Eminem Releases "Rap God" Music Video

UPDATE #2: Eminem releases his "Rap God" video.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is slated to drop this Tuesday (November 5) with numerous singles and a video for the track "Berzerk" already released.

A video for the second single, "Rap God" has reportedly been shot as the Detroit Free Press recently caught up with Eminem during the video shoot and he gave insight on his upcoming release. Em said a lot of the reason he made the LP a sequel to his 10x platinum-selling second album is because people around him said it reminded them of his earlier days in Hip Hop.

“While recording the album, people who would hear a song would say it reminded them of the first time they heard me," Eminem said when discussing reasons for the title." The more I listened to it, the more it made sense to call it that... We knew that if we called it that, we needed to have the right songs. There needs to be a certain kind of vibe."

Reportedly shooting the video in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, Eminem also talked about his involvement in his own music videos.

“I’m always imagining shooting video; visualizing the picture. What everything could, should look like," he said. "I’m always thinking about music videos and ideas, concepts. I do that for almost all of my songs.”

Eminem On Working With Rick Rubin On "MMLP2"

“I felt like a kid in the studio working with Rick,” Eminem when asked about Rick Rubin's involvement in the album. “Obviously, it’s an incredible honor. The way he can dip in and out of different genres ... he’s like Yoda, a Jedi master.”

Eminem recently spoke with DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 show specifically about recording with Rick Rubin, one of the executive producers of the project. He said he was intimidated by Rubin but became more comfortable as time progressed. He relayed similar sentiments during the interview with the Free Press.

“Once the nerves wore off, you just see how cool he is, and I instantly became comfortable telling him about different ideas, things that weren’t fully worked out yet that I would’ve been afraid to say in front of him. He’s like, ‘I’m just somebody who’s thinking about things for you.’ We just ran ideas off each other, lots of what-ifs. It was great.”

Read the full behind the scenes piece on Eminem's latest album via the Detroit Free Press.

(November 3)

UPDATE: Eminem has released a teaser for his "Rap God" music video. It can be found below.

(November 21)

UPDATE #2: Eminem has released the video for "Rap God." It can be viewed below.

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  • Dick B

    This music video might have actually made me like the song a little more.

  • Anonymous

    song is good but would be better if was three min shorter

  • Anonymous

    Infinite = Good SSLP = Classic MMLP = Classic TES = Classic Encore = WACK Relapse = WACK Recovery = WACK MMLP2 = Very Good

    • Stapled Ass Nigga

      Infinite = Gawbage SSLP = Good MMLP = Classic Eminem Show = Good Encore = Good Relapse = Gawbage Recovery = Good MMLP2 = Mad Gawbage

    • I'm not new to this, I'm true to this

      Infinite = Trash SSLP = Dope MMLP = Dope TES = Dope Encore = Doo doo stains Relapse = Doo doo stains Recovery = Doo doo stains MMLP2 = Trash

  • Gucci The ROAT

    Gucci The Realest Of All Time: - Sold drugs. - Killed a man who tried to rob him. Ask Young Jeezy. - Exposed Young Jeezy as a fraud. - Beats up so called fans. - Throws bitches out of his car while driving. These are facts! Fuck the studiogangstas: Rick Ross, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Big L etc.

  • Real talk

    Slim Shady LP - Okay Marshall Mathers LP - GREAT ALBUM! The Eminem Show - GREAT ALBUM! Encore - Garbage Relapse - Garbage Recovery - GREAT ALBUM! MMLP2 - GARBAGE

  • Dhiven

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  • dentaldamboy

    Gerald, I love you.

  • Anonymous

    8 mile soundtrack fuckin better than mmlp2

  • Anonymous

    "God's Son was and is one of the most underrated hip hop albums of all time" That album sucked.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Eminem was on Koch.

