Lord Jamar Says Kanye West Has A "Confused Mind"

Lord Jamar hopes no black person will consider wearing Kanye West's Confederate flag tour apparel.

Shortly following the launch of Kanye West’s Yeezus tour, the Chicago emcee garnered much attention due to his choice of tour apparel and his decision to add a man dressed as Jesus during his “Jesus Walks” tour performance.

During a recent interview with Vlad TV, Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar expressed his thoughts on Kanye’s tour apparel, specifically a t-shirt with an image of the Confederate flag on it. The New York emcee, who previously shared his thoughts on white artists in Hip Hop, was more concerned over Ye’s lack of an explanation for the Confederate flag-emblazoned t-shirts.

“Why would a black man sell a t-shirt with a Confederate flag and a skull over it? I mean, tell me your reasoning,” said Lord Jamar. “You see, this is where arrogance comes in. To me, it’s like you do some shit, but you don’t explain what you’re doing or why you’re doing it…If you trying to say ‘Alright, the Confederate flag, but I put a skull over it saying that that shit is dead.’ Aight, maybe. Maybe I could understand that. But you just putting it out there just for interpretation. You know what I mean? And let people interpret it however they want to interpret it. So, you gotta be prepared for whatever backlash or misinterpretations that you might get from that. I don’t know what that shit is all about. I would never wear that shit. And I hope no black people would wear no shit like that.”

Lord Jamar was also asked to share his thoughts on the addition of a white Jesus on the Yeezus tour. The rapper again expressed confusion as he questioned why Kanye would include someone he feels isn’t “historically accurate” appearance-wise. He later went on to state that Kanye has a “confused mind.”

“Again, I don’t understand it. I don’t understand—like I didn’t hear the whole dialogue between the two,” said Lord Jamar. “So, I don’t have the full understanding between that. I know there was some dialogue between them, but I couldn’t hear it at the time I saw the small clip. But again, I need some sort of explanation. I need some sort of make your understanding understood to me so that I don’t just have to go on just bits and pieces…White Jesus we know isn’t historically accurate. So, why would you do that? Like it’s not historically accurate. So, why do that…To me, it’s the theatre of a confused mind.”

The particular piece of tour apparel Lord Jamar addressed in his interview with Vlad TV is a t-shirt, which features an image of the Confederate flag with a skull over it and the words, “I ain’t comin’ down.” Other items sold during the Yeezus tour include a tote bag with the Confederate flag pictured on it and a t-shirt with the image of a skeleton wearing a Native American-style headdress.

Although the Chicago wordsmith did break down the reasoning behind the Jesus appearance, he has yet to offer an explanation for his choice in tour apparel.

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  • real

    Jamar is a fool looking to keep his name relevant. 1st Kanye explained the confederate flag and why he chose that logo. My family is from down south and they considered that part of their history because they know all the struggle and heartache associate with that symbol. So to take power away from those that worship the meaning of that symbol, they accepted it as theirs becasue it pissed southern white people off. As far as Jesus not being white, he wasnt black either. Jesus was a Jew with brown skin like arabs. Jamars an idiot

    • Scarface the Racist

      Good point, next let's have Jews wear swastikas with skull symbols. Yeah, you're smart. Not even the confederate flag, it's their battle flag, get the fuck outta here. Don't even know the history of the flag yet you got relatives that fly it, dumb as the fuckin white boys that fly it.

  • troy

    Nobody should copy, imitate or follow anybody else. Especially the fairy tale zombie jesus.

  • j

    Kanye: I'm Dora The Explorer right now.

  • AfroSensei

    Word tha fuck up!!! Much respect to Lord Jamar, a true HIP-HOP pioneer. Kanye dick-riders here making ya negative comments on one of the forefathers of hip-hop insightful perspective don't know what ya talking bout! GTHFO!!! No doubt Kanye is a talented artist but I have long believed that after his mom passed on...this nicca lost his mind. Kanye is confused...just observe his progression in music. Example: New Slaves...if those aren't the lyrics of a confused mind...nuff said!

