Chris Webby Plans February 2014 Album & Previews Tracks

Exclusive: Chris Webby details his upcoming work with Harry Fraud & Scott Storch for the retail album, which follows his oeHomegrown EP.

Tuesday, October 29 marked the release of Norwalk, Connecticut emcee, Chris Webby’s Homegrown EP. After several previous mixtapes, Webby agreed to a partnership with E1 Entertainment for Homegrown and a subsequent album, which he expects to be released in February of 2014.

“I want to make sure the album follows up the EP, and it’s all kind of like one fluid motion,” Chris Webby said. “I’ve made the mistake of putting out a project, going on tour for like two months, and then you get back and everyone’s like, ‘Where’s the new music?’ Then you’re like, ‘I was just on tour,’ and they’re like, ‘Whatever. Where’s the new music?’”

As previously reported, Scott Storch and Harry Fraud will be two of the producers lending material to Chris Webby’s first, full-length retail project. He also says he plans to address more personal matters—or what he referred to as “the meat and potatoes.”

“Conceptually, it’s noting too crazy, but I get into a lot more topics,” Webby said. “I have this one song, ‘Chemically Imbalanced’ produced by Scott Storch that’s going to be on the album. It talks a lot about the whole Adderall thing, being basically a drug generation kid, how it’s affected my life and shit like that. Those are always the records that I fuck with from other types of artists.

“Another song that’s going to be on the album is called ‘Brim Low,’” Webby said. “That’s about being out in public when fans are coming up to you, and you kind of just have your brim low like, ‘Yo, I’m in personal time.’”

Chris Webby has recorded with Method Man, Bun B, Prodigy and Freeway among others over the course of releasing eight full-length projects—seven of which provided free of charge. His 2011 project, “There Goes The Neighborhood,” reached iTunes number one slot for Hip Hop releases within 24 hours of its release.

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