Eminem Apologizes To His Mother On "Headlights"

Eminem says he loves his mother, Debbie Mathers, and apologizes for his past disses, including "Cleaning Out My Closet."

Eminem apologizes to his mother, Debbie Mathers, on "Headlights" off his upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

"I went in headfirst," Eminem raps on the track. "Never thinking about who what I said hurt / In what verse / My mom probably got it the worst / The brunt of it, but as stubborn as we are / Did I take it too far? / 'Cleaning Out My Closet' and all them other songs / But regardless, I don't hate you 'cause ma / You're still beautiful to me, 'cause you're my mom."

The Nate Reuss-assisted song continues, with Eminem recalling his time as a youth.

"Why we always at each other's throats?" Eminem raps on the song. "Especially when dad, he fucked us both / We're in the same fucking boat / You'd think that it'd make us close, nope."

Eminem references his estranged relationship with his mother, saying he is not joking on the track.

"'Cause to this day we remain estranged and I hate it though," Eminem rhymes on the track."'Cause you ain't even get to witness your grand baby's grow / But I'm sorry mama for 'Cleaning Out My Closet,' at the time I was angry / Rightfully maybe so, never meant that far to take it though, 'cause / Now I know it's not your fault, and I'm not making jokes / That song I no longer play at shows and I cringe every time it's on the radio." 

Eminem's "Cleaning Out My Closet" was released on Eminem's 2002 album, The Eminem Show. On the track, Eminem insulted his mother. "You selfish bitch," Eminem raps on the selection. "I hope you fuckin' burn in hell for this shit." Eminem has had a history of insulting his mother on various tracks, including his debut single, "My Name Is."

"Headlights" is a song included on The Marshall Mathers LP 2, a collection meant to be released November 5. 

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  • Zac

    And honestly, anyone expecting another MMLP was kidding themselves - Eminem is 41 years old now and has grown the fuck up.

  • Zac

    Amazing album, really some of the best songs hes made are on here... Haters be hatin I guess

  • Anonymous

    the eminem show tmmlp recovery tmmlp2 relapse tsslp encore fuck infinite............... 99.9% of you never heard it pre dr.dre dont even try and front

  • Susan

    That is so awesome!!! Kudos on him!!! Teenagers and young adults don't like their parents, and think of them as the enemy that is out to get them. When the kids finally grow up they realize their parents were only trying their best and to help, we all went through regrets we did to our parents. Eminen must realize there is no stronger love than a parent to a child....a child to a parent is second strongest. I am sure through all of his turmoil his mother never stopped loving him...and will be quick to forgive him. Its tough being a kid, not to mention being a kid from a broken home. Children from broken homes, especially boys that do not have a good father figure have it very rough. They are full of hatred, despise, resentment, confusion etc etc , they are so mixed up. That is why when Eminem was going through his worst time, we all had to understand where it was coming from, instead of turning our adult backs on him we should have embraced and helped him. He may have come across like a tough guy and rude, but there is always a reason behind it, people aren't born like that. Boys/men these days that end up in jail, we have to help them, instead of crucifying them. the first thing we as society want to do is lock them up and throw away the key. Its not right! Women have had so much support and given so much strength from the times they are babies these days that boys are being left behind, not knowing what their role is in life.

  • DMC

    Without doubt the worst Eminem album. I'm actually shocked the man who released The Eminem show would actually put his name to this. The beats and production are absolutely terrible. And the lyrics are just tiresome.

    • Witness

      Agree with 999, this album is genius. Listen to the non album singles. The songs are incredible. Might be Eminems 4th best album behind Eminem Show, MMLP, and Slim Shady LP

    • 999

      This album is amazing. Not a classic like the first installment, but it definitely lives up to the hype. So many great tracks that sound like the old Slim Shady in terms of content and lyrics - of course his voice is going to be different, he is 41 now and been through so much. His new flow is so complex with the breaking down of syllables that I wonder how people will react who can't understand it. For me though, GREAT album. 14/16 tracks are good with some classics like "Bad Guy" (basically a Stan Part 2 from the view of Stan's little brother off the original track), "Rap God", and "Evil Twin" where he is at his gruesome Slim Shady best. "So Much Better" is classic Eminem hating on how woman have treated him, "Brainless" is some straight Slim Shady LP shit. This album would maybe sit at his 3rd or 4th best behind MMLP & SSLP? Eminem Show is up there. Give this album a chance and listen to it a few times.. Classic Eminem and Slim Shady. By the way, "Evil Twin" gives me the impression something along the lines of SSLP2 could be coming....... Lol.

  • kik

    Wicked Ways is crazzzzyyyY!!! Fuckin DOPE

  • The REAL Rik Rozz

    TRUE STORI: Eminem: sory mum Em's Mom: Iz ok, can I have sum moneh Eminem: Fur wat? Em's Mom: Mi drug habet Eminem: Fuk of bich, am dissin U on mi next albem Comment If You Liked.

