Eminem & Slaughterhouse Rap On BET's "The Backroom"

Eminem and Slaughterhouse are joined by Big Tigger and Just Blaze for a rhyme session on BET's "The Backroom."

Eminem and Slaughterhouse rapped on BET's "The Backroom" yesterday (November 6).

The group of rappers was joined by Big Tigger, the former host of BET's "The Basement." Eminem and Slaughterhouse were also joined by Just Blaze, who acted as the deejay for the occasion.

"Yes indeed, original beats the replacement 'cause," Big Tigger rhymes during his verse. "'The Backroom' will never be what 'The Basement' was." 

Joe Budden rapped after Big Tigger, choosing to rhyme about love, his past, his growth and his detractors.  

"They wanna see me fall, wanna ruin my regimen from the start," Budden raps on his verse. "Wan' cut the beat off soon as I let 'em in my heart."

Royce Da 5'9 followed Joe Budden, electing to rap about his dexterity and his progress in life. 

"It's ironic, I remember when I couldn't afford a car," Royce raps during his verse. "Now it's back and forth / the Black one and White one / I call them Macklemore / and Lord Jamar." 

Following this, Joell Ortiz took the mic to rhyme about his own prowess, crafting punchlines about his ability to fight.

"You don't want it with me," Ortiz raps during his verse. "If I'm throwing hooks at you, that don't mean the chorus for free." 

Crooked I was the last member of Slaughterhouse to rap, making references to biters and the UCLA Bruins, among other topics. 

"I give them different patterns / They didn't fathom," Crooked raps during his verse. "They stealin' my styles, before me, you didn't have 'em / You rappers are made in my image like when God was inventing Adam / ... Don't stop what we doin' / When you see L.A., your team will be ruined." 

Eminem followed Slaughterhouse, asking Just Blaze to stop the beat. His rhymes included references to women in general, Madonna in particular, biters of his rhyme styles and his disposition. 

"I'm intolerable," Eminem raps. "Too volatile / Screw it, I don't gotta make the honor roll / To be on a roll / I don't know much, what I do know, I do it pronto though."

The appearance was made to celebrate the release of Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which dropped Tuesday (November 5).

Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Big Tigger and Just Blaze can be viewed below. 

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  • David Bunz

    I'll take D12 any day over Slaughterhouse, their album was sooo weakkkkkk. I'll take a beat over acapella any day either too wtf Em is always buggin now, used to be more laid back. But thanks Queen Latifah for the 300 Beauty Q tips

  • Just being neutral

    you comparing Em with ur fave artist means u still aware that eminem could spit something. Even sometimes y'all niggas compared him with Jigga and Nas though ur not preferred Em, but u give a thought of him to be compared. Why did I say this? Cuz you rarely see Macklemore, MgK, Yela, or other white rappes being compared to Jigga, Nas, or Wayne. Second y'all close minded that always thought ur opinion the right, me I'm no one not even famous, but then I watched Jay Z, Nas, Busta, Kool G, The Game, Tech N9ne, ice t, Redman interview that their applaud Eminem's skill lyrically and skills. Even Jigga not including Wayne as his worth competition he said the only rapper that worth to compete are Nas and Eminem. So y'all niggas can say anything but won't give any effect, these rappers have their quality to judge as they r part of rap game. Y'all wanna play racist game these rappers are BLACK, they owned the culture and yet they r welcome this white cat and give a respect. Third why being like one rapper hv to discredit other with so much hatred and mostly when it comes to Em. Said lot of Stan over rating but then again haters also too under rating it, so fuck off. One reacts to another and end up with unreasonable argument.

  • Anonymous

    light skinned rappers need eminem and drakes support right now... especially while they still in season

  • Anonymous

    i dunno. it kinda sounds like slaughter is trying so hard to make every single bar hot that it falls flat. I own both albums and love em and Im a huge fan of them but i dunno, it seems like theyve lost their magic a bit. I was even disappointed with the cypher.


    Hating Lil Wayne is the cool thing to do.Eminem has non-stop dickriding stans that swarm wherever he's mentioned because he has pop appeal.Not to mention 99% of them are racist and know shit about hip-hop. Case in point -> When em says a wack line, he's playing, but when Wayne says a wack line, it's a voids all the good ones he's said and he's a complete garbage rapper.I don't like Wayne, but he is not trash, maybe now, but he's still okay.People just hate because he's popular.

  • Shady4Life

    Fuck! The MMLP2 is AMAZING!! But im not feelin Em in this at all.

  • Anonymous

    You notice how Eminem Disses Lil Wayne when he mentioned something about not having another Rebirth etc, or was that in response to that fag Lord jamar who called out yellawolf and white rappers.

  • Anonymous

    royce looking a fuckin cac in this one

  • Anonymous

    Em gets back on his shit when ever he's with the Slaughterhouse! Sounded like he dissed his own pop tracks LoL. They all bodied this! HIP HOP!

  • bigtime

    Big Tigga killed it!!..everyone else was aight

  • Anonymous

    How do I download this please ?