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  • Anonymous

    sick video, killin it

  • nyystateofmind

    eminem is proof that once you turn 40 you become lame as fuck

    • wd


    • ETK

      dickriders are the only ones to do that? What about the closeminded niggas who are stuck in the past? they don't hold rappers accountable for quality music either. especially icons like Eminem, who has some good tracks on MMLP2 and even Relapse despite what they think. his old shit was better but fuck, don't push it already not everything good about hip-hop was in the fuckin 90s, and those who think that are old ass niggas

    • Anonymous

      ^Spoken like a true STAN. I'm an Em fan, but a fan of true dope hip hop first. And lets keep it real. Rapgod was cool, but nothing near classic or dope and the rest of the leak tracks have been subpar. You dickriding fan s are the ones who are killing hip hop. I understand liking an artist but what happen to holding them accountable for quality music??? What happen to Objectivity and truth??

    • Anonymous

      theres nothing wack about this video. respect the rap god kids

    • Anonymous

      new em s whack i have spoken

    • Anonymous

      a lot of you young homos are pretty lame too and you're half his age so whats your excuse?

    • ice

      lmaoooo. trueeee. he doesn't give a fuck tho, he's just doing him

  • stefmazy

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXCkMVcOrVY This is my song :D If you listen to it I'd be very grateful. Thx a lot


    This was a pretty good video. Thanks for showing it. It's been added to www.worldwideentertainmenttv.com hottest videos

    • Ananamaas

      The the person on the top, you are an idiot. In other news, Pac and Big were overrated, extremly overrated. Pacs rhymes were not extraordinary or something like that, his raps were just emotional. Just that, end of story. And Big? His rhymes were simle as hell, like a 2nd grade poem. Juicy is considered his best song right?.... I can name 5 of Eminems songs that are doper than Juicy. You have to admit, they are considered big cuz they lost their lives.... Well.. That aint do good to me, I dont get anything offa their deaths...lol

    • Anonymous

      ^ 2Pac is dead bro get over it, he stuck his head where it shouldn't have been.. Maybe if he wasn't a gangbanger we would still have great music to listen to. I hate people who say.. IF PAC WAS THIS.. IF PAC WAS THAT.. Let us talk about if PAC WASN'T THIS OR THAT.. He's GONE BRO... He did not master the art of makaveli.

    • 2pacForever

      ^Em was a pice of trailer park trash when 2pac was alive, as far as im concerned he still is... 99% of eminems fanbase are little stupid kids. Eminem is in the same category as lady gaga, lil wanye, and justin bieber.. All a bunch of gay ass trends. If pac hadnt died there would be no eminem because tupac would have smashed his ass. Pac hated dre andd hed definately hate this white boy

    • Dhiven

      That's the point, we can be corny unlike you. Sucks to be you dude! I wonder how shitty it must feel knowing that you constantly have to act tough the whole day, everyday! Talk about being 'fake'.

  • Benzino Goon Squad

    That Made Men Classic album got 4.5 mics in the Source. No Eminem album has got more than 4. Most publications don't consider Eminem to have any classic albums. All the greats have classic albums including Benzino! Nobody in the hood listens to Eminem's bullshit pop music. Hood niggas love Benzino and Made Men. Benzino > Eminem Made Men > Slaughterhouse

    • Anonymous

      why are they retarded, I love lots of rap, but dont hate on Slim cause he's the sickest rapper alive or dead. He not only admits when his stuff sucks, but he knows when he killed it. This is one of the best. There are only a select few that can really grab my attention and it isn't 2 pac, or biggie. Finally, most of you are just sad because your black

    • Anonymous

      I dont want to be like this I dont really want to hurt no feelins But Im only being real when I say nobody wants to hear their grandfather rap And old men have heart attacks and I dont want to be responsible for that so Put the mic down and walk away You can still have a little bit of dignity

    • Anonymous

      LMAO.. this nigga really said Benzino.. He must be trolling..