  • Anthony

    I wonder why people complain that eminem screams his lyrics lately when in the song Kim, he screamed throughout most of the song?

  • Anonymous

    Same people saying this album sucks are the ones saying Yeezus was a classic when in reality, Em's 5 deluxe songs from this album are > The entire Yeezus album

  • Anonymous

    1. Lil Wayne 2. Kanye West 3. Jay-Z 4. Eminem Questios: Worst hip hop album? Most dissapointing album? Most boring album? Most uninspired artist?

  • Anonymous

    Best Album from Eminem since Encore

  • Anonymous

    Album has a lot of flaws, but it is >>>>>> Recovery Not Close to TES,MMLP,SSLP,Encore But it has some classic songs.

  • LOL

    Also, people referring to em fans as stans. Has it ever occured to you that we are just people that care about content. Rather then just a catchy beat, and lyrics talking about money, women, and drugs?

  • LOL

    Anonymous dude keeps replying to his own shit. Has anyone else noted how 90% of the negative comments on this album are by one guy using anonymous to make it seem like there are multiple people thinking the same thing. LOL This album is crack. It will take a while to sink in but give it some time. A true masterpiece

    • True that

      Co-sign. To much haters (probably the same few people). Aside from a couple of tracks, this album is dope. People should really be happy especially after those singles which are one of the worst on the album.

  • Anonymous

    Real talk 4/5 only a couple weak tracks

  • Anonymous


  • rollandkief

    b.s. apology craka, too late for that. could never listen to this fuk boy

  • Retiring!?

    On the tracks bad guy and legacy he states that this is the final project of his career. is this really true? I mean wtf on recovery and that last line of the '11 BET cypher he said he aint goin nowhere for a while. also said hes hangin it up on that bme track but 2 years later here we are?...

  • Anonymous

    album 7/10 decent but nowhere near his full capability

  • R.Pgh

    Haven't listened to much Em since the Eminem Show (probably because my tastes have change a bit). This shows maturity which most people wouldn't have associated with Em in years past.

  • Ron

    This is why eminem will remain the GOAT forever.

  • CP

    Em is a great MC. Greatest white MC ever and after, for sure. Puts him in the top 10 all-time, but everybody can place wherever they want, not place to tell you where. His most recent work is radio friendly, which pisses off his core fans, I simply stream the album, then go find the tracks I like and ignore the rest. NObody has the time to craft something special when a major label is always up their ass to rush it out. That Magna Carta LP was made in 2 weeks, of course it was mediocre at best, what do you expect from 2 weeks of recording? Try and enjoy whatever music makes you happy, and try and lower your level of ignorance with the constant racism arguments, grow up kiddies, there is no time to worry about pigmentation, explore the world around you, and get in where you fit in beeeeeeyatch!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      That's the biggest problem for Americans, racism and blind ignorance to the world outside america. Americans tink their country is the wrld SO FUCKING DUMB AND LAME, AND MAKES THEM LOOK RETARDED TO THE REST OF THE WORLD........ true people

    • Tbrown

      The Blueprint was recorded in a week, so being in a rush isn't always a bad thing. I actually really liked MCHG, had a few weak offerings, but overall a solid album in my humble opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Song is wack as fuck, album is really suspect, it's boarderline shitty

  • Anonymous

    one of the few actual decent tracks on this car crash of an album

  • Anonymous

    Honest comment alert..The album as a whole actually turned out real great cant see how anyone can honestly be disappointed. Sadly most will go into it already looking down at it cus some didn't like berzerk.or thought monster was "too poppy" listen to the album as if u never heard any of those tracks already if that's how u feel . At the end of the day don't start comparing it to the first mmlp but he fucking killed it .4.5/5

    • LOL

      Eminem smashes the cookie cutter rap song in today's mainstream. I hope you can comprehend what I'm saying I don't speak in parables.

    • Anonymous

      rhyme or reason so much better so far... stronger than I was enough reasons for you???????

  • Anonymous

    If you think this album is hip hop you're lying to yourself or you think maclemore is hip hop also.

    • 99roca

      'Rap God', 'Brainless', 'Evil Twin', 'Bad Guy', 'So Much Better' are all classic Slim Shady and Hip Hop. Clean your ears out I bet you haven't even listened to every song in full yet and are trying to judge it.

    • R.Pgh

      I haven't heard this album, and only barely heard the Maclemore album, but I can't stand all the bitching of fickle ass rap fans saying "this shit ain't hip hop". Who the fuck made y'all the hip hop police allowing you to label what is or isn't hip hop? If you don't like it, cool, no problem. Don't fucking listen to it. If you listened to disco music, someone would say "that shit ain't hip hop" probably not even realizing that hip hop was originated from creating break beats from disco and soul records. I was never a fan of the nursery type rhymes that rappers often do these days, but if you think that type of shit isn't hip hop, then you'd have to say that Busy Bee isn't hip hop because he had the most simplistic rhyme scheme in the history of the genre. I doubt you'll find any purist out there that says Busy Bee isn't hip hop. Just move the fuck on dude. You don't like it. Cool. Stop wasting your time bitching about it and listen, or create, something different.

