DMX Arrested For Driving Without License, Cancels Television Appearance

DMX arrested for driving without a license, car tag or automobile insurance, cancels appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show."

DMX was arrested in South Carolina yesterday (November 4) on charges of driving with a suspended license, not having a car tag and not having automobile insurance, according to

A Spartanburg County Detention Center police officer who was reportedly familiar with X due to recent arrests in South Carolina, stopped the rapper for questioning as he drove towards the airport, according to Rosylin Weston, an airport spokesperson who spoke with CNN affiliate WSPA. 

DMX has been arrested several times this year. In February, DMX was arrested for driving without a license. In July, X was arrested for driving under the influence after he was seen operating a vehicle "erratically," according to South Carolina Highway Patrol. He was also found to be driving without a license and without a seat belt. In August, he was arrested for marijuana possession for drugs that were found in his vehicle after he was stopped by a police officer. X reportedly "became very aggressive with his words and was making multiple idle threats" when a police officer questioned him about the marijuana. Throughout his life, X has faced several criminal charges including probation violation, illegal drug possession and animal cruelty, as per 

DMX's publicist released a statement about the arrest.

"He was arrested on minor traffic charges and spent only three hours in jail," X's representative Domenick Nati said, according to "This short arrest will not affect any of his upcoming concerts and he is planning on performing with Swizz Beatz on Wednesday's 'Wendy Williams Show.'"

(November 5) 

UPDATE: DMX has canceled his appearance on Wendy Williams' talk show, which was slated to take place today (November 6).

"Due to recent media scrutiny, DMX will not be appearing on 'The Wendy Williams Show' this week," X's publicist said in a statement, as per "The team apologizes to his fans who were anticipating his performance, but we are holding off on interviews and focusing on making music and organizing a world tour."

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  • Anonymous

    white's use dmx as a tool for black distruction.. u belong in jail.. dmx acts it out

  • Anonymous

    Should have signed to MMG while you had the chance. Ross would have helped turn your life and career around. Maybe even put some money away for your kids college funds.

  • Kizman

    his 1st 3 albums were classics

  • Anonymous

    THis man is throwing his life away, cause he's so fu*** real. He got 11 kids. Irisponsible D*** Head! I wanna beat this guy so bad.... Weak motherF

  • drake runs rap

    dmx could have avoided all the bad things that are happening to him but he didnt he had to open his big mouth and go at a real gangster like drake. Now drake has this nigga on a run for his life hiding in jails and getting arrested on purpose so he can hide from drake praying drake don't catch a body.

    • Anonymous

      DMX the type of nicca to shoot his own manager! You think DMX ever got robbed? I know Drake got robbed once or twice in his own city! Now he rolls with a security truck behind him everywhere he goes while X is driving around dolo

    • Scarface the Racist

      Change yo name to drake got runs. Get the fuck out, only reason DMX would ever run away from Drake is to avoid all that wack juice flyin outta his mouth onto the mic, damn.

  • Scarface the Racist

    I like ya, DMX, but you lucky as hell you're a black man with money. My ass woulda been in the pen for a long time for doing all the shit you do.

  • Angela Amador

    I looked at the receipt which said $9310, I have faith that my mom in-law was truly taking home money parttime from their computer.. there neighbour has been doing this 4 only about twentey months and resently paid for the morgage on their appartment and purchased themselves a Lotus Elan. look at these guys WWW FB39 COm

  • Lo

    I love DMX,but come on man really?Just don't fuckin drive,get a ride.i know it sucks it's an inconvence but so is being arrested thrown in jail and having to go to court....You can only feel bad for someone for so long until there stupidity just keep showing....I understand no one can tell him how to live his life,but if he enjoys paying fines doing time being broke doing drugs drinking having family problems being portrayed as a pity case on Dr Phil rather than making a comeback being loved by his fans getting paid living a clean healthy life with his family and friends ,than you reap what you so...........This is coming from a true fan not a hater,I am pulling for you but get it together already!Thats enough....Cops can't fuck with you if your out of there eye and they can't see you,and if your in the studio and doing shows,being constructive and witnesses can attest to that.Best of luck X I am pulling for you.You fan.

  • Anonymous

    DMX was arrested in South Carolina yesterday (November 4) on charges of driving with a suspended license, not having a car tag and not having automobile insurance..LOL that's the same story as a million other brothas out here mane!

  • Anonymous

    for a broke guy he does sure have variouswhips and gets around from state to state

  • Precise

    X get back to the BIG APPLE ASAP!!

  • Carolina X fan

    Dude must be dont know I from SC and around here you will get pulled over for being Black, sounds like they have him marked now, police probably patroling his house waiting for him to leave.

  • PAhiphopFAN

    DMX is the type of dude to get arrested for pouring liquor out on the curb for his dead homies, littering. DMX is the type of dude to get arrested waiting outside of Best Buy on Black Friday morning, loitering.

    • Anonymous

      DMX is the type of dude to get fired on his day off. DMX is the type of dude who gets arrested for leaving to big a tip at restaurants

    • Anonymous

      Type of dude who gets arrested 10+ times for driving with a suspended license and so he decides to keep driving LOL

  • Anonymous

    Santa's list is shorter than DMX's list.

  • Anonymous

    I think he's going for a Guinness World Record

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