Lupe Fiasco Disses Dizaster, Calls Him "Angry Drake"

Lupe Fiasco calls Dizaster an "angry Aubrey" who is "subpar" and "wack" in Battle Rap.

Lupe Fiasco dissed Dizaster Tuesday (October 29), and referred to him as an "Angry Drake." 

Lupe Fiasco posted his reaction to a recent King of the Dot battle between Dizaster and Aye Verb through his Twitter account Tuesday. Soon after Fiasco's Twitter updates were made, he and Dizaster were involved in a Twitter exchange, which featured both rappers insulting one another. 

Fiasco said that Aye Verb won the battle. He also said both competitors, Aye Verb and Dizaster, were "subpar." Dizaster responded by calling Fiasco "a Twitter hoe" who needs to "get a life."

Fiasco's Twitter updates can be viewed below, followed by Dizaster's. 

Dizaster responded to the Twitter updates by posting his own. 

Dizaster and Aye Verb battled at King of the Dot's "Battle of the Bay 6" event. 

In September, Lush spoke with HipHopDX about the battle event series.

"'Battle of the Bay' is the dopest and most innovative series in Battle Rap history, especially for Cali,"Lush said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "Because of us doing that shit and groups like Hieroglyphics, now you got lil youngsters all through the hood in East Oakland. This is Cali, not New York. We grew up on mob music and gang culture, not Hip Hop, cyphers and battles. We helped bring that element to the forefront. It's way bigger and more important to the Bay Area then the Battle Rap community can comprehend. 'Battle of the Bay' means the manifestation of all my hopes and dreams. I lost my chick over that shit, basically. I chose this over my life and fuck it, I couldn't be happier." 

The Dizaster and Aye Verb battle can be viewed below via King of the Dot

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  • The Don

    Lol at all the greasy palmed basement dwellers calling Lupe soft. That man is a black belt in Karate, a expert in samurai sword, Black belt in Chinese Wushu, and and expert in using a kendo. He would beat the $hit out of all the losers calling him soft, including weak Dizaster's a$$...

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, maybe Lupe is bitter because he's an elderly studio rapper who has fallen off and needs to pick on battle rappers as an attempt to temporarily aid his ego. I ain't even a diz fan, just calling it as I see it.

  • dieDRAKEdie


  • Anonymous

    "lol! He got millions NOW and talking shit and dissing niggas wont affect him in tha future. Really?" 50 Cent has talked shit for years. Did it affect him? Oh wait. It did. He can't get an album out.

  • Anonymous

    why would a mainstream rapper diss a local rapper

  • Anonymous

    fuck lupe and his whackness lasers was trash dont know how this guy got in the spotlight again

  • Anonymous

    Lupe from Chi-Raq a city Disaster wud faint if he was even asked to battle. Diz and Charron gonna get the attention of some people they dont want. Disaster will get The Nation of Islam on his ass keep it up. Those are REAL Gangsters...ask Malcolm. Whitey better keep Farrakahn name out his mouth or have 100 bow ties running you down.

  • Days of the Blue

    Loaded Lux in a recent interview said that Lu could hold his weight in a battle rap. The things that Dizaster is saying is THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT LUPE IS LOL...except maybe twittering too much. Lu for a fact don't need "bitches" nor care about the cash as much as others. He's a "rebel" to the industry. Lupe making T&Y a cash album, but above L.A.S.E.R.S. for sure and apparently going back to the 2004 him with the Fahrenheit mix-tapes. Lu can voice his opinion, but I felt it was unnecessary, but w/e.

  • jjay

    Dizaster battles every 2 weeks, think he's ran out of shit to say a long time ago.

  • Anonymous

    since Lupe's talking all this shit, i wanna see Lupe battle them, otherwise, he needs to shut the hell up



  • Anonymous

    In NY Disaster did'nt get all up in Rex face. White boy talk tuff on twitter and in them safe environments lol. If he tough say that shit in a crowd where Calicoe, Big T or even Handz and Head Ice. Lol go say that shit to a real nigga. Real niggas gone see this fake ass wangsta he went too far.

