ScHoolboy Q Calls XXL Black Hippy Cover Disrespectful

ScHoolboy Q says being labeled as "Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy" on the cover of XXL was not what they signed up for.

ScHoolboy Q says that he was not pleased with the cover of XXL’s October/November issue. A photo of Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock includes the language “Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy” on the XXL cover, which is below.

“That’s so disrespectful, so disrespectful,” ScHoolboy Q says during an interview with MTV.  “We didn’t go into that shoot saying, ‘This is Kendrick with Black Hippy photo shoot for the cover.’ We went in there and said, ‘This is a Black Hippy shoot,’ so we expect a Black Hippy shoot.”

Nonetheless, ScHoolboy Q says that Kendrick Lamar is the most accomplished member of the quartet.

“At the end of the day and I always say this, too, Kendrick, he’s way ahead of us,” ScHoolboy Q says. “He’s a platinum artist. I haven’t dropped my album yet. [Jay] Rock’s working on his major-label album. Ab-Soul’s working on his major-label album. We still haven’t dropped our major-label albums, so honestly, at the same time, at the end of the day, I mean he is fucking Kendrick Lamar. Even though we’re not signed to Kendrick, but he has that impact.”

In the same interview, Jay Rock says that he wasn’t offended by the way Black Hippy was described on the XXL cover.

“I don’t never take that too offensive,” Jay Rock says, “because at the end of the day, whether it’s just Kendrick’s name… or if it was ‘ScHoolboy Q and Black Hippy,’ or ‘Ab-Soul Black Hippy,’ it’s us, still, because we’re all in this shit together.”

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Last month, Ab-Soul tweeted that if publications continue printing "Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy," the Carson, California rapper will remove himself from the group.

During the MTV interview, ScHoolboy Q also says that part of being in a crew is being asked about the other members of your group.

Big Sean, he gets in interviews, they’re gonna always ask him about Kanye,” ScHoolboy Q says. “J. Cole, they’re always gonna ask him about Jay Z. Slaughterhouse, they’re gonna always ask about Eminem…You just gotta fight your way up the ladder. Kanye, he stands alone now. I know they probably used to ask him all type of Jay Z questions…Now he’s put that work in, and he stands on his own, and he’s one of the biggest artists right now. Hopefully I can do that, too. It’s all about proving yourself at the end of the day.”

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  • jasonnns

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne looks cuter than them. i dont like them anymore

  • Debra L. Boyle

    upto I looked at the paycheck which was of $7027, I didnt believe friend was like actually bringing in money in their spare time on their computer.. there uncles cousin started doing this 4 only 18 months and recently repayed the loans on there cottage and got a great new Maserati. Source>>> FB39(Dot)COM


    You are all fully retarded, every member of the crew has an album out Schoolboy Q - Habits and Contradictions AbSoul - Control System Jay Rock - Follow Me Home The fuck you clowns smoking?

  • CP

    AB is dope, has released 2 LPs, dude look like Eazy on that cover though, hahahahaha

  • Trunk

    So, apparently Black Hippy wants to be the TOP now instead of Kendrick's bottom bitch? Know your role Black Hippy homo.

  • That Uncut Raw

    If the article is about Black Hippy as a whole, with no emphasis on Kendrick Lamar, I could see why Q would be offended. If the article was about Kendrick, with a little focus on Black Hippy, then it would make sense. I get why XXL would want to bill it "Kendrick and Black Hippy", regardless of who the article focuses on, but I could see why Q might be offended.

  • Anonymous

    To me it's just like ESPN saying "Peyton Manning's Broncos take on J.J. Watt & the Texans. The star of the team puts butts in seats or in this case, helps the group gain recognition. He'd be Kendrick Lamar with or without Black Hippy. Get over it

  • Nobodie

    why did i even look at these comments, people with gay jokes are the gayest niggas out there. this a fuckin hiphop site but ya niggas talkin bout what niggas wearing n shit. & how the fuck one of these niggas say absoul not nice. the world is filled with fuckin idiots who speak & never think. i hate all ya niggas. i bet these niggas with negative comments nicki minaj fans lol!

