists right now. Hopefully I can do that, too. It’s all about proving yourself at the end of the day.”

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