Eminem Says Rappers Can't Get Mad At Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse

Eminem says rappers look foolish if they are upset over Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse.

During a recent interview, Eminem spoke about his appreciation for Kendrick Lamar, who appears on "Love Game," a selection off The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

"I completely respect what Kendrick does and the fact that he's in the same camp, that he's on Aftermath, only made sense to [have him on The Marshall Mathers LP 2]," Eminem said during an interview with Rolling Stone. "He came to Detroit, we kicked it for a few minutes, you know, and I felt the vibe of what he's like and everything, and you know, he's a super cool and super humble dude. When we did that record, I think that was actually a week or two before he did the verse to 'Control.'" 

Eminem further discussed the "Control" verse, praising Lamar's intelligence when asked what advice he'd give the TDE emcee.

"I don't know if he needs advice," Eminem said, referring to Kendrick Lamar. "He seems like he's got a really good head on his shoulders, man. He's very smart and you can tell by the way he put his album together for one. He's like a Hip Hop head, man. He just loves Hip Hop. And obviously the way that he did the 'Control' verse, it was almost like if you get mad at him, then you might look foolish. He set it up so that you can't really get mad at a lot of that shit he said because it was what every other emcee is already thinking. Or you should be thinking." 

During the interview, Eminem also addressed whether he truly feels like a "Rap God," a title he gave himself with the release of his recent selection. 

"I think everything switches back and forth from hour to hour, day by day with me," Eminem said. "That whole 'Rap God' record pretty much from top to bottom is tongue in cheek. So I mean, do I want to feel like that? Maybe sometimes. Again, it goes back to everybody who competitive raps and does this for just purely the sport of it wants to be the best. Again, that's why Kendrick's verse worked so well because he only said what every rapper's already thinking. If you don't want to be the best, then why are you rapping?" 

Kendrick Lamar mentioned various rappers during his verse on Big Sean's "Control."

"I'm usually homeboys with the same niggas I'm rhymin' with," Kendrick Lamar says on the song. "But this is Hip Hop and them niggas should know what time it is / That goes for Jermaine ColeBig K.R.I.T.Wale / Pusha T, Meek MillA$AP RockyDrake / Big Sean, Jay Electron[ica], Tyler[, the Creator]Mac Miller / I got love for you all but I'm tryin' to murder you niggas / Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas / [And that] they don't want to hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas / What is competition? / I'm trying to raise the bar high." 

Several rappers responded to Kendrick Lamar's verse. Papoose, Joell Ortiz, King Los and Drake spoke or recorded tracks about the verse. 

In September, Drake said he was "done" with hearing about the verse, saying "Control" "came and went" and that he doesn't "necessarily respect it." 

“I’m probably like as done as the rest of the world is with that record,” Drake said. “I think it came and it went. And not to discredit it. It was a good moment, but at the end of the day it’s just like—it was one of those sort of like fleeting Twitter frenzies that like—it was cool for what it was. My thing is I like lasting power. I feel like he made a decision, you know what I’m saying? And it was a decision to make. He was like ‘Man, I’m either gonna go for this moment because I know it’s gonna be a big moment or I’m gonna take heed to the fact that I have real relationships and I’m gonna like not do that.’ Cause I’ll be real, I thought of doing that before. I thought ‘Man, it’d be crazy if I just went off on everybody.’ But it’s just kinda like, 'Ah, where does it really get me? Then what? Then every time I rap people are gonna expect me to be confrontational and when I’m not then it’s not entertaining?' It’s like it kinda puts you in a box a bit. I don’t know if I necessarily respect it.”

Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is set to be released November 5. The project can be streamed now.

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  • Roch

    Oh my god is .50€ so high that he doesn't realize it's not a real show she wasn't saying it about him and some writer wrote it

  • tonybrand

    it's complicated

  • Wane

    50 Cent bragged alot, but also put up tremendous numbers. Jay has been bragging forever, but he backed it up. http://www.yahoo.com

  • karol

    in my opinion hes actually keeping rap alive with this shit, you barely hear of beef now days, you barely have rappers competing with eachother and shits boring as fuck listenin to radio hits that make no sense. i hope he keeps doin that and that some other rappers pick up on it

  • Katie Ice

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  • renegade

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  • Anonymous

    " What the fuck? I thought I conquered the whole world Crushed Moe Dee, Hammer, and Ice-T's girl But still, niggaz want to instigate shit I'll battle any nigga in tha rap game quick Name the spot, I make it hot for ya bitches Female rappers too, I don't give a fuck boo Word, I'm here to crush all my peers" LL's I Shot ya (rmx)-so fuck that 'Control' shit, short memory motherfuckers.

  • Anonymous

    "kendrick can out rap almost every veteran" How can you prove that? Unless he goes toe to toe againsn't every vet, then all Control was a desperate attempt to get his album over the million mark.

  • Anonymous

    That's true. Alot of rappers have done the same thing. I think in some cases though the talk was backed up. 50 Cent bragged alot, but also put up tremendous numbers. Jay has been bragging forever, but he backed it up. Kdot has the right to say what's on his mind, but his debut didn't sell enough to justify his ego flaring up.

  • Anonymous

    "you can't get mad at a verse that was trying to INSPIRE the industry to make better songs, how foolish is that?" Since when is Kdot the moderator of hip hop? One album and suddenly he has the right to tell more experienced MC's what time it is. No way.

    • Think

      Why not? if your good your good thats it doesn't matter 1 album or 50 albums kendrick can out rap almost every veteran doesn't mean you lose respect for the vet's but you realise how great the youngin' is.