    • Anonymous

      hiphop !! you mean Rick Ross kanye drake lil wayne jayz t.i young jeezy..

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck in rap game can diss Eminem !! who ??!!

  • Anonymous

    Eminem Apologizes To his FANS for becoming a pop rapper and doing songs with pink, rihanna and elton john

  • Anonymous

    The trolls on this troll filled site can't even hate on this album (they will try anyway ) he fucking pulled this shit off there are just 2 or 3 tracks that ill most likely end up skipping and Bad guy, rhyme or reason, asshole, rap god, brainless, evil twin are some of his best tracks he's put out in a long time. Adding to that so far.. is the hardest I've genuinely laughed listening to Em in years he ripped it .survival does make me wana run through a wall and headlights is shockingly honest and real . The singles aside from rap god did end up being the weakest tracks. So there you have it. Now call me a Stan

    • gg

      Co-sign Album is dope..Anyway most of the haters here are just the same few people raping the comment section. All the songs you mentionned are dope but i would switch Rhyme Or Reason with So Much Better, other than that Legacy is dope as fuck also. The singles were the worst, album is solid and we haven't even heard the 5 bonus tracks yet. Oh and that lesbian line on So Much Better was funny as hell. Quit hating faggots, what do you want more? This shit tops Relapse and Recovery.

  • micavity

    So many idiots on this site that cannot seem to spell or speak properly. Morons aside, this song is the most beautiful track on the album. why write a song instead of talking it out? Sometimes it isnt that easy fam. Shit, if i was dudes mom i would be bawling my eyes out after hearing this track. So much sentiment, but i guess some people are to cold to understand what the song is saying... album is dope plain and simple.. eminem cant be the eminem from 2000..hes grown the fuck up.. like the majority of people on this site should do.

    • alexlac1@hotmail.com

      Co Sign. Album is solid. People need to stop dickriding the old EM. No shit you will find this sucks, grow up and evolve like Eminem did. This shit is dope, stop expecting it to sound like the Old Eminem and just listen to the album as it is. Some true classics on the album. You will see, 2 years from now you will be dickriding this album and say it was the best thing while you will hate his new future album.

    • Anonymous

      Easily the worst song on the album & just wack all around

  • Anonymous

    HE'S RAP GOD NOT BECAUSE THE MOST TALENT but because legacy.

  • darko

    This is the Eminems version of DEAR MAMA by 2pac, to those saying his gone soft need to suck a big dick. Eminem is a man now 42 if you want immature shit go back to highschool you faggots listen to the fucking album.

  • Anonymous

    Used to be this guys biggest fan, but wtf Em? This comeback album was like Derrick Rose's comeback game against the heat. Both were equally disappointing. You had a good run Em

  • t2

    headlights is the best track on this album, donezo.


    people will refuse to say Eminem is shitty even when HE HIMSELF may say he is shitty...

  • Crizak

    i dont know who eminem is anymore

  • nasirjones

    where are yous listening to his other songs like bad guy,evil twin.etc..I want to hear them

    • nasirjones

      no you're stupid

    • IdiottFucker

      I downloaded it because i was anxious to hear it, but i will definitely be in the store on the 5th buying the album especialy since it's dope. Now just wait for the album fuckker if ur too stupid to find it on ur own.

    • IdiottFucker

      I you are too retarded to research the leaked album on google, then you should probably just wait and buy the album like everyone of us on November the 5th.

  • riv216

    This is what you call maturing. come check out the new music video "The Good Die Young 2K13" in 720/1080p HD here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vp8lj_Smpw

  • Slim Shady

    Eminem done went soft

    • A Person

      MMLP2 was solid, not even in my top 10 from this year though with No Poison No Paradise, Twelve Reasons to Die, The Brown Tape, Legends Never Die, Capture the Sun, and a bunch of other projects that I found more compelling as a listener. Eminem is good, but I always thought his style left something to be desired in my mind. Other albums I liked far more, Czarface, Abrasions, York, 360 Waves, Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent, 13, Albert Einstein, Yeezus (which was mad underrated), Extended Play, ESGN, Highway Robbery and Get Home Safely. I mean, MMLP2 falls in somewhere on the lower tier of those albums as a project I liked but didn't fall in love with for various reasons. Lots of great albums in 2013 though, the fact that I mention Eminem in the same breath as these artists, just purely as an artist in his current state is a testament to his ability on the mic. Wish he came across with more love for the craft, but you can only ask for so much.