  • Money First

    @Kane and others---That's the problem nowadays...Its about respecting another person's opinion who came before in the game and blazed a trail....Now I don't agree or disagree with Lord Jamar because I think coming down on any of my brothers and sisters is a waste of time when you have a larger force against us that should be addressed instead of finding fault in each other all the damn time...That shit needs to end...Willie Lynch keeps living and Lord Jamar is doing some of the shit he claims to hate!!!

    • Scarface the Racist

      You like, the least scary Brit I've ever met, Slave Trader. Go trade some spit with your gay love slave then get back to me, bitch.

    • British slave trader/owner

      @ Monkey first Stfu and shine my shoe you idiot, or else I'll boot your fucking teeth in.

  • kane

    Yo who the fuck cares about lord jamar anymore honestly...brand nubian was the truth in their day, and they are legends and pioneers for sure...But this dude is obviously just a bored, critical dick head. Now dont get me wrong, i hate kanye and i think he is the corniest thing to happen to rap music since lil john, but the fact that lord jamar thinks people give a fuck about what he has to say is stupid. I love people and i love the culture of hip-hop, but the world will never move forward if everyone is still stuck on that "white devil" shit. If you have a shred of common sense, you would know that the black vs white thing is fucking played out....its all about rich vs poor now. And this dude is just trying to stay relevant. Like i said, kanye is wack and corny and i think he should be slapped with 1000 hands of god himself, but NO ONE OWES YOU A FUCKIN EXPLAINATION JAMAR...who cares...drop some new shit and go on tour and then talk...

    • ElHeffe

      Perspective and context matters!! Much respect to Lord Jamar.

    • Anonymous

      when did lord jamar say he thinks people should give a fuck about what he has to say??? the man is being asked questions and he answers them. its pretty simple. if you wanna get mad get at Vlad tv for askimg Jamar about everything

  • truth !

    lord jamar is my nigga !

  • anonymous

    I can picture you pop rapper dickriders in court facing charges, telling the prosecutor that they a broke hater as a defense for your charges. If that sounds stupid check the pop rapper dickrider comments that say Lord Jamar is broke, irrelevant or bitter, but can't really say that he's lying. I hear you say that it's art, but it's been done before and if Kanye left the meaning of the statement open then it probably don't mean shit to begin with, especially coming from him who makes it a point to get his point accross everytime he opens his mouth.

    • Anonymous

      There goes the "what about so and so?" crap. Lil Jon and 3 stacks doing it wasn't any better than Kanye doing it so what's your point? Niggas wasn't cosigning that shit either so pulling old shit doesn't justify Kanye doing it, but like I said above you, as much as Ye makes it a point to get his point accross why is he leaving the statement open for interpretation? That's not his style and you know it. So what is it? A confused mind perhaps? Now you can stfu.

    • Anonymous

      So i guess when Andre 3000 had the flag on his belt buckle in Ms Jackson video it as for attention? or Lil Jon dacing with it in one of his videos? smh stfu you clown.

  • Anonymous

    Is this a monkey from the zoo?

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck is this old ugly nigga?

  • wolfman

    I understand where Jamar is coming from...yet he's still a step behind Kanye. Open for interpretation isn't a problem, when it breaks what is traditionally viewed of an expression like boasting a confederate flag. Take it back a few years, when a group decided to bury the word, nigg*r. What that group didn't understand was that action only serves to give the term more power. If people understand that something bothers you enough to literally try and bury it, then it's obvious it has strength cause pain in your soul. Words are just words, until meaning is given by an individual. Confederate flag is just colors and patterns until someone attaches a meaning to it. Then passion is attached to that meaning for happiness or hatred. When nigg*r became a word to disgrace a black person, it's power was in the intention of lowering a person's value when being used. When people started calling their own friends "n*gga," it became a term of endearment, an expression of community. Ultimately, weakening the old meaning from a traditionally racist word and spinning it. Apply this thought to what Kanye is doing with the confederate flag.