    • This Nigga

      You hella uneducated, shut your fucKKKing dumbass mouth nothing factual man, remember on that "get together they crackheads" line Diz dont give a shit bout REX or Lupe soft ass of all people, they got signed agreements not to scrap when they spit poems,lol and if hes white then Graham from the Saints must be white, dumb as fuck

    • sadasd

      what is with you racist cats. Dizaster ain't white!

    • ryanmac992

      iv seen female rappers who could knock him out

    • ryanmac992

      but lupes a straight up bitch too.

  • lonnie

    Aye Verb killed Dizaster!!! That was the best I ever seen Verb and I cant stand that feminine clown. That third round by Verb was NASTY as hell thats why Diz got mad and got off track. Diz goes too long and too many jokes, hes got no direction. Verbs delivery is forced but his strategy is always clear. Verb 2-1 and Im being generous to Diz. Verb 3rd was crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe Fiasco is a Disaster now


    Aye Verb struck a nerve on Dizaster, last vers was pain.

  • murdock

    he is wack though I cant stand to hear him scream in those cornball ass battles.

  • Jahorse

    Lupe used to be hands down my favourite rapper but I'm starting to lose respect for him. I thought he was above this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe, you have alot more money than Diazaster does. Act like it.

  • Anonymous

    i really used to be a big lupe fan, but lately he been acting like hes angry cuz hes not getting as much attention as he thinks he deserves so hes starting shit with people. i think he really has gotten an ego about himself or he thinks dissing people will get people interested in his album that hes supposed to drop soon, that strategy dont work anymore, 50 over used it. maybe if he stepped it up and stopped trying to talk down to people. and funny that lupe is calling people monkeys and "....nigga!!" at Dizaster and Gambino, thought he was against that kind of shit. Lupe is just falling now, he feels it and doesnt like it.

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • Anonymous

    I didn't see the actual battle but I agree with Lupe's view about Dizaster. I really don't think he's all that great. He's not devoid of talent but he's not anything special either. People like to bring up the Canibus/Dizaster battle to show that Dizaster is good...but Canibus lost that battle. Dizaster didn't win it. After having months of a head's up and not battling live in like 15 years, Canibus decides to prepare for that battle 3 weeks before the date after he finished touring and working on albums or whatever. No way 3 weeks is enough time to prepare for something like that when you haven't done that kind of thing in a decade and a half...and who knows where his head was at. Canibus was just flat out unprepared...and Dizaster's lines weren't all that great either way. And Dizaster's ego is huge and he talks so much shit. Just overall he's very unlikeable to me.

    • This Nigga

      You gotta be a hatin' ass salty faggot nigga if you think Diz had no great lines about Canibus and his career in that battle. u just told us why you bias'd. swallow Canibus dick you fuckin fag, Lupe is not built for battling imagine him in person spitting poems, LOL his opinion on who is vehemently whack shouldnt be @'ing people cause hes not built for that shit until he proves it and hes a rapper himself so..

    • fuccya

      lol! He got millions NOW and talking shit and dissing niggas wont affect him in tha future. Really?

    • Anonymous

      Dizaster has talent, but as long as he wastes it in these dumb talk/rap battles, he's never going to amount to anything. Lupe is acting emotional, but he has millions and can say whatever he wants because it can't affect his standing. Get your career in check Dizaster, then talk.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe Fiasco actually came off as an annoying bitch here. You heard it here first: Lupe Fiasco made Dizaster look reasonable.

  • lex

    I can't fucking STAND lupe fiasco anymore. Seriously, he feels like he's the best out, but he's been dropping mediocre shit since Lasers. Lupe is an asshole now, and i bet he'll become more humble when his next album FLOP. I usually don't talk about record sales, and shit. But this is what Lupe needs so he can shut the fuck up, and get back to making quality music

  • Martha Anderson

    before I looked at the bank draft four $7601, I have faith that my friends brother truley erning money part time at there labtop.. there brothers friend started doing this 4 only 17 months and resently cleard the debts on their place and bourt Mitsubishi Evo. read what he said...

  • Anonymous

    Lupe needs to make music and just shut up. He's a hater who thinks he knows politics when this guy GOT OWNED by that douche O'Reilly. Just make music and shut up Lupe.

