Nelly Defends Drake's Music

Nelly says Drake shouldn't be criticized for singing and rapping.

Nelly, an artist who has been known to sing and rap throughout his career, says Drake should not be criticized for doing both.

"Everybody don't like the mixture [of genres]," Nelly said during an interview with "But some fans, a lot of fans - the guy sold damn near 800,000 the first week - so it's a lot of fans that like Drake's singing. I think that's all he gives a damn about. As an artist, you can't have a stigma put on yourself as far as what you can do and what you can't do. You just try to be the best artist that you can be. We're in a time right now where being an artist doesn't limit you to rapping. It just doesn't limit you to singing. It limits you to create. All your job is is to create good music. He's creating good music. Fans that don't like to hear Drake sing, then switch to the next song where he's rapping." 

Nelly continued, saying he received similar criticism for years.

"I used to get the same thing," Nelly said. "'You should do this more. You should do that more.' But the reality of the situation is that you have fans that like you to do both. So you try to create as a testament to your ability to do both." 

During the interview, Nelly was also asked if he prefers Drake as a singer or as a rapper.

"I just like Drake," Nelly said. "It's not about whether I like him singing or rapping. He's Drake. I hate when people do that. It's almost like segregation or something. Can't the dude just be him? Let's just be a person. Let's not limit. Just be an artist."

Nelly released M.O. this year. In September, Nelly discussed the album with HipHopSince1987.

"The album's going to be kind of like something you've never heard before, I promise you," he said. "We trying to push the limits. I've been in here working real hard with my brother Pharrell with the detailing to bring the sound and everything out. I think we've got that so make sure you cop it."

Drake released Nothing Was The Same this year also. While Nelly estimated Drake's first week sales for the album to be approximately 800,000, the project moved about 659,000 units in its first week. 

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  • Anonymous

    Cee Lo is a classic one hit wonder. Drake makes hits.

  • dieDRAKEdie

    "Lauryn Hill, Andre 3K, Cee Lo, Missy Elliott, Mos Def, etc. They all did rapping/singing before Drake did, so what he's doing is nothing special" none of those people made the music ultra watered down or gimmicky like drake and nelly. well, ceelo kinda does the same thing now. but he still has more "soul" in his music than drake.

  • Anonymous

    fuck em both there both pop rapppers

  • Anonymous

    "Lauryn Hill, Andre 3K, Cee Lo, Missy Elliott, Mos Def, etc. They all did rapping/singing before Drake did, so what he's doing is nothing special" LH was a female rapper, so no. Andre was always out there, and sounds nothing like Drake does, so no again. Missy Elliott? lol Dude, you're reaching. Mos Def wasn't even successful enough for you to bring up his name, so unless you got other examples that better illustrate your point, then quietly go to your room and ponder Drake's legacy.

    • Anonymous

      I stand by my point. All of them have done rapping/singing before Drake and that's a fact. What Drake is doing isn't special at all. Also, he has no legacy outside of your delusional stan mind.

  • true

    Nelly was a pop artist.. only good thing he made was the "Tip Drill" video.

  • Anonymous

    "Many artists that did rapping/singing weren't just categorized as just rappers" Name them. Bone Thugs had mostly gangsta material, but did a few radio songs to get popular. Nelly cussed more than Drake does. Regardless, Drake doesn't tow the line. He's been the same dude on every album. That's the point.

    • Anonymous

      Lauryn Hill, Andre 3K, Cee Lo, Missy Elliott, Mos Def, etc. They all did rapping/singing before Drake did, so what he's doing is nothing special.

  • Anonymous

    Coming from the guy that killed hip-hop

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • Ruby Rice

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  • Anonymous

    Drake and Nelly collaboration????

  • foolishness

    This is the biggest that annoys me about Drake, or rather how the media covers him: they act like he's the first or only artist to rap and sing at the same time. He's far from the 1st or the best at it.

    • ^

      Nah, you're wrong. Many artists that did rapping/singing weren't just categorized as just rappers. Drake's style ain't different than those others.

    • Anonymous

      The artists who did it before him were all considered rappers first. They catered to the demographic and had alot of gangsta songs. Drake's style is different, and people recognize that. They don't care that he's not doing songs like Thug Love.

  • Freda Carter

    just before I looked at the receipt of $7368, I have faith that my sister had been realey bringing home money parttime from there new laptop.. there uncles cousin has done this 4 only 19 months and by now paid for the debts on their villa and purchased themselves a Nissan GT-R:. Related Site www.Fb39.Com Was this a fucking joke? haha These tools couldn't rhyme their way out of a fucking paper bag... and mentioning Hailie that's just stupid...

  • Anonymous

    Good insight Nelly.

  • Anonymous

    check NELLY's IDGAF off M.O. that shit is a BANGER!

  • Anonymous

    Actually the first-week sales were 658,000. Hes moves those units cause his fan base is mostly females. Not that he sings good but females tend to have these Entertainer Crushes.

    • dieDRAKEdie

      it's verifiable, over 80% of females purchase music. this has been confirmed several times by the RIAA.

    • ^

      Coming from someone who's hating on Kendrick right now because their favorite Canadian pop star sold more than an actual hip-hop artist.

    • Anonymous

      658,000 was way more than what Kendrick did 1st week. He blew that big earred goon out of the water, yet you still hate.

    • DrizzyInMyMouth

      I bought all of Drake's albums and never claimed they were for my sister because he goes oh so hard.

    • Anonymous

      I personally dont know any men who bought Drake albums and claimed it was for their sisters...

    • ok anyonymous

      a small percentage of every fan base buys the album, his small percentage is 658,000. Fuck you, im the man

    • ok anonymous

      ''When my album drop, bitches'll buy it for the picture And niggas will buy it too and claim they got it for they sister.'' - Drake

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