Marco Polo features several rappers on his PA 2: The Director’s Cut album, which is slated for a November 12 release and is streaming on HipHopDX. The producer says that he was particularly excited to feature a reunited Organized Konfusion on the project, a possibility due to his relationship with Pharoahe Monch.

“I’ve been working with Monch for a minute,” Marco Polo says during an interview with “I did a joint on the W.A.R. album and I’m three tracks deep on his new album, P.T.S.D. He hooked that up. He hooked me up with Po. Pharoahe laid his verse, [Prince] Po came through laid his verse, and we just kept building. The next time Monch came through he did ad-libs and it just all came together. My boy Linx did the scratches and they showed up for me. It was a fucking dream come true. It’s Organized Konfusion. It sets off the album. The song is called ‘3-O-Clock’. We just shot the video for it. Pharoahe made that happen.”

Another PA 2: The Director’s Cut collaboration Marco Polo is excited about is showcased on “G.U.R.U.,” which features Talib Kweli and DJ Premier. The song pays homage to the late rapper Guru, who was in Gang Starr with DJ Premier and passed away in 2010.

“It started the actual day Guru passed away” Marco Polo says. “The day he passed away I made that beat. That was on my mind and flowing through me energy-wise and that beat manifested the day of his passing. I sent the beat to Kweli and I asked him, ‘Here’s the beat, all I ask is you do something with meaning to it.’ Rappers will do songs talkin’ shit, which I love, and then they’ll do conceptual stuff with meaning and is content heavy. I just wanted to specify to do a meaningful song over this beat because it meant something to me when I made it. He turned around and did a song about Guru and Gang Starr. I probably did tell him I made it when Guru passed and he probably ran with the whole thing. I didn’t even really ask him to do a song about Guru, I just said don’t do a song where you’re just rapping about nothing. That’s how that song came to be.”

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