    • kane

      nah see this is idiotic...its fucking retarded to think that kanye had ANY INTENTION of making a statement. If you havent realized now, the dude fucking lives for attention. He is a big cry baby bitch who wants everyone to bow at his feet, and if they dont, theyre the enemy. Im sick of fuckin kanye and people trying so hard to "decypher" shit thats not even there. Everyone talked about yeezez and how it was comparable to michael jackson and it was a timeless record...but NEWS FLASH people already forgot about that shit because IT SUCKED. No symbolism, no allegory, no meaning, just like the last 5 years of dudes life. meaningless. Kanye will wear a fucking swastika if it means getting people to talk about him

    • Anonymous

      I'm so tired of people trying to justify the use of the word N**ga. It does not matter how people try to water down the meaning of the word. It was meant to destroy the black person's psyche, moral, self worth. It will always have a very disturbing and hurtful history no matter how many people use it as a term of endearment. People calling people n*gga makes no damn sense. Only idiots use this term when referring to each other. Sorry!

    • Anonymous

      Great posting here and I agree with most of it. I just am not too sure if Kanye is trying to pull similar to the word n*gger and how nigga is used now as a sense of community. Kanye is as bipolar as Game, which isn't a good thing.

  • Taliban

    Thank You for the truth Lord Jamar. Dick eating is at an all time high and I'm glad he chose not to feast like these other savages.

  • 614grind

    Everything he said was 100% true. Trying to discredit the truth by calling a man "irrelevant" is gay. The truth is always relevant.

  • Shay

    Kanye's crazy mind is responsible for multiple masterpieces, fuck this dude and whatever contributions he's made to mankind

  • tnt

    Lord Jamar needs to "slowdown" ...I mean brand nubian hey days are far behind us you know, welcome to 2013

  • Anonymous

    who is this nigga and why does his opinion matter

  • HipHop Fan

    He's speaking the truth with this one. The majority of Ye fans are white so forget the idea of black people buying the T-shirt. How's it to be perceived if you see a white kid wearing this? Causing controversy for the sake of being controversial. I don't agree with that. It's just to get people talking like the occult symbols used in Givenchy's clothing line.

  • Anonymous

    This generation has no respect for the pioneers of rap. Instead of listening to what he saying you turn a deaf ear because he is old. Same shit you prolly did to your parents. sad

  • Anonymous

    jamal needs to be deaded, this nigga is making a bigger fool out of himself everytime he speaks. this old fuckboi needs to be protected from his own stupidity. he just old bitter and mad cause he never got the respect and money kanye got.

  • seriously

    Lord Jamar would drop to his racist knees Ye actually gave him any time

  • drake runs rap

    who is this nigga and why does his opinion matter?

  • godOG

    Original man was white. Shave a monkey and you will see it.

    • fuccya

      Hhahahah, shit, yea, i agree, if youre that one illiterate fuck who shaves poor monkeys - you really got somethin in common with them. Brain size. Higher apes skins are of different colors but most gon be of darker shades.

    • Scarface the Racist

      White man trying to steal shit again. Big surprise. If original man was white, human race woulda died the fuck out cause whites can't survive without their first world accommodations.

  • tittys

    jesus wasn't black or white, he was a dirty arab

  • Abe

    Can't Lord Jamar express his grievances as battle raps? Rappers complaining about other rappers is boring as hell.

  • Anonymous

    lord jamar annoying

  • fuccya

    Haha confused mind. What else would you expect from attention whore on drugs, kanye is too fucked up to get right already.



  • Anonymous

    Some foolish Clayton Bixby shit "... Colin Powell... Condoleezza Rice. Condoleezza Rice, sounds like Mexican dish. Maybe we should put her on a plate and send her to Mexico so the Mexicans will eat her!"