    • fgfg

      Co-Sign "The King". Apart from a couple of tracks this is a very solid album, too much retards on this website. Y'all can get mad and hate all you want, i bet you were the first ones wanting this album like fucking stans. If you heard it already, that because u did some research and you actually cared, so stop being so butthurt and appreciate a good album when you hear one fuckin hypocrites

    • fgfg

      Oh because Jay z, Pusha t and Drake arent mainstream? Gtfo idiot. Spelled it wrond cause i don't give a shit. U talk about mainstream but u name all mainstream artists. Gtfo retard

    • Album of the year

      Fuck face why does Yeezus have to be mentioned? You forgetting Jay's album Drake, Pusha T etc. you are obviously a 100% mainstream fan to not even mention anyone else besides just Kanye and you spelled it wrong fuckhole it's a Yeezus

    • The King

      Haha... it's funny, because people hate this album just because they expect it to measure up to his classics. It's awesome because Eminem can put out an "average" album for him (not to say this is an average album) and that's the best album any other artist could ever dream of putting out. MMLP2 is an incredible album so get the fuck out of here with your hating ass. You obviously don't know good rap when you hear it.

    • fgfg

      A 2 on 10, really? U just hatin because the album doesn't sound like you wanted to. Get over it, Eminem will never sound like the 2000 shady. Still, the album has classic tracks. Fuckin loser, learn how to rate an album. this album is a solid 8/10. Better than Relapse and also Recovery. Deal with it hater

    • gf

      Pls go back and listen. Pls tell me wich album this year is better?? Yeesus? Rofl ..Gtfo, aside couple of wack track, this album is solid as hell, and it will sell. Keep hatin

    • Anonymous

      Out of 10, I would give this album a 2...Eminem is talented as fuck but the beats and hooks and subject mater is way way way below par for one of the best...

    • Anonymous

      Best Album of the year? You are tripping!

    • th

      stfu gtfo hater dope album, best of the year. Without being a stan, honest opinion

  • A Person

    I don't get why people say that "most other hip hop artists try to act tough" (i.e. are fake), if you look in the underground, most are just really dope lyricists, and most will show what they think and feel, Eminem is good, but at this point in time, there are many emcees I would rather listen to, its just that Eminem was promoted as a talented white guy that was accepted into a predominantly black culture, not that its bad, he is a talented artist, but peoples views on hip hop when they stan him the way they do are just, invalid to say the least.

    • A Person

      I think a lot of it has to do with the business of music as well, not many people want to hear stuff that makes them think on the radio, so I gotta respect Em for that. That being said, my Top 5 favorite artists are Nas, Elzhi, Guru, Black Milk and Rakim, for various reasons. In my mind, they always showed that they have love for the craft, and that means the world to me as a listener. But yea, the reason most of these insanely dope cats don't get mainstream shine is simply because of marketing, it is impossible to market someone with superior intelligence to a group of people that just wants music to dance to (i.e. mainstream pop records). It's just the way things are in the music industry, as sad as it is. Also, I would say artists retiring at say 40 or so is a strange concept, which I find unfortunate given that music shouldn't have an age limit, old cats also make some damn good music (i.e. old artists from the 70's with Soul, Keith Sweat, Grandmaster Caz, and many others from many genres)

    • dfgd

      I understand and respect your point of view. To each it's own. True though, EM really isn't that hungry and loving of the craft that much anymore. Still better than most mainstream rappers out there right now anyway. I at least respect the fact that he pretty much stayed true to himself even though he is a mainstream artist. Money and artificial happiness isn't something he is interested too and he stayed true to that. It makes a difference from listening to a lot of rappers nowdays. Lots of people can relate to that. Anyway,Definitely lots of talented unknown hiphop artists out there who deserve more credit. And a lot of artists nowdays who don't deserve the position they are in and all the money they have. Funny world we live it, ain't it? But that's what happens to a lot of people once they rise to fame, even a lot of those underground artists would stop trying. Thats why i respect Eminem so much. He could have retire a long time ago, he clearly doesnt give a shit about the money. Not sayin he's my favorite artist, but definitely in my top 5

    • A Person

      That was just in general, but there was a comment on here that prompted it, don't remember if it was yours or not. But yea, most mainstream artists are pretty crap anyway, if you want real lyricism, its best to just skip back in time or listen to the underground cats that do it for the love of the craft, which brings me to this. At this point, it seems like Eminem doesn't seem to love the craft as much as he used to, he still has the love, just, not as much. Still, I have to respect his body of work, but as a relatively impartial listener (someone that knows the history of hip hop), I can't say he is my favorite

    • dfgd

      I am actually the one who wrote the post you seem to be refering to. Intelligent opinion, i do agree on a lot of points...A lot of unheard artist. I was just trying to make a point comparing him to other mainstream artists. But you do make a very good point and i agree with you. Lots ofe other very talented artists. Didn't want to come across as a stan just sayin

  • nazim

    I have a feeling So Much Better Brainless Evil Twin May be produced by Dr. Dre. drums and pianos sound like his work.. that shit BANGS

    • Kramer

      Listened through the album, those are the best ones for sure. When he introduces Slim in Evil Twin..great. The songs we've heard are the WORST songs, that I will skip over(not Rap God). Probably 4 or 5 songs I will skip everytime. possibly

