Nipsey Hussle Says "Victory Lap" Album Will Be Sold For $100

Nipsey Hussle also talks about how Jonah Berger's "Contagious: Why Things Catch On" inspired "Crenshaw's" Proud-2-Pay initiative.

Nipsey Hussle recently said that he will sell his Victory Lap album for $100 in the same way that he did with his "Crenshaw" mixtape. 

"We gon' do it traditionally through physical retail and iTunes," Nipsey Hussle said during the interview with New York radio station Power 105. "But then we gon' do a Proud-2-Pay campaign like we did for this one, and then we gonna offer it for free also.

"We gonna offer the album for free," Hussle continued. "So if you wanna download it free, you could, because it's still gonna be free regardless whether I offer it or not, somebody gonna leak it. It's gonna be available. I'ma just keep it 100 with the people. It's gonna be free if you don't wanna pay for it. If you wanna pay for it, we gonna have a Proud-2-Pay product that goes along with it. And if you wanna go to iTunes, Best Buy or Target, you can do that, too."

Nipsey Hussle Says "Crenshaw" Sale Idea Came From "Contagious" Book 

During the interview, Nipsey Hussle also said that he was inspired a Jonah Berger book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On.

"I got a few mentors who put me on books and literature and all that," Hussle said of his inspiration behind selling his "Crenshaw" mixtape for $100. "I got to the second chapter of [Jonah Berger's Contagious: Why Things Catch On]. It was just talking about how this restaurant owner in Philly started selling Philly cheesesteaks for $100 out of his restaurant. It set off all types of conversations. Everybody was talking about it. All types of influential people came through and wanted to check out why it was $100. Oprah came through and bought one. David Letterman bought one. He got all type of exposure and publicity. It became a staple. Everybody started come through to support, buying $100 cheesesteaks. I put the book down and I was like, 'We about to do that with the album. Nobody did that with music.'" 

Nipsey Hussle was also asked about other musicians who are taking a similar approach to the sale of their music.

"A few artist approached me," Hussle said. "A couple didn't. MGMT doin' somethin', the Rock band. Eminem is selling his at different price points for like $300 for the deluxe." 

Hussle made his "Crenshaw" mixtape available for free online October 8. He also sold 1,000 units of the project at $100 per copy. Hussle has confirmed that Jay Z purchased 100 copies of the collection. Hussle said he made $100,000 off the release in less than a day. 

More from Hussle's interview with Power 105.1 can be seen below, followed by a stream of "Crenshaw." 

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  • micheal myers demons

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a combination of master splinter, prodigy from mobb deep and snoop dogg

  • Anonymous

    dumb asses stuck on an $100 album he's giving more than a cd for a 100 you idiots

  • TMC

    I woulda paid $100 for The Marathon and The Marathon continues. They changed my life. This mixtape was for the commercial fans. Its a marathon hoes. Catch up

    • jmp_design

      All his Mixtapes up until this one were phenominal. Crenshaw isn't what I expected or like the first listen or two through...Dissapointed

  • Anonymous

    FUCH that..on to the next one.. to next artist well MGK gives out his album free

  • imho

    lolll aint noone payin 100 for that shit unless its other rappers or celebs. esp with his mixtape and 1000 features ..good music wack features.





    • Anonymous

      Your grammar proves you haven't spent a dime on your education either idiot. To call someone a slave that you dont even know on a personal level showsthe bitch in you. All these hateful hating ass comments tell more about yaw broke asses than it does his music and marketing idea. Hating is a bitch emotion and alot of you niggas full of bitch!

    • Anonymous

      It's like yall completely ignored the article and the interview; all in your feelings and shit. Emo-ass niggas

  • Anonymous

    this is like holding a bucket and asking for people to give you change. NO im not going to make you rich for some garbage music. this niggas a joke

  • dwsf45dg6

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB, I have confirmed that Nipsey Hussle will sign with Cash Money. Nipsey will continue to work tirelessly on his debut album which is slated to drop September 2, 3019, a century from now. We only want the best from Mr Hussle, which is why we will be taking a 99% - 100% manager's fee from the sales of the album. Lastly, we want him to take as much time as he needs on this records, so he won't be bored. In the meantime, Nipsey will be carrying weed for Lil Wayne. Once again, we welcome Mr Hussle to the greatest label on earth. YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    he's basically begging Jay-Z to pay his rent again

  • t_clark1990

    Some of yall people on here sound so fuckin dumb. Its on dat piff if you cheap ass niggas don't want to bu it the link is above retards. he's selling it for $100 dollars for the niggaz thats fuckin with his campaigne if you ain't fuckin wit it download the free shit and talk all the shit you want.. he gettin money regardless. the people who paying 100 for it is most likely getting bonus tracks merch and maybe a concert ticket or somethings who knows want to know buy a fuckin CD..fact is its been some time and homies still reepin the benefits stop hating..apply yourself to supply your wealth..

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck plays cds anymore tho

    • lol

      the same free burned copy will last exactly the same. and when the cd scratches i can get it free again not no 100 dollars..

    • t_clark1990

      Niggaz will spend $100 dollaz on a half oz of weed and blow dat over the weekend.. at least a hardcopy of the mixtape/album (both are for $100. where is your comprehension?) will last longer hahaha!