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this ole weak ass nigga. Who in the fuck keep axin him questions lol?! Take his ass back to the nursing home for bingo w the fat boys.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar talking some shit lately but still- Brand Nubian>>>>>>>

  • The REAL Rik Rozz

    TRUE STORI: *Kanye the type a nigga...* Kanye the type a nigga to get pulled over and let the cops go with a warning

  • Anonymous

    DJ Vlad just exploits the fuck outta this dude for controversy, yet another black man being manipulated and used by a white man. As pro black as Jamar likes to carry himself, it baffles the mind why he would create this kind of controversy to get the hits up on a white man who lives to cause trouble between brothers blogsite The further down the rabbit hole you go the more pathetic the shit gets smh

  • Anonymous

    Okay, everybody is entitled to an opinion, but I feel the media is milking the hell out of Lord Jamar's opinion just because it will stir a reaction. We get it. Let's move on. Jamar can't stand Kanye. Okay!

  • itdoesntmatter

    I remember seeing ads for Confederate shirts made by black people for black people to wear in The Source back in the 90s.

  • Jason

    its a ripoff of a brand from the 90's called NU South he is trying to take the flag and erase or flip what it stands for and make it a hip thing.

    • Anonymous

      LOLOL @ a kim fan took me a min to realize what you were talking about, im like wtf does lil kim have to do with kanye

    • @anon

      you're that dude that comments on anything kanye related and trolls on him, like his fashion and shit. dude. get a life. i can always recognize your hatin dumbass comments. you must have been a kim fan or something and then got butt hurt that your favorite rapper tapping the hell out of that shit.

    • Anonymous

      everything he does is bitten from another culture or time

  • true

    I'm feeling it.. Jews should wear swastikas and put a skull on it to dead that Anti-Semitism nah mean?

    • Anonymous

      Niggas today are so dumb they dont even know when they are being programmed to rep the very mutha fuckas that hate them. Anything somebody rich does or say they readily suck it up and add it to their psyche. SMH. Some these niggas thats getting money dont give a fuck about you an will do anything they are told because they out of the maze and you still in there, but in the end they gonna get fucked too. I guess they want to have fun before they get fucked while the average nigga suffers while getting fucked. One day, my niggas....one day...

  • K Dot

    No, Lord Jamal wants Kanye to EXPLAIN what he does to us instead of figuring it out for ourselves or using our minds to try interpret his art, and Kanye's the dumb ass. Okay. Okay Jamal. Lets also have a booklet with all our music to explain to us what everything means, I mean it'll be like what laugh tracks are to TV shows.

    • hollywood

      hahahaI get your point but think realistic. Okay if a Jew rapper came out with anything Adolf Hitlr related you dont think he gotta explain himself? Man even 8 year olds would have heard and ben pissed off. And if my statement is a true fact then your the idiot if your older than 8 years old and you not questioning why a black man is rocking a symbol that brutalized and genocide blacks.

  • Anonymous

    yeah but when andre 3000 had it on his belt buckle in the ms jackson video, no one said shit. or when little john was standing behind it, no one said shit. i mean, personally got no love for kanye, but people crying about that flag...go sit in a corner

  • Jay

    PEACE GOD!!! 85% need KNowledge of Self.

  • mal617

    K. West is a dumb ass

  • Anonymous

    The true title of this article is "Lord Jamar is confused by Kanye West's moves because Kanye West is far smarter than he is"

  • Anonymous

    Jamar is right, explain the flag symbolism. A simple request.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone that calls himself "Lord Jamar" has a confused mind.

  • Anonymous

    kanye is basically saying fuck the confederate flag.. fuck the confederates.. this is my flag now.. and none of u racist fuckers can do shit about it..

  • Fish

    Didn't read the article or watch the video. Just wanted to say Jamar is a racist fuck and his opinion on anything is invalid.

