The Detroit Fire Department reportedly responded to a fire in Eminem’s childhood home yesterday (November 7), according to the Detroit Free Press

The home, which appears on the cover of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and on one of the covers of 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP, had fire coming out of a window on its second floor, as per Fire damaged portions of the home. No cause for the fire was provided. 

The Detroit Free Press reports that Deborah Mathers, Eminem’s mother, purchased the home in 1987. In 1994, Mathers reportedly signed the deed to the home over to Ann Investment. 

The property has been owned by several entities since then. In 2009, it was purchased by EM & UU for $1. It was then abandoned, eventually being turned over to the Land Bank.

In September, real estate website Zillow estimated the house to be worth $33,000, though mlive said that that value is likely high because the property is surrounded by abandoned and blighted homes.

A video of the damaged home featured in the Detroit Free Press can be viewed below. 

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