Nicki Minaj Responds To Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse

Nicki Minaj calls herself the King and Queen of New York in response to Kendrick Lamar's verse.

When Kendrick Lamar released his verse on Big Sean's "Control," he mentioned several rappers, including J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electronica, Tyler, the Creator and Mac Miller. "I got love for you all but I'm tryin' to murder you niggas," Kendrick rapped.

One artist he didn't mention on the track was Nicki Minaj, who addressed her absence in a recent interview with New York radio station Power 105.1's Breakfast Club.

"I'm probably in the top five of the niggas he did mention, so go and do your motherfucking research," Nicki Minaj said. "But, I also feel like he may be one of those respectful gentlemen that probably felt like, 'I don't want to say a female's name.' Or maybe he just don't think the kid is ill. But the kid knows the kid is ill, so I don't need to be on nobody's dick."

On "Control," Kendrick also claimed the title of "King of New York," referencing a similar Kurupt line. This was another portion of Lamar's verse that Nicki addressed.

"I'm the Queen of New York; I'm the King of New York. Let me tell you why. Platinum albums," Nicki said, referring to her projects Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, both of which have been certified platinum. "'Albums. Plural. Number one in five motherfucking countries, nigga. Don't play with me. You better respect my motherfucking gangsta, bitch. When you got an album that goes number one in Japan, the UK, Australia, America and Canada at the same motherfucking time, then you can speak my motherfucking name."

On Saturday (November 2), Nicki posted on Twitter to let fans know that the interview was in good fun. She also clarified that she thinks Jay Z is the King of New York:

Watch the interview below:

Kendrick's "Control" verse has generated a number of responses, including selections from Papoose, Cassidy, Joell Ortiz and Meek Mill, among others. 

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  • Anonymous

    NICKI MINAJ IS THE SHITTIESTTT 'RAPPER' OUT THERE . she can be the queen of my nuts

  • Leema

    she is the queen of flops...Nicki ur second album flopped when it came out in April 2012 which is why u had to put it out a second time in November 2012 with more songs on it which didnt help the sells because it flopped again ur album didnt sell a million copies until this year February so girl get a grip...ur just mad because Kendrick Lamar performed with Kim over the weekend at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, called Kim the Queen, and then bowed to her while u were in the building lmfao ur a joke ur Barbie's little sister The Skipper Doll ctfu

  • The Nu Troll

    Who fuckin cares about this plastic lookin bitch!!! Cee-Lo & Rick Ross presents Rape Gang 1. Mollys and Champagne 2. She didn't even know it (remix) 3. Against her will 4. We got set up ft. Tupac 5. It won't hurt ft. Mack Maine 6. Just like Daddy ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne 7. Can't get no pussy 8. Gonna take it by force 9. It's mines 10. X and Sex 11. Fuck sumthin 12. Bout that rape life Bonus Tracks 13. Roopie Rap 14. Liquid Love (GHB anthem) This shit will go platinum!!! lol!!! Supported by pervs and lames who get no pussy everywhere.

  • biff jenkins

    Album sales are just showing how much marketing you have behind you. That's the last thing you should pull out for cred.

  • Anonymous

    She's an attractive woman and she gives the chicks somebody to listen to but her voice is as irritating as Eminem. I'm not surprised she went platinum with all the hype behind her and people longing for a female rapper on the main stage.

  • Jacob Crim

    See I could careless about album sales. If you have talent you have talent. Just because the morons in this country will literally buy anything does not validate you as "king/queen" of anything in any form of culture. If its all about sales then Adam Sandler is one of the best comedians in the country? Fuck that 12 year old man child comedy.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this annoying bitch. stole lil kims whole style. fuck outta here.

  • Nicki Minaj

    Greetings, barbs. I just wanted to clarify my recent statements/ When I said I was the king and queen of New York, I meant that I'm actually a hermaphodite. That's right, I possess both female and male organs. My mentor/inspiration Lady Gaga was also once a hermaphodite, but in reality, she's really a transvestite.

  • GBtha G

    ... don't wanna be on nobody's dick???? dis stupid ho iz fuckin mad. hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuccya

    "I'm the Queen of New York; I'm the King of New York. Let me tell you why. Platinum albums," The best possible answer... To all those whos dissing - watch Kendrick sell out, just give him some time. I dont even kno the other way, its either to fade out or to sell out, so whatever he may choose. He aint that type of genius to start his own label and stay relevant forever. Or you know, if platinum doesnt really matter you can simply stop countin your favorite rappers sales.