    • gf

      Without forgeting Bad Guy and Legacy. Don't know they were produced by dre tho

    • gf

      Co-Sign, Dope tracks. 3 of the hottest on the album

  • Anonymous

    one more thing. if em is being genuine here, why the fuck is he making a song about it? go fix the relationship in real life insted of on cornu tracks with painful to listen to bars

  • bitcches

    Whether Eminem is rapping about something which we never experienced, he still finds a way of connecting to the people by rapping about common thoughts and hardships in life which every average person can relate too. That's why he's so successfull. Not because he is white, but because many people can relate to what he is saying. Not everyone can relate to that underground style where everyone acts like they living in the guetto, also, most people won't relate to rappers talking about about being rich as hell...So EM basically hits a middle class of people where the majority of people can relate and have experienced similar things in life. Whether you are poor or rich, mostly everyone can relate to some of the things he talks about on songs. That's because he is authentic!!! Most rappers try to act tough and are afraid to show they feelings, but those feelings and the emotion, thats what most people relate too when they having hardships in life... So basically, thats why Eminem sales so much...So quit hating and respect the guy.

    • Popah

      U mad cause of the truth dawg? Gtfo Anonymous faggot.

    • Anonymous

      STOP FUCKING SUGARCOATING IT HE'S as successful as he is because he is white...you know it all of america know it just stop trying to hide it....Why is it that Biggie or Pac aren't and weren't held to this level or because white people were scared just like of 50 Cent? Stop being a liar. Just accept that America gives more chances to Whites you should just reap your asshole raping benefits

  • Anonymous

    Really Em? Another song about your mom? SMH What can the nigga say about her, or to her, that hasn't already been said? Anyway, I haven't been impressed with 90% of the music he's put out lately. He's just not as good as he used to be -- I'm not talking about how he's "grown up" or his pop singles and collaborations with Pink or Rihanna. I'm saying he isn't as lyrical as he used to be. Just go back and listen to the first MMLP and tell me that version of Eminem wouldn't body bag the current one. He used have crazy bars like this off of I'm Back: "I used to give a - fuck, now I could give a fuck less What do I think of suc-cess? It sucks, too much press I'm stressed Too much cess, depressed, too upset It's just too much mess, I guess I must just blew up quick (yes) Grew up quick (no) was raised right Whatever you say is wrong, whatever I say is right You think of my name now whenever you say, "Hi" Became a commodity because I'm W-H-I- -T-E, cause MTV was so friendly to me Can't wait 'til Kim sees me Now is it worth it? Look at my life, how is it perfect? Read my lips bitch, what, my mouth isn't working? You hear this finger? Oh it's upside down Here, let me turn this motherfucker up right now" I used to listen to his music and think to myself: "What the fuck did he just say? I gotta play it again". For an example: "Sick, sick dreams of picnic scenes Two kids, sixteen with M-16's and ten clips each And them shits reach through six kids each And Slim gets blamed in Bill Clint's speech to fix these streets Fuck that"

    • Anonymous

      this album of his is the greatest!! but watch nas top illmatic lyrically you cant top your greatest effort

    • gdfg

      He did more then you will do in your entire life , so unless you get to the point he is at right now, quit complaining u fuckin loser. You done nothing with ur life. Eminem has done nothing but classics. Quit hating if u aint in a position to critic.

    • gdfg

      No one gives a fuck about ur retarded opinion. Artist evolve. Eminem made classics, he still droppin some dope tracks even if the album aint even close to what it used too. Just appreciate it and if u aint happy go listen to his older material.. Accept the fact that he's 41 fuckin years old, artists fuckin evolve. It would be ridiculous for him to try and imitate and talk about what he used too, he's at another point in his life and accept the fact he won't ever drop an album similar to his old material. Album is still dope in its own way, quit fuckin hating, what did you expect? Him rapping about his rise to fame and how much pills he takin? Grow the fuck up just like he did and accept the fact that he is at a different point in his life, he won't sound the same over and over again The guy is 41 years old and has dropped more classic tracks than most rappers out there, give him a fuckin break. He could have retired years ago, yet he still making music. People always try to find a way to hate, even when the shits dope. Just appreciate the good song he releases an d quit whining about the ones u think are garbage, the man has released enough classics, he has nothing to prove anymore

  • gfg

    This song is one of the worst off the album, followed by the singles that have been released already, Im telling you..Not trying to be a stan or anything. I thought the exact same thing after hearing all the singles that have been released already. but, Bad Guy, Legacy, So Much Better, Brainless and Evil Twins are fucking insane. It really compensates for these awful singles. Don't be too quick to judge, i had the exact same opinion about the album after hearing all the singles...This Kendrick song is one of the worsts on the album by the way. This album has 2 kinds of songs.. Some really shitty ones and some true classics. Listen to it first with an open mind and trust me you won,t be disapointed by these other tracks.