  • pharaoh

    Lord Jamars a straight idiot, dudes a flat out racist so if anyone has a confused mind its his sorry ass. oh and Jesus wasn't Black either, he was fictional and even if he wasn't; geographically at that time period he wouldn't of been black or white. Plus if you believe in Jesus then you believe in his immaculate conception and thus Human genetics wouldn't play any factor in his pigmentation. He could of had fucking purple skin based on who is supposed to be and how he was supposedly conceived or do Angels only carry Black genes?

    • tiitays

      that's a whole other conversation

    • Stevadore

      If it doesn't matter whether Jesus was black or white then why don't we all just make him black for awhile. Also, on the flag topic, if anyone saw a Jewish person walking around with a swastika on as a fashion statement we would all say they were out of their damn mind.

    • Anonymous

      lol a court jester under the guise of a pharaoh "if you believe in Jesus then you believe in his immaculate conception and thus Human genetics wouldn't play any factor in his pigmentation" ^ so Mary wasn't human, huh? lol this is when I put on the headphones to ignore you........

  • Total_Respect

    He kept it 100....LOL at the Kim part tho

  • LOL

    Well said very well said K west is one confused dude could not agree more.

  • Anonymous

    Question is .. what's more ridiculous? Kanye's confederate shit .. or Lord Jamar talking like he knows about accurate history .. Toss up?

    • Priest

      I mean't @Pharoah

    • Priest

      @anonymous Look up Apollonius Of Tyana.

    • Pharaoh

      history doesnt CLEARLY show that at all, show me one single definitive piece of evidence that CLEARLY shows that, JUST ONE!!! The worlds foremost historians haven't even found definitive evidence that he even existed on this planet...

    • Anonymous

      you sound dumb because lord jamar is correct in that history clearly shows Yeshua aka Jesus was not white or of Euro decent and had bronze olive skin... how is that a toss up??

  • Violator

    Ye genius for this. Many white southerners tote that flag claiming it ain't racist, it represents their history. Basically, they disguise their racism with freedom of speech But Kanye showing that ok, we can do that too, since it's part of our history too. Take away the power from that flag like we took away the power from the N-word

    • Anonymous

      While I understand what you're saying, you're wrong. The N-word still has a lot of power. Just look at the NAACP trying to bury the word. If it really lost power by slightly being altered, there would be no need for such demonstrations or for black people to be so offended by white people using the word to describe them. So that whole nonsense about Kanye taking away the power of the confederate flag is garbage. That man lost his damn mind and is making more and more of a fool of himself as time goes on.

  • Anonymous

    Black people like this piss me off...so racist...black this black that, you weren't a slave...you were more privileged than any black person who existed during that time, but act more oppressed and spiteful...

    • Anonymous

      You reek a foul odor! America is full of racists, blacks and whites...in this moment we are talking about some black racists...get it!

    • lol @ lol

      thinking Africa is still all mud huts & jungle, they still teaching you bigots from those 1950's textbooks & pamphlets while they overprice that "privileged education", smdh how much is yo momma paying for your dumb ass to think there are no computers in Africa? for a people who swear where we were is so horrible and should be happy to be here, they're deep over THERE sucking up the resources from the very same land they want us to go back to but overcharge us for those resources HERE think about that real hard brothers and sisters, pay attention to their forked tongue you the ones who bought us here and cleaned the natives out, why we gotta leave?

    • lol

      id just suggest get over it black ppl?!. i mean unless u hop in the time machine go back 200 years and change shit, its over. no white person in this day n age did any of that.. just like none of u were ever opressed. i mean u could give up ur iphones, pads and computer and go back to africa making huts of animal hide and using spears to catch fish if its such an issue here! just saying..

    • anonymous

      Why do white people act like nothing happened after slavery? Let them tell it everything is good now that slavery is over and we should be happy.