  • Crip4Life

    lol ok after reading through this thread I see why out of towners get capped all the damn time. Let me break it down for some of you bamas. They are hood niggas EVERYWHERE. Real talk. I don't care how hard you think your hood is how serious you think you bang but that shit only holds weight in your city. Period. End of discussion. Once you enter another city you gotta abide by a new set or rules or that is your ass. If you seriously think that their aint not killas in Oklahoma you done lost your damn mind. I aint even never been to Oklahoma but I've been to enough cities to know that there are hoods everywhere and in everyone of them if you aint staying in your lane something will happen to you. When I used to go to school in Richmond I used to see it all the time. Niggas would come from out of town thinking that they hard and get sent home in a body bag. So you can be like come out to Cali and try that shit and see what happens but lets be real that is in your hood. You go out to their hood and try to test niggas and see how you end up. You will prolly find your ass face down in the dirt of some Oklahoma prairie on some cowboy shit. Niggas forget that Oklahoma is the wild west. Niggas been had guns and been shooting fools up BEFORE they started banging. Just because they flashing colors now don't mean that they just started going hard. Y'all need to learn to respect gangsta cause if you don't that shit will get your dumb ass killed off some stupid shit. Just look at what happened to when T.I. thought he could G check niggas in Cincinatti. They sprayed that niggas whip reloaded drove back around and hit his ass up again. When you in someone elses city you gotta play by their rules.

  • E-CLass Coupe'

    aaaah please Minaj...Nelly, Ja Rule, Coolio, Soldier Boy are amongst wack rappers that went platinum does it mean they Kings of their Coast too? You maybe be famous, but lyrically you could never out rhyme Mc Lyte, Lady of Rage, Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Psalm-One, & Jean Grae

  • iknow

    Cocain is a hell of a drug...

  • The Observer

    Hov couldn't out rhyme Nas on any given day

  • Anonymous

    I would butt fuck this chick harder than Eminem did

  • Anonymous

    im sorry nicki all u are is the most high end escort in new york, u aint royalty, so SHUTTHEFUCKUP.

  • YEBO


  • benben178

    Man I'm sorry but all these rappers better start putting out some hardcore stuff. Nobody cares about your numbers right now anymore. We want to see this nitty gritty stuff. The only person who was plan out raw on his album was Pusha T. He's the only he compares to K.Dot right now to me. Big Sean stepped up but didn't get on the level I wanted him to be at. Drake eh he did good but was he as spectacular in lyrics like Pusha was... NOOOOO!I'm sorry I compared both albums and though Drake was little bit more catchy Pusha T was just raw. It was like those were lines that dug deep! So for Nicki to say she's probably the top 5 is irrealevant to me. Maybe in numbers you beat them sure, but in lyrics girl be quiet. Only thing that will save her is that monster flow. In fact Kendrick Lamar can do 4 or 5 flows as well so it really doesn't matter. Pusha doesn't need more flows him and his lyrics are just killer. Big Sean ok you could beat him Nicki. Drake eh I don't know about all that. A$AP that one I don't think she could beat him he's pretty cold. Big KRIT I don't know he has one of those southern pimp flows that's straight hard. J. Cole Naw he's lyrics are to cold for Nicki. Wale Yes she could beat him. Meek Mill would beat her he has to much hype in his flow so that's enough by itself. Tyler The creator yep he'll kill her. Mac miller and Jay I haven't heard much so I don't know. Well now that I think about it she would make it in the top 10 but not 5. Anyone agree?

  • Anonymous

    Why do everyone want to be the king of NYC, and none of this niggaz are making hip hop song that sound like they from NYC

  • lb doub

    dannnmmmm th hip hop chick gat som words....nmbers dnt lie ryt..... bt sh gata go easy, its Lammar we talkin abt....jst u wait

  • Gordon

    If anybody watched the actual interview, you would see that she was joking the WHOLE time. They were drinking, laughing, and just having fun like artists do! It was a party for God sake! People are just taking her words way too seriously right now. Not that serious.

  • jasonnns


    BIG GUCCI THE RULER WOULD KILL KENDRICK IF HE EVER CALLED HIM OUT. Guci Mane realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross

  • Anonymous

    People say nicki not a good rapper she god in my opinion I have heard much worst rappers before

  • cpg718

    BITCH your Ghostwriters get props but not you! YOU need to go do porno or something!

  • dentaldamboy

    Rick Rozay and his friends go. 1 each time while 50 and his friends can't even get an album out.

  • Anonymous

    this pop bitch really thinks shes good at rapping?

  • mike

    why the fuck are ppl still talking about this topic? that verse is what? 2 months old? let it go, jesus

  • Anonymous

    Platinum albums my ass. She would only have one, if it weren't for YMCM re-releasing Roman Reloaded. I knew their gameplan, "Oh shit, Nicki didn't sell as much as we though, she's got some shit on the cutting room floor. We'll just re-release the same albums with those extra tracks, whatever sales we make off of that, we'll lump that into the sales of the original, so we can say it went platinum."

  • My name?