  • nixnox

    I think they put Kendrick Lemar and Black Hippy to sell more mags (Kendrick is a lot more popular then Black Hippy on their own, its true)

  • aria

    they put Kendrick Lamar and black hippy fucking faggots

  • Anonymous

    new age homo rapprs, whats kendrick wearing anyway, is that his grandmas bathroom carpet??

  • fuccya

    Overhyped as hell all of em. The fuck none of them except Kendrick dropped a single album, havent done shit yet but we still keep hearing about them for so long? Not enough raps, so much news, opinions and bullshit... is that all about it now?

    • fuccya

      I am, but thats bullshit tho, many rappers out there who done much more work, still aint heard of as often because theyre underground, tde/black hippy/k-dot news come on daily basis

    • Anonymous

      they've all dropped solid musical albums before. multiply, they've done the work. you just reading bullshit and commenting on bullshit because you a dumb mother fucka.

    • fuccya

      Hey Anon "We still havent dropped our major-label albums, so honestly, at the same time, at the end of the day" How about you read the article before commenting? Then you may get some idea what those commenting mean

    • Anonymous

      jay rock got an album out "follow me home" and ab-soul and schoolboy q have dropped albums on itunes.. before you post a stupid comment, how about you do some research first?..

    • nixnox

      Jay Rock dropped a dope album on strange music

  • DiceCube

    It's a marketing ploy you dumbass. None of these niggaz is as relevant as Kdot. And all three suck ass.

  • Anonymous

    black hippie is about 4 fudgepakcers

  • jasonnns

  • micheal myersss

  • Anonymous

    Dumbass this is because Kendrick is the star and you just another rapper. I will school you dumbass at a certain time it was for example MC Eiht ft. CMW. This is business nigga! This is politics nigga!

  • Harvey Dent

    I discovered them all through Jay, also it states Rock is working on his major label debut... Does that mean he's off Strange I fucking hope not!

  • COCA


  • Bad Guy

    There's already problems in the group lol. Jealously and ego the fall a lot of rap groups

  • jiggaman

    kendrick was the first to blow and was the first to release an album that did very well and has crossed over into the mainstream... so of course they're gonna say "kendrick and black hippy". Why would they mention anyone else aside from him? None of them are known like kendrick to the average consumer and commercial world, and XXL is obviously a business, so they're going to make the proper move, which is to attach the name of the hottest artist out of that group, in order to get the maximum amount of views to their magazine. Don't think the rest of black hippy should take it as disrespect.. they just need to understand and know their place. Not their time yet. Schoolboy is next up, so pretty soon he may take the forefront, who knows. All I know is had the magazine just put "Black Hippy", all the people who aren't on blogs everyday like us and just follow what's trendy or hot or what's on radio, aren't even gonna know wtf black hippy even means if they were to see that shit. Just a mandatory business move on XXL's part, nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick like "I'm michael jackson and you tito, tito, and tito"

  • tony

    People don't even realize that this is just how they act. They playing with yall..

  • Anonymous

    K E N D R I C K L A M A R &blackhippy

  • Anonymous

    Eminem and D12, 50 and G Unit, Kendrick and Black hippy, its all the same, kendrick is the superstar and black hippy is just some more music for lamar fans and money for jimmy!

    • Anonymous

      It's not the same since Em was the one paying D12, 50 paid G-unit. But before Kendrick made it big he was Black hippy following J-Rocks lead. Kendrick isn't anyone's boss.

  • Anonymous

    WTF, these dudes are fucking stupid, they fucking never dropped an album ore shit, and they talking like they are rap gods or something.

  • Anonymous

    kendrick lamar ol mork & mindy lookin ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    kendricks the only gifted one in the group...thats why losers know your place

  • Anonymous

    It's all ya'll fault always talking stupid as a group saying "I'm not eating i'm not eating" when Kendrick wouldn't leave you hungry. Absoul always been saying how he not eating

  • H.I.T.T.M.A.N.