    • Anonymous

      Fock Benzino

    • Anonymous

      LOL you mean to tell me the nicca who owned the magazine got a 4.5 rating and the nigga he was beefing with got lower than a 4? NO WAY

    • n

      Eminem murdered benzino, did you listen to those diss tracks, he KILLED him

  • dentaldamboy

    Hey Gerald, where are you?

  • lol

    black ppl hate on em because hes runnin the only shit they got

    • glaffpuss

      they have basketball too. i cant believe race still comes into play with eminem. his albums dont sell just cause hes white, look at snoops first album, dr dres albums, even mc hammer back in the day. excluding hammer the albums sold millions because they were great albums. anything dre touched back in the day sold 4 million. if you make a good album people will buy it. who in rap is making great music still, jayz doesnt always come through, mobb deep fell off, nas is always good lyrically but cant make a great album just good albums.

    • Sureno tha Latino

      ^oh look, another angry white boy.

  • Da Realest

    Eminem is great, and I don't really see why people did not like rap god, I thought his flow and versatility was on point, the beat was a bit iffy but after a while I did not mind the beat, I kinda like great MC's spitting their heart out on commercial beats but In some ways Eminem is overrated and underrated at the same time, the Eminem dick riders make it hard for a lot of people to like him because they declare him the best rapper of all time when Eminem is probably the only rapper they listen to and most are white kids with bad parent problems or are isolated weirdos which makes it hard for him to stand out to real Hip-hop heads or to be taken seriously. Plus lets not forget a lot of people like all of his catalog and claim it is all genius when encore, recovery and relapse had some of the worst songs in history, fucking hell, just lose it was the most annoying song ever made.

    • Ananamaas

      The the person above me, tell me who are the other top 4? I hope they are not slim shady Big and Pac whore...lol.... No seriously, who do you ran above Em?

    • sam snead

      Eminem is top 10 and I put him at #5 Reasons Eminem is not the greatest of all-time: Hooks- so many corny or pop hooks Subject matter- He is good with personal issues and inner struggles and family matters but really lacks when it comes to social,the streets,socio-economic,political issues. He also talks about many of the same things too much classic albums- infinite through eminem show were his best albums, he always has a throw away or cheese track though. You also never see on eminem album tracks that blend and run into each other making cohesiveness on an album

    • Ananamaas

      You should not make fun of other people when you don't know anything about them(Not that I am one of them),Well if Eminem is not the best rapper you could atleast explain with reasons. Eminem is declared the best rapper of all time because of many things. He can adapt to any type of song,he can make emotional tracks as well as pimping songs bragging about his possessions and also Partying-all-night songs. His voice is unique, because most of African American rappers have huge voices, know what I'm sayin? And also I have listened to some of Biggies top songs and I dont think they are that good. The problem is that Biggies and Pac are overrated.(I personally like Pac more cuz he raps for the people.) If you dont agree then atleast reply with why you dont like Em enough to declare him the best, or atleast top 4. And btw, just lose it is a great diss song, that is why it sounds annoying.

  • based landlord

    wow, this is actually a REALLY good video, prob one of Em's best and I have to agree that this song is lyrically fucking incredible, but as a whole it's just kinda boring

  • Anonymous

    black people hatin on em cuz they jealous he's the best lyricist of all time... smh

  • D-Boy

    The best rapper Ever PERIOD.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like most people think Eminem's new video clip for 'Rap God' sucks... http://opi.cc/f1R6apzy2Hxho6nX

  • rabbit mask devils

    666 mother fuckers bitches

  • rabbit mask devils

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  • Ja Rule

    Even I think this is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    He constantly proves he can rap but he still cant make songs. The original MMLP is a classic but he can't find the right beats anymore. Its kinda like Nas before his last album. Stillmatic was a classic but the albums kinda fell off until Untitled and Life is Good.

  • the oldest

    Lyric wise this joint is great, but as a song is booooring.