    "cause if you go platinum it has nothing to do with luck. It just means that a million people are stupid as fuck." Immortal Technique.

  • xxxxxx

    niki manij ugly bear from star wars

  • Rik Rozz

    TRUE STORI: Nas: Am teh king of New York Fat Joe: Am teh king of new york Jayz: Am teh king of new york 50cent: Am teh king of new york Nicki: Am teh king of new york Kanye: Am a God *Kanye Winz* Comment if you liked.

  • Philuxxxbish

    Kendrick shouldn't bother to respond to diz b***h comment on his control verse. Nikki will go NUT if she ever try to write good music like kdot,all she got to offer is dat same old pussy,money weed shit

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  • wowww

    sales just mean there are idiots that will pay for garbage. Nicki minaj is straight trash lyrically, 0 talent compared to Kendrick.

    • Anonymous

      "sales just mean there are idiots that will pay for garbage" what a ridiculous statment? so every time i buy an album it's automatically garbage and i'm an idiot because i payed for it?

    • Anonymous

      You can't have it both ways. Kendrick went platinum as well as NM. Two different fanbases. Two different styles. Doesn't make their fans idiots if they support one or the other.

  • rico

    bitch aint even put out an album. u serious?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who makes a starships or super bass song is not hip hop go sit with 1 direction and bieber u sellout fake ass bitch

  • gok

    Platinum off of songs like Va Va Voom or whatever that crap was called. If she made a real hip hop album and it went platinum then fair enough. She makes pop music though so i dont count her.

  • Anonymous

    The most fuckin annoying bitch alive... When she first came out I was talkin bout her ass, nobody ever gave a shit about her music... She is a pop artist, and very bad at even Pop.. Nicki Minaj is not Hip Hop, never will be, sucks so bad and Kendrick would never ever think that Nicki is ill.. End.

  • j

    "I'm the Queen of New York; I'm the King of New York. Let me tell you why. Platinum albums" lol stupid bitch doesnt know anything.

  • The Artist Esq.

    Her was really annoying.

  • Anonymous

    This just in...... Nobody gives a flying fuck. Nikki Minaj can shut the fuck up.


    This bitch right here....She shouldnt even be allowed to speak on selling RAP records when she make POP records. Sell out bitch! This bitch need to learn her place. She need to come suck ma dick so she can shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    The reason her sales are so high are because of her pure pop song (like beats by RedOne singing etc)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Nicki, Hov got the most money, but Nas got the crown since 2001


    This sellout bitch aint hip hop so her opinion does not matter may as well ask Taylor Swift what she thought of the control verse

  • JuruFromRoundThaWay

    Idk seems to me she was feelin some kinda way her name didn't get dropped she sayin that type of shit months after the song dropped, you only sell so many records cus you make pop music that you get 4 other white professional writers to ghostwrite for you *even though you take all the credit for success of such records* like starships dumb bitch. All of Kendricks success is based strictly off hip-hop music even if you dont like him no one can take that away from him. You really think people are gonna be listening to Pink Friday 10 fuck it 5 years from now honestly? lol, these YMCMB lames never cease to amaze me. Only ones with bars at this point are Cory Gunz and Drake when hes not singing and really tries.

  • BCcoastin

    i never read anything to do with nicki and absolutely never comments on anything about her but my fuckin god.... i dislike this broad so much. i will make sure my daughter never respects women like this. what stupid words that came out of her mouth for that response.. im outy

  • RakimAllah

    How can a shit fake "rapper" like her call herself a great lyricist and the queen/king of NY? What the f is going wrong?

  • Nick Newman

    Probably the worst Control response to date.

  • Cheeseburger510

    Queen of the ratchet hoes in NY maybe. Your albums aren't good. platinum means nothing anymore. stop embarassing yourself with this garbage nicki. sing your songs like a good pop star and shut the fuck up. Let the rappers rap

  • Trey

    I'm not knocking her for what she's done, but lets see how many of her albums actually changed the landscape of hip hop culture. He's made a landmark record that would still be his legacy even if he died or lost his luster later; Nicki's records have barely enough actual rapping it to justify the title. Ja Rules Pain is Love album has sold more than Jay-Zs The Blueprint, and you can already guess which album is talked about more these days. MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice's albums have sold more than Illmatic, Paid in Full, Straight Outta Compton, Reasonable Doubt, and The College Dropout put together. Sales dont mean jack shit.

  • aria

    lil kim is the queen bitch

  • aria

    bitch you wack with that fack ass

  • aria

    she is not a good spitter this bitch singing now

  • aria

    lil kim is the real barbie bitch

  • Anonymous

    Can she really say nigga without people getting mad?

  • Anonymous

    She is bad but a horrible artist.