    Black Hippy is dope & TDE gott the zone right now!! Don`t allow outside forces to divide & conquer yall...#HIPHOPRULES

  • Anonymous

    These look like bunch of nouveau emo faggots

  • wrgkjjrwg

    Ab Soul gunna leave the group before 2015. This nigga mad and jealous as fuck

  • DruThaDon

    I'm hearing nothing but niggas talking mad shit about Q & Soul on here. They both put out albums last year but that was before there Interscope deal so of course most of y'all wouldn't have hear about them dropping. Those who did hear them & the sites that reviewed them (Including this one) had nothing but great reviews for them. "Habits & Contractions"(Q's Album) & "Control System"(Soul's album) end up on a couple RAOTY lists last year but they also came out the same year as GKMC so most of their buzz (Basically everyone else's) were overshadowed. I can understand why they're angry about this because it makes them seem like Kendrick's lackies & they're far from that. They just want to be considered on the same level as Kendrick (Which they are) & this doesn't help that. And yet y'all steady praising Jay Rock for being the only nigga glad with this background rapper title, this is why Rock was the first nigga in "Black Hippy" to drop an album & had that muhfuka flop. If Soul wasn't on Lupe's level of anti-social shit, Jay Rock would be the least known nigga in the group.

    • lol

      thats the point. BEFORE the deal, BEFORE being pushed to the world..mainstream isnt like grinding in your local hood trying to make a name for urself.. u have to earn this shit now.. these 100000000 rappers in the world. when u should the world why u deserve to be on the cover solo then u will be..put in the work. earn it

  • Chi Town Bound

    "Rap's Illest Crew?? HA!"- Slaughterhouse

  • 614grind

    Play ya position, Q.

  • Anonymous

    sorry q but J. Cole made his own lane and I cant remember people asking him bout Jay

    • ETK

      people were askin Cole about Jay when he was on the come up. it was actually ridiculous, people started thinking Cole was on Jay's dick but really it was interviewers who kept asking him questions

    • Anonymous

      Is Kendrick Lamar a record label owner? Nah? Maybe if it said Dr. Dre and Black Hippy that would make sense but Kendrick is a mere member of the group. Like saying Phife Dawg and A Tribe Called Quest

  • Anonymous

    Jay Roc a real nigga. Ab and Q are bitches

  • Anonymous

    Wait! these dudes are making a big deal out of this. I guess they bout to say bye bye to their 7 mins of fame.


    Kendrick = The most popular figure in hip hop The rest of you = not top 20 atleast yet. YOU WONDER WHY THEY WOULD WANT TO SAY KENDRICK LAMAR AND BLACK HIPPY WHEN SOOOO MUCH MORE PEOPLE KNOW WHO KENDRICK LAMAR IS THAN KNOW WHO THE GROUP BLACK HIPPY IS. If you want fucking respect become a better artist or realize that the media isn't going to hold your hand like your a 1st grader and say dont worry your just as good as kendrick BECAUSE YOUR FUCKING NOT SO JUST ACCEPT IT. The only reason that people do know who you are is because of kendrick lamar. Calling it Kendrick Lamar and black hippy is actually better for you because with just saying black hippy people may not realize that kendrick is in it or what they are talking about, saying kendrick lamar and black hippy will make people want to see who black hippy is which is more popularity for you.

  • Anonymous

    only 3 weeks late to when ab soul said it.

  • wes

    Q was right the name of the group is Black Hippy they ain't Kendrick Lamar's back up singers. And whoever said none of them had any quality albums must just dick ride mainstream hiphop and probably did even fuck with kendrick before he was mainstream, schoolboy q- habits and contradictions, ab-soul control system, and jay rock follow me home all high quality material

    • imho

      hard to fuck w ppl when u live in ny and the up coming rapper is from cali. like cali prob havnt heard of half the rappers here til they go mainstream.theres thousands of wanna be rappers..if ppl took the time of their days to listen 2 each theyd be stuck in the chair for the rest of their lives. so ofcourse many ppl here and around the world didnt fuck w kendrick before he blew up.