  • mark

    i'm not someone who listens to Eminem every day, so to say this is just pure opinion, but this man is the real thing. So many rappers talk about money,drugs and being gangster. It gets old. Eminem just man'd up and apologized to his mother and admitted his mistakes in life, he was addicted to drugs like others, and went through hard times, and the dude grew up. This is life not hollywood, we are all hard working people. We idolize these people, like Jayz and Kanye. Atleast Em, is speaking with something most can connect with. Jayz and those guys talk about being rich, how many of us are that? I thought he did well on the album.


      **Not some artificial bullshit. You like listening to ur favorite rapper and day dreaming about being rich? Well thats not my thing. I listen to the realness and autenticity and what i relate too, i don't want to hear some faggot ass rapper talking about lolipops and hundred dollar bills. I will take a guess and say you are black, judging by your hate towards One of the greatest which is eminem.


      If you think Talking about richness is the cool thang, gtfo here and go listen to some lil wayne or rick ross faggot. U really can't tell the difference u fuckin retard? If rappers talking about how they shit on yo face with all their money is what you like than gtfo. We want some real hiphop and some real talk, some some artificial bullshit

    • Look FUCK FACE

      All you stupid fucks or just one fuck need to stop saying who is better and realize this not wrassling Jay and Em work together....also why do you want to hear your own struggling poor stories when you live it already? Them speaking of richness is motivation...grow the fuck up and get it

    • ggg

      Thanks for speaking the truth man, finally someone who understands. Whether EM is rapping about something which we never experienced, he still finds a way of connecting to the people by rapping about common thoughts and hardships in life which every average person can relate too. That's why he's so successfull. Not because he is white, but because many people can relate to what he is saying. Not everyone can relate to that underground style where everyone acts like they living in the guetto, but the same people won't also relate to rappers rapping about being rich as hell...So Em basically hits a middle class of people where the majority of people can relate and have experienced similar things in life.

    • dj

      CO SIGN jay has nothing on em and his personal relatable messages jay is great stand alone but next to em? SUCKS. yea i fuckin said it!!!!!!

  • Kramer

    Damn. Im not liking any news Im hearing about this album

  • etgt

    I have a feeling the song "Stronger Than I Was" was inspired by "Apologize" By Timbaland/One Republic.

  • egerg

    Lol Eminem is already taking over all the headlines of this website and the album hasn't even officially released yet. They are already aware of the leak i guess.. Better buy the album people by the way, it's dope.

  • Anonymous

    i was just listening to this as i came on the website here. one of my favorites on the album.

  • Anonymous

    love it or hate it, eminem re-invents himself with every album. dope.

  • DOPE

    such a unique and weird album im in love besides maybe 5 tracks then we still got the bonus cuts. bad guy, rhyme or reason, evil twin, asshole, and legacy are all dope as fuck

    • jj

      I would replace Rhyme or Reason with "So Much Better" and i would add "Brainless" to your list. But yeah, definitely a solid album. I think we jumped the gun to quick with the singles. Besides a few wack songs, there is Lots of gems in this album, and we still have the bonus tracks on the way. I wasn't expecting much but definitely a solid album. Better than Relapse and Recovery in my opinion. Good job EM. Definitely will buy.

  • Anonymous

    album rocks. haters gon hate

  • Anonymous

    - Best song on the album. Really nice to see him forgive his mother and ask for forgiveness. He really has grown up - this song has been overdue since the first album, regardless of the opinions on the songs, he's become a better man, and IMO, that's all that matters - he deserves peace after the shit he has been through, we all do... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyOiTkXu5k8

  • Eddy

    yall want him to shun his mother forever for you mufuckas?? Fuck outta heaaa

  • PrincessxPink

    I'm just finishing listening to it and I just wanted to come and read the comments....just off the few I've read are you guys really hating on this? This is almost perfect aside from a few filler tracks....this is hip hop to the max.....last track is OMG

  • Anonymous

    You kids no ! Rythme or Reason is just Em rapping over The Zombies - Time of the Season, and its the best song on the album?

  • JackOfAllTrades301

    I don't understand why everybody's hating on this album, but no matter what, you're going to get those people who don't like what's getting put out. There are a lot of gems on here (Bad Guy, Rhyme or Reason, Legacy, Rap God, Brainless, Stronger Than I Was, Headlights, Evil Twin, and even So Far...). How many of you actually listened to the album? He reinvents Stan on Bad Guy (well, his brother) and brings back a couple cool snippets from I'm Back and The Real Slim Shady on So Far.... Sure, it's not better than the original, but it's his best album since Encore, so it deserves some respect. Throughout the album, he has some fun and lays down some awesome lyrics. Lookin forward to the five bonus tracks!

    • fgf

      Co-sign. Don't listen to these haters, they hate on every EM article. This is definitely a solid album. All the tracks you mentioned are dope, except for Rhyme or reason, but thats just my opinion. Stop hating faggots, this actually surpasses Recovery and Relapse.

