Tech N9ne Criticizes Public Schools On "Therapy" EP

Exclusive: Tech N9ne says that he had to get the song "Public School" from his "Therapy" EP out of him because "education is the key to everything."

Tech N9ne features the song “Public School” on his Therapy Sessions With Ross Robinson EP that was released today (November 5). On the song, the Kansas City rapper discusses how he was disappointed with his educational experience growing up.

“It's a song that's bitter about my education back then,” Tech N9ne says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “Now keep in mind that I'm the #1 independent rapper, they say. So I did this with the education I have, business savvy and everything. But I'm just thinking, what would I have been with a bit more information? I could talk to way more people. When I went to France, I couldn't speak. Motherfuckers had French in school. I didn't have it. They rather give me an hour and something in gym. I skipped it and fucked. I did, in the hallways, in the little stairwells. I skipped it, every day and fucked. I could have been doing other things, and that's what ‘Public School’ is about, is me being bitter about some of my teachers, because education is the key to everything, to unlock any door. That's what I think.”

Tech N9ne says that people were giving him positive experience about “Public School” as soon as it was released last week.

“People are saying, ‘My teachers wasn't shit too, Tech,’” Tech N9ne says. “That makes me feel good, like other people feel that. That makes me feel like that there are seekers of information, seekers of education. That's what we need. But I say ‘we,’ I say ‘we people.’ I don't mean no color or nothing. I mean us as human beings, thinkers.”

As Tech N9ne grew as a person and began traveling, he says his quest for knowledge has intensified.

“I had to get this off of my chest because what I realized, as I got older, that education is the key to everything,” Tech N9ne says. “With more education, you can talk to more people. I stole the education when I was school. I said [in 'Public School' that] most of my teachers didn't teach me shit. I didn't say all of them, but the motherfuckers that want to give me home economics and they want to give me gym, I'm not athletic, well I am on stage, but that's neither here nor there. They want to give me wood shop class when I wanted psychology, at least. When I wanted a foreign language, I wanted some German, I wanted some French, I wanted some Spanish, information I needed, that if they would have pushed harder, I would have known so much more. This day now, I am a smart man, but I could be so much more dangerous with so much more information. And I'm forever seeking information, so it's becoming more and more lethal by the day. But if I would have learned more back then, I think I'd be even bigger now.”

Given his frustration with his public school experience, Tech N9ne says that he’s glad he wrote “Public School.”

“I got it out of me,” Tech N9ne says. “I write music. Music is my therapy. So me thinking that all the time, will eat me alive. I get it out, then I get to share with people.”

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  • 666

  • leather facesss

  • plb27

    Bullshit. As a teacher who has over 100 kids come through my door each day, if a child genuinely wants to learn, the majority of us teachers are here to facilitate their learning. Students who waste their time in high school don't get the right to come back years later and say their teachers didn't care. Sorry Tech... but after the second or third time of talking to you about skipping P.E, and after talking to your parents/family about ways we can get you to do your f8cking after school.. Your ass is on your own.

    • Anonymous

      in high school PE we learned about penises and vaginas

    • Anonymous

      Lol. stfu he's obviously a lot more successful than you. It's fucking PE, what does PE really do for your education?

    • plb27

      "plebian 27"? Funny. I suppose I am, being a lowly teacher. -- I'm at a (title 1) school in the south, which means the majority of our school is economically disadvantaged. What 777, said sounds great on paper, but the legislators who create and mandate these standardized tests typically are NOT educators. I'm not arguing the effectiveness of standardized testing or whether or not these tests teach students how to think logically. My problem is when as a society we look to schools AND teachers to raise kids and instill the values you mentioned with little to NO reinforcement of this at the home. I see a student for 50 minutes a day. If my 50 minutes or the school day with your son or daughter is the only time your child is gets these values, is asked open ended questions, and held to any sort of standard, than you as a parent have dropped the ball. Sitting on the sideline and criticizing a "school, or the teachers therein" does nothing. We talk as a society of being competitive academically with our global peers, and yet because of mandates by noneducators/ and outside uninformed voters, allow legislation to be passed (nclb) which stuff classrooms with kids with diverse needs, that cant possibly be met in the real world class. Classes with both the legally mental retarded and those label Gifted and talented in one room? But yes. You both are right, teaching to the test, and teachers who have lost their passion is most certainly the problem.

    • Scarface the Racist

      @plebian27 Good for you. What school are you teaching at? Probably gets lots of funding and ain't in the inner city. Co-sign to what 777onster said as well.

    • 777onster

      I call bullshit on your calling of bullshit. Underfunded schools in nearly every county of every state, teachers who've lost their drive and are doing it more for a paycheck than to touch the lives of kids as they used to, state-mandated testing that teachers prep students for by studying the actual material, verbatim, without concerning themselves with building up to it on the fundamentals that help it make sense and be useful to students, asinine senior projects that most students bullshit through and in many cases are encouraged to fudge to get through 12th grade; this is the era of education we live in, this is what drives our educational experience. Long gone are the days where the system is truly what it was established for, to teach people going out into the working world to "establish a strong foundation of analytical and working logic." That's the mission statement, so how is a teacher being concerned with cramming information in time for a test to get the school money, or face certain consequence, consistent with that original mission statement? I've been graduated for some time, and I'm surely forgetting bits and pieces, but in that time I met 3 teachers who truly had a hand in shaping the inquisitive, information-hungry person I am today and I could never thank them enough; as for the rest, I can hardly muster up a single positive recollection of them, let alone anything truly complimentary to those people.

  • TaZzZ

    Tech always finds a way to remain relevant and still talk about things that deserve attention and resonate with people... One of my fav joints off the new album, its much better than expected. His previous ventures into the rock/metal sound have been hit or miss, but this is pretty solid if you can get into that kinda music. Still found a way to kill those instrumentals without distilling the content, well played Tech. And the year of Strange continues....

  • Anonymous

    probably the truest statement alive..better edubacation dah better we be tomorrow lol

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