  • Zeal

    Sweet video, the best eminem one I remember in recent memory.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck are you people trying to say say that em is whack go to the chemist and buy some earbuds and clean your ears out this is a dope album this is hip hop aint no faggoty ass 2 chainz or squeaky then yelling meek mill this is lyrics beats samples and that = hip hop not my 9eleveeeeeeernnnn wake to to yourselves there is a reason why he got played on radio in the the first place now you hate cause he is a superstar fuck all you without em charting selling records hip hop would of died a long time ago just ask nas young Aussie signing out

  • Lord Jamar

    Can't hang with this legend I better mess with Macklemore!

  • Anonymous

    Am not an Em fan and I dont care much about MMLP2, but he did well on Rap God. But i dont see anything 'hip hop' about this video. Its the kind of video i expect from rock peeps!

    • Anonymous

      they're using him to bring that kind of shit back

    • Anonymous

      Yeah this is definitely a throw back to the late '80s and early '90s hip hop videos. Original poster became a hip-hop fan in college, haha.

    • Anonymous

      What's your definition of a hip-hop video, niggas throwing money in the club with champagne bottles in their hands while half-naked bitches are twerking or niggas being in the hood surrounded by a bunch of shirtless "gangbangers"? This video is more hip-hop than other videos.

  • TDE

    Okay haters, here's another article of Em you can watch and put hate comments on. Hate comments in 3, 2, 1....

  • DaTruf'

    I'm glad to see that everyone who hates Em took time out of their day to read this article (or listen to his tracks) and then comment on how much he sucks. Fuckin' haters!

  • Ananamaas

    That video is amazing.... To all the Faggots down their, please shut up. We know that you are lil gay lookin boys who are jealous cuz Em is sooooo good at this.

  • Crip4Life

    minem was a bitch for a long time. whatever you muthafuckas think, eminem aint shit. in OAKLAND, we aint got no white feminem muthafucka trying to rap in here haha. one thing about this faggot, he makes 14 out of 16 tracks about his fucking family, WHO THE FUCK DO THAT? fuckin boring wigger, we dont give a fuck about his mom or daughter. fucking sellout bitches fuck outta here!!!!!!!!

    • Chase

      Shut the fuck up, Crip4Life.

    • EFF tha world

      Go back to bed, you dipshit!! Bangin played out back in 1995

    • Crip4Life

      You wouldn't dare say that to me out here in Oakland! fuck eminem. he a sellout cause he sold his soul to tha devil for fortune, money and fame. just like 98% of the mainstream rappers. they all fake, FUCK em all. UNDERGROUND FOR MUTHAFUCKIN LIFE!!!!!!!

    • Rollin40

      Shut yo hoe ass up white6oy.. You ain't bangin. What set you from fake Internet ass buster.

    • Crip4Life

      ever heard of main stream rap music?? notice how the majority of them suck to people that actually know music? lol Eminem is CLEARLY untalented but he makes so much much money because all of his fans are retarded and brainwashed by the mainstream media...he doesnt give a fuk about his fans lol... all the fans are doing is supplying his pocket with cash that he always raps and yaps about... 2pac on the other hand he never changed he was hungry when he sold over 80 mill and NEVER SOLD OUT!!!!

    • FUCK YOU

      lol look at this white boy cryin! lmfao

  • OoNo

    Ok he killed that shitttt!

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    eminem is 90% of rap. everyone else should just retire. trap music doesnt count either.

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  • MrYepp

    Yea...did anyone notice that everybody compared to Em is wack

  • Ian Mooney

    there are parts of that i need to slow the speed down to absorb. killer tune.

  • Anonymous

    Don't Front and Rap God. The rest of you can keep the rest of MMLP2, female hooks and all.

    • Anonymous

      I was talking about the extended version, which I own and have listened to. But thanks for your expert deduction skills Sherlock. Don't Front is better than all the other songs actually on the album, including Rap God. And I realize not all other songs have female hooks, but they still aren't as good.