  • Anonymous

    i think not liking this album says somting about your personal music personal yo his albums dope next stop slaughterhouse

  • Anonymous

    we need slaughterhouse to revist the first album

  • what what

    This album is decent. I feel like he used so many different styles and flows it almost feels like a mixtape.. But I still feel like a lot of songs he's just showcasing his skills, but not really saying anything of importance. He has a few tracks with points. But then the last track basically says that. He talks about how he is bored with rap now and he's just waiting on somebody to come at him, but nobody does.

  • Anonymous

    his album missing a royce verse

  • TRON

    Great album, just listened three times through. His diversity and ability to to make an album without once talking about money, cars, and chains and designer clothing (like all other rappers) is special. Lyrically a genius. Perfect way to leave the game. He reveals in Bad Guy that this will be his last album. The songs show he is still able to have fun on the track, while clearing up the beef with his mom, but still showing the struggles he has inside. Best to ever do it. Fuck you haters. Go listen to 2 chains...

    • The King

      You never know; Em never officially stated this was his last album. He has said in songs in past albums (Recovery) that it would be his last, but here he his with another one. I hope he's not done; it seems like he's finally getting back to his roots.

    • Anonymous

      a TRU story was a hotter album

  • Anonymous

    wow bad guy is basically stan pt. 2.....its crazy how its from stan's brother's pointof view GENIUS!!

  • lohen

    When's he gonna apologize for this trash album?

  • TRE

    Evil Twin & Rap God are the only decent songs. The rest is straight garbage.

    • Anonymous

      No, he's right, except I think every song is garbage. It's funny when dickriders make fun of other people for being stans in other articles, but then they go back and defend their favorite artist to the death, when they're getting shitted on.

    • TRE

      It's called an opinion dick breath i was sharing mine

    • Straight up

      We should all just believe what this guy says and not form our own opinions. He probably knows what music everyone other single person in the world likes.... smh

  • Robert

    I can't deny he has gained icon status in hip hop, but dude is a fraud. All this shows is that all that drama was just made up. Then again, this is hip hop, where 80% of the artists (especially the top selling ones) lie.

  • aight

    mmlp2 = sslp2.... called this album the wrong name its a slim album not marshall..except this song about his mother def a marshall song

  • fsdfsdfsdf

    LOL check out this fucking faggot Andres Retardio. Trying to create as many articles as possible from MMLP2. Seriously Andres...get fired.

  • detroit niggroe

    Fuck Eminem. He's all pop now. I cant believe how shitty that new album is. R.I.P. the real slim shady.

  • Anonymous

    Why people hate Relapseeither keep saying they dont understand hip-hop, or read this.. www.eminemalbum2014.com/haterelapse.htm

  • Anonymous

    fuck frank ocean, fuck homos, fuck the disease. #

  • Anonymous

    Eminem Says "Suck My D*ck" on _______ While we're listening to the album to review, we need hits for ad rev so we're gonna post random articles for you weirdos. Previously Eminem said his fiancee messed around with many rappers and apologized to his mom while his old house is being sold on 8 Mile. 1200 comments anonymous nerd: see, that's why he's the best ever! stanley: I don't know why so many haters, he's a lyrical genius, ahead of the game. anonymous: yay, white power! nerdington y thesis: * 4 paragraphs of graphic ball yodeling *

  • Anonymous

    mmpl2 is very different from what we are all used to hearing, but I still think its one of those albums where it grows each listen, ive listened to the whole thing the fist time and I didn't like it, but 2nd listen was a little better and so on

  • Anonymous

    He sends her a check every Xmas, so this is all for show.

  • imho

    someone at interscope or whos a legit friend of EMs needs to run and tell him to scrap this album before the 5th..it is so wack. i just listened to the entire thing. he just cant rap idk why. always gotta just have some wack shit never just a rap you can vibe with an bump anywhere. after berzerk and rap god i was left w high opinion but those r literally the two best songs on the album..that and this song about his mother. and dont even get me started on that pos he called love game with kendrick.i wont even download it im sick.

    • imho

      damn this guy anon im convinced is the writer for DX bec theres no way a reg person has a life so shitty they remember my comments and opinions from months and weeks ago. desperate for responses and traffic smh

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, this fag is a big fan of Em's, he takes his dick hard. I think he's tired of getting shitted on a daily basis for it, so he's trying to act like he doesn't like this album. imho with that classic fag move.

    • Nigger Nigga

      nigga nigga's be nigga'ing damn nigga's comments be nigga like

    • imho

      eminem should of called this album SSLP2 and i wouldnt of had the expectations i had.. ima hiphop head to the fullest so when u called ur album the sequel to ur most critically acclaimed album im gonna judge it as so.. this is a SSLP sequel not MMLP. had the complete feel of sslp.

    • detroit niggroe

      Agreed. What a pile of shit it is.