  • jack johnson

    Looks like another case of Drunk Tweeting

  • SBMobil

    This is exactly why Lord Jamar said what he said: Lupe has STRIPES, while the average human-being has NEVER heard of Disaster & if they did would come to the same conclusions Lupe did! #WACK #PlainAndSimple The fact he thinks he's nice only goes to prove that the industry & its fans need a re-education on what's WORTHY & what ISN'T!! Both artists were TERRIBLE, but Aye Verb was better. This dude feels empowered because he feels he got a LICENSE to diss black-people in public. When these fools are in Toronto, they complain that the brothers down here are TOO serious! #SCARED But in reality, they're drawn to KOTD because it's white boys feeling themselves while trying to win in hip-hop. #LAME

    • 40

      Diz isn't white he's Arabic, and they go to kotd to get paid you retard. They'd battle at a mall in Alabama if they cut the check.

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • BrenBren

    New Six Reasons video is sick!

  • Anonymous

    if anyone thinks verb even took a single round you poppin too much molly

  • Roger Dollars

    how the fruck is dizazter trash when this dude literally destroyed canibus and almost made the nikka cry. fuck outta here. Dizazter doesn't even write his shit its straight from the dome you clowns

    • dieDRAKEdie


    • Murky Murk

      Dizaster came on the O-Brown show on prior to that Canibus battle. O-Brown kept asking him to spit some stuff hes gonna say to canibus, his exact words were "I only got half my verse written so far, and I cant really say anything because he might use it against me" Battle Rap is a fraud not off the dome.

    • Anonymous

      there's no way its straight from the dome

    • Anonymous

      its called winning by default and standing there. canibus lost, dizaster didnt win.


      son, its called "being prepared"


    Tupac was against having the government raise the kids. He said this. When he was growing up he was basically indoctrinated into Communism. Communism/Marxism is all about having the government raise the kids.The media, and the government schools essentially do "raise the kids." I think that Tupac realized this later. That might be why he was killed. He was killed as a public spectacle like Kennedy. This has happened to other famous people who started opposing the power structure. I think that he realized how brainwashed he, and other people have been. Unfortunately, using the name "Illuminati" for a system that can be shown to exist simply associates valid research with wild conspiracy theories. This marginalizes any information which might make people start thinking. Thinking about the high-level control structure is the last thing that the elite who manipulate, and use the media, and the state want. Any form of state collectivism can benefit the controlling elite.

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • datroof

    Lupe is retarded. Dizaster killed him!! I just think Lupe got offended about some of the shit Diz said. Plus, Lupe is just a twitter hoe looking for attention.

  • JRich

    I swear Lupe's simultaneously one of the smartest cats in music, and also a petty fucking weirdo who just thinks he's always right.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe needs to go to the studio, and get off twitter.

  • fuckU

    lupe nd dude n the bulls jacket r the stereo typical modern day racist

  • Anonymous

    "Dizaster" is extremely corny..99% of his 'fans' are nerdy white kids who sag their pants and where their hats backwards and say 'nigga' every 2 seconds around their other nerdy white friends

    • Nerdy White Kid

      That's the Shady Unltd. crew. I know them well.

    • Anonymous

      lol dizaster is a real thug. he does that shit he threatens in his memorized raps.

    • Anonymous

      at least he has fans. and even if that was true whats the difference between them and black kids that do the same thing? like none of them are nerds..fake gang bangin pussies who dont know how to fight 1 on 1?

  • Anonymous

    I used to really like Lupe, but he hasn't been impressing me as much lately and this little tirade makes it worse. He put so much time into his twitter posts. It's pretty sad.

  • The Blood Colored Sun Of Zion

    My shit skinned brethren nod in agreement, my cock is a penis.

  • Anonymous

    lupe lost his fuckin mind since he beefed with chief keef

  • HNIC

    This is battle rap in the year 2013 ladies and gentlemen. Wack, wack, wack!!!! Lupe is right. No witty punchlines, no continuity (that's why they never have a beat), no improv....NOTHING. Spoken word at best. The host of these battles is a cornball. They should seek sponsorship from Corn Nuts.

  • Not Impressed

    A battle rapper could never win in an argument against a real studio rapper. Battle rap has an expiration date, you can't be in your 40s and 50s talking about "I'm a battle rapper". Studio rappers will always be able to tour if they are semi-well known and they can keep making money forever from royalty checks and what not. It's fun to watch freestyle battles, but in the end, battle rappers are pretty worthless. In 5 years there will be a new Dizaster and Lupe will still be around forever. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    These battle rappers should be lucky a mainstream rapper is even a fan of their shit because basically these niggas are shit niggas who can't make a good song.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is disaster?

