Waka Flocka Flame Says Eminem's "Rap God's" Not A Diss

Waka Flocka Flame comments on his decision not to partner with Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad Records, says it was a "good decision."

On Eminem’s “Rap God,” the Detroit rapper name drops a number of fellow Hip Hop artists including Fabolous, Pharoahe Monch, Rakim, and Tupac Shakur. Em also briefly mentions Atlanta emcee Waka Flocka Flame on the record as he raps, “You fags think it's all a game 'til I walk a flock of flames.”

During a recent interview with Montreality, Waka was asked if he felt that the mention of his name on “Rap God” was a diss. The Brick Squad Monopoly rapper revealed that he found the mention from Em to be more of a compliment than a diss.

“How? He said, he asked people if you think it’s a game,” said Waka. “‘I’mma go hard as Waka Flocka Flame and flame you.’ He’s basically giving me a compliment. I appreciate it. You know what I’m saying? For a legend to look at you like you going hard. ‘Keep going,’ that’s basically what he said. ‘You going hard. I respect everything you doing. Keep going.’ I ain’t look at it as no beef. I know Eminem wouldn’t diss me…I played it and I’m like he clearly gave me a shout out. It’s just people don’t wanna see your rise.”

Waka again spoke on his turbulent relationship with Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane as he commented on his decision to not partner up with Gucci being one of the best decisions he’s ever made in his career.

“The worst decision I would have did that I never did, I could say was partnering Brick Squad Monopoly with 1017 with Gucci,” he said. “I always knew, I’m like ‘Hell nah. I ain’t doing that.’ Cause I see he want what I got. You know what I’m saying? Instead of working together as friends [on] something we already created. And I felt like that was a good decision. And today, it damn sure was a good decision.”

Prior to speaking on both Eminem and Gucci Mane, Waka touched on his relationship with his mother and manager, Debra Antney. According to Waka, his mother practiced “tough love” as he was growing up and had a way of embedding fear with her choice of discipline.

“My mom had this thing called tough love,” said Waka. “You know what I’m saying? Not too much spoiling. Not too much nurturing, but you know she there when you always need it. Always gonna be there. No matter if you need her or not. And she just embedded fear in you. You know if you do something she’s really gonna kick your ass. She’s gonna beat you up. She’s not gonna beat you, she’s gonna beat you up…The worst punishment I ever had was when I had to stand in the corner and hold up four, big books and pick one leg up. That was the worst punishment. I did that shit for like two hours, probably four hours.”

Waka also expressed concern at the way in which fellow artist DMX has been portrayed in the media as of late. This year alone the New York rapper was arrested after reportedly driving under the influence and warranted minor concern following a streaking incident at a Detroit hotel. Most recently, DMX was videotaped reading passages from The Bible outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Waka Flocka Flame is currently preparing for the 2014 release of Flockaveli 2, an album the rapper says will include appearances from Ne-Yo and Young Money singer/rapper Drake.

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  • LOL

    This nigga happy as hell thinking he got mentioned by the rap god. Lol

  • you idiots

    FYI: water puts out fire or "flames" too bad nooobody on this page understood his lyrical genius....go to university kids...so sad...

  • you idiots

    and why off a plank? cuz what is a plank usually over? think about it, hes just being an asshole and saying imam make these faGS scared STRAIGHT...get it? l

  • you idiots

    yo everybody, this it wasn't a diss he was just putting a play on words : you FAGS think its all a game, til I walk a flock of FLAMES(gays, flamers, fags) off a plank. it had nothing to do with Waka accept that it was a funny play on words. soo you're all idiots for thinking otherwise, especially waka who obviously didn't understand the line

  • T-Rap

    Yo sup ma niggas?! Ayo, I saw a nigga down er tellin' Em has no black fans? Srs? Fuck this boy, I'mma say it Em is better dan 2pac (ain't no hate on 2pac). ''Hey Pussy, go listen to Bieber & 1D.'' ;) (gay voice)

  • Stan Yo

    Lol, wtf? Seriously, Waka doesn't know English. He's saying that it's not a diss because he's afraid his rap career would get killed/end, anyways he's already done for now. He thought it's a compliment? Biatch, please! That part ''Little gay looking boy...'' is a diss to you, Waka. 1. No f kin rappers in the world can beat him. Fck all wannabes rappers: Meek Mill, Drake, Lil Fag*ot, Nicki Poops In Pants, Rick Ross (basically, fck you for calling Em a monkey), he ain't Em's level, Kanye West etc... 2. Having a cheap beat in your song doesn't makes you a great rapper, 2 Chainz ain't no rapper, he talks in his songs like my sister in Pre primary school learns ABCD... 3. This site is wack, said Stan.