    • Anonymous

      lol yeah...interscope should tell their rapper who can shit and go plat to not put out an album...not to mention he only puts one out like every three years...when your as big as em....he can d what he wants. www.eminemalbum2014.com

    • imho

      actually i def am an Em fan.. but im not a stan so i can admit when someones music SUCKS.. like im a big jayz fan but Mchg blew hard. u got to be a straight dickrider to think eminems music is hiphop or even good..half of it is barely listenable i had to stop some songs half way thru..i never even did that with my band and i despise that song.

    • imho

      to think eminems new music is hiphop*

    • audrianna

      How does he need to scrap the album obviusly not a real em fan, the guy ows you nothing if you dont like the album dont kisten to it simple as that, Headlights is amazing

  • Apologize

    He should be apologizing for making a fucking trash album. Beats are wack, tons of whining about girls and his dad and a bunch of hooks sung by lame ass hoes. I knew it would be worse than recovery but holy shit this is worse than encore.

    • Wrong

      What? Some of the beats are off, but how can you say this is worse than Recovery? And then you say it might be worse then Encore? Encore SHIT on Recovery. MMLP2 is his best since Encore. Name any good songs on Recovery - I was extremely disappointed in that album. What, you like No Love? Love The Way You Lie? Not Afraid? Get your commercial music-loving ass out of here. He finally gets back to some of his roots on MMLP2. Still not better than Encore though (I don't get why everybody hates that album) - Evil Deeds, Never Enough, Like Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Just Lose It, Ass Like That, Mockingbird, One Shot 2 Shot, Curtains Down/Encore) - awesome fucking songs. You can kindly go fuck yourself.

  • Paki-Stan

    "That song I no longer play at shows" You played it on your European Tour in August? Real track tho

  • Anonymous

    its called maturity people!

  • Anonymous

    eminem disses homos and frank ocean!

  • #MMLP2

    Kiddies, are probably scratching their heads wondering what does this mean. But this is big, I was shocked when I heard that record, I guess it's true what they say, age humbles you. and the Haters are gonna have to log off for a few weeks, Eminem is gonna be all over this site.

    • DaMamba

      Ayo shut the fuck up actin like Cleanin Out My Closet came out in 1984 or somethin...people know the history here And people who don't fuck with wack ass corny albums are gonna have to ignore this site for awhile

  • wrgwergwrg

    the fuck is this bullshit. even if em was gunna apologize why put it on mmlp2?? SMH i knew the album would suck but i never imagined it'd be this bad. shit is like a new, shit subgenre of hip hop

  • Anonymous


  • brandon

    This is soo fucking stupid. I love hiphopDX and all but this is just a No No

  • Sean wtf

    Stream the song: http://www.underthegunreview.net/2013/10/30/eminem-forgives-his-mom-apologizes-for-cleaning-out-my-closet-on-new-track/

  • why

    WHY ???!!! why did yu guys have to spoilt it huh?? Let the damn track come out or at least leak! But why put already lyrics of an track that hasn been released... you ruined the suprise.. better give us the track now!!

  • imho

    heard so far like 7 tracks.. this is the best out of all except rap god..so far this album is a monster fuckin let down.

  • megadon

    you got fame off disrespecting your mother you aint shit bro reguardless of what she did that still your fucking mother she put you in this world

  • Kippers

    The line about not playing it any more at shows is interesting considering he played it right up until the joint JayZ shows. Also interesting is listening back to the live performance and realise he doesn't finish the last line 'I made you look so ridiculous now'. Avoiding a vocal diss to his mum. It seems like his life has finally become the big promotional tool for his music, and he can only announce his opinions of things he said/did in the past when the music calls for it. (I mean, it always has been that way, but these lyrics make that clearer). That's kind of sad..

    • audrianna

      Yawn moaners, nothing wrong with the album, people complaining cos its not exactly what they want to hear. sad

  • soo

    so hiphopdx, how did you already hear the album?

  • Anonymous

    ja rule about to clap this faggot

  • Anonymous

    His mum is a slag and he's a faggot

  • Lollapalooza 2012

    I saw him perform "Cleanin' Out My Closet" last year in Chi Town. The fuck is this shit.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Are y'all seriously going to do a news story on every track? This is fucking pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    well this sounds terrible, just like everything else from the album.

  • Anonymous

    he dissed his mom to sell records: FACT!!

  • d-nucks

    good to see he has grown on this...you only get one mom..although many are not perfect you only get one...when she is gone...she is gone....

    • Anonymous

      Shut up bitch, you must be new here. Everybody talks shit about every artist, but Em is trash. You're a female, so it's expect that you to think this garbage is "great". You're taste in music is terrible.

    • audrianna

      People bitching and moaning why, the album is great like all his other s awesoe, if you dont like dont listen and keep your bitch as moaning to yourself

    • Anonymous

      Shut up. I bet you that if this song was dissing his mom, i bet you would have been saying, "good to see that that bitch is getting what she gets".

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