  • Anonymous

    Lupe's still mad that Kendrick didn't care to mention him on "Control".

  • triPAUD

    i've been harpin on lupe recently, but I'm glad he called this default dizaster douche out. He needs to release a track though and just end this guys career, please

  • YouMarkedOut

    This shit was corny... Diz is from the West Coast or at least lives there, how is he making "S Curl" jokes??? I'm not impressed with all the yelling and quotes he read from some doctors' text book... There's something gay about "Ayeeeee" Verb, lol!!!

  • A-Game

    I'm a big Lupe fan but what is he doing right now? This seems very out of character for him to start talking shit to someone for no reason. Lu needs to leave this situation alone and focus on getting back on track musically. This ain't cool Lu

    • Iov

      Lup has always been goofing on twitter, the fact that dizzy drake took it to heart is a whole other matter. Basically "Ur a little twitter hoe talks shit to all da battlers for attention" boils down to "Ur 1 cheeky kunt m8 i swear im going 2 wreck i swear on my mums life"

  • Lupe Fiasco.

    Well if Dizaster looks like Drake, then Verb definitely looks like Jermaine Jackson.

  • Fuck lupe

    Lupe is a sad fruitcake who whines and bitches when no one thinks he's a top rapper. He's a hypocrite and a bitch!

  • LV

    Lupe turned into a self-righteous faggot.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Dizaster. He's the most overrated battle rapper of all time.

  • Tbrown

    I don't see how anybody can say Aye Verb won that battle, Diz tore his ass apart, wasn't even close in my opinion. I've always been a big Lupe fan, but lately he seems to act like a bitter old man. The more I hear from him, the less impressed I am by him as a person.

  • Steve Spag

    Lupe's been acting a fool lately, and it's a shame because he's such a great talent. I'm really not liking him recently, after going at Childish Gambino and now Diz; both are talented as fuck, Lupe should just mind his own business. Can't say I'm as big as a Lupe fan as I was last week...Sorry Lu.

  • fuccya

    Dafuq, Lupe, dont go there... Not your level. You better just keep writin that pseudo-counscious hipster shit, humble and shy.



  • VividSci

    You see? This is why I cant fuck with Lupe. I tried telling some of the homies that Lupe kinda dope, but I dont be feeling him like that because he thinks he's soooo clever and entitled. Get off your fucking high horse. Im a show them this article to help them understand where I'm coming from.

  • Anonymous

    Diz murdered Aye Verb. What is wrong with this world?

    • Early H.

      Everything is as it shall be and there is nothing your going to do about it!! Dizaster is my arab sand nigga an all dat fly shit but Aye Verb destroyed dizaster in the initial 1st and in the decisive 3rd. He let dizaster breathe in the 2nd but he still made Diz look like a run-on specialist.. If you have no knowledge of evolution and literary arts then you are trully isolated from the world and you have no chance of being loved by society because people hate those who cry about the injustices of the world and yet do nothing to stop these very injustices.. Have a nice day.. :)

    • fuccya

      ^ thanks for opening everybodys eyes. You know you may prob make a great battle rap critic if you choose to watch it more often, make a great career you know. I think you may even succed at judgin everythin you never new a shit about too, lol

    • 1985

      This is the first time I've ever watched any of this battle rap bs in my life. The arab guy would have more success on WWE and the black dude totally killed him with the psychiatrist verse. If you don't see that then you're just too much of a fanboy of this shit. Both these cats would get murdered on a track by Lil Kim. That is an example of their quality.

  • Anonymous

    lupe grow up and your beat selection sucks ass

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is a bitch step in to the ring with Diz go 3 rounds your shit would be done before Organik said rapper to my left introduce yourself.

  • Lungile

    Never thought i'd say this.. But FUCK Wasalu Jaco (Lupe).

  • Anonymous

    dizaster dissing " studio rappers " this fool thinks spiting acapella and cramming a million words into a bar takes some kind of skill, dude is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    I'm such a big Lupe fan, but lately this motherfucker seems too damn bitter.



    • kay

      Very true...and very pathetic.

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