  • Donna Gabriel

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  • Anonymous

    "it's like it kinda puts you in a box" exactly Drake, you confessed that Kendrick coffin'd ya ass. Pressure on point and you respond with some half twit ass shit. Fuckin Canadian leaf flag ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    This coming from a guy who engaged in several diss battles. How would Eminem feel if Kendrick said in an interview how he's better than Eminem, and bested him on Em's own song. Eminem would go crazy. It's one thing to have confidence, but for so many rappers to react negatively to Control goes to show Kendrick was out of bounds. Play your position and be comnpetitve without saying your the king. One album doesn't make you king.

    • S

      No you are a FUCKING idiot. Kendrick did respond.

    • Anonymous

      "Play your position and be comnpetitve without saying your the king" Many rappers have broken that rule.

    • No

      They reacted negatively because they can't handle a few pot shots, look at Papoose, he practically ripped his own balls off just to get a shot at Kendrick and now looks like an even bigger for fool when Kendrick doesn't reply, you can't get mad at a verse that was trying to INSPIRE the industry to make better songs, how foolish is that?

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • FOH

    the album was country, pop, rock sprinkled in with rap verses. = pop album= sell out ever since recovery i think almost every track had some type of singing 4/8 bars or the full song. good to see em bring hiphop back.. NOT

  • Anonymous

    Im probably like as done as the rest of the world is with that record, Drake said. "I think it came and went like Johnny Footballs dick in my butt."

  • Anonymous

    they call Eminem mainstream and overrated when this guy don't even appear that much in the news nor does he update often compared to other rappers. grow up haters. As of now, the full attention is on Em but one thing you guys should know, Em don't get that much attention because he's always working so don't say he's a sellout.

  • Anonymous

    Drake stays hating.

  • sam snead

    Why are you still posting articles about the control verse, like it's the greatest thing that has ever happened or something. Unless a rap beef comes from it just let it go already

  • Anonymous

    MMLP 2 is 4.5/5 and this article doesn't matter at All

  • Anonymous

    HHDX breaks down one interview into 10 different articles.



  • Jahorse

    Why the hell are people still talking about the Control verse? I don't think I've heard a single rapper say they were mad about it. I'm not a Drake fan, but I agree with his take on this one. Just get over it and stop asking every rapper what their opinion on it is, because every single rapper has said the exact same thing about how they respect Kendrick and don't take it personally.

  • Anonymous

    yeah Drake, your album came and went to,,,,,nobody talking about your trash album... nothing memorable on there

  • Chris Etrata

    What's more annyoing out of the 3 catagories hhdx specializes in? 1. Control verse articles. 2. Drake articles. 3. Detox articles.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Did we need a recap of what the whole "Control" record was about? HHDX is definitely owned by Interscope.

  • sxxx4


  • 99roca

    Drake is a f*cking pussy. What kind of rapper is scared to go after others? What a disgrace to Hip Hop - Marshall, destroy him!

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OON-tX3HIcs#t=29 That's the snippet from that other Eminem Call Of Duty track that will soon be released.

  • my asshole hurts.

    Marshall Mathers sucks!!!


    Man niggas dont care about that verse period, 1. It was only ill for today's standards amidst all this wack ass pop shit, 2. Jay Electronica killed it just as much if not better. This shit is old ass news, let it go.

    • Anonymous

      It ain't their fault y'all some microwave waiting, instant gratification fans. Y'all will be calling something tomorrow classic and will forget about it in 2 months. Your comment reaffirms that.

  • Anonymous

    That 'control' thing is done being milked. Fuck ouutta here

  • 666


  • Its loaded

    What do yall think of Eminem album? I listened to the deluxe version wasn't bad better than recovery thought he could of had better beats considering the hype and budget behind it lyrics were dope as usual

  • chekit

    put kendrick on one of his 15 pop singing songs. and 1 of the worst personally

  • imho

    so if you l ike the guy so much..why give him the worst song on you album and 1 of the worst in your career to collabo with you for the first time on you 'hiphops back' album???

  • Anonymous

    Aha. So it made sense to include Kendrick cause "he's in the same camp, he's on Aftermath". So WHAT THE FUCK is your excuse for Fif? Or supporting Yela and the Slaughterhouse boys? Man this Eminem guy is so washed up, he's actually starting to even make me sick of his old work

  • Anonymous

    this nigga talmbout kendrick and them rest of the tde niggas but cant promote slaughterhouse or yelawolf ? hahahhaha them dudes are gon get fucked like the rest of shady dropouts

    • sam snead

      keep eminem away from producing slaughterhouse and the music will be better

    • Anonymous

      Eminem produced pretty much the whole Slaughterhouse project

    • Pain

      Didn't Obie go platinum? Did Em spot a verse on Yelawolf's album and promoted it before it dropped? Wasn't Em on Slaughterhouse's album and they were on the bonus tracks for Recovery? Aren't you just a bitch crying just to cry? Is that what fans do these days, insta-troll? Get the f&ck out of here with that backwards bullshit.

  • Thuggy

    Papoose over-reacted to control and Drake is too scared to respond. On another note this Eminem album aint bad far better than recovery

  • Helen Michael

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  • Anonymous

    why does every article about the control verse have to have part of the verse in it? do they actually think we need to be refreshed on this? or are they just trying to fill the page out more so it looks like theyre a hard worker...Andres

  • Anonymous

    Em choosin Kendrick over Slaughterhouse... uh-oh Slaughterhous about to get D12'd

    • BP

      Eminem f. Kendrick Lamar had to happen. one of the most wanted collaborations ever since section.80 dropped. Slaughterhouse can survive without having to be on Em's album, damn.

    • Anonymous

      D12 died wen proof died it would make no sense for dem to make another album witout him he da reason d12 exsisted

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