  • Yup

    Kendrick's name = $$$, they kinda HAVE to put his name on the cover for brand recognition and to make sales. Of course they coulda just put all they names instead of "Black Hippy" but still. Atleast Jay Rock (the FIRST member of Black Hippy) ain't got a prollem with it, they need to not worry about what a magazine or media outlet do. They gonna do what they want to sell them units - but if you put your focus on releasing them albums and align yourself to Kendrick's spotlight, they might be putting your name on covers soon too! Play ya cards right and don't sweat it.

  • Anonymous

    Lol so jealousy is rearing its ugly head before they fully get off the ground. They should be prepared to sell in the low 200k- 300k (overall)and be grateful for that. There has never been a group where everyone goes platinum. Once Q and Ab flop they will gladly play the Tito role. Jay is good he might push 400k (overall)and no more. They are nothing more than back up singers, a.k.a Tito!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA thats funny as fuck. XXL sneak diss the whole crew haha.

  • Anonymous

    they need a album mainstream rap really sucks right now eminem couldnt even top obie trice's albums

  • Anonymous

    Dude better be happy he's even getting on a magazine cover. He's a shitty rapper. Dumbass!

  • tittays

    seems like the fame is already starting to get to them, their egos are gonna split up the group

  • vandal

    Jay Rock seems like the only level-headed one here

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick isn't level-headed?

    • Anonymous

      Jay Rock seems like the one who is doing the least to make a name for himself apart from the crew. He don't give a shit about getting famous and doing songs with Gaga. As long as he's eating he's good.

  • nuc

    haha, going all billy bob thorton on em' get em q!

  • Anonymous

    They need to get over it

  • imho

    can someone tell these jealous clowns complaining to put out atleast 1 album (let alone a platinum, critically acclaimed classic) before complaining.. i mean as the guy below me says.. when ur the back runners u get mentioned in the group name while the stand out gets name call for hits. in this case u should be thankful people even mention ur group name bec without kdot none of u would even be on the map so i recommend stop bitching about how people introduce you to the world and work on a classic..then ull get ur name called singly like wu tang group members..hell even banks gets mentioned over 50 cent now adays when it comes 2 music..its called earning ur place and name.

    • imho

      @ETK- actually, i will give it a listen now that u put me on.

    • imho

      im not talking about the group members im talking about the albums they supposedly dropped. of course i heard of soul, rock n Q. that christopher droner track was fire i even thru it up on my page..same w collard greens. my complaint is why are they getting jealous and acting like bitches? they seem to forget getting mainstream attention isnt like getting local attention or in the hood.. u put up any of the other 3 names on that magazine n noone outside of hiphop heads knows who they are (aka no mainstream fans).. so its a business move on their part, and Q/soul should be looking at it as a business move for them also bec the consumer will buy it read it see their names n w.e is in the mag and maybe look up music from them. they havnt dropped 1 album for the world getting pushed let alone a classic in GKMC and have 0 reason to be upset their getting shine off a proven artist already.. pretty much what im saying is shut up, focus on the music and wait your turn. if theyre rly that good then soon theyll be on covers solo and as someone up top said..i live in NY so ofcourse i didnt get put on to kendrick until later on. hes west coast im all the way on the other side of america.

    • ETK

      ^real talk, Ab-Soul's album banged and had nothin but positive reviews. You should give it a listen.

    • Anonymous

      You can tell imho is the type that looks for hot new hip hop

    • @imho

      If you haven't heard of any of them you must either the most unaware piece of fuckery ever put on this Earth, or someone that doesn't listen to Hip-Hop.

    • imho

      lmao they must suck then cuz i aint never hear not 1 buzz about them.. either way kendrick pu them all on the mainstream map hard. they need 2 be thanking his ass for the opp. not saying im gonna quit this n that acting like females..except jayrock- he seems to know not to bite the hand thats puttin him on the map. who cares who does it all that matters is it gets done..but here comes the egos.

    • coldhvnds

      soul, rock, and Q all have albums out already. get familiar.

  • Anonymous

    It's: 2PAC & The Outlawz, Bggie & Junior Mafia, Eminem & D12, Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era, Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy... Get over it

  • Argot Simz Hip-Hop from the UK

  • jasonnns

  • 666 demon devils

    666 crazy devil demons at you mother suckers

  • 666 demon devils

    gonna kill some of skateborders and rappers

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