    • Anonymous

      that's that guilt shining

    • Anonymous

      Your White privilege reeks a foul odor. Go see 12 years a slave and tell me we werent slaves. U sound maaaaaad ignorant. As soon as black folks speak on our history or things that have to do with us here come the FUCKING PEANUT GALLERY

  • King Gwap

    I agree, its not ok for people white or black to walk around with that thing on. To the people who wear it its a symbol of not just the south but the pro-slavery south aka the Confederate states of america, and now people will be walking around with it on and dont know the true history behind it.

  • Anonymous

    Lol at white Jesus not being historically accurate. History suggests organized religion itself is all bullshit so get the fuck out of here trying to claim any race for Jesus. Chances are he wasn't this magical wizard.

  • faints

    Kanye sold out. It ain't hard to tell. mothafucka changed when he got money

    • Anonymous

      cmon man hes selling basic ass GOOD Music hoodies for $160 and cheap ass socks with a GOOD logo for $34 a pop. thats the definition of selling the fuck out. leather jogging pants ass homo

    • CJ

      He really didn't sell out in anyway shape or form.

  • Anonymous

    Yall do realize that Kanye isn't the first rapper to use the confederate battle flag right? A number of southern rappers that are still relevant today used the flag in videos & album covers long before Kanye did...

  • Anonymous

    im pretty sure kanye isn't the first rapper to sport the flag either. i'm sure at least one southern rapper did it at some point.

  • Anonymous

    So your hero is fucking the black youth's mind and somebody shouldn't put a foot up his ass and tell him stop that bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    kanye west reasoning for the flag is almost the same exact reasoning we use nigga. Unless they stop the whites from using it and justify it, he can do whatever the fuck he wants w/ it, cause it couldn't be worse.

  • Doit

    L Jamar is right tho.. Ye is contradictory.. that shit cra... he wants to be free to do anything, but you cant be free to do shit with him... see throuogh all the bs famo.. this aint even hatin..

  • PDFs

    Lord Jamar does have a valid point tho

  • smh

    why do black ppl have such an obsession with white people? and how whites perceive jesus? blacks all think whites think jesus is white.. but with the majority being educated we know if jesus is real hed be brown bec hes hebrew lol when will blacks just get over things and go about your days like white do..we dont gaf about you guys we dont know in our lives but seem to care about whites as a whole for w.e reason. lames

    • Anonymous

      "smh: why do black ppl have such an obsession with white people?" ^ LOL lmao these kids will say anything if only you knew how poor your rearing and teachings are right now you would walk away in shame to save yourself

    • JustMe174

      you said you have an issue with black people making generalities about all white people: "blacks all think whites think jesus is white" ok, fine. but you realize you made a generality about all black people in saying that...

    • Anonymous

      Any one educated would know religion is fiction lmao

    • jurufromroundthaway

      You must be a psychic cus you can define how white people as a whole view Blacks and how Jesus is represented. Speak for yourself, that's all you can do in this life.

  • Dirtmcgehrk

    I guess Jamar doesn't understand the concept of irony and symbolic empowerment. Kanye appropriating something like the confederate flag and asserting a form of ownership over it defeats the power it holds as a symbol of the south, and everything it is often associated with (I'd assume in this case slavery).

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous 1..yeah i guess you missed that black skin head video

    • Anonymous

      In white supremacy they go hand in hand. If you're on a road trip and see a confederate flag at a gas station or souvenir shop I'm sure you're not going to think "hey they like Ye! yay!" hell nah. Yes there's levels and that level is a warning I'm not gonna stick around for swastikas and hoods to start showing up next.

    • Dirtmcgehrk

      Depends. Do you honestly think that a confederate flag carries the same weight as a KKK hood? There's a fine line between making a statement and just being distasteful. I think the confederate flag is a good in between space. There's levels to this shit.

    • Anonymous

      Like the word nigga? So should we start wearing KKK headgear too?

  • Anonymous

    dude is still wanting Kanye to reply....

  • Anonymous

    what's the significance in what this dude thinks? Vlad is treating him like he's rap's Obama...

  • Mr X

    Can someone explain the significance of the confederate flag to me?

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