    • Anonymous

      we're talking about his album selling for $100 not the mixtape that is already out that wasnt worth $100 cause it only had 5 good songs

  • ThaINNA

    I don't know why y'all are knocking the man. He said plainly the shit will be available for free to whoever wants it. Basically, he doesn't care if you buy it or not it's up to the consumer, so if he want to give the digital away for free and sell physicals at a crazy high price I think that's a good idea. Good direction for hip hop and music in general

  • DAD

    I'm gonna go buy that Nipsey Hussle CD...said no one ever

  • Fish

    I wont be spending $100 on the album, but i will definitely buy a retail copy because thats the only way great artists like Nip will get the credit they deserve and force YMCMBullshit off the top of the charts.


    What a joke... I'm gonna burn this CD so I could do like Skinny Black did to Djay in Hustle And Flow. Fuck your $100 dollar trash!!!

  • Anonymous

    i guess that cool and all if you wanna stay selling 1000 copies every time you put out an album,...

  • TheStreetRef

    Ha! Nipsey trying to milk this situation for all its worth! Cant knock him too much. I wouldn't pay a hundo for his music though. West Coast back! - The Street Ref

  • Anonymous

    he feelin himself a little too much? i can go tot he record store and buy countless classic hip-hop albums for 10-15 a piece. How is his shit worth so much more? shit for 100 it better be the best fucking album i ever heard and if it is all the power to him i guess

    • Anonymous

      got more than 1 good song, i might keep 3 or 4 for itunes

    • TRE

      that mixtape was straight trash though maybe one good song on it and i liked Nipseys previous shit. So i doubt this is gonna be all that i can see it being 5 dope songs 5 that are listenable and 5 that are ass

  • Anonymous

    this shits not gonna work twice dog.

  • Anonymous

    he's fuckin idiot

  • Anonymous

    If there's someone willing to pay $100 for a piece of toast that looks like the Virgin Mary on ebay, there's someone willing to pay $100 for an album they could have gotten for free.

  • ok

    Why are you bashing nipsey hussle? Eminem's doing the same thing.

  • Ella J. Encinas

    until I looked at the paycheck which said ($)6279, I be certain sister was like they say actualey erning money parttime online.. there brothers friend had bean doing this for under 7 months and recently cleard the loans on there home and bought a brand new Mercedes. hop over to this web-site...

  • @SmeezeF

    If you're a fan of his this isn't that far out of line. Think about it. This is how I would pay $100 dollars for an album. 1. Artist I'm a fan of and I have supported other projects. Downloaded all for free I might add. 2. I get a autograph copy of the album signed right in front of me. 3. I get a ticket to an upcoming show. 4.I get a pic with the artist and myself 5. I have a $100 to spend for the experience. This is similar to what I heard happened with with the CRENSHAW album. I'm not going to hold you, I think it's the experience folks are paying for not the album. There's an artist I could think of right now that if they had a setup similar to what I just explained I pay the cash. The problem he may run into is going to the well one too many times. I don't think you can do it in the same city every time.

    • WD


    • Anonymous

      I agree and disagree. If your a fan of his then I guess it would make sense that you would want to support him, and in the process get to meet him. Disagree in that most of his fans probably don't even have jobs, so $100.00 just to hear something that they could get for free online, or for ten bucks on ITunes, is just crazy. To each their own though.

    • @SmeezeF

      Downloaded the Crenshaw album after hear he sold it for $100. I think he choose nice soulful beats but the lyrical content is limited. I can even deal with his flow. All in all the music alone is definitely not worth $100. Def only fans looking for that experience would spend that cash.

  • Chris etrata

    How is this music with $10 let alone $100?

    • Anonymous

      That's the point. It's not worth either, but in today's marketplace, there's always a scam waiting to take gullible people's money.

  • Anonymous

    this is why i download, nigga trippin with this 100 dollar album shit

  • Anonymous

    Mr Nipsey Hussle, sir let me tell you that for an unsigned artist you got some nerve trying to sell your music for $100...i wouldn't get the shit if it was free

  • Jay-Z

    nigga starting to get greedy now

  • Anonymous

    and it will be downloaded for free... this nigga is a clown...

  • Cheated

    I'm sick and tired of being hussled out of my hard earned money, Mr Hussle. As an wide eyed 11 year old boy from Slauson, CA, I saved up money mowing lawns and performing odd jobs around my neighborhood for 2 weeks, hoping that Nipsey Hussle would provide me with inspiration to move out of the ghetto while I was investing in a rap career of my own someday. Now I know you were trying to cut out the middleman, which is a great idea, but your disc wasn't worth the hundred dollars that I slaved for. As I went to the swap meet to get my autographed tee shirt and mixtape, we posed for pics, we posted it on our Instagrams, and you told me "Be the best rapper I can possibly be". But as I ran home telling my neighborhood friends that I just bought a CD from my idol during a family BBQ, and we gathered near the stereo to listen to your music, everyone of us were quite appalled. Ny 82 year old grandmother, who bumps your music on a consistent basis, had a heart attack after listening to the thrash that you call a mixtape. Thanks to you, she's in a coma. We will be taking legal action and you WILL have your day in court. Thank you for destroying a young boy's dreams. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to fill out a job application for 7-11 mopping floors and performing other menial and mindless tasks. Thanks for nothing. Oh, by the way, I used the autographed T shirt you gave me as toilet paper. 100 bucks down the drain! -Signed, a little boy's dreams who were crushed!

  • Anonymous

    lmao i see where this fool is going from now on hell release every single project for $100, and future ones maybe even $150-200 aint nobody buying that unless youre a fucking retard

  • jacks

    nobody will buy that shit unless its jay z buying boatloads again lmao

  • Anonymous

    I liked dude before all this gimmick shit but now i dont like the way his acting he really feeling himself way to much and what makes him the realest rapper.

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