    • Adrian

      It is evident you haven't heard the album yet. Don't Front is not actually in the album and there are other tracks that do not have female vocals in their hooks...check Brainless, Rhyme or Reason, Evil Twin, Groundhog Day and Baby !

  • A.D.B.

    His Best Video!! He is a Fuckin Rap God!

  • Satan.

    Lol...shady walking on water? Only Jesus did that. #Rap God.

  • Anonymous

    that shit was pretty dope...ill video and song

  • Dita

    Would love to order one of the shady verses everybody sweat shirt.

  • Anonymous

    lol Slim Shady is back bitches

  • Anonymous

    drizzy drake rodgers does not make a bad song like this crack@!

  • Anonymous

    bad guy rhyme or reason so much better legacy....each last word rhymes through out the whole verse if no1 notice survival rap god brainless evil twin dont front groundhog day wicked ways baby beautiful pain all those tracks BANGS and are the best songs on the album the rest are not so good so with that said...decent album if u include the bonus tracks with it

  • Lucia Dixon

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  • HipHopHead

    Interesting. Video looks like it could come off as a Hi My Name is or Slim Shady video. He always does great videos. Never boring. Miss the dark video's though. Eminem is ill.

  • rizzo

    If you are hating on EM eat a dick there is not a rapper out there that spits the fire he spits...I will take that to the bank

    • nas_rapgod

      why does he have to "get off em's nuts", Eminem is arguably greatest ever, especially the technical aspect of it.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha, R can't comprehend

    • Anonymous

      R can't comprehend so R says get a grip loser. lol he told rizzo to get off eminem's nuts

    • R

      @Wisdom.. Get a grip you fuckin loser. What a weird guy

    • Wisdom

      Let me help you with this. subjective (adj) 1. existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought 2. pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual objective (adj) 1. not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased 2. intent upon or dealing with things external to the mind rather than with thoughts or feelings, as a person or a book Take after your idol Eminem and expand your vocabulary a little bit.

  • Anonymous

    songs that are hard to listen to on mmlp2: 1. survival 2. legacy 3. asshole 4. stronger than I was 5. monster other than these songs, the rest of the album, including the deluxe edition are great, infact those 5 songs I listed should be replaced with the deluxe tracks to make the album better

    • Anonymous

      MMLP2 is album of the year faggots

    • Adrian

      I perfectly agree with you! That is what I thought when I heaed the Deluxe tracks apart from Beautiful Pain perhaps! However Stronger Than I Was takes the cake for being the worst Eminem song ever!

    • Anonymous

      Didn't you post this yesterday? Albums That are Hard to Listen to By Eminem: Encore Relapse Recovery The Marshall Mathers LP 2

  • Anonymous

    I believe Em is a Rap God but even God has his limitations, 50 is finished.

    • Anonymous

      This is getting absurd. Eminem is without a doubt a top tier rapper, deserving his spot in any list of greatest rappers. But someone commenting that they believe "Em is a Rap God" like they are saying they believe "Jesus is God" is bizarre. It's a metaphor within a song, not some literal proclamation of godhood.

  • CeceliaGMui

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  • Toronto Blue Jay

    Drake simply poops on the competition, Canadians just make better musicians than fat violent Americans.

  • Papa Joe Jackson

    You you were right, look at the Top 10 its 3 mixed-raced guys and 2 white guys and then 5 Black guys. The streets are sorely underrepresented in that top 10. Rap music sales are shitty, you can sell 80 thousand copies like Joe Budden and still have an album in the Top 20 best seller list for 2013.

  • Lord Jamar

    Record sales are not important, in my time we were getting paid in burgers by mcdonalds. We rapped for fun and burgers. Nowadays arogant rappers only rap for money but its all about making good music. Although i was the sidekick my rhymes are still better then those rappers now.

  • Anonymous

    This will save Fiddy career.

