Lupe Fiasco dissed Dizaster Tuesday (October 29), and referred to him as an “Angry Drake.” 

Lupe Fiasco posted his reaction to a recent King of the Dot battle between Dizaster and Aye Verb through his Twitter account Tuesday. Soon after Fiasco’s Twitter updates were made, he and Dizaster were involved in a Twitter exchange, which featured both rappers insulting one another. 

Fiasco said that Aye Verb won the battle. He also said both competitors, Aye Verb and Dizaster, were “subpar.” Dizaster responded by calling Fiasco “a Twitter hoe” who needs to “get a life.”

Fiasco’s Twitter updates can be viewed below, followed by Dizaster’s. 

Dizaster responded to the Twitter updates by posting his own. 

Dizaster and Aye Verb battled at King of the Dot’s “Battle of the Bay 6” event. 

In September, Lush spoke with HipHopDX about the battle event series.

“‘Battle of the Bay’ is the dopest and most innovative series in Battle Rap history, especially for Cali,”Lush said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Because of us doing that shit and groups like Hieroglyphics, now you got lil youngsters all through the hood in East Oakland. This is Cali, not New York. We grew up on mob music and gang culture, not Hip Hop, cyphers and battles. We helped bring that element to the forefront. It’s way bigger and more important to the Bay Area then the Battle Rap community can comprehend. ‘Battle of the Bay’ means the manifestation of all my hopes and dreams. I lost my chick over that shit, basically. I chose this over my life and fuck it, I couldn’t be happier.” 

The Dizaster and Aye Verb battle can be viewed below via King of the Dot

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