  • Anonymous

    Eminem was dope but wish he had done it over a beat. I don't normally like Joell as much as some of the others in slaughterhouse but for this vid I think he killed it, best verse :)

  • ARO

    Idk why people hatin on Shady so much, yea his album only had a couple of good songs, so what? Every rapper makes a bad album sometime or another. Yall cnt deny tht Eminem Killed this shit, Crookid I did better tho Em took 2nd place on this one but he still can spit better than all you motha fuckers comenting so quit hatin

    • BCcoastin

      what u talkin about bad album. thats your opinion homie. his new shit is dope. few songs are tolerable but 9/10 for me freestyles were good. everyone of these dude can spit



  • jasonnns


  • 666


  • blkviper

    If you ever want to know what ultimate respect is watch these cats dropping bombs one after the other, Em and these cats you to snipe at each other in verses continually back in the day. as soon as revamped his Label he went right to these cats. That's how much he respects them lyrically. NASTY!

  • Anonymous

    Once em drops anything, these white sub-urban kids storm these sites proclaiming him the greatest..."his word-play is crazy" "blah blah blah" - Eminem on his best day is not touch DOOM, Nas, not even Jigga in his prime.

    • Evan

      Pharoahe has much better wordplay and structure. Copywrite has better wordplay and structure. Gift of Gab has better wordplay and structure. GOAT means much, much more than just technical abilities. Influence, sales, longevity and consistency are the only way to determine stuff like that. And after all that it's still just opinion.

    • richeyrich13

      For the Record Em's Renegade verse flowed on that beat crazy.. but lyrically listen to that song Jay did his thing.. Em had the wackest verse on here.. Ems not lyrical like these guys.. Not hating I like em hes nice.

    • @Fake Charlemagne tha God

      Seriously? so reasonable doubt had more word play than illmatic. You are a bitch. You know why? Cos Nas has songs where he switches his flow and has better wordplay than Eminem, who gets corny most times. And you a fool if you think story telling is all Nas does.

    • Anonymous

      I like how these two fools danced around DOOM. "em killed jay renegade" - and?

    • Charlamagne tha God

      Bro Shady murders Nas in every way - nasty never switches his voice, flow, or delivery..yea he's a story teller but thats it - no one has word play like slim closest would b jigga back in 96, im not a stan either i only own mmlp1 but im not racist so i have no prob admitting he is the best when it comes to technical rap. i would rather listen to jigga anyday - but in tyerms of flat out rapping shady has it hands down

    • Anonymous

      Lol slim killed jay on renegade so shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Eminem sucks!!!! White boys stay off hhdx wit cha bull shit dick ridin comments about em. Cause most of ya go from listening to eminem to Kenny Chesney.lol

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is 40 years old dressing like he's 19. Grow up, get sober and stop giving Slaughterhouse hope.

  • kost

    this is what you call hip hop

  • Anonymous

    hip-hop is so silly. A bunch of grown men that don't grow.

    • Anonymous

      Dollface is exactly where hip-hop is. Fags that dont want to admit that they are fags, just like the grown-ups that refuse to grow up. Always talking about buttfucking and things like that. Grow up you fool! Expand you horizons too. All these rappers and dumb fans act like there is no hip-hop without "busting guns", selling dope,fucking bitches, and all the other retarded shit these clowns talk about ON A TRACK TO TRACK BASIS. Breeding a generation of super-clowns. BTW I only charge 10 lol.

    • TrollHunter

      yeah I feel the same about Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones

    • Dollface

      Anonabitch spittin shit about Hip Hop bein about grown men who don't grow, meanwhile we got "grown men" all over the world fuckin us over and ruinin the place. Hip Hop the least of your worries, bitch. Come on here when business is slow, AKA when you run low on Johns willin to buttfuck you for twenty.

    • Anonymous

      being a "grown up" means you havent grown up

    • Anonymous

      Seriously bro take a lap lol

    • Anonymous

      Haha,butt-hurt kids. I come here to pass time when business is slow. Laugh at a few clowns (laughterhouse, eminem and commentators like you nit wits)Hip-hop adds nothing to society. If anything, it takes away from your quality of life. You fools over here taking it seriously while some forty year-olds talk about their sagging pants and how they bust guns.

    • lbc213

      Your the stupid one saying hip hop is a bunch of men that need growing up to do, then get your ass back to your porn.

    • Anonymous

      annnnnnnnd you r on this site why? what does that say about you? go take a look in the mirror and think about that...

    • lbc213

      Then why are you on this website ... dumb fuck

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • Debra L. Boyle

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  • Anonymous

    hate acapellas, the fuck the dj came for

  • Angel

    Slim to None like a Skinny Mother Theresa lol

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    Is it just me, or does Em sound mad corny now. Like extra regular. Crooked I and Joey ripped. Royce went off too...

  • The Dumbest of Fucks

    Joe Buddens voice is shit but his flow is good. Royce was good, Joell was good, Crooked was alright BUT EMINEM IS GOD. HE's USING THE 8 MILE FLOW.

  • Jezzy

    Crooked dissed Kanye hahaha

  • drizzy!

    Crooked I murdered that shit!

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    Wow! anybody who thinks Eminem had the best verse should go jump off a bridge right now. Shout out to my nigga Joell Ortiz for killing it though.

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