  • Anonymous

    Hiphop album sales 2013 (updated) ------------------------------ TOP 10 ------------------------------ DRAKE - Nothing Was The Same : 1,099,000 JAY Z - Magna - Carta Holy Grail : 1,060,000 EMINEM - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 : 1,003,000 JCOLE - Born Sinner : 632,000 LIL' WAYNE - I Am Not A Human Being II : 574,500 KANYE WEST - Yeezus : 569,000 A$AP ROCKY - Long. Live. A$AP : 430,000 WALE - The Gifted : 334,000 KID CUDI - Indicud : 257,000 MAC MILLER - Watching Movies With The Sound Off 199,000 ------------------------------ TOP 20 ------------------------------ TYLER, THE CREATOR - Wolf : 166,000 2 CHAINZ - Based On A True Story 2 : 165,000 TYGA - Hotel California : 163,000 JUICY J - Stay Trippy : 146,000 FRENCH MONTANA - Excuse My French : 144,000 BIG SEAN - Hall Of Fame : 124,500 PUSHA T - My Name Is My Name : 122,000 TECH N9NE - Something Else : 119,000 MMG - Self Made Volume 3 : 86,000 JOE BUDDEN - No Love Lost : 80,000

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  • Anonymous

    my name was incedible rap god not so much

  • Anonymous

    remeber when rap songs were censored rappers are bitch now videos used to like one big beep and what happen to the radio edit now they just make radio friendly songs

  • Anonymous

    i dont like new eminem real heads dont either

    • 31YearOldHipHopHead

      *Hate that most slept on dope MCs don't get more shine and aren't known is what i meant my bad... Anyone who denies that Em in his prime of 96-2002 isn't one if not the illest ever technically/skill wise and all around MC period is hating, lying, too young or ignorant. The last 10 years for diff reasons (druggie for 4-5 years, almost died from 2 overdoses...depressed from 2 divorces and BF Proof being murdered and having to learn to do everything all over SOBER) he's not what he once was I agree, but MMLP2 in terms of rhymes, flows, etc is about as good as it gets at a mainstream level (as well as Life is Good)

    • 31YearOldHipHopHead

      Ummmmmmmm hip hop heads who ONLY live in the underground may hate on Em, but from someone who LOVES dope MCs that most ppl sleep on (Some Favs now are Elzhi, Diabolic, One Be Lo, Louis Logic, Tonedeff, Reks, RA the Rugged Man, Brother Ali, Slug, Apathy, Copywrite, Fashawn, Blu, Action Bronson, Masta Ace, G Rap, Slaughterhouse as individual MCs are underground basically, Guilty Simpson, Black Milk/KNO although better producers than MCs, CunninLynguists, Celph Titled (and AOTP camp), Pharoahe Monch to name A FEW) Eminem is a living LEGEND period! Of course he was rawer/hungrier/less commercial in his ONE OF THE GOAT prime of 96-2002(and all greats agree he's one of the GOATs from G Rap to Nas to Rakim to Pharoahe Monch to Redman to Jay to pretty much anyone you name) but it doesnt' mean he can't still drop fire even if it's inconsistent. Rap God (80-90% of it) is FLAMES. Evil Twin, Groundhog Day, Baby, The Warning, Stay Wide Awake, Deja Vu, Westwood Freestyles BET Cypher, Bad Guy, First verse on Rhyme or Reason, last verse on Love Game, Brainless, Legacy, On Fire, Going Through Changes, Headlights, So Much Better, verses on Asshole... Yes his beats aren't as dope and he's in a diff place as a 41 year old, but stop acting like Em isn't one of the GOATs). I hate slept on dope MCs as much as every hip hop head and agreed 90+% of the best MCs are underground, but ppl who blindly hate on EM are just idiots. In terms of known by all the masses (or most) Em and Nas are still focusing on lyrics. Sure they're both not as good as their primes (Nas 93-2002 and Em 96-2002), but they don't phone it in like 80% of Jay's album