  • Anon

    she sure is coming for kendrick after he performed with lil kim . NICKI went hollywood all the way ! shes fake idc what nobody says

  • Anon

    Nicki, the Queen of NY? Fucking bullshit. Nas is king of Ny and Hip Hop

  • OH NO

    Damn NY do something about this, you got the wackest representatives going back at this nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick got owned lol


    As Kendrick Lamar would say, "Bitch, Dont Kill My Vibe"

  • Donna Gabriel

    before I saw the bank draft 4 $8857, I didnt believe that my brothers friend woz like they say really bringing in money part time at there computar.. there sisters roommate has done this 4 less than 19 months and recently cleared the mortgage on their home and got themselves a Renault 5. useful content>>>

  • Anonymous

    She must be smoking crack

  • Anonymous

    A delusional person at its finest lol.. She has the most pop records in compared to anyone there.. Lil kim at her prime would murder nicki! I've only seen her rap well a hand full of times. My 2 cents

    • Me

      Pop isnt bad, i think she is well balanced, plus she is a chick thats BAD AF so she is relatable, i think its good she is taking shit slow, collecting all good money AND she can spit, Romans Revenge got me on her lyricist side, i been watching her since ComeUp DVD when she was on Dirty money...

    • Anonymous

      i heard her on the radio yesterday all mad about everyone callin her pop and she said she been straight rapping on everything all year... i dont check for her shit though

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Nicki. But real music still outweighs your platinum shit when its teeny boppers buying ur shit, they mom buys that shit on their ipad air. Fuck outta here, you're just eye candy.

  • Light Skin Jermaine

    Whatever this bitch smoking, I want a whole pound of dat shit.

  • Anonymous

    She is the only rapper who killed Em on a track

  • Vigil

    lol. Go do a song and dance on Ellen or some shit, you don't belong in this convo.

  • Anonymous

    Vanilla ice sold 40 mill is he the king too ??

  • MKAY


  • Anonymous

    Bad bitch should shut the fuckk up

  • Deejay


  • dmannnn

    Too bad selling records and going platinum has nothing to do with being a good lyricist .

    • ^

      Nah, you're thinking of pop music.

    • Anonymous

      Most people don't listen to hip hop for lyricism. They want to be entertained, and like it or not, NM appeals to alot of people, granted mostly girls, but it don't matter who buys her albums and songs. The money's still the same.

  • k

    i see you all are upset,on the real though she an't lying.

  • Vincent Marks

    She needs to find a life. What the hell is wrong with this bitch?


    i live in Ethiopia and everybody recognize nikki like a whore nt musician...DENTALDABOY is manwhore

    • Ethiopia

      DEAR K 1st of for i didnt say i am representative second what are talking abt slavery staff???? how old are u ??? you have little knowldege but you talk like expert..ass fungus

    • Anonymous

      LOL great insult

    • Anonymous

      ^Shut up you Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego ass nigga

    • k

      the place were some people,run in to villages and axe there own people to pieces,and sold there people in to slavery and be pimping out there own people,is calling nicki minaj a whore,on the flip side though you don't rep all Ethiopian Africa is a huge continent..full of my fellow black people and all of them don't feel the way you do.

  • fredddyyy 666

  • jasonnns

  • 666

  • 666

  • ETK

    you know what Immortal Technique says about one million people who bought an album.. that quote of his couldn't apply any better to this caramelized bitch.

    • Anonymous

      im not bitter, i dont listen to nicki or immoratal technique but he sounds butthurt talking bout anyone who goes plat has a million stupid fans

    • ^

      The only bitter one here is you.

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck is he to say a million people who bought any album are stupid as fuck? sounds bitter to me!

    • ^

      You missed the point of that song.

    • Anonymous

      thats such a lame record if immortal technique sells 2000 records what does that mean? that 2000 people are stupid as fuck!

    • Punisher

      Industrial Revolution! is my fav. track Technique chemically unstable, set to explode foretold by the dead sea scrolls written in codes so if your message ain't shit, fuck the records you sold cuz if you go platinum, it's got nothing to do with luck it just means that a million people are stupid as fuck. Immortal Technique is the truth man. Fuck this Stupid Whore.

  • Capone

    It was painful to hear this bitch call herself an MC. That's like Drake calling himself "King of the Underground".

  • Anonymous

    marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrketing PR nothing to do with hip-hop whatsoever. 'good fun'?! nice little stab at the credibility crowd before withdrawing it, thus avoiding offending anybody. terrible.

  • Anonymous

    2 platinum albums that are trash and only sold so much because of little white girls who call themselves barbs

  • Anonymous

    this bitch is delusional

    • HipHOp

      Exactly. Lol... she doesn't and will never make what is considered a "classic hip hop" record. If this last album comes out, it will be her last. Tragedy should never be compared to ether. These radio personalities that placate the mediocrity in hip-hop are nuts. She is also nuts, so shade.

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