  • Bjamin

    This is a terribly written article, you don't even include the right lyrics, you need to go one stanza further, the part where Eminem walks waka flocka "off a plank", as if he's a pirate. C'mon dude, this site sucks, admit it.

  • Luis

    Hahahahah oh man I wocka flocka flames of a plank that's a total diss. And that's what Wocka gets for not recognizing Eminem's lyrical genius on that interview on 106. I guess this is why he doesn't get it. Someone should sit him down and explain it to him. It's called a double entendre (double meaning.

  • mnm

    He forgot eminem raps subliminal lyrics... poor wacka shud have gone to college...

  • Anon

    http://rapgenius.com/Eminem-rap-god-lyrics Wow, did he even listen to the rest of the lyrics after that, where he says step off, you are never going to be good as me?

  • Danny

    omg hahaaahaahaa what an idiot xD... talk about hearing things the way he wants.. then again since when would waka listen to any lyrics? he would have just banged his head to the beat.. idiot

  • sxxx4


  • JJ

    Reminds me of the time will.i.am said Snoop Dogg wasn't making fun of his pants on the song Kush.

  • Anonymous

    Hey says he is going to walk a flock of flames (meaning fags)

  • Anonymous

    Shout out to Waka Flocka Flame.. Got more respect for this dude after seeing the Nardwuar interview.. Humble dude

  • letloosethetruth

    Slim Gaydy and his fans are all cock sucking homos

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  • Anonymous

    Waka needs to be careful, he could lose thousands of white fans if he says something against Em.

    • Anonymous

      @BruthaDee strikes again

    • Anonymous

      White folks love Waka, I follow him on Twitter, he be retweeting his fans and a lot of them are white females. I don't know any Black folks that listen to Eminem though but I have lied to white people in public that I like him and his music even though I do not. Many whites worship Eminem intensely, he even made a song about it called "Stan". If I was a rapper I'd say a bunch of favorable bullshit about Eminem so my name would be spread worldwide like today's instances where Wacka and Kool G Rap popped up on HipHopDX because they mentioned Eminems name.

    • Anonymous

      waka has white fans?

    • Mind Blown

      White people listen to Wacka Flaka? Hmmm, actually I've never met a person who does.

    • a black eminem fan


    • Anonymous

      Yeah.. because Eminem has only white fans ^^^ Sarcasm

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • red

    Lyrics from Rap God : You fags think it's all a game 'til I walk a flock of flames Off a plank, and tell me what in the fuck are you thinking Little gay lookin' boy So gay I can barely say it with a straight face lookin', boy Lyrics from Berzerk At least I know thAnnotateat I don't know Question is are you bozos smart enough to feel stupid Hope so, now ho... So Em is asking if these rappers are smart enough to understand the subtle jabs, because if they are it will probably leave them feeling stupid..Guess Wacka Flocka Flame is just a stupid.. Shout out.. lol what ever, maybe a collab?

  • Anonymous

    How does this dude get "I respect everything you doing" from Eminem using a play-on-words involving his name? Your name is just easy to rhyme with my dude. You gotta read better far in between the lines to see any sort of compliment hidden in there.

  • Johnson

    You know I was just thinking, it's been a while since we haven't had any Eminem news.


    Waka should just be happy Eminem actually knows that he exist.

  • efefe

    This nigga is delusional Em called him a flame as in a flaming homosexual and he twisted that shit into some self-complimentary shit like Drake did with that Less Drake More Tupac sign.

  • The Nu Troll

    Squaddddddd!!!! Cee-Lo & Rick Ross presents Rape Gang 1. Mollys and Champagne 2. She didn't even know it (remix) 3. Against her will 4. We got set up ft. Tupac 5. It won't hurt ft. Mack Maine 6. Just like Daddy ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne 7. Can't get no pussy 8. Gonna take it by force 9. It's mines 10. X and Sex 11. Fuck sumthin 12. Bout that rape life Bonus Tracks 13. Roopie Rap 14. Liquid Love (GHB anthem) This shit will go platinum!!! lol!!! Supported by pervs and lames who get no pussy everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    most of these rappers only wish godfather shady would mention their names, hell even a diss from eminem would be the highlight of a lot of niggas careers!

    • Danny

      .. but with rappers like "waka" i think its more of an ego boost of a hugely successful rapper even noticing they exist rather than "waka" actually having any respect for eminems work.. like "waka" could even listen to an eminem song and understand whats going on... maybe if it was em on a trap beat he could bang along to the beat lol...em basically took a shot at him on recovery too when mocking rappers for only being successful because of their beats and ruining the beats with bs lyrics..

  • Anonymous

    Smart response, don't want to lose your fans and get hated on by his Stan's.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


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