T. Eric Monroe Details Photographing Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G. Together

T. Eric Monroe talks about photographing Tupac and Biggie wearing matching "I'm a Badboy" shirts.

Photojournalist T. Eric Monroe recently discussed a photograph he took featuring Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. wearing matching Bad Boy t-shirts. 

"I don't remember the full what happened," Monroe said in a recent interview with Monster Children. "But it was the typical moment where, as a photographer, dudes will see you with a camera and they'll be like, 'Yo, take a picture of us.' I'm not going to say no. But it was a moment when someone in their entourage - it wasn't B.IG. - said 'Yo, take a picture of us.'

"I turned around, made sure they were symmetrical to take the shot," Monroe continued. "At some point, 'Pac threw up his finger, just being typical Tupac, and I was just like, 'Okay, whatever,' and shot the picture because there was no concept in it. It was just like, 'Okay, leave me alone.' Not to say, 'Leave me alone.' That's disrespectful. But it was like, 'Okay, you want me to take the picture? Now can I keep going?'" 

Monroe says he didn't understand the importance of the image for years. 

"I didn't think about it for years," Monroe said. "I didn't even know it existed for years just because I saw a shadow over a dude's face and just didn't think about it until many years later when something made me stop and actually look at the frame. I was like, 'Fuck, Biggie and 'Pac in the same picture together and they're all wearing 'I'm A Bad Boy" shirt.'"

The photograph can be viewed below, following the interview. 

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  • kkk


  • damn

    cant believe that shit was already 20 years ago

  • 666


  • wdwd


  • Anonymous

    then comes Suge fuck it all up

  • rolls eyes..

    THE TWO BEST RAPPERS EVER.....NOT!!!! They were good but ridiculously overrated because of their deaths and everyone knows it. better rappers? lol just for a start nas, em, tech nine, big l, big pun, rakim, az, jay z, k rino, chino xl (fuck pac), pharoah monch, prince po, jus allah, crooked i, scarface, and a handful more

    • PETER

      lyrically Pac was not that dope, he is big in terms of impact the same goes for jay and Em... Big was just trash, he had lil wayne punch lines in the 90s

    • Dollface

      Wayne got an annoyin ass voice, but Em's voice is unique and brings energy to a track, kinda like Eazy-E's voice. Biggie great as hell, but he ain't the best to ever do it.

    • No Bigstan

      No son Biggie was the most complete mc ever: * did underground * did rnb * did club songs * told the most vividly stories * had the witt and wordplay * probably the best flow ever * had a booming voice. Nowadays nobody cares for a good voice check Wayne and Eminem the have a horrible voice * etc.

    • Dollface

      Damn right, Scarface son. But seriously, good list and good point. Although I'll say, Tupac and Biggie are right up there with all of them in my opinion, but not above them.

    • Anonymous

      Good list son, but check it before Jay z light a fire under nas he was lame after I was written and Jay z got to thank too Big for his career and the rest them niggaz on your list couldn't write a song that came straight from the heart like pac did

    • nuc

      NAS RAKIM BIG L, your list is good... BUT i disagree. PAC was def a poet, and dropped rediculous thought provoking ish! biggie though, glorified, but dope as hell.

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