  • Anonymous

    the Invasion part 1 ,2 and 3

  • Anonymous

    my name feat xzibit and nate dogg

  • Anonymous

    time to expose this phony

  • Anonymous

    eminem - go to sleep feat, obie trice and DMX

  • Anonymous

    eminem - we came to party feat young zee

  • Anonymous

    1.the eminem show 2.mmlp 3.the slim shady lp 4.the re-up 5.encore 6.relapse 7.recovery 8.mmlp2

  • Anonymous

    dre 50 d twizzy and obie thats shady em was a beast back in the day

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    gatman and robbin better than all of mmlp2

  • Anonymous

    [Eminem] If I, were to die murdered in cold blood tommorrow Would you feel sorrow or show love, or would it matter? Could never be the lead-off batter If there ain't shit for me to feed off, I'm see-saw battling But there's way too much at stake for me to be fake There's too much on my plate, I done came way Too far in this game to turn and walk away And not say what I got to say What the fuck you take me for a joke? You smoking crack? 'Fore I do that, I'd beg Mariah to take me back I'll get up 'fore I get down, run myself in the ground 'Fore I put some wack shit out And try to smack this one out the park, five-thousand mark Y'all steady trying to drown a shark Ain't gon' do nothing but piss me off, lid to the can of whip-ass Just twist me off, see me leap out, pull a piece out Fuck shooting I'm just trying to knock his teeth out Fuck with me now bitch, let's see you freestyle Talk is cheap, motherfucker if you really feeling froggish leap Yo Slim, you gon' let him get away with that? He tried to play you, you can't let him 'scape with that Man I hate this crap This ain't rap, this is crazy the way we act When we confuse hip-hop with real life when the music stops thats eminem fuck mmlp2 em dont care bout the fans anymore he not as good/hungry...or angry as he was

    • 617

      people change bro...why the fuck should he care about the fans its been 10 years. When people say "care about the fans" i honestly dont get it the man doesnt fucking know you or owe you anything just appreciate his legacy

  • Anonymous

    WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS FT. D12 I'll get up 'fore I get down, run myself in the ground 'Fore I put some wack shit out - EMINEM well he put some wack shit out

  • Anonymous


  • Pfft

    It seems like the only way for their kind to make a legitimate income is to learn to play basketball, football, or rap. Rapping is seemingly a copout for these people since they let anyone get on the microphone nowadays, even a brain dead test tube baby. If they won't apply for food stamps like they're supposed to, then they take the easy way out. Instead of working a regular 9-to-5 job or attending college & earning a degree, these lazy & shiftless people grab a pen & paper and spit garbage over clich, hard-knocking beats. I bet you all didn't know that rap was invented by a white man by the name of Mel Gibson. That's right, the actor. One day, as he was perfecting his craft in high school, a gang of blacks cornered him in an alley & jumped him. One of those suspects by the name of Kool Herc, took his rhyme book & used it to create the global phenomenon that is known as hip hop. So you see, Lord Jamar, white people aren't the guests in hip hop - black people are. Or rather, they're the crooks who stole hip hop & made it into a pipe dream where everyone can pick up a pen & bust out a rhyme.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome their is only one rap god #EMINEM

  • xx009


  • Jackpot

    Eminem ain't no rap god. That's Chingy all day. The man gave us classic tracks like Right Thurr and Balla Baby, and that had every party rocking. Chingy is gonna make a huge comeback next year. #FullDekk

  • dsljsdl

    always got to talk shit

  • Rebecca Dickson

    until I looked at the bank draft of $5728, I didn't believe ...that...my cousin was like really taking home money in there spare time on their apple labtop.. there dads buddy has been doing this less than seventeen months and just cleard the debts on their appartment and bought a new Car. Discover More Here WWWFB39COM

  • Anonymous

    "Sometimes I listen and revisit them old albums often as I can, and skim through all them bitches just to make sure that I keep up, with my competition haha"

  • 666


  • 666


  • Anonymous

    Listening to Eminem rap in 2013 is like watching Micheal Jordan play in the wizards Jersey.

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