2 Chainz Helps Raise 4,000 Canned Goods During Charity Event

2 Chainz takes his TRU Foundation to Michigan for #2CansFor2Chainz, plans on holding charity events during the holiday season.

This week, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz and his TRU Foundation traveled to Detroit to aid in collecting canned goods for the SOS Food Pantry and Food Gatherers.

According to Detroit’s HOT 107.5, the Playaz Circle emcee helped in raising 4,000 cans of food during the event, which was titled #2CansFor2Chainz, and was also hosted by adidas and Def Jam Records.

During a radio interview held at the event, 2 Chainz revealed that he plans on taking part in even more charity work during the holiday season.

“I have a foundation actually that I just started, TRU Foundation,” Chainz said. “And I do different things in different neighborhoods for different reasons. I got some events coming up on Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. So, when you get blessed like I have the last year or two, you have to figure out some kind of way to give back.”

2 Chainz also spoke on his “#MEALTIME” cookbook, which is included with the deluxe version of his newest album, B.O.A.T.S. II: #MeTime. The Southern wordsmith was encouraged to change his lifestyle after suffering from a handful of ailments. The cookbook, which features 14 recipes from Chef Aleem, reflects the rapper’s change in eating habits.

“But for the most part, you know I had a few stomach ailments…having some real bad habits,” 2 Chainz says. “But, you know, it’s all about just finding something that fits you. And for me it was just eating right and things like that. And I just decided to spread that kind of knowledge and information in my CD. So, it’s in the deluxe.”

Recipes included in “#MEALTIME” include Crab Cakes With Mango Salsa, Garlicky Green Beans, Beer-Steamed Snow Crab Legs, and Teriyaki Salmon.

2 Chainz spoke on the ailments which led to him changing his lifestyle during an interview with Hartford, Connecticut’s Hot 93.7 last month.

“It has opened up a lot of different doors to talk about a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, and what food does for me, as far as me having stomach ailments, having to be in the public as much as I have to be, and at the top of my health—I have ulcers and I have acid reflux," the rapper said. "I have my good days and I have my days where I can’t move.".

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  • Anonymous

    It's easy to pass the buck by saying he should have given more, but then we'd have to ask ourselves how much have we done to give back to those who need it. 2 Chainz could have cut a nice check, but he didn't, so maybe Ross will step in and donate properly.

  • Anonymous

    "And I do different things in different neighborhoods for different reasons" Can you use a different word 2 Chainz?

  • Freda Carter

    just before I looked at the receipt of $7368, I have faith that my sister had been realey bringing home money parttime from there new laptop.. there uncles cousin has done this 4 only 19 months and by now paid for the debts on their villa and purchased themselves a Nissan GT-R:. Related Site www.Fb39.Com Was this a fucking joke? haha These tools couldn't rhyme their way out of a fucking paper bag... and mentioning Hailie that's just stupid...

  • Anonymous

    this is a fucking joke. This dude has millions and people are impressed with him raising 4000 canned goods? whats that cost like 3500 dollars? My nieces grade in her elementary school has already raised 6000 for the local food bank and they still have a week left. This dude weaker than a bunch of 4th grade girls

  • Anonymous

    Pretty fucking week for a nicca who brags about getting 100k for a verse.... but we know that was a lie just like when he said he aint get robbed LOL

  • Anonymous


  • nixnox

    Trash music, but good cause

  • Dollface

    Trash music, good charity. Good for 2 Chainz.

  • ZebrA

    Charity - ok, its very nice, but when you are a rapper who charges 100k for a verse and brags about it and then donates something that is equal to his pocket money and media glorifys it...Thats just a cheap ad using good cause.

  • Anonymous


  • 666


  • Anonymous

    The hater in me wants to say "why didn't you just donate can goods that you purchased?" But honestly any charity is good charity. I dont know what that man has in his pockets he could have less than me. With that said kudos the Mr Chainz for doing some good in the community. Credit where Credit is Due.

    • Chi Town Bound

      I felt the same way. I was like "4,000 cans? That's it?" Then I realize he's no 50 Cent or Jay z, where they can raise, or even buy, like 100,000 cans or some shit. good for 2 Chains though

  • Anonymous

    if he was a real baller he wouldnt bought the 4000 cans himself, whats that cost like 50 cents a piece?

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you! I have a college degree and donated to my damn self, asswipe!

    • Anonymous

      And how much have you donated to charity this year? By the way when you graduate 8th grade and see that there is a world beyond hip hop sites I pray you see the jejune nature of the term "baller."

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