Chris Brown Under Investigation For Probation Violation

Chris Brown reportedly looking at up to four years in prison if his fight over the weekend leads to his probation being revoked.

R&B singer Chris Brown may have had his assault charge stemming from a fight over the weekend reduced to a felony, but according to TMZ, Brown could possibly serve time in prison if the charge results in a judge revoking his probation.

The Virginia crooner was sentenced to five years’ probation following a February 2009 altercation with singer and former girlfriend, Rihanna.

TMZ also reports that the L.A. County Probation Department is already conducting an investigation to determine whether or not Brown’s October 27 brawl outside of a hotel in Washington D.C., which resulted in his arrest, was in fact a violation of his probation.

Brown, who was released from jail yesterday (October 28), was reportedly involved in a fight with two men as he was taking a picture with two female fans.

Although the initial police report says the singer’s bodyguard threw the first punch in the brawl and Brown joined in after, according to another police report, Brown is the individual who allegedly broke the nose of one of the victims.

The inconsistencies in both police reports have yet to be explained.

If Brown’s October 28 brawl does in fact result in his probation being revoked by a judge, he could face up to four years in a state prison.

Last weekend’s incident follows a number of ill occurrences that have plagued the singer this year. In January, Brown was involved in a parking lot brawl with fellow singer Frank Ocean. Additionally, in May, he was involved in a hit-and-run accident and allegedly provided the other driver involved in the minor crash with false information.

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  • TRE

    i know a dude that is going to prison in a week for doing exactly what Chris did to Rihanna. Celbrities are above the law he probably wont get any time for this either

  • PhillyMu

    Really HHDX?? He had his charge reduced to a felony or reduced to a MISDEMEANOR?? Does anybody proof read on this site? Better yet, do any of the writers actually know anything on this site?

  • SMH

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