Eminem, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Win YouTube Music Awards

On the eve of his latest album's release, Eminem wins the "Artist of the Year."

Hip Hop took home some of the top awards at the first YouTube Music Awards today (November 3).

Specifically, Eminem won "Artist of the Year," which goes to the artist whose videos are the most watched, shared, liked, and subscribed-to, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won "YouTube Breakthrough," which charts the artist whose YouTube measurables increased the most over the course of the year.

Em faced stiff competition for his award. Shady bested ERB, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis garnered their award over Kendrick Lamar, Naughty Boy, Passenger, and Rudimental.

The win for Em comes despite the fact that Shady has not yet released his next album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. However, videos for the singles "Berzerk," and "Survival" were released in recent months. Eminem also performed "Rap God" at the event, rapping all of his rapid-fire lyrics live:

Hip Hop was represented elsewhere at the event, with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Same Love" getting a nomination for "Video of the Year," and the duo's "Thrift Shop" earning a nod for "Thrift Shop." Additionally, Odd Future performed at the event.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "Sometimes I listen and revisit them old albums often as I can, and skim through all them bitches just to make sure that I keep up, with my competition haha"

  • Anonymous

    i kno em is GOAT and all that but dude hasnt even dropd an album yet and how he win 2013 artist of the year??? macklemore n etc was on their game thru out 2013 they deserve better

  • Anonymous

    Youtube music awards were a damn disaster!

  • BruthaDee

    Of course since youtube awards is run by white hippies, they give award to hippies like Macklemore and Eminem. Why not Nicki Minaj?

  • Anonymous

    The mic was to low, this youtube awards shitt was garbage, except for EM's part. Give the man a fuckin mic that works.

  • Anonymous

    I don't even like Rap God that much compared to other songs on the album, but that was DOPE. At least he didn't perform fuckin Survival, Berzerk or the Monster. At 41 years of age, to rap throughout this whole track live flawlessly is a pretty big achievement in itself.

  • Fuck Lord Jamar and Kendrick Lamar.

    Wow. the white boys won all the award. white boys stay winning. hip hop is ours.

    • ^

      Fuck off, BruthaDee.

    • Anonymous

      You can have HipHop but you can't have the genetic material to produce color. The objective is for you to spread HipHop to as many of your women as possible so that your women will continue to be fascinated and interested in Black culture and the Black mans dick. These Europeon boys are being genetically annihilated through miscegenation and don't eeeeeeen know it.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. These african boys better get used to it, EM is taking over once again. Each times he comes back with a new album, all these african boys go back in hiding in their guettos. This is the White boy's year once again.

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