Eminem Says Kendrick Lamar Is Incredible

On the eve of "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," Eminem says he's enjoyed the impact Kendrick Lamar has made during the last couple years.

Eminem is scheduled to tour Australia and New Zealand with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar in February. The Detroit rapper says what his Aftermath Entertainment labelmate has been able to accomplish is remarkable.

"What he's doing right now, it's pretty fucking incredible," Eminem says of Lamar during an interview with Billboard. "He seems like this kid that's just full of life and happy to be here. The impact he's had over just the last couple of years, it's been really fun for me to watch."

Fans are watching as Eminem prepares for the impending release of Eminem’s next album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which is scheduled for a November 5 release and is scheduled to include "Love Game," an Eminem collaboration with Kendrick Lamar.

In the Billboard interview, Eminem says that he knew that making a sequel to his best-selling album (2000's The Marshall Mathers LP sold 10.8 million copies, according to Nielsen Soundscan, Billboard says), would be tough.

"I knew that it would have to match a certain intensity and vibe and feel in order to call it [The Marshall Mathers LP 2],” Eminem says. “I want to say I'm confident that I've done that, but it's up to the listener to decide."

Eminem also says that he wanted his listeners to think of his early material when they listened to The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

"One of the things I thought might be cool to try to accomplish was to see if I could bring it back and remind people of the first time they ever heard me on a record,” Eminem says. “I wanted to try and recapture that nostalgic feeling."

Though he is aiming for nostalgia, Eminem says he does not plan to make a third installment of The Marshall Mathers LP.

"I hope not," Eminem says. "I don't know what I'll be doing as far as whether I'll still be making music. I'd like to keep doing it as long as I still have the passion for it. But I hope to always be involved in hip-hop in one form or another. Because when it comes down to it, this is really all I know."

The interview is set to appear in Billboard's upcoming November issue, which is set to feature Eminem on its cover, as reported yesterday (October 31). The cover can be viewed below. 

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  • Tim Dog

    Dr.Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg are both genius!!They destroyed my career but I deserved it. The Chronic is my all time favorite album especially the songs "Dre Day and Da $20 sack pyramid!"

  • Helen Michael

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  • detaldaboy

    Birdman told me he will sign eminem after 1month

  • Anonymous

    Here go the comparison making fuckwits who think neither Eminem nor Kendrick have earn't their "dickrider" fans. Just stop. Enjoy the music or don't enjoy it, because in the end of the day your wack ass opinion still means fuck all.

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    Funny how Rick Rubin produced all the worst songs. Eminem produced some of the best songs off this album. And Dr Dre too. All the Rick Rubin produced songs on this album feel out of place. If only Eminem had produced more tracks for this album, it would have been even better, If you you forget those 2,3 Rick Rubin produced songs like Love Game, Berzerk and So Far this album is classic shit. Tracks like, Brainless So much Better Baby, Thats just classic EM, how can someone even complain about that? Evil Twin, Bad Guy, Legacy are straight fire also. This album is seriously his best work since The Eminem Show- Encore. Very nice job. If Rick Rubin had layed his dirty hands off this album and if we would have more Eminem or Dre produced tracks this could have really made an even better album, But with all that said, besides a couple of wack tracks that mostly include those singles, this album is straight fire!!! Good job EM.

    • Anonymous

      "Eminem produced some of the best songs off this album. And Dr Dre too." I just read that Dre didnt produce anything on this album

    • Witness

      I won't say all of Rick Rubin tracks are terrible but Eminen stepped up his fucking game in MMLP2. Love game is funny and I like it. Though, I'm surprised how bad eminem killed him

  • really

    You all really like this more than relapse or recovery...he doesn't even ride beats like usual...and the beats were horrible... really? this is what you all wanted?

    • Anonymous

      Recovery was pop trash. Relapse was cool, but the accents kinda ruined it. MMLP 2 is way better & actually very solid.

  • Casper

    Is that DMX's chain on his wrist?

  • Anonymous

    death's head ass magazine cover. martial law, huh? with your nazi colors. fuck you bilboard!

  • Anonymous

    Glad you guys like the album. Check out my site... www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • you

    know ems losing it when kendrick beat eminem on a song that is a complete eminem style (wack and a joke of a song)

  • JayReed

    Eminem is a great rapper no doubt, would you call it HipHop though?

  • shameeg

    Kdot is a beast, so I agree with Em even if I think em is wack

  • Anonymous

    Why is Eminem always look mad? lol He's practically got rap by the throat. Will easily go 2-3x platinum, and can make as many comebacks as he wants without people getting tired of him, so smile for once. Success can't be that depressing.

