ScHoolboy Q Names Nas His Favorite Rapper, Jay Z The Best

ScHoolboy Q explains why his favorite rappers are from the East Coast. The TDE names Mobb Deep and The Notorious B.I.G. as some of his main influences.

ScHoolboy Q was raised in Los Angeles and was influenced by Snoop Dogg, but he says that his favorite rappers reside elsewhere.

“I was inspired by a lot of East Coast rappers, from Mobb Deep, Biggie, even 50 Cent,” the Black Hippy member says during an interview with BRealTV. “Nas is my favorite rapper. I also think Jay Z is the best rapper to ever rap, just because he’s at his age and what he’s doing and he still is relevant. He’s been doing it for years and [he’s] consistent. You like his album or not. The people liked it. I didn’t like everything Jay Z did. The majority of the people liked it, so that’s consistency.”

ScHoolboy Q then says to B Real, who conducted the interview and who is also a member of Los Angeles rap group Cypress Hill, that he’s sure people would be surprised by his list of influences.

“Everybody just expect me to say ‘Pac, Dogg Pound, everybody else,” ScHoolboy Q says. “Cypress. It’s nothing against nobody from the Coast. I was just in the car as a kid coming up in the car with somebody who listened to East Coast music. My older cousin, all he would listen to was like East Coast stuff, like Nas and all them, so I had to get into that. I got into that first before I actually got into the other stuff.

ScHoolboy Q also says during the interview that he’s ready to release his Oxymoron album, but that he’s been dealing with sample clearance issues.

“They told me like you used to get away with samples,” he says. “Put the sample out and people could get away with it.”

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  • riv216

    I agree with you Q... come check out the new music video "The Good Die Young 2K13" in 720/1080p HD:

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  • Anonymous

    of course no Pac. There easily 20 rappers who are better then overrated 2pac. If he lived he would be another struggling rapper like: snoop, dogg pound waren g, cypress hill etc.

  • Ruby Rice

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  • Listen

    Hov went over many peoples head way back but now most of the people than are now 30 and above they now understand what he was saying now but now that his older they won't till understand or like what his doing now till they are 70 and above...the thing is Hov is above and ahead of black people simple!

    • Listen

      I think I agree with you guys because back then most or some rappers where cool but were saying same thing and direct bars or some shit but Hov was crazy and real in his flows and I could say he had no album cover of him self with guns or blood on him or crazy tattoo to show his a drug dealer or straight killer like others did because back then son kid use to buy albums by album cover when them and many in the hood just want to dance to songs or want to hear murder murder kill kill and some other sensless thing most rappers say but Hov have been the least rapper to abuse women in his rap or say fake things in his rap to get buy... It's only a matter of time till every one will consider Hov as the Best Ever To Touch The Mic T Rap... Now they just bend their mouth and say I Like nas but I Believe Hov is the best, all because they just don't want to give me his truth credit after all the did to him during the beef but like I said time will tell when all will have their ROC signs in the Air. Hova!

    • jay

      Most of the dudes that listen to Jay are corporate dudes who was 16 when RD came out. I was 15 when in my lifetime the single came out, the vibe and the content of lifestyle made sense. Im from the era where we wanted to have lastest kicks freshest gear on the block. That generation who was 15 and 16 in 96 are either in corner offices or making paper other ways. We had the Puff Master P's , Jay's and Dames young and corporte grinding. Those dudes was making moves and still hiphop. I can go to work on laid back Fridays and rock a pair fresh Jay's and still have my Exec title. We the class of hiphop corporate hustle.

    • Anonymous

      thats real shit. I remember bleek even said he still is figuring out shit hove said on reasonable doubt

  • Young Girl

    1. Lil Wayne 2. Eminem 3. Drake they looks so fine :)

  • SPAZ

    "You like his album or not. The people liked it. I didnt like everything Jay Z did. The majority of the people liked it, so thats consistency. That means jay is consistently popular, it doesn't mean he's the best rapper or consistenly makes good music. Dumb faggot.

  • Anonymous

    The title of the article is incorrect. He actually says jay is the best and nas is his favorite

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