    • Witness

      Eminem, seems like he is mad because he is trying to bring out his 2000 self where he was mad at everybody. Also, eminem has publicly so that's another reason

    • Anonymous

      eminem looks mad all the time because he knows he sold his soul, sacrificed his homeboy to make it big, and now is stuck having to do what he is told because he's being used to influence white males with whatever he's told to. and before anyone says something stupid, its done by him leading by example knowing that those that look up to him will follow. thats why they are called idols. that shit is taking a toll on him and im sure he wants out, but he signed up so it is what it is marshall. u know what its gonna take

    • Anonymous

      id be kind of bummed out if my fans were as lame and crazy as his

  • BadJet_413

    Personally I really like the album. It's way better than recovery IMO. Although not every song is a gem and the singles (besides rap god) disappointing me but as a whole its a great body of work. This is the most self reflective album he's put out to date and as a die hard fan I couldn't have asked for anymore than that. Hes doing a lot of double time flow but every line is saying something, be it a on going metaphor or just great punch lines. The first track is him talking through Stan's little brother...nuff said. Once again its very self reflecting and I like the fact that he is pointing out his own contradictions and his faults. Its like he knows this might be the last ride so instead of making another MMLP (which it kind of is) it truly is a revisit to why we fell in love with him. He tries to capture that nostalgic feeling but he does it with the state of mind he has now and to be honest I respect that. Its a very experimental album especially when it comes to production. The beats really stand out and are characters within themselves. Like i said not every one is a gem but those are over shadowed by the surrounding tracks. We will never hear the exact him from the 1999-2004 but goddammit i respect what hes done here. 8.5/10

  • jasonnns




  • Anonymous

    "because he recognizes the talent and creativity in one of the best new artists out?" Maybe because Kendrick's also on Interscope so the compliment feels hollow.

  • chris

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  • imho

    yeah we know hes incredible.. only kendrick could of took that piece of shit song eminem called love game and actually make it listenable..i skip thru that whole song to get to kendricks and when its done i cut it off.. fuckin disappointing.

    • Anonymous

      imho, you're a fag. stop acting like you don't do balancing acts on Eminem's dick.

    • imho

      i think bec once i seen the TL i seen the ONLY rapper on the album im like ok this will be some rap god, forever just lyrically destroying shit.. then i listened to the song and wow. i cant tell u the last time a rappers song was that disappointing to listen to.. prob besides all of MCHG from jayz.

    • Anonymous

      Lol I like it, but I can see why you wouldn't, but based off the lyrics in the verses I say Em beat Kendrick on that song. Although Kendrick was pretty funny.

    • imho

      no its not lol. imo kendrick beasted that song if it wasnt for kendrick that song woulda prob been in my top 3 worst em songs ever..i liked the concept but it was trash to listen 2

    • Anonymous

      Em's second verse in that is better than Kendrick's though.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is the only rapper I can see overtaking Em's spot as the GOAT at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Yet he uses him on a trash song? What the fuck kind of album is this? Garbage.

  • Chris Etrata

    When is eminem going to tour the US?

  • wow?

    is he really retiring? after all that shit he talked about not leaving on recovery? hope we get at least one more LP

    • Chris Etrata

      I think he said that he won't do a 3rd album in the marshall mather series. Doesn't mean he will stop making albums.

  • Fixit

    Em is right, kdot is the truth

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • Gio

    I've heard infinite, SSLP, MMLP, ES, Encore, relapse, refill, recovery .. im a die-hard fan, but already listened to the leak of the album and im really disappointed. There was no Nostalgic feeling here. :( let me down on this. other then that Kendrick is doing his thing.

    • agree

      this album has a little feel of sslp not mmlp..and that love game song is TRASH

    • Anonymous

      WELL that sucks. You must be a miserable person. I love the album and it has put me in some great moods the last few days!

    • chill

      @Anon: chill the hell out he stated an opinion christ you stans are ignorant, he didn't say eminem is shit, he said he didn't like the album, people have opinions get overit.

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up dude. You wouldn't be happy unless eminem copied stan word for word onto his next album. If Eminem were to release something better than MMLP you would still be disappointed fucking cunt.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is right Kendrick is dope as hell. check out "Champion of G'z"reverbnation/crownking

  • @DeeHavior

    It also feels good to see Kendrick doing his thing on the level he's on now. I personally had an opportunity to watch this dude come from humble beginnings to where he is now. I had an opportunity early in my young career to be on some of the same hip hop blog sites as Kendrick back in 08 & 09 so I respect the struggle & know the hustle. Peace & much success to both Em & Kendrick. - @DeeHavior twitter

    • Anonymous

      this guy seems cool! unlike that racist BruthaDee who hates on anything just cause its white or associated with a white person

  • Anonymous

    says one pop rapper to another pop rapper. Underground hiphop 4 life. Fuck these commercial rappers thinking they dope and real

  • @DeeHavior

    It feels good to see Em back in rare form. It's been a long road, especially for those who have been watching him since his early days of coming up, I'm happy to see him rapping like his early hungry days....

  • Anonymous

    Oh great